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soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
Section - The following is an index to all the sections of the SCJ FAQ. It is grouped by the files available through the SCJ FAQ Autoretriever.

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Top Document: soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Introduction to the FAQ and s.c.j Newsgroups (1/12)
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   [1] [4]Network and Newsgroup Introduction 
   [2] [5]Who We Are 
   [3] [6]Torah
   [4] [7]Halachic Authority
   [5] [8]Jewish Holidays
   [6] [9]Jewish Dietary Law and Kashrut
   [7] [10]Sabbath and Holiday Observance
   [8] [11]Woman and Marriage
   [9] [12]Jewish Worship
   [10] [13]Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?"
   [11] [14]Miscellaneous Practice Questions 
   [12] [15]Jewish Thought
   [13] [16]Jews as a Nation
   [14] [17]Jews and Israel
   [15] [18]Churban Europa (The Holocaust)
   [16] [19]Antisemitism and Rumors about Jews
   [17] [20]Countering Missionaries
   [18] [21]Reform/Progressive Judaism
   [19] [22]Miscellaneous
   [20] [23]References and Getting Connected
   [21] [24]Children and Judaism 
   [25]Archival Information 
   [26]Credits and Acknowledgements
   The following separate FAQ related to Judaism is also published as
   part of the S.C.J. FAQ:
   Jewish Resources by Mail Order and Computer
   Steve Seidman [27]<>
   The following is an index to the questions and other information contained
   in each section:

   Section 1: Network and Soc.Culture.Jewish Information
    1. [8]What is USENET? How is it different than "the Web"?
    2. [9]What are the major Jewish newsgroups on USENET?
    3. [10]Why soc.culture.jewish? Wouldn't soc.religion.jewish be more
    4. [11]What are the charters of the various Jewish newsgroups?
    5. [12]Are there other newsgroups about which Jews should be aware?
    6. [13]I notice that some of these newsgroups are moderated. Isn't
       moderation censorship? 
    7. [14]How do I submit postings to a newsgroup?
    8. [15]Some of these newsgroups have quite a bit of traffic? How do
       you cope with it?
    9. [16]What topics are appropriate for S.C.J?
   10. [17]What topics are not appropriate for S.C.J? 
   11. [18]When should I post to talk.politics.mideast? 
   12. [19]Is it appropriate to discuss Israel in soc.culture.jewish? 
   13. [20]How should I respond to inappropriate articles? Somebody
       posted an inappropriate article to S.C.J or T.P.M. 
   14. [21]But I don't get T.P.M? Now what? 
   15. [22]A. Random Jew posted X to a.b.c; I disagree. What should I do?
   16. [23]Can non-Jews post to S.C.J?
   17. [24]May I post this great Jewish essay I just read? 
   18. [25]I have a question nogaiah hilchos maaser kesafim b'zman
       hazeh... Eem yeish lee meah or fewer shekalim and some are hefker
   19. [26]I've just found Jesus/ LaRouche/ Muhammad/ Marx/ Moon/
       L.RonHubbard/ Cthulhu and I'd like you to find him, too. Here's an
       essay written by someone raised in a Jewish home who converted to
       my faith... 
   20. [27]I've just gotten this antisemitic email. What should I do?
   21. [28]What are the Do's and Don'ts?
   Section 2: Who We Are
    1. [8]Who reads the soc.culture.jewish newsgroups?
    2. [9]What are the major Jewish movements?
    3. [10]What is Conservative Judaism?
    4. [11]What is Orthodox Judaism?
    5. [12]What is Reform/Progressive Judaism?
    6. [13]What about other movements?
    7. [14]What are some of the Orthodox sub-groups?
    8. [15]What is Chassidism and how does it differ from other Orthodox
    9. [16]What is Lubavitch Chasidism and Chabad?
   10. [17]What is Breslov Chasidism?
   11. [18]What is Satmar Chasidism?
   12. [19]What other forms of Chasidism?
   13. [20]What are OCR (O-C-R) wars? Why all the flames?
   14. [21]But Reform Judaism isn't Judaism? Why don't they see that?
   15. [22]But Orthodox Judaism isn't Judaism?Why don't they see that?
   16. [23]Why shouldn't I say "ultra-Orthodox", "Reformed Judaism", or
       "Humanist Judaism"?
   17. [24]How does a Chassid differ from Misnagid?
   18. [25]What is a "Torah Jew?" 
   19. [26]What about homosexual Jews?
   20. [27]Is it true that Jews are all (fill-in-the-blank)?
   21. [28]How many Jews are there today in the U.S.A.?
   22. [29]How many Jews are in the world?
   23. [30]Who was the first Jew?
