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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
Section - Question 1.14: But I don't get T.P.M? Now what?

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
Previous Document: Question 1.13: How should I respond to inappropriate articles? Somebody posted an inappropriate article to S.C.J or T.P.M.
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   You don't get T.P.M? First, whomever owns your newsserver has made a
   strategic decision about the costs of getting S.C.J and T.P.M. You
   have no right to overrule that decision. You can discuss it with your
   site management, but please, leave S.C.J out of it. T.P.M was created
   a spinoff from S.C.J, just to get rid of the endless Mideast
   However, you can still get to T.P.M if you have access to the web.
   Simply go to one of the websites that provide public news access, such
   as Deja ([5] or Mailandnews ([6]
   Note that internal Israeli politics, or discussions about the IDF, are
   not considered "Mideast politics".

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