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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
Section - Question 1.2: What are the major Jewish newsgroups on USENET?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
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   The following are the main "positive" Jewish newsgroups. "Positive"
   refers to the fact that the newsgroups tends to take a positive
   attitude towards Jews/Judaism; the goal of the group is not to make
   fun of Judaism, to have non-Jewish discussions, or to be anti-Jewish.
   This list also does not include regional newsgroups.
     * Unmoderated Newsgroups. These newsgroups provide no outside
       control over content; posting appropriate content is left to the
       discretion of the article author. Alas, this results in a high
       level of noise in such groups; however, some individuals find the
       noise an acceptable price to pay to avoid the oversight of a
          + [5]soc.culture.jewish. The granddaddy of all the Jewish
            newsgroups. This group is pretty freewheeling, and is
            moderated only by user self-control, usually guided by this
            FAQ. Any sort of Jewish topic is discussed here.
          + [6]alt.humor.jewish. The unmoderated Jewish humor group.
            Expect anything in this group, including Jewish jokes of
            questionable taste. There are a number of more questionable
            subgroups under alt.humor.jewish.
          + [7] This unmoderated group focuses on the
            discussion of Jewish music and Jewish musicians.
          + [8]alt.personals.jewish. This unmoderated group is a forum
            for Jews looking for Jews, inorder to form relationships of
            various sorts.
     * Moderated Newsgroups. In a moderated newsgroup, all submissions
       are sent to a moderator or moderation team, who must review the
       submission according to some standards to determine if it is
       appropriate for the group. Only if it is appropriate is it posted
       to the newsgroup.
          + [9]soc.culture.jewish.moderated. This newsgroup is for
            discussions of anything Jewish, but with the gentle hand of a
            moderator to filter out the noise and personal attacks.
          + [10]soc.culture.jewish.holocaust. This newsgroup is
            specifically for discussion of issues related to the "shoah"
            or "holocaust"; i.e., the massacre of Jews that occurred
            during World War II.
          + [11]soc.culture.jewish.parenting. This newsgroup, an offshoot
            of both and soc.culture.jewish, provides a
            moderated forum for the discussion of Jewish parenting
          + [12] This newsgroup is for the
            discussion of Jewish and Jewish-style cooking and related
          + [13]rec.humor.jewish. Got a good Jewish joke? Then this is
            the place for you.
          + [14]soc.geneology.jewish. This newsgroup is for individuals
            researching their family trees.
          + [15]alt.religion.judaism.orthodox. This newsgroup (a rare
            moderated newsgroup in the alt hierarchy) is for discussion
            of things Orthodox. It is a good source of traditional Torah

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