   24. [31]What is Judaism all about?
   Section 3: Torah
    1. [8]What is the Written Law?
    2. [9]What are the books of the Jewish Bible (Tanakh)?
    3. [10]Why, in the Tanakh, does G-d have so many Names?
    4. [11]Who wrote the Torah?
    5. [12]What is the Oral Law?
    6. [13]How was the Oral and Written Law passed down to us?
    7. [14]What is the Great Assembly (Anshe Knessest HaGedolah)?
    8. [15]Who are the Zugot (pairs)?
    9. [16]What is the Mishna?
   10. [17]What is the relationship between the Mishna and the Torah?
   11. [18]What are the Orders of the Mishna?
   12. [19]What is the Tosefta?
   13. [20]What is the relationship between the Tosefta and the Mishna?
   14. [21]What is the Gemara and what is the Talmud?
   15. [22]What is the Talmud?
   16. [23]What is Talmud Yerushalmi?
   17. [24]What is Talmud Bavli?
   18. [25]What is Rashi's commentary on the Talmud?
   19. [26]What is the Tosafot?
   20. [27]Who wrote the Tosafot?
   21. [28]What is the relationship of the Tosefta to the Talmuds?
   22. [29]What are Baraitot?
   23. [30]What are the extra-canonical (minor) tractates?
   24. [31]What is a Midrash?
   25. [32]What are Halakhic (or Tannaitic) Midrashim?
   26. [33]What are the main Halakhic Midrashim?
   27. [34]What are the main Exegetical Midrashim?
   28. [35]What are the main Homiletic Midrashim?
   29. [36]What are the Midrashim on the Five Megillot (aka The So-Called
   30. [37]What are some other important Haggadic works?
   31. [38]What is the Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation)?
   32. [39]What is Sefer haBahir, The Bahir (The Book of Illumination)?
   33. [40]What is The Zohar?
   34. [41]What are the Major Codes of Jewish Law?
   35. [42]What is the Rif (Hilkhot of Rav Alfassi)?
   36. [43]What is the Mishneh Torah (Yad Ha-Hazaqah , Sefer Mehoqeq)?
   37. [44]What is the Sefer Mitzvot Gadol (The Semag)?
   38. [45]What is the Arba'ah Turim (The Tur , The Four Rows)?
   39. [46]What is the Shulkhan Arukh?
   40. [47]What is the Hamappah of Rabbi Moshe Isserles?
   41. [48]What is the Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh?
   42. [49]What is the Mishnah Berurah?
   43. [50]What Other Codes of Jewish Law Are Used by Non-Orthodox Jewish
   44. [51]What is the Meaning of 'All is Futile' from the beginning of
   45. [52]What does it mean in the psalm of Habakkuk when it says that
       G-d hides His power?
   46. [53]What is meant by G-d's throne and the Serphim worshiping him
       in Isaiah 6:1-6?
   47. [54]Why is G-d referred to in the plural in the book of Genesis?
   48. [55]What is the Mekhilta on Deuteronomy?
   Section 4: Halachic Authority
    1. [8]What is "Halacha"? How is it determined?
    2. [9]Traditionally, what are the levels of halacha?
    3. [10]Traditionally, what are the different rabbinic eras?
    4. [11]How can differing halachic rulings all be considered valid?
    5. [12]How does the Conservative movement deal with Halachic
    6. [13]What is the difference between two Orthodox rabbis who
       disagree and an Orthodox and a Reform who disagree?
    7. [14]Who is RAMBAM that is mentioned and what are his 13
    8. [15]Who was Rashi?
    9. [16]Who was the Ramban?
   10. [17]What is Kabbalah and how can I learn about it?
   11. [18]Who is allowed to study Kabbalah?
   12. [19]Who was Rabbeinu Tam?
   13. [20]What are she'elot u'teshuvot?
   14. [21]What is the midrash halachah and the midrash agadah?
   Section 5: Jewish Holidays
    1. [8]What are the different holidays? 
    2. [9]What are the dates of the upcoming Jewish holidays? 
    3. [10]How can I get a Jewish calendar 
    4. [11]Why do some people take off one day, and others two? 
    5. [12]Why does the Jewish day start at sundown? 
    6. [13]What are the origins of the Chanukah Dreidel? 
    7. [14]Is it appropriate for Christians to "celebrate" Pesach using
       the form of a seder meal?
    8. [15]What are the months of the Jewish Year?
    9. [16]How does Judaism measure the day?
   10. [17]Are the Four Questions asked on Pesach in the Torah?
   11. [18]What are the different days of the Jewish week?
   12. [19]How are Yahrzeits observed in Leap Years?
