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AnotherNet IRC Network -- Answered Questions 960222

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Archive-name: irc/AnotherNet.FAQ
Version: 960222
Posting-Frequency: bi-monthly

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ANOTHERNET AQ(Answered Questions) 960222
(not even close to beverly hills)
AnotherNet provides services not normally found on IRC networks.  It will
provide the user with; a NickServ to reserve an IRC nickname; a MemoServ
to send notes to registered AnotherNet users; ChanServ for registering
and managing your own channels; and an enhanced IRC server program for
effective network management, Hacker.

AnotherNet is accessed the way other IRC networks are.  That is, using
your client software, simply enter the server name and port number,
connect, and you are on AnotherNet IRC

For more detailed information as to how an IRC network operates, and the
commands used while logged into irc, see the undernet faq, posted weekly
to the newsgroup *news.answers* on usenet.  See also the IRC primer
posted periodically to *news.answers*.



      directory:  /pub/AnotherNet/


       LISTSERV:  To subscribe, send email to:
                  (nothing in the subject line)
                  and in the body of the message write
                     SUBSCRIBE ANOTHERNET
To access the help functions for each service type in the necessary
command.  For example, to register your nick, type in
/msg nickserv help.  The commands available to you will
appear in your status window.  From there, type in /msg
nickserv help <topic> to register your nick, or modify its use.

To register a channel, you should type /msg chanserv help to receive
the command list for the registration function.  For help
on each topic, type in /msg chanserv help <topic>.

Using MemoServ is done the same way as the nickserv and chanserv.  For
help on MemoServ's use, type in /msg memoserv help.

If you have a complaint regarding the service on AnotherNet, send email

If you need help while online with AnotherNet, you will usually find an 
IRC Operator in #thecafe.  If you do not find an IRC Operator online to 
help you, email to:  You will receive a timely answer 
to your question(s).

With all services on AnotherNet, abuse is not tolerated.  Any
heinous abuse will be replied to with a k-line from the
entire network and an email to the offending user's system
administrator.  This means you will be banned from the entire network;
your internet service provider, network operations center, or system
administrator will be notified of your activities.

If you wish to submit other questions regarding the operation of
AnotherNet, email with your request for

This document, and others, may be found at the AnotherNet FTP site.

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