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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Holocaust, Antisemitism, Missionaries (9/12)
Section - Question 17.1: Are groups calling themselves "Jews for Jesus" or "Messianic Jews[sic]" Jewish movements?

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   No. Once you start reading their literature that they mail available
   to members (and on their web pages), it is clear that they are
   Christian organizations whose intent it to bring Jews to Christianity.
   Sadly, for many of these organizations, their membership includes
   persons who are technically Jewish, but who believe and practice
   This is illustrated best by some examples:
     * Jews for Jesus. The following is a description of the
       Jews-for-Jesus ministry, from the member profile page of the
       Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
     Jews for Jesus is an outreach by Jewish Christian evangelists. Our
     methods vary from conventional missionary work like personal
     visitation and tract distribution to large display media ads
     proclaiming Christ in secular newspapers and magazines.
     * Messianic Judaism. Messianic Jews are organized into the Messianic
       Jewish Alliance of America ([6] The
       description of this organization at the "About MJAA" page
       ([7] clearly states as a goal:
     Most importantly--To introduce our Jewish brothers and sisters to
     the Messiah Yeshua.
   Both of these organizations, and other similar groups, are clearly
   missionary organizations whose goal is to bring Jesus to the Jewish

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