   13. [20]What happened to the observance on 14 Nisan as Passover?
   14. [21]For Mother's Day, how should one bless their mothers?
   Section 6: Jewish Dietary Law and Kashrut
    1. [8]What is Kosher? Doesn't a rabbi just bless the food?
    2. [9]How can I learn about Kashrut? Is there a "Kosher" FAQ?
    3. [10]There are a wide variety of kosher symbols. How do I learn
       who's behind them?
    4. [11]I'm going to be in (insert city here). How do I find the
       kosher restaurants?
    5. [12]Do I need to have a kosher kitchen and kosher home to keep
    6. [13]I have heard that Polish Orthodox Jews wait 6 hours between
       eating milchig and fleishig and Dutch Orthodox Jews wait about an
       hour. Why?
    7. [14]Why do Sephardim and Ashkenazim have different customs
       regarding permissible foods on Pesach (Passover)?
    8. [15]I'm a vegetarian health-food proponent. Is kosher food
    9. [16]Is vegetarianism kosher?
   10. [17]What process is involved in Kosher Slaughter?
   11. [18]I work in a prison, and I have an inmate that is demanding
       Kosher Food? How do I know if his claim is justified?
   12. [19]What are the issues involving Filet Minion?
   13. [20]Why don't Jews eat Pork?
   14. [21]Would the laws of Kashrut prevent Mad Cow Disease?
   15. [22]Is Monkfish Kosher?
   16. [23]Why do Jews separate Milk and Meat?
   17. [24]Must Jews use wine?
   18. [25]Are there parts of a kosher animal that cannot be eaten?
   19. [26]I have a friend coming over that keeps Kosher. What do I do?
   Section 7: Sabbath and Holiday Observance
    1. [8]What is the Jewish Sabbath and why is it on Saturday?
    2. [9]Why do my Orthodox Jewish friends leave work early on Fridays
       and before Jewish holidays?
    3. [10]Why can't Jews use electrical appliances and motor vehicles on
    4. [11]Why are there 18 minutes from the time candle lighting starts
       on Shabbat until the last time you can light?
    5. [12]I've heard that Jews can't tear on Shabbat? Why? What is
    6. [13]How do people know when to light candles in the Arctic?
    7. [14]What is the significance of Challah?
    8. [15]Why do women wave their hands three times before lighting
       Shabbat [or Holiday] candles?
    9. [16]What is an Eruv?
   10. [17]If your home is burning, can you put out the fire on Shabbat?
   11. [18]What Medical Procedures May Be Performed on Shabbat?
   12. [19]What happens on Shabbat?
   13. [20]Do Conservative Jews play musical instruments on Shabbat?
   14. [21]Why is there a prohibition on travel on Shabbat?
   15. [22]Can an observant Jew use a camera on Shabbat?
   Section 8: Woman and Marriage
    1. [8]What role do women play in Judaism?
    2. [9]What is the Conservative view of the role of women in Judaism?
    3. [10]What is the Reform view of the role of women in Judaism?
    4. [11]What is the Orthodox view of the role of women in Judaism?
    5. [12]Is it true that Orthodox men bless G-d every morning for not
       making them a woman? What do you mean, this isn't terrible?
    6. [13]I've heard polygamy is permissible among Sephardic and
       Yemenite Jews. Doesn't Judaism mandate monogamy?
    7. [14]What does clean/unclean refer to?
    8. [15]What is "Niddah"?
    9. [16]I've heard that Orthodox men can't touch women. Is this true?
   10. [17]Are there any rituals for purification after childbirth for
   11. [18]What is the Jewish position on contraception and abortion?
   12. [19]How does Judaism view Marriage?
   13. [20]How do Jews find Mates?
   14. [21]What is a Jewish Marriage?
   15. [22]What happens before a Jewish Wedding?
   16. [23]What happens during a Jewish Wedding?
   17. [24]What happens after a Jewish Wedding?
   18. [25]What should I wear to a Jewish wedding?
   19. [26]Why is the glass broken at Jewish weddings?
   20. [27]What is a Ketubah?
   21. [28]What are the "Seven Blessings"?
   22. [29]What does Judaism say about premarital sex?
   23. [30]What are some good wedding greetings?
   24. [31]Can a wife refuse to have marital relations with her husband?
   25. [32]What should a man do if his wife leaves him for another man?
   26. [33]Can a Jewish woman who has not been to a mikvah get married in
       an Orthodox wedding?
   27. [34]Is it possible for a Cohanim to marry a divorced Jewish woman?
   28. [35]I've heard Jews can't get married on certain days. What are
   29. [36]What is the role of the parents or the rabbi at a wedding?
