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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Observance, Marriage, Women in Judaism (4/12)

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Observance, Marriage, Women in Judaism (4/12)
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   This portion of the FAQ contains answers to the following questions:

                                 Section 5:
                              Jewish Holidays
    1. [5]What are the different holidays? 
    2. [6]What are the dates of the upcoming Jewish holidays? 
    3. [7]How can I get a Jewish calendar 
    4. [8]Why do some people take off one day, and others two? 
    5. [9]Why does the Jewish day start at sundown? 
    6. [10]What are the origins of the Chanukah Dreidel? 
    7. [11]Is it appropriate for Christians to "celebrate" Pesach using
       the form of a seder meal?
    8. [12]What are the months of the Jewish Year?
    9. [13]How does Judaism measure the day?
   10. [14]Are the Four Questions asked on Pesach in the Torah?
   11. [15]What are the different days of the Jewish week?
   12. [16]How are Yahrzeits observed in Leap Years?
   13. [17]What happened to the observance on 14 Nisan as Passover?
   14. [18]For Mother's Day, how should one bless their mothers?

                                 Section 6:
                       Jewish Dietary Law and Kashrut
    1. [5]What is Kosher? Doesn't a rabbi just bless the food?
    2. [6]How can I learn about Kashrut? Is there a "Kosher" FAQ?
    3. [7]There are a wide variety of kosher symbols. How do I learn
       who's behind them?
    4. [8]I'm going to be in (insert city here). How do I find the kosher
    5. [9]Do I need to have a kosher kitchen and kosher home to keep
    6. [10]I have heard that Polish Orthodox Jews wait 6 hours between
       eating milchig and fleishig and Dutch Orthodox Jews wait about an
       hour. Why?
    7. [11]Why do Sephardim and Ashkenazim have different customs
       regarding permissible foods on Pesach (Passover)?
    8. [12]I'm a vegetarian health-food proponent. Is kosher food
    9. [13]Is vegetarianism kosher?
   10. [14]What process is involved in Kosher Slaughter?
   11. [15]I work in a prison, and I have an inmate that is demanding
       Kosher Food? How do I know if his claim is justified?
   12. [16]What are the issues involving Filet Minion?
   13. [17]Why don't Jews eat Pork?
   14. [18]Would the laws of Kashrut prevent Mad Cow Disease?
   15. [19]Is Monkfish Kosher?
   16. [20]Why do Jews separate Milk and Meat?
   17. [21]Must Jews use wine?
   18. [22]Are there parts of a kosher animal that cannot be eaten?
   19. [23]I have a friend coming over that keeps Kosher. What do I do?

                                 Section 7:
                             Shabbat Observance
    1. [5]What is the Jewish Sabbath and why is it on Saturday? 
    2. [6]Why do my Orthodox Jewish friends leave work early on Fridays
       and before Jewish holidays? 
    3. [7]Why can't Jews use electrical appliances and motor vehicles on
    4. [8]Why are there 18 minutes from the time candle lighting starts
       on Shabbat until the last time you can light?
    5. [9]I've heard that Jews can't tear on Shabbat? Why? What is
    6. [10]How do people know when to light candles in the Arctic?
    7. [11]What is the significance of Challah?
    8. [12]Why do women wave their hands three times before lighting
       Shabbat [or Holiday] candles?
    9. [13]What is an Eruv?
   10. [14]If your home is burning, can you put out the fire on Shabbat?
   11. [15]What Medical Procedures May Be Performed on Shabbat?
   12. [16]What happens on Shabbat?
   13. [17]Do Conservative Jews play musical instruments on Shabbat?
   14. [18]Why is there a prohibition on travel on Shabbat?
   15. [19]Can an observant Jew use a camera on Shabbat?

                                 Section 8:
                             Woman and Marriage
    1. [5]What role do women play in Judaism? 
    2. [6]What is the Conservative view of the role of women in Judaism? 
    3. [7]What is the Reform view of the role of women in Judaism? 
    4. [8]What is the Orthodox view of the role of women in Judaism? 
    5. [9]Is it true that Orthodox men bless G-d every morning for not
       making them a woman? What do you mean, this isn't terrible? 
    6. [10]I've heard polygamy is permissible among Sephardic and
       Yemenite Jews. Doesn't Judaism mandate monogamy? 
    7. [11]What does clean/unclean refer to? 
    8. [12]What is "Niddah"?
    9. [13]I've heard that Orthodox men can't touch women. Is this true?
   10. [14]Are there any rituals for purification after childbirth for
   11. [15]What is the Jewish position on contraception and abortion?
   12. [16]How does Judaism view Marriage?
   13. [17]How do Jews find Mates?
   14. [18]What is a Jewish Marriage?
   15. [19]What happens before a Jewish Wedding?
   16. [20]What happens during a Jewish Wedding?
   17. [21]What happens after a Jewish Wedding?
   18. [22]What should I wear to a Jewish wedding?
   19. [23]Why is the glass broken at Jewish weddings?
   20. [24]What is a Ketubah?
   21. [25]What are the "Seven Blessings"?
   22. [26]What does Judaism say about premarital sex?
   23. [27]What are some good wedding greetings?
   24. [28]Can a wife refuse to have marital relations with her husband?
   25. [29]What should a man do if his wife leaves him for another man?
   26. [30]Can a Jewish woman who has not been to a mikvah get married in
       an Orthodox wedding?
   27. [31]Is it possible for a Cohanim to marry a divorced Jewish woman?
   28. [32]I've heard Jews can't get married on certain days. What are
   29. [33]What is the role of the parents or the rabbi at a wedding?
   30. [34]How long after a spouse dies can the surviving partner
       remarry? Must they marry their spouse's younger brother?
   31. [35]What relationships are prohibited?
   32. [36]What is the restriction on woman to sing in public and infront
       of men?
   33. [37]What can be done if the wife refuses to sign the get (divorce

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