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= 1/97 Guide to Select BBS's on Internet [2/2] =

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Archive-name: internet/bbs/list/part2
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1/1/97

Copyright 1997 by Richard S. Mark, all rights reserved
Featured in BBS Magazine, Boardwatch, NetGuide
and the new book, "Internet BBSs: A Guided Tour"
January, 1997 Edition
Posted Version [part 2 of 2]


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            Copyright by Richard S. Mark (
                      Stephen Grande, SBI List Verifier
              Featured in BBS Magazine, Boardwatch, NetGuide and
               the new book, "Internet BBSs: A Guided Tour"
           (see README.DOC for more information about this list)
                    SBIQ0197.LST  (rev date: 01/01/97)


WWW: - Includes a Guided Tour of Internet
                                 BBS's from around the world.

FTP: (in /library/sbi) - login: anonymous
  (in /internet) - login: anonymous
  (Belgium) (in /pub/sbi) - login: anonymous

FINGER:         (Information about the SBI List)
         ("Quick" Guide to Select BBS's on Internet)
     (Revision Information for current list)
    (How to Become a Part of the SBI list)


One Time Information Server
                                - put "SBI" in the TITLE/SUBJECT

Automatic Monthly Mailing
                                - put "SUBSCRIBE" in TITLE/SUBJECT

Dragon Keep - / (352) 375-3500 (login: sbi, password: list)

Or call you Favorite BBS and download SBI0197.ZIP

* = New since last revision
+ = Internet BBS Top20 Winner
n/a = Web-based only or specialized client required (see detailed list)