   30. [37]How long after a spouse dies can the surviving partner
       remarry? Must they marry their spouse's younger brother?
   31. [38]What relationships are prohibited?
   32. [39]What is the restriction on woman to sing in public and infront
       of men?
   33. [40]What can be done if the wife refuses to sign the get (divorce
   Section 9: Jewish Worship
    1. [8]How does a rabbi differ from a priest? 
    2. [9]Do you need a rabbi for a wedding? 
    3. [10]Do you need a rabbi for a divorce? 
    4. [11]How do Jews pray? 
    5. [12]Is there a distinctly Jewish form of meditation? 
    6. [13]Does Judaism have a strong tradition of religious art and
    7. [14]What is a synagogue?
    8. [15]What will I find in a synagogue?
    9. [16]How is a synagogue operated?
   10. [17]What functions does a synagogue serve?
   11. [18]What is the name of the Jewish God?
   12. [19]What is the reason for a "minyon" (a quorum of 10 men requried
       for certain prayers)?
   13. [20]What is the "Shema"?
   14. [21]Where can I learn about the prayers before eating?
   15. [22]What is the structure of the morning service?
   16. [23]When should morning services start?
   17. [24]Why do people put their tallit over their heads when they
   18. [25]What is the importance of collective worship in Judaism?
   19. [26]What is the difference between Conservative Prayer and
       Orthodox Prayer?
   20. [27]What is the Timeline of Women in the Rabbinate?
   21. [28]Are extremely observant men permitted to pray at home?
   22. [29]What is the Qetzatzah Ceremony?
   23. [30]What time of day were the sacrifices offered?
   Section 10: Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?"
    1. [8]Does Halacha (Jewish law) permit intermarriage?
    2. [9]I'm a Jew who married a gentile. Am I still Jewish?
    3. [10]I'm a Jew who accepted the tenets of another religion, but now
       wants to practice Judaism again. Am I allowed? Am I still Jewish?
    4. [11]OK, then apart from halachic considerations, why do many Jews
       of all types oppose intermarriage?
    5. [12]Is objection to intermarriage a form of bigotry?
    6. [13]But I still want to intermarry? Do you know of a Rabbi that
       performs intermarriages?
    7. [14]How does one convert?
    8. [15]What about adults who are not circumcised?
    9. [16]What does the word "Jew" mean?
   10. [17]Who is a Jew?
   11. [18]What is the origin of Matrilineal Descent?
   12. [19]I've heard that Jewish parents consider an intermarried child
       as "dead". Is this true?
   13. [20]Why is the conversion process so complicated? The matriarchs
       didn't have to convert. 
   Section 11: Miscellaneous Practice Questions
    1. Dress 
         1. [8]Why do some Jewish women wear wigs or cover their hair
            with a snood, beret, tichel, turban, kerchief or hat? 
         2. [9]Why do many Jewish men wear head coverings (variously
            referred to as "yarmulkas," "skullcaps," and "kipot")? 
         3. [10]What is a Tallis? Tzit-tzit(those fringes)? Why do Jews
            wear them? 
         4. [11]What are those black boxes and leather straps Jewish men
         5. [12]Why do many Jewish men sport beards and/or long
         6. [13]Why do some Orthodox Jews, especially Chassidim, wear a
            distinctive style of clothing (i.e., fur hats, black coats,
         7. [14]What is Shaatnez? 
         8. [15]Are there any special dress rules or customs for women?
         9. [16]What is a Kittel?
        10. [17]What is the large high ceremonial hat that the Rabbi
            wears in the synagogue called?
    2. Sex and Purity
         1. [18]What's this I've heard about a hole in a sheet? 
         2. [19]Can a Jewish man only uncover his wife a hands-breadth? 
         3. [20]What is a "mikveh"? 
         4. [21]What are Jewish hygene practices?
    3. Writing 
         1. [22]Why do some people write "G-d" with a hyphen instead of
            an `o'? 
         2. [23]Why do some Jews write "J-s-s" and "Xianity"?
         3. [24]Why are somethings written in Hebrew, and others in
    4. Practices towards others
         1. [25]Does Judaism permit slavery? 
         2. [26]What does "eye for an eye" mean?
         3. [27]Is it permitted for a Jew to sell Christian objects?
    5. Weddings
          + This material has been moved to [28]Section 8.
    6. Death and Burial
         1. [29]Is it true that someone with tattoos cannot be buried in
            a Jewish cemetery? 
         2. [30]I've heard about a custom of putting stones on the grave.
            Do you know where this custom originated? 
         3. [31]Is "stone setting" at the cemetery within a year after
            death is a Jewish tradition?
