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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Observance, Marriage, Women in Judaism (4/12)
Section - Question 5.3: How can I get a Jewish calendar?

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   Chabad-Lubavitch and other organizations publish calendars which
   include sunset times for various cities. Jewish funeral homes often
   distribute Jewish calendars to local synagogues around Rosh Hashana.
   Jewish bookstores and gift shops sell them as well.
   In terms of software to generate Hebrew calendars, there are a number
   of resources available:
     * Unix: 
          + Gnu Emacs. User's of gnu emacs will discover that there is a
            Jewish calendar built into Gnu Emacs. You invoke the calendar
            via M-x calendar. Once in the calendar, a number of different
            commands are available. In this context, it is worth noting
            that the list of holidays obtained from M-x holidays includes
            Jewish holidays, the key S can be used to obtain
            sunrise/sunset times for the selected date (you need to set
            latitude and longitude first; the relevant variables are
            calendar-latitute, calendar-longitude, and
            calendar-location-name. To display the hebrew date for a
            given day, use the sequence p h (calendar-print-hebrew-date),
            and to move to a date on the hebrew calendar, use g h
          + [5]Remind. This a sophisticated multi-lingual calendar and
            alarm system for UNIX. It produces web-based and PostScript
            calendars, and includes a powerful scripting language and
            friendly graphical front-end. It was developed by [6]David
            Skoll. It is available at
          + [8]Hebcal. This is a Perpetual jewish calendar program by
            [9]Danny Sadinoff.
     * Windows:
          + HEBREW CALENDAR FOR WINDOWS. Provides full-month calendars
            for Jewish/Hebrew date conversion. Holidays displayed with
            information available. Sunset/Sunrise, Shabbat times and
            zmanim. Anniversaries may be stored in personal database.
            Customized calendar printouts. Torah and Haftarah readings.
            Halakhic times of day (zmanim). Covers 1600-2200 (5360-5960).
            Clipboard, Notepad, and Cardfile support. Extensive city
            database. Lots more features. Available from the [10]Home
            Page of the Calendar Maven (<>)
          + Kaluach. This program displays a full month (either Hebrew or
            civil) on the screen with all Jewish holidays, fast days
            (ta'aniot), Shabbat parshiot, counting of the omer (sfirat
            haomer), birchat hachama, and more. It provides daily
            halachic times (zmanim): alot hashachar, earliest time for
            tallit and tefillin, netz hachama (sunrise), latest times for
            shema and tefillah, chatzot hayom, mincha gedolah and
            ketanah, shkiat hachama (sunset), tzeit hakochavim. It also
            provides Shabbat times: hadlakat nerot (candle lighting) and
            tzeit shabbat (the end of Shabbat); Halachic times calculated
            according to selected shitot and location; and a choice of
            Hebrew or English language display (Hebrew support even under
            standard English Windows-- the Hebrew date is displayed in
            the Windows 95 status line when the window is minimized.
            Users can add personal data such as birthdays, anniversaries,
            and yahrzeits. Additional information available at
     * The Web: 
          + Steven Weintraub's [12]JEWISH CALENDAR CALCULATION. This page
            gives a lot of information on the hebrew calendar, including
            code in various forms, a CGI interface, and a JAVA calendar
          + [13]HaVeinu L'Shalom. This organization provides an online
            perpetual calendar in day or month at a time, as well as
            Kaballah/Jewish Astrology Calendar.
          + There is a JavaScript Jewish calendar at

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