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Unofficial Internet Book List Not English Language

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Archive-name: internet-services/book-list-no-english
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-Modified: 1995/04/09
Version: 0.1

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     The Unofficial Internet Book List *Not* in English Language
                  Version 0.1 - 9 September 1995
              by Kay Martha Quittan (
This document is copyright by Kay Martha Quittan. All rights reserved.
If you notice that an Internet-related book is missing, or information
herein needs updating, please send e-mail to
Please read more copyright information at the end of this file.

- Introduction
- Mining and Statistics
- A very special book
- Alphabetical List of Internet Books
  - French
  - German
  - Italian
  - Japanese
  - Swedish
- Publisher Information
  - Italian
- Where to find this document
- Where to find "The Unofficial Internet Booklist" by Kevin Savetz
- Credits
- Copyright notices

| Introduction |

This is the first realease of The Unofficial Internet Book List
*Not* in English Language.
The idea comes from Kevin Savetz, author of "The Unofficial Internet
Booklist", the more extensive bibliography about Internet Books.
I have tried to come up with a comprehensive list of non-English books
about the Internet. I have added every bit of information that I have
either found or received from friends, authors and publishers.
Please excuse me if in this version there is more information about
Italian Books and Publishers than in other languages.
I'm Italian, so you can understand that it's easier for me to find
related data regarding my own Country.
I hope that whoever reads this document will kindly send me information
about Internet books published in non-English languages anywhere
in the world.
I will appreciate it if you send me book reviews.
If you know about a book that may be particularly useful or could have
a special meaning for readers, do not hesitate to ask me to publish
a review in the section "A very special book".
Thanks in advance for all the help that you will be able to provide.


| Mining and Statistic |

Number of books in this list : 48

*** French ***
Number of books : 3   (in original language: 2)
Least expensive : free (text/PS version of "Courte information ...")
Most expensive  : 195 FF (Internet)
Thinnest :  90 pages (Courte information ...)
Thickest : 242 pages (Sesame pour Internet)

*** German ***
Number of books : 5   (in original language: 5)
Least expensive : 39.90 DM (In acht sekunden ...)
Most expensive  : 98 DM (SGML fur die Praxis ...)
Thinnest : 160 pages (In acht sekunden ...)
Thickest : 455 pages (Das Internet ...)

*** Italian ***
Number of books : 38  (in original language: 20)
Least expensive : free (Guida EFF)
Most expensive  : 92000 Lire (Internetworking con TCP/IP ...)
Thinnest :  98 pages (Internet e il futuro della comunicazione)
Thickest : 792 pages (New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages)

*** Swedish ***
Number of books : 1   (in original language: 1)

*** Japanese ***
Number of books : 1   (in original language: 1)

| A very special book |

*** from Italy ***

Giuseppe Salza - Che cosa ci faccio in Internet ? - Theoria Ed.
by Kay Martha Quittan

"A book on cybernetic education from the Harrison Ford-like of
cyberspace" (La Stampa, May 13, 1995).
Here is a fascinating book, not merely a guide detailing how to
get connected to the Internet, although it also features a wealth
of technical data. The book is a journey to the "real" Internet.
It travels to the human side of the Net, towards the otherworldly
universe of cyberspace, where millions of people can lead a
parallel life aside from the "real" one. This book lead us to
a world of democracy, a free world, providing a wealth of information
that everyone will be able to access and decode. It includes
a mervelous love story over the wires, the history of Internet
and its pioneers, several peculiar tales in the lives of net-surfers
and a diary-like account of exciting experiences while travelling
in the Net.
In short, this book is the manifesto of the *NeXt Generation*.

| Alphabetical List of Internet Books |

| Books in French |

Title    : Courte information sur le systeme UNIX et les reseaux informatiques (Short introduction to UNIX and computer networks)
Author   : Marc Schaefer
Publisher: ALPHANET NF, Battieux 6c, 2013 COLOMBIER (Switzerland)
ISBN     :
Price    : 10 SFr
Pages    : 90
Published: 1993/95
E-mail   :
Notes    : A beginner introduction to UNIX and an introduction to
           networking tools (uucp, mail, news, www, ftp, etc.)
           Over 90 pages. Avaivable as a printed copy (10 Swiss Francs),
           or as Postscript or text version via e-mail (free). Please
           read the distribution conditions on the first page.