         4. [32]What are the Jewish mourning customs after the death of
            an immediate relative?
         5. [33]What are Jewish funeral customs?
         6. [34]Is getting cryogenically frozen against Judaism?
         7. [35]Are Jews buried facing West?
         8. [36]Can Jews be cremated?
         9. [37]What is the Jewish position on Suicide?
        10. [38]Can pregnant women attend a funeral?
        11. [39]If a Jewish person lives in an area where there is no
            synagogue, no Jewish funeral home, and no Jewish cemetery,
            what would the rules be in regard to burial?
        12. [40]Can Jews and Non-Jews be buried together?
        13. [41]Must the Chevra Kedisha be family members?
        14. [42]How have burial customs changed over time?
        15. [43]Why do Jews emphasize burial within 24 hours?
    7. Charity
         1. [44]What are the levels of giving? 
    8. Sacrifices
         1. [45]When did Jews stop making animal sacrifices?
         2. [46]What replaced animal sacrifices in Jewish practice?
         3. [47]How do sacrifices relate to compassion for animals?
         4. [48]Will sacrifices be restored if the Temple is rebuilt?
    9. Symbols 
         1. [49]Why are Jews called Jews?
         2. [50]What does the Star of David represent and what is its
         3. [51]What is the signficance of "Chai" and the number 18?
         4. [52]What is a Mezuzah?
         5. [53]What is a Menorah?
         6. [54]What is the significance of the number 5?
         7. [55]What is the significance of the number 3?
         8. [56]What is the significance of the number 40?
         9. [57]What is the significance of the number 7?
        10. [58]Are there any Jewish housewarming rituals?
        11. [59]What is the significance of blue in Judaism? Are there
            other special colors?
        12. [60]What is the significance of the number 8?
   Section 12: Jewish Thought
    1. [8]What is the Jewish concept of G-d? Do Jews think of G-d as an
       angry old man with a long white beard?
    2. [9]Can one doubt G-d's existence and still be a good Jew?
    3. [10]Does modern science (e.g., "big bang" theory, evolution, the
       age of the world) contradict traditional readings of the Torah?
    4. [11]Does modern science contradict liberal readings of the Torah?
    5. [12]Can one be Orthodox and a scientist too?
    6. [13]I've heard that Jews consider themselves "chosen." What does
       that mean?
    7. [14]What is the Jewish concept of the Messiah?
    8. [15]What do Jews say happens when a person dies? Do Jews believe
       in reincarnation? In hell or heaven? Purgatory?
    9. [16]What was the job of a prophet?
   10. [17]It seems that prophecy was once central to Judaism; why don't
       we have prophets today?
   11. [18]Who were the prophets? How many?
   12. [19]What is the Jewish view on the question of "free will."?
   13. [20]What about angels, demons, miracles, and the supernatural?
   14. [21]What do Jews hope/expect of the future?
   15. [22]How can Jews reject (insert true belief here)?
   16. [23]Why do Jews need organized religion or Jewish laws? Isn't it
       good enough to be a good person? How about gentiles?
   17. [24]How does Judaism differ from Xianity, Marxism, Communism,
       Humanism and other -isms?
   18. [25]Where can a Gentile learn about Judaism?
   19. [26]What does Judaism say about non-Jews and their role? What does
       G-d demands of gentiles to get to Olam Ha'aba ["The
       World-to-come"]? What are the Noachide laws?
   20. [27]What do Jews believe about Good and Evil?
   21. [28]What is the Jewish position on Capital Punishment?
   22. [29]What is the Jewish position on communicating with the dead?
   23. [30]What is the significance and importance of suffering and
       punishment in Judaism?
   24. [31]Why are there different names for G-d?
   25. [32]What is the "Book of Life"?
   26. [33]How does one atone for sins?
   27. [34]What does Judaism say about the punishments in the Torah?
   28. [35]What does the Torah mean by Abomination?
   29. [36]Why does the Torah talk about Other Gods?
   30. [37]What is the purpose of life? Why did G-d create man?
   31. [38]How does tithing work in Judaism?
   32. [39]Does Judaism permit organ donation?
   33. [40]Is numerology part of Jewish Mysticism?
   34. [41]What is Jewish thought on Gog and Magog?
   35. [42]What does Judaism believe about Satan?
   36. [43]In Judaism, what are some of the laws related to gleaning and
       tithing for the poor?
   37. [44]What is the Jewish view of Salvation, i.e., how a person from
       a given religion is ''saved''?
   38. [45]Can a Jew donate blood?
   39. [46]How does halacha, the messiah, and the prophets affect the
       daily life of a Jew?