  System Name                               Telnet/Client Address
                                            Web-Only BBSs start with http://
  A Clockwork Online              
  A Pseudo Laissez-Faire BBS      
  Abingdon Online                 
  Absolute Connection             
  Abuse! Online                             ABUSEME.COM
  Abyss BBS                       
  Access Nevada                   
  Access One Online Services      
  ACE InfoSystems                 
  ADRENalize BBS                  
* Adult Connection Excalibur Bbs   1961
  Adult Fantasy BBS                         ADF.COM
  The Adult Hangout bbs           
  Adventure Connection            
  AECNET (tm)                     
  AEROSAT BBS                     
  After Hours                     
  After Hours BBS                 
  After Hourz BBS                 
  Afterimage Information Matrix (A.I.M.)
  Agora Online                    
  Aladdin's Palace BBS            
  Alalinc - Alabama's Legal Information Ce
  The Alamo BBS                   
  Albuquerque ROS                 
  Alice's Restaurant              
  Alien's SpaceShip BBS           
  The All in all Internet, a Christian BBS
  The Alliance BBS                
  Alternate LifeStyles Internet MatchMaker
  Amateur Erotica BBS of Chicago  
  America's Suggestion Box        
  Anaheim Hills Online            
  Anarchy Garden                  
  Anarchy Online                  
+ Anarchy-X                       
  AndRew's BBS                    
  The Annex!                      
  AOP BBS                         
  AppleWize OnLine                
  Aquarius BBS                    
  Aquila BBS                      
  Argus Online                    
  Arise BBS                        1962
  Arizona InterActive Systems     
  ASERTEL Servicios On-line       
  Ashley's Place                  
  AsiaClub Online                 
  Astro Online Services           
* Atlanta Matchmaker              
  The Atlanta Windows BBS         
  Atlantis BBS                    
  Atlas BBS                       
  Atomic Dog BBS                  
  Auggie BBS                      
  Austin Clubhouse BBS            
  Austin Matchmaker               
  Austin Metro Information        
  Bargain Board                   
  Barney's Rubble                 
  BayTech 2000 BBS                
  Beach House                     
  Bedford County Computer Services
  The Behavioral Health Network   
  The Belfry(!)                   
  Believers BBS                   
  The Big Easy                    
  Bitstream of the Eschaton       
* BizNet BBS                      
  Black Glass                     
  Black Gold BBS                  
  Blitzkrieg Information BBS      
  Bluegrass BBS                   
  Boardwatch Magazine BBS         
  Boston Dungeon Society          
  Bound for Pleasure BBS          
  Brevard BBS Transporter         
  The Brewers' Witch BBS          
  C&B BBS                         
  California BBS                  
  The Canton Connection BBS       
  Capital City Cyberlink          
  Carolina Chat, Inc.             
  Carolina Online                 
  Castle Holt BBS                 
  Castle Keep BBS/Internet Services
  Castle Rock BBS                 
  Catania On Line                 
  CCS World                       
  CedarNet Online                 
* The Cereal Port BBS             
  Cetys BBS                       
  CHANNEL 1 (R)                   
  Chatline BBS                     23
  ChatMaster BBS                  
  ChatNet LIVE!                   
  The Chatter Box On-line         
  Chicago Internet MatchMaker     
  Christian Internet MatchMaker   
  Christian Pursuit - The Fellowship Netwo
  Christie's Internet Matchmaker  
  Chrysalis Online Services       
  Cincinnati Multi-Player Connection BBS
  The City Lights                 
  Close Encounters Adult          
+ Closer To Home BBS Systems      
  Cloud City                      
  Club BBS                        
  Club Met                        
* The Cluebus BBS                 
  Coba's Lost Resort Online       
  COLIS BBS (Jamaica)             
* College Connections             
  Colossus Box                    
  Columbus Online                 
  COMM Port OS/2                  
  Community Access BBS            
  Community Online                
  ComPart BBS                     
  Computer Junction               
  The Computerized AIDS Ministries Network
  ComputerLink Online, Inc.       
  The Connection BBS              
  CONNECTions BBS                 
  Connections! BBS of Southern Hospitality
  Construction OnLine              3004
  ConXtion                                  ConXtion.Com
  Courier Online                  
  COWZ - The Cattle Crossing on the Inform
  CRIS (Concentric Research Corp) 
  Critical Mass Online            
  The Crystal Barrier             
  Crystal Quill                   
  CSI Online                      
  Custom Computers BBS            
  Cutting Edge Technologies BBS   
  CybaLink BBS Internet Services  
  Cyber City                      
  CyBER HoUSE                     
  Cyber Space Connection          
  Cyber Warrior Network           
  Cybercat Online                 
  CyberCity USA                   
  CyberCom Online!                
  CyberComm Online Services       
  Cybercup Internet Coffeehouse   
  Cyberdelic BBS                  
  The CyberDen                     3000
  Cyberlink No.2                   3142
  CyberNet Online                 
  Cyberspace BBS                  
  CYBERSPACE HQ                    1961
  Cyberspace7 BBS                 
  CyberTech Communications Online Service
  CyberTek South                  
  CyberZone Online                
  Dallas/Fort Worth MatchMaker Pen-Pal Net
  Data Highway                    
  Data-Comp BBS                   
  DataQuest BBS                   
  DataSafe Publications BBS       
* DC Matchmaker                   
  DC Tavern                       
  Deep South BBS                  
  Del's Place BBS                 
  Delaware Online!                
  Delaware Valley On Line         
  deltaComm Online                
  Deltronix Online                
  Denver Exchange                 
  Designlink                       3000
  Dialdata Systems                
  Diamond Mine On-Line            
  Diamonds & Denim...New Orleans  
  Digital Access, Inc             
  Digital Diversions - ONLINE     
  Digital Forest                  
  Digital Frontiers / The Dark Tower BBS    DIGIFRO.COM
  Digital Rain                     23
  Digital Velocity BBS            
  Digital World                   
  The Dirty Hacker BBS            
  Disk Jockey Online              
  Doctor's Office BBS / Falken Support BBS
  The Doll House BBS              
  The Downtown BBS                
  Dragon Keep International       
  Dragon's Breath BBS              10085
* DrAGoNeT                        
  Dreamscape BBS                  
  Dreamscape Entertainment Service
  DSC BBS / Voicenet (Datamax/Satalink Con
  DSIT online                     
  DSP Information & Entertainment 
  Dynasty Online                  
  Eager Beaver Computers MBBS     
* Eagle BBS                        23
  ECTech - BBS Excellence         
  Eden BBS                        
  Eden East                       
  Edward Lowe Foundation BBS      
  Electric City BBS               
  The Electric Cafe BBS!          
  Electronic Lucidity             
  The Electronic Universe BBS     
  The Elevator                    
  The Eleventh Hour               
  Elysian Fields                  
  Emergency BBS On-Line Services  
  Empire BBS                      
  Empty Spaces BBS / ElekSys Internet
  The Endless Forest              
  Endless Mountain CyberSPACE     
  The English Palace BBS          
  Entertainment and Consumers Network
  eSoft Support and Demo BBS      
  EV-NET Online Service           
  EveryBaudys Online              
  Evolution Online                
  Excalibur Headquarters BBS      
  ExecNet Information Systems     
+ ExecPC                          
  Exoticomm BBS                   
  Eye Contact BBS                 
  The Eyes of Time BBS            
  EZLink Internet Access          
  Family Entertainment Network    
  Familytown Online               
  Fantasy Express Online          
  Farm Information Services       
  Farpoint BBS                    
  Fast! BBS                       
  The FastLane BBS                
  FeedBack BBS                    
  The Fetish Network BBS          
  The File Bank BBS               
  File Gallery Online Service      23
  The Fire House Inn              
  FireBurners BBS Online          
  First Impressions BBS           
  Firstnet BBS                    
  500cc F1 TBBS                   
+ the FiX                         
  Flag Net Amiga BBS              
  The Floating Pancreas BBS       
  The Flower Link BBS             
  Fly by Knight, Ltd. BBS          23
  FONiX Info Systems              
  Forbidden Playground                                    
  France Online                   
  The French Connection BBS        1962
  FSU BBS                         
  Full Access Internet Services   
  Future Frontier                 
  GaiaNet BBS                     
  Galacticomm DEMO System         
  The Game Master                 
  The Gaming Center               
  THe GaRBaGe DuMP BBS            
  Gateway Online                  
  The Gay Blade BBS               
  Generation X BBS                
  GenStar On-Line                 
  GLIB - The Gay & Lesbian Information Bur
  The Global Blind Exchange (GBX) 
  Global InfoNet                  
  The Gnome's Guest House         
* Goiter Net                       4000
  Grand Rapids Online             
  The Granola Board BBS           
  The Graphics Alternative        
  Great Gig in the Sky            
  The Great White Northerner BBS   1961
  GREX (tn)                       
  GRN BBS                         
  The Grotto of Dreams            
  Ground Zero BBS                 
  HACOM BBS                       
  Hafa Adai Exchange & BBS Networks
  HAL 9000 BBS                              HAL9K.COM
  Hamptons Online: life on a virtual beach
  Harbor Breeze 95! BBS           
  The HardDisk Cafe               
  Heart Of The Country (HOTC) BBS 
  HeartBeat BBS                    23
  Helix : Houston's Electronically Linked
  The Henson House                
  Hiawatha's Jolly Wigwam         
  High Performance II BBS         
  High Society                    
  The Hive BBS                    
  The Holodeck BBS                
  The Horseman's BBS              
  The Hot Spot BBS                
  Hotel California                
  Houston Matchmaker              
  HTP Net Online                  
  Huntsville & The Tennessee Valley On-Lin
  The Hurricane                   
+ (I)ndustry BBS                  
  IACC ONLINE BBS                 
  ICA Canada On-Line Inc.         
  ICE Online                      
  Idaho Interactive               
  Illusions II (Adult's ONLY)     
  IMRU Gay BBS                    
  Independence Online!            
  The INDEX System (tm)           
  INFIMA BBS                      
  Infinite Data Source On-Line Service
  Infinite Space Online           
  Infinity Online                 
  infoNet Bulletin Board System   
  Information Highway On-Ramp     
  Innovations BBS                  23
  Insight Media                    1961
  Instant Access                  
  Interact! BBS                   
  INTERCOM Spain                  
  Interludes Online               
  IntheNet OLS and Virtual Marketplace
  The Invention Factory BBS       
  IPlay On-Line                   
  Iris BBS                        
+ Isle-Net                        
  Jaguar BBS                      
  Janis II - Tokyo                
  Jassyca BBS                     
  The Jungle BBS                  
  King Arthur's Court             
  King Tut's Internet BBS         
  Kingston Online Services        
  The Kinky Korner BBS            
  Kitsap Information Network      
  The Knoxville News-Sentinel KnoxLink
  The Kobayashi Alternative BBS   
  Kompleat Internet Services, LLC 
  LA Connection BBS               
  The Lab BBS                     
  The LabyrinthOnline             
  The Laser Connection            
  LaserBase Communications        
  LDDS Worldcom Online            
  Liberty BBS                     
  Lifestyle Online                
* Lifestyles Online BBS           
  The LIGHT                        1474
  LINQ BBS                        
+ Liquid Sky BBS                  
  Logic Circuit                   
  LOIS: the Link Online in Santa Maria
  Lori's Toy Store                
  Love Bytes                      
  Lunatic's Asylum                
  The Lys Valley                  
  Mac Line                        
  Macatawa Multiline              
  Magic Bus                       
  Magic Network System             23
  MagicVillage                     3004
  Magnus Online                   
  Mainline Information  Service   
  The Male Box BBS                
  The Male Forum                  
  Maloca BBS Toronto              
  Maloka BBS Warsaw               
  Malum Information Network       
  MariNet, Inc.                   
  MATRiX de Puerto Rico           
  MCM III BBS at Legal Recourse   
  Meeting House BBS               
  Meme Online                     
  Metro Online BBS                
  Metro Slave Online BBS          
  Metropoli BBS                   
  Metropolis serving the cities of the Big
  Metropolis serving the cities of the Big
  MHVnet                           5000
  Miami Beach Online              
  Micro City Online               
* Microsystems Ectech BBS         
  Midnight Machine BBS            
  Midnight Oil                    
  Mike's BBS                      
  Miller's Party Board            
  mINd pULSe oNLINe               
  The Ministry of Knowledge BBS   
  Mnematics Videotex              
  Modem Madness                   
  Monolith BBS                              cal022011.student.utwente.n
  The Motherboard                 
  MPI Online Services             
  Multi-Comm Las Vegas            
* Multi-Game Interactions         
+ Multicom-4 BBS Network           23
  MultiSystem Information Service 
  MY Board BBS                    
  My-Solution Online!             
* Myndz Eye Dreams BBS            
  Mystic Knights BBS              
  The Nashville Exchange          
  Nasty Playmates                 
  National Modem Pool             
  NeoNexus Systems                
  The Nest BBS                    
  The Net BBS                     
  Net-link Online                 
  Netropolis Entertainment Server 
  Netropolis Online Service       
  Networks Online Service         
  Networld Online                 
  The NeverEnding BBS             
  New Orleans Matchmaker          
  New Power BBS, Inc              
  New York MatchMaker Pen-Pal Network
  The Nexus Entertainment System  
  NFE BBS (Naperville File Exchange)
  Night Ranger Online             
  1990 MultiLine BBS              
  1990 MultiLine Games Machine    
  Nite Hawk Information Service   
  NiteLife - The No-Skanks Adult Graphical 3004 3004
  Nitelog BBS                     
  North*Star BBS                  
  NTIS FedWorld                   
* Nuclear Greenhouse               4000
  The Nucleus                     
+ Nucleus Information Service     
  Nurse Net Nederland             
  Oasis Satellite BBS             
  The Ocean System (Sistema Oceano)
  Odyssey Online                  
  OKC Matchmaker                  
  The ON RAMP                     
  On-Line Entertainment           
  One Crossroads Place BBS - Kansas City M
  Onix BBS                        
  Online Computer Distribution     23
  Online Data Systems             
  Online Illusions                
  OnLine Now                      
  Online Orlando                  
  The Online Pitstop (Top.Net)    
  ONline WElcome                  
  The Open Door BBS               
  Operation Mindcrime             
  Operation Mindcrime BBS         
  Operator Headgap BBS             1474
  The Oracle BBS                  
  Orbiter Online                            Orbiter.Com
  The Orion BBS                   
+ OS/2 Shareware BBS              
  The Oubliette                   
  Outaouais Online BBS (Chat Canada BBS)
  Outer Limits BBS                 23
  Outer Limits Online             
  The Outpost                     
  "OVER the EDGE!!" Adult Online  
* Pacific Online Services         
  Pacifier Online Data Service (P.O.D.S.)
  The Packet Connection           
  Paradise BBS (Australia)        
  Paradise Play Line BBS          
  Paragon Online                  
  Party Line Entertainment        
  Party Line Entertainment Network
  The Patchbay BBS                
  PATHWAY BBS                     
* PC Connection (Central Texas)             PC-Connection-BBS.Com
  PCS Online Services             
  Pendragon Australia              1962
  Pennsylvania Online!            
  Pensacola Internet BBS          
  Penultimate BBS                 
  The People's Republic of the Dark Cartel
  Phantasy BBS                    
* Philadelphia Matchmaker         
  Pics On-Line BBS                
  Pink's Place BBS                
  Pinnacle Online!                
  Pixelation Data Services        
  Planet Pegasuz                  
  PlayPenBBS (DE)                 
  Playtime Adults Online          
  The Poconos Online!             
+ Point Blank BBS                 
  Power Connections               
  The Power Exchange              
  The Power House BBS             
  PR Online Net                   
  PreRapture BBS                  
  The PressRoom                   
  Principle of Obscurity BBS      
  Prism BBS                       
  The Property Line               
  Prostar Plus Information Network
  Proton Palace                   
  Prowler's Domain BBS            
  Public Data Network             
  Pure Energy BBS                 
  "R" World BBS                   
  Radio Wave                      
  The Readiness Operation BBS     
  Real Internet BBS               
  Realm of Legends                
  The Realms of Time              
  Rendezvous BBS                  
* Richmond Matchmaker             
  Rippers BBS                     
  River Styx Systems              
  RMS Online                      
  Rock Garden                     
  The Rock Pile                   
  Rose City Online                
  RoundHouse Run BBS              
+ Rusty-N-Edie's BBS              
  The Ruthless Gameboard          
  S & H Computer Systems BBS      
  S-TEK Gay and Lesbian BBS in Montreal
  San Antonio Matchmaker          
  San Diego Computer Society BBS  
* San Francisco Matchmaker        
  The Sanatorium!                 
  Sands of Time BBS               
  Santa Fe Online                 
  Scorpion BBS                    
  Secret Services Limited BBS     
  ShadoLands BBS                   3004
  Shangri~La BBS                  
  ShareWare South                 
  Silent Running                  
  Silicon Matchmaker BBS          
  Sim-Net Online Services         
  SIO Support BBS                 
  Skyway BBS                      
  SLACC STACK BBS                 
  SM Board                        
  Social Misfits - yabbs           8888
  Software Connection Online      
+ Software Creations              
  Someplace to Start              
  SonCrest BBS                    
  The Sorcery Board BBS           
  Sounds Of Silence               
  South Shore Secrets BBS         
  Southern California On-Ramp     
  Southern Star BBS               
  The Spa!                        
  Space BBS                       
  Spider Island BBS               
  The Spring Guide                
  The Squirrel's Nest             
  Star Trek BBS                   
  Starship II BBS                 
  Starsys Online                   23
  Steve Dahl's BBS                
  Strategic Online                
  Sugar River Valley BBS           6005
  Sunset BBS!!                    
  Sunset Ranch Online Services    
  The Swamp BBS                   
  Synergy Entertainment Network (SEN)
  Sysop News BBS                  
  System Support BBS              
  T-8000 Information Systems - Since 1981
* T.I.F.S.D.B.                    
  #1 TBBS                         
  TechNet BBS                     
  Tele-Mac, The BBS of the San Diego Macin
  Thanatos BBS                    
  Tiny's BBS                      
  TnT Online                      
  Toledo's TBBS                   
  Top City                        
  Top Secret BBS                  
  Topgun BBS                      
  Town Crier                      
* Traders Cove BBS                
  Trader's Connection (TCON)      
  Tri-State Digital Imaging BBS   
  Trilogy On-Line Service (tm)    
* True Spice: Soulmates & Kindred Spirits
  TVOntario OnLine                
  Twin Cities Area Message System 
  The Ultimate Connection         
  The Underground Doghouse         23
  United Federation Alliance      
  The UPS Depot                   
  Urbanite BBS                    
* Va Beach Matchmaker             
  Vail OnLine                     
  The Vanishing Point BBS         
* Vegas Matchmaker                
  Viking Conference System        
  Vortex Graphics                 
  Voyager Infotainment            
  The Warehouse                   
  The WELL                        
  West Michigan Online            
  The Wild Onion! BBS             
  WildCard Online                 
  WildChild Photo BBS             
  Window Shopper                  
  Windows OnLine                            WOL.COM
* Windows Techknow(tm)             1961
  Wizard's Lair                   
  The Wizard's Realm BBS          
  World BBS                        80
  World Cafe                      
+ World Data Network BBS          
  WorldCHAT BBS                   
  WorldClub Online                
  Worldnet Ohio                   
  Worldport Online                
  WORLDVIEW BBS                    1474
  The Worm Hole                   
  Worth Every Byte                
  Wyld On-Line                    
  Zeitgeist Bulletin Board        
  The Zoo BBS                     


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