Title    : Sesame pour Internet
Author   : Tracy Laquey
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN     : 2-87908-083-5
Price    :
Pages    : 242
Published: 10/94
E-mail   :
Notes    : Traslated by Olivier Saint-Leger and Jean-Baptiste Su
Original : Internet Companion, 2nd ed.

Title    : Internet
Author   : Jean-Bernard Condat and Nicolas Pioch
Publisher: J.C.I., Inc, 2700, Joliette #201, Montreal, Canada H1W 3G9
ISBN     :
Price    : 195 FF ($29.95 CAN)
Pages    : 214
Published: 10/94
E-mail   : or
Notes    : From the authors: "Written by two well-known French Internet
           pioneers, this book presents all the French use of Internet
           for CEOs, students, schools and gives some tips for
           a total and comprehensive adaptation of Internet in France."

| Books in German |

Title    : In acht Sekunden um die Welt (In eight seconds around the world)
Author   : Gunther Maier/Andreas Wildberger
Publisher: Addison Wesley
ISBN     : 3-89319-701-X
Price    : 39 .90 DM / oeS 311.00
Pages    : 160
Published: 1994 (II ed.)
E-mail   :
Notes    : It's a quite comprehensive introduction to the Internet, its
           history and the services available (Mail, News, Gopher, FTP,
           Telnet, WWW and more). For more information about the book mail
           one of the authors: (Andreas
           Wildberger.) Three chapters of this book are available via WWW:
Thanks to: (Lutz Lademann)

Title    : DFUe - Ein Handbuch. Recherchen in weltweiten Netzen
Author   : Martin Rost & Michael Schack
Publisher: Heise-Verlag, Hannover
ISBN     : 3-88229-026-9
Price    : 58 DM
Pages    : 389
Published: 1993
E-mail   :
Notes    : It's an introduction to Internet (e-mail, FTP, telnet, IRC,
           archie, gopher, hytelnet, WAIS, WWW), UUCP, Bitnet, Fidonet,
           etc. with many examples for each of these.

Title    : Das Internet - Weltweit vernetzt
Author   : Peter Klau
Publisher: IWT-Verlag GmbH, Vaterstetten bei Muenchen
ISBN     : 3-88322-467-7
Price    : 59 DM
Pages    : 455
Published: 1994 (II edition)
E-mail   :
Notes    : This introductory text discusses how to connect to the Internet
           and covers the basic features of e-mail, data transfer,
           searching, discussion groups, network fools and more.
           The book is in German, but the examples, the illustrations
           and all the standard terminology are in English.
Thanks to: Richard H. Nollan <RNOLLAN@A1.UTMEM.EDU>

Title    : SGML fur die Praxis - Ansatz und Einsatz von ISO 8879
Author   : Wolfgang Rieger
Publisher: Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 1995
ISBN     : 3-540-57534-0
Price    : 98 DM
Pages    : 427
Goodies  : disk with public domain SGML parser sgmls
Published: 03/95
E-mail   :
Notes    : Contains an introduction to HTML. Further information may be
           found at

Title    : Internet: Werkzeuge und Dienste - von Archie bis World Wide Web
Author   : M. Scheller, K.-P. Boden, A. Geenen, J. Kampermann
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN     : 3-540-57968-0
Price    : 49 DM
Pages    : 370
Published: 07/94
E-mail   :
Notes    : A basic Internet primer for beginners, in German. First, the
           Internet's history is handled in a short introduction and
           some essential terms are pointed out. Subsequently all of
           the major tools are explained. The book ends with
           'the sweets', a list of Internet services. Parts of the
           book are available via the World Wide Web at:

| Books in Italian |

Title    : Guida a Internet della Electonic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Author   : Adam Gaffin
ISBN     :
Price    : free
Pages    :
Published: 25/01/95
Notes    : The Italian translation of the most renowned Internet guide,
           previously known as "Big Dummy's Guide". The Italian version
           was edited by Marco Calvo and a team of volunteers.
           The book is currently available in ASCII text format at
           Other_versions/Italian/> and in some Italian BBSs.
Original : EFF's Guide to the Internet", 1994.
Thanks to: Marco Calvo (