   40. [47]What must one do to lead "a good life" in Judaism?
   41. [48]I've heard about 36 taddiks?
   42. [49]What is the theological understanding regarding the affect of
       the expulsion from Eden?
   Section 13: Jews as a Nation
    1. [8]What are the different racial and cultural groups of Jews?
    2. [9]What are the differences between Sephardim and Ashkenazim?
    3. [10]Where did the Beita Yisrael (Falashas) come from?
    4. [11]Who were the Khazars? Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the
    5. [12]Who are Crypto-Jews (also known as "marranos")?
    6. [13]How does the Sephardi/Ashkenazi differences differ from the
       O/C/R differences?
    7. [14]I've heard of a group called the "Black Hebrews". Who are
    8. [15]What about the black jews in South Africa?
    9. [16]Who Are The Jews of India, And What Are Their Origins?
   10. [17]Are Jews a Nation or a Religion?
   11. [18]Who are the Edot Mizraxi?
   12. [19]What About Yeminite Jews?
   13. [20]Who was Donna Gracia?
   Section 14: Jews and Israel
    1. [8]Who is an Israeli? Who may enter Israel under its Law of
    2. [9]What is Zion? 
    3. [10]What is Zionism? 
    4. [11]Are all Jews Zionists? 
    5. [12]Do Diaspora Jews (Jews outside Israel) support Zionism? 
    6. [13]I've heard there were/are very Orthodox Jews who were/are
       against the state of Israel. How could this be? Who are they?
    7. [14]Did Zionism end with the establishment of Israel? 
    8. [15]Are antisemitism and anti-Zionism the same thing? 
    9. [16]Is Zionism racist? 
   10. [17]What are the roots of Arab opposition to Zionism? 
   11. [18]Can't you criticize Israel without being antisemitic? 
   12. [19]Why is opposition to Israel often seen as being antisemitic? 
   13. [20]Why is Jerusalem so important to Jews? 
   14. [21]I want to move to Israel. Can I become a citizen? 
   15. [22]What is the Wailing Wall and why is it so important? 
   16. [23]Questions on aliyah, military service for olim and more 
   Section 15: Churban Europa (The Holocaust)
    1. [8]Why do Jews seem to treat the Holocaust as their tragedy alone?
    2. [9]Where can I get information on the Holocaust? 
    3. [10]How do I get tickets to see the United States Holocaust
       Memorial Museum? 
    4. [11]Is there any online information available on Yad Vashem? 
   Section 16: Antisemitism and Rumors about Jews
    1. [8]Why is antisemitism used to mean anti-Jewish? 
    2. [9]Is there any truth to the myth of the Jewish American Princess?
    3. [10]What is the connection between Judaism and Freemasonry? 
    4. [11]How do I counter antisemitic postings such as the infamous
    5. [12]Did the Jews kill Jesus?
    6. [13]Can you tell me about the Disputation at Barcelona?
   Section 17: Countering Missionaries
    1. [8]Are groups calling themselves "Jews for Jesus" or "Messianic
       Jews[sic]" Jewish movements?
    2. [9]Is belief in Jesus-as-G-d compatible with any Jewish movements?
    3. [10]Countering the Question: Why Don't Jews Believe in Jesus as
       the Messiah?
    4. [11]What do missionary groups believe?
    5. [12]What sort of deceptive terminology do missionaries use?
    6. [13]How can these missionaries be countered?
    7. [14]Who is financing "Jews for Jesus" and similar groups?
    8. [15]Are the key Christian beliefs derived from Judaism?
   Section 18: Reform/Progressive Judaism
     * [8]Introduction to the Reform/Progressive FAQ
    1. General Questions
         1. [9]What is Reform Judaism? 
         2. [10]What, if any, are the fundamental principles of Reform? 
         3. [11]Is a Jew affiliated with Reform Judaism less "religious"
            than one affiliated with another movement? 
         4. [12]How is Reform Judaism structured in the North America? 
         5. [13]How is Reform Judaism structured in the rest of the
         6. [14]How big is Reform Judaism? 
    2. History 
         1. [15]How did Reform Judaism start? 
         2. [16]Why did Reform Judaism start? 
         3. [17]I've heard reference to "Classic German Reform". What is
         4. [18]What is Reform Judaism today? 
    3. What is Reform Judaism's position on... 
         1. [19]The authority of Torah? 
         2. [20]The authority of Talmud? 
         3. [21]What is acceptable practice? 
         4. [22]What is unacceptable practice? 
         5. [23]The necessity of belief in G-d? 
         6. [24]The role of Israel? 
         7. [25]Other Jewish movements? 
         8. [26]Homosexuality 
         9. [27]Intermarriage 
        10. [28]Abortion 
        11. [29]Mixed (Interfaith) Marriages 
        12. [30]The role of women 
        13. [31]Outreach 
        14. [32]How an individual's Jewish status is determined 
        15. [33]The Messiah 
    4. Stereotypes: The fallacy verses reality 
         1. [34]Fallacy: Reform Jews choose practice based solely on
         2. [35]Fallacy: Either patrilineal or matrilineal descent is
         3. [36]Fallacy: Reform Conversions take no study, and are for
            convenience only 
         4. [37]Fallacy: Reform Judaism encourages intermarriage 
         5. [38]Fallacy: Intermarried couples have exactly the same
            rights as non-intermarried couples in Reform Congregations 
         6. [39]Fallacy: Reform Judaism has Rabbis and congregations that
            don't believe in G-d 
         7. [40]Fallacy: There are no 3rd or 4th generation Reform Jews. 
         8. [41]Fallacy: An atheist could be considered a "good" Reform
         9. [42]Fallacy: Reform Jews don't have Bar Mitzvahs 
        10. [43]Fallacy: Reform totally ignores "Jewish" divorce (i.e.,
        11. [44]Fallacy: All Reform Congregations Are Rich 
        12. [45]Fallacy: Reform Rabbis do not study Halacha 
        13. [46]Fallacy: Reform Jews don't care about Jewish ideals and
        14. [47]Fallacy: Reform Jews don't need to attend synagogue. 
        15. [48]Fallacy: Reform Jews don't believe in Zionism and don't
            support Israel. 
        16. [49]Fallacy: Reform Jews have no concept of the Messiah. 
        17. [50]Fallacy: Reform Jews do not observe Shabbat 
        18. [51]Fallacy: Reform Jews ignore the laws of Kashrut 
        19. [52]Fallacy: Reform rejects most of Maimonides 13 Principles
            of Faith 
    5. Differences from Traditional Judaism 
         1. [53]Why does Reform liturgy say "m'chayey hakol" [who gives
            life to all] instead of m'chayey meytim" [who gives life to
            the dead] ? 
         2. [54]What other changes to liturgy reflect Reform ideals? 
         3. [55]Why does Reform generally celebrate Rosh Hashanah for one
         4. [56]How does a Reform conversion differ from an Orthodox
    6. The Rabbinate 
         1. [57]How does one become a Reform Rabbi? 
         2. [58]What is the course of study for the Rabbinate? 
         3. [59]How does one become a Reform Cantor? 
         4. [60]What is the course of study for cantors? 
         5. [61]What other courses of study are available? 
         6. [62]Can Reform Rabbis be sanctioned for their beliefs 
    7. For Further Information 
         1. [63]How do I contact the main organizations in Reform
         2. [64]How do I find a Reform congregation? 
         3. [65]Are there any Reform Rabbis on the network who will
            answer questions? 
         4. [66]How do I start the conversion process? 
         5. [67]I'd like to do some further reading. Where do I start? 
     * [68]Special Credits for the Reform/Progressive FAQ 
   Section 19: Miscellaneous
    1. [8]I want to become more observant. Where do I start? 
    2. [9]Why is "shabbat" spelled sometimes shabbath, shabbath, shabbos,
    3. [10]What are some common Hebrew and Yiddish phrases I see on
    4. [11]What do all those abbreviations like Z"L mean? 
    5. [12]Is "shvartze" offensive? Is "goyim" offensive? 
    6. [13]What does "shiksa" and "shaygetz" mean? 
    7. [14]I am going to be in (name your city), where can I eat, stay
       for Shabbat?
    8. [15]What do bagels, lox, pastrami, falafel, garlic pickles,
       kishka, and kasha have to do with being a Jew? 
    9. [16]What does Warren Burstein's signature mean? 
   10. [17]Who was the sixth Marx brother? 
   11. [18]Why do Hebrew clocks run clockwise, not counter-clockwise? 
   12. [19]I'm not Jewish. How do I show my love for the Jewish people? 
   13. [20]What is the origin of the word "kike"? 
   14. [21]What is the meaning of the part of the book of Ruth where the
       guy at the gate takes off his shoe?
   15. [22]I'm a health care provider? What do I need to know for Jewish
   16. [23]What would be a good housewarming gift for a Jewish friend?
   17. [24]What is the meaning and origin of the phrase B'shaah Tova?
   Section 20: References and Getting Connected
    1. [8]I'd like to learn more? Do you have any books to recommend? 
    2. [9]What are the different hechsher symbols? 
    3. [10]Where can I find Jewish-oriented mailing lists? 
    4. [11]What are the good Jewish search engines?
    5. [12]What are some good Jewish links on the WWW?
    6. [13]Is S.C.J available via a Listserv or other e-mail means? 
    7. [14]What divrei Torah are posted to Usenet? 
    8. [15]Where can I find collected divrei Torah? 
    9. [16]What software is available for Hebrew applications? 
   10. [17]What other Jewish software is available? 
   11. [18]Are there any Jewish Libraries on the Internet? 
   12. [19]I'm interested in ordering books or music on the internet.
       Where should I look?
   13. [20]Boy, you did a wonderful job on the FAQ? How do I show my
   Section 21: Children and Judaism
     * [8]Introduction to the Jewish Childrearing FAQ
    1. Entering the Covenant 
         1. [9]What is circumcision? 
         2. [10]Why are Jewish boys circumcised? 
         3. [11]Who performs the circumcision? 
         4. [12]When is the circumcision done? 
         5. [13]But doesn't it hurt? 
         6. [14]But shouldn't the child make its own decision? 
         7. [15]But circumcision is only required for boys. What about
         8. [16]What are our options for welcoming our new baby girl?
         9. [17]Can we hold a welcoming ceremony on the 8th day for a
        10. [18]What is a pidyon haben?
        11. [19]When is a pidyon haben required?
        12. [20]What about babies who are stillborn or die shortly after
            birth with respect to pidyon haben?
        13. [21]What about an adopted child?
        14. [22]Does Judaism have a tradition of Godparents?
        15. [23]Is Circumcision required for a boy to be Jewish?
    2. Naming 
         1. [24]What are the Ashkenazi customs regarding the naming of
         2. [25]But my grandmother was named (insert old-fashioned out of
            use name here? No one uses that name today? How do I name
            after that relative?
         3. [26]Is it appropriate to name a child after a relative of the
            opposite sex?
         4. [27]Is it appropriate for multiple children (i.e. cousins) to
            be named after the same relative?
         5. [28]My spouse has a living relative with the same name as my
            deceased relative. Can we name our children after my
         6. [29]What are the Sephardi customs regarding the naming of
         7. [30]What about babies who are stillborn or die shortly after
         8. [31]Are there any distinctly non-Jewish names?
    3. Playtime 
         1. [32]Can I let my kid swim on Shabbat?
         2. [33]Can I let my kid play in the sandbox on Shabbat?
         3. [34]Can children play sports such as Soccer on Shabbat?
         4. [35]What is appropriate dress for swimming?
         5. [36]Can my kid play with Playdough during Pesach?
    4. Eating 
         1. [37]Where can I find kosher baby food?
         2. [38]Where can I find kosher for passover baby food?
    5. Holidays 
         1. [39]What are good activities for children for the major
            Jewish holidays?
    6. Schooling 
         1. [40]How do I determine the right type of religious program:
            day school vs. afterschool?
         2. [41]How are teachers in Chasidic schools trained?
    7. B'nai Mitzvah
         1. [42]What is a bar/bat mitzvah?
         2. [43]What's a good gift for a b'nai mitzvah?
         3. [44]What is appropriate dress to wear to the b'nai mitzvah
         4. [45]What are the characteristics of a good b'nai mitzvah
         5. [46]How do I select a good b'nai mitzvah tutor?
         6. [47]I need to speak at my child's bar/bat mitzvah? What do I
    8. Other childhood lifecycle rituals 
         1. [48]I've heard of a ceremony called "Consecration". What is
         2. [49]I've heard of a ceremony called "Confirmation". What is
         3. [50]What is Upsherin? I know it relates to the cutting of the
            hair of boys at age 3, but tell me more.
         4. [51]I've been invited to a Bat Barakah. What is it?
    9. Coping with other religions 
         1. [52]My child says all of his friends have Christmas Trees,
            and he wants one too. What do I say?
         2. [53]My child's non-Jewish grandparents have asked her to help
            trim the tree. What do I do?
         3. [54]My child has been invited to an Easter Egg roll? What do
            I do?
         4. [55]My child has been invited to the Easter Egg roll on the
            White House lawn? What do I do?
   10. Growing Older 
         1. [56]My child wants to start dating? How do I ensure proper
         2. [57]My child wants a tattoo. What forms of body modification
            are allowed? Tattoos? Earrings? 
         3. [58]When do I need to start worrying about issues of modesty?
   11. Resource References 
         1. [59]I need some information on Jewish Genetic Diseases. Where
            do I start? 
         2. [60]Are there any recommended online resources on Jewish
            Childrearing or specifically for Jewish children?
     * [61]Special Credits for the Jewish Childrearing FAQ 

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