Title    : Il libro delle reti (The book of networks)
Author   : Andrea Aparo
Publisher: ADN Kronos Libri
ISBN     : 88-7118-020-8
Price    : 14,000 Lire
Pages    : 350
Published: 1995
E-mail   :
Thanks to:

Title    : Nel ciberspazio con Mosaic
Author   : Gareth Branwyn
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-104-8
Price    : 28,000 Lire
Pages    : 224
Published: 01-95
Notes    : This book is targeted to those who want to learn more on
           Mosaic, or - better yet - the World Wide Web in general.
           Besides the information on how to install, to configure and
           to use Mosaic, related topics are covered, including
           one chapter devoted to the HTML language. US-related
           information on the Internet were removed from the Italian
           edition, which features three new addendas on Netscape,
           Italian Web sites and Italian Internet Providers.
           - Translated by Gabriele Gianini and Paolo Attivissimo -
Original : Mosaic Quick Tour - Ventana - 1994
Thanks to: Enrico Marcandalli (

Title    : Nel ciberspazio con Internet
Author   : Gabriele Gianini
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-075-0
Price    : 35,000 Lire
Pages    : 256
Published: 1994
E-mail   :
Notes    : This is an introduction to the Internet and its services: E-Mail,
           FTP, Archie and Telnet. A chapter explain what is Bitnet and
           how a server, a listserver and a Bitnet mailing list work.
           At the end there is a detailed list of Internet/Bitnet resources
           divided in topics.
Thanks to: Enrico Marcandalli (

Title    : Navigare con Internet
Author   : Paul Gilster
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-092-0
Price    : 58,000 Lire
Pages    : 560
Goodies  : 1 floppy
Notes    : The Italian Edition also includes an introduction by Carlo
           Mortarino (I2U- Italian UNIX Users Association) and details
           about the main Italian Internet Providers.
           - Translated by A.E. Stanley. Revised by Michele Venerato -
Original : The Internet Navigator - John Wiley & Sons - 2^ed. - 1994
Thanks to: Enrico Marcandalli (

Title    : Internet per tutti
Author   : Paolo Attivissimo
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-085-8
Price    : 28,000 Lire
Pages    : 256
Published: 09/94
E-mail   :
Notes    : A book for "dummies" on how to discover and use Internet,
           without the technical lingo, in a nice, funny and concise style.
           The author explains what is Internet and how to use its main
           services: E-Mail, Mailing Lists (Bitnet), FTP and Telnet.
Thanks to: Enrico Marcandalli (

Title    : Internet per le aziende
Author   : Ellsworth
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-120-X
Price    : 48,000 Lire
Pages    : 384
Published: 05-95
Notes    : Taken from the Apogeo catalog (Galactica BBS):
           "Rather than waiting for the so-called *information highways*,
           businesses are already widely relying on the Internet for
           corporate communication and marketing. Internet is a
           *many-to-many* interface, thereby allowing a hi-tech substrate
           and high cultural content. It is a vital vehicle for small-to
           mid-businesses who specialize in value-added products.
           This book explains the technology and the culture of the
           Internet, and tells businesses how to put content on the
           Internet, how to promote it and to sell it.
           It is a must for businesses that want to enter this new media
           with the right step."
Original : The Internet Business Book - John Wiley & Sons - 8-94

Title    : Internet fuori orario
Author   : Gary Wolf / Michael Stein
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-121-8
Price    : 32,000 Lire
Pages    : 278
Published: 05-95
Notes    : Taken from the Apogeo catalog (Galactica BBS):
           "In this fascinating guide to the online culture and sub-culture
           throughout the planet, the authors allow readers to travel
           to the most unusual areas of Internet, from the Gutenberg
           project to outer space aliens, from the hackers universe to
           the small and large BBSs, from cybersex hype to neo-paganism.
           Also detailed are several Net resources, discussion groups,
           worldwide chat, MUDs and other virtual universes.
           To illustrate this incredible journey which takes readers
           through the looking glass, the book includes a world map of
           the free expression universe of Internet."
           A Web version is available for free at this URL:
Original : Aether Madness, Peachpit Press, 1994/1995
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Da DOS a UNIX
Author   : Earhart
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-105-6
Price    : 38,000 Lire
Pages    : 352
Published: 01-95
Notes    : Taken from the Apogeo catalog (Galactica BBS):
           "UNIX, the most powerful OS, widely used in telecom corporations,
           has awakened the interest of other platform users (DOS, Mac
           and so on) thanks to dialup IP connections to the Internet,
           which is widely based - as everyone knows - on UNIX platforms.
           This book intends to simplify the transition from MD-DOS to UNIX
           and wishes to demistify the complexity of the latter. ®Da DOS
           a UNIX is not aimed at programmers and computer experts,
           but rather at readers who only need to have scarce knowledge
           on how DOS works.
           This book also includes the most widely used UNIX commands
           on the Internet, including a description and their rules."
Original : ?

Title    : Internet Strumenti di ricerca
Author   : Paul Gilster
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-093-9
Price    : 28,000 Lire
Pages    : 256
Notes    : Taken from the Apogeo catalog (Galactica BBS):
           "Inside the cyberspace universe of the Internet, the user
           can find a wealth of resources to retrieve data or information.
           However, this huge universe of information is hard to navigate
           without the appropriate tools that allow to search and focus
           on the information needed. This book introduces the most popular
           Internet search tools (Archie, Gopher, Veronica, WAIS,
           WWW, Mosaic, and so on) and sets itself as a benchmark for
           anyone who wishes to access to the millions of computers
           connected to the ®mother of all networks¯.
           After reading this book, you will be able to find even the
           tiniest needle in the Internet!"
           - Translated by Paolo Attivissimo and Elena Faro -
Original : Finding it on the Internet - John Wiley & Sons - 1994
Thanks to: Enrico Marcandalli (

Title    : SuperKit Internet BBS
Author   : Enrico Marcandalli
Publisher: APOGEO
ISBN     : 88-7303-091-2
Price    : 32,000 Lire
Pages    : 224
Goodies  : 2 floppies
Published: 1994
E-mail   :
Notes    : Taken from the Apogeo catalog (Galactica BBS):
           "A survival guide in cyberspace, from thousands of BBSs (both
           Italian and foreign) to the Internet (the mother of all
           networks). Besides detailing the main Internet resources
           and tools, this book also centers on the software that makes
           life easy and provides the most popular titles
           in two floppies included with the book (over seven megabytes
           of data)."

Title    : Internet. Connessione SLIP/PPP
Author   : Peter J. Harrison
Publisher: Apogeo
ISBN     : 88-7303-131-5
Price    : 38,000 Lire
Pages    : 280
Goodies  : 1 floppy + free access
Published: 06/95
Notes    : The Italian edition contains a 3'5" floppy disk bundled with
           Trumpet Winsock, Cello and WinQVT/NET and a coupon for a
           free Internet connection for one month through Galactica BBS.
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Il galateo del cibernauta
Author   : Marco Jacquemet
Publisher: Castelvecchi
ISBN     : 88-86232-30-6
Price    : 12,000 Lire
Pages    : 103
Published: 1995
Notes    : Massimo Giordani describes it as "a useless and unrealistic
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Rispieghiamo Internet per chi era assente
Author   : Mirtha Paula Mazzocchi e Luca Tognoli
Publisher: Castelvecchi
ISBN     : 88-86232-40-3
Price    : 14,000 Lire
Pages    : 186
Published: 06/95
Notes    : From the back cover: "A book - also for the non-expert readers -
           aimed at anyone who wishes to understand the whole Net culture,
           its human Matrix and their communications.
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet e il futuro della comunicazione (Internet and the future of communications)
Author   : Franco Berardi
Publisher: Castelvecchi Editore
ISBN     : 88-86232-38-1
Price    : 12,000 Lire
Pages    : 98
Published: 1995
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet
Author   : Alberto Berretti / Vittorio Zambardino
Publisher: Donzelli Editore
ISBN     : 88-7989-150-2
Price    : 16,000 Lire
Pages    : 109
Published: 1995
Notes    : Massimo Giordani says "Some sociological concepts
           speak the naked truth, but that's all".
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet, collegarsi con il mondo
Author   : Patrizio Di Nicola
Publisher: Ediesse
ISBN     : 88-230-0191-9
Price    : 10,000 Lire
Pages    : 110
Published: 06/95
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : E' di Moda il Modem - Dai BBS a INTERNET
Author   : Giorgio Banaudi
Publisher: Franco Muzzio Editore
ISBN     : 88-7021-713-2
Price    : 18,000 Lire
Pages    : 143
Published: 01-95
E-mail   :
Notes    : From the Back Cover:
           Here is a quick reference guide aimed at computer communication
           newbies, the apprentice navigators through cyberspace, the
           casual readers who want to know what a Bulletin Board System is,
           or at anyone who wonders on the fast-growing worldwide spread
           of the Internet, how to get connected from the home computer
           and what's in it for them. This booklet, updated in 1995, is
           a condensation of La Bibbia del Modem, the first book who ever
           explained to Italian readers the awesome opportunities of
           computer networks.
Thanks to: Emanuela Luisari

Title    : Internet e le autostrade dell'informazione
Author   : Thomas Gentile
Publisher: IST
ISBN     : non indicato
Price    : 37,000 Lire
Pages    : 181
Published: 06/95
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet. Guida per i comuni mortali.
Author   : Corrado Petrucco
Publisher: Il Cardo Editore
ISBN     : 88-8079-044-7
Price    : 29,000 Lire
Pages    : 368
Published: 05/95
E-mail   :
Notes    : A very rich and complete guide, written in a easy and ironic style.
           It's a book who answers any question that you ever wished to ask about
           the Internet, from modems to the World Wide Web. The author
           works for C.I.D.O.C., University Architecture of Venice, where
           he has been developing training and research about Internet
           applications for 4 years. An old version of the chapter
           about WWW is available at:
           (World Wide Web: a new way to think)
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet
Author   : Ed Krol
Publisher: Jackson Libri
ISBN     : 88-256-0647-8
Price    : 65,000 Lire
Pages    : 472
Published: 09-94
Notes    : From the back cover:
           "Internet is in the process of creating a true revolution in
           the information society, by providing a wider portion of
           end users with countless megabytes of data on the more eclectic
           topics. Thanks to the Internet, you can join debates and private
           chats, subscribe to online newspapers and ezines, collect
           the most original application software, and navigating in a
           world where geographical borders no longer exist. In this
           latest edition, the best book about the Internet is better than
           ever before. It will lead you to discover countless Internet
           resources, teaching how to use electronic mail, FTP and the
           Newsgroups, but also leading clients like Gopher, Archie, WAIS
           and the very recent Mosaic. This book also includes a vast
           table of contents arranged by topics: you can search it to
           get to the wished topics in no time, or you may simply browse it
           to check if there's any argument of your interest. The book also
           includes a list of Internet Providers in Italy and a quick
           reference guide on the various options to get connected."
Original : The Whole Internet Users Guide and Catalog -2^ed- O'Reilly - 1994

Title    : Internetworking con TCP/IP - Principi, protocolli, architettura
Author   : Douglas E.Comer
Publisher: Jackson Libri
ISBN     : 88-256-0346-0
Price    : 92,000 Lire
Pages    : 710
Notes    : From the Jackson catalog:
           "This book satisfies the need to provide in a single volume
           a comprehensive introduction to TCP/IP protocols and an
           updated wealth of knowledge ot its key topics and its most
           challenging developments. Although the central theme is
           TCP/IP, this volume becomes a precious tool to learn the
           various communications protocols between computers.
           TABLE OF CONTENTS: The base of internetworking and its
           architecture - Domain addressing in Internet - the Internet
           Protocol (IP) - the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) -
           The Routing - Client-Server interaction - the Bootstrap
           Protocol (BOOTP) - the Domain Name System - the Sockets -
           the main applications and the developments of tomorrow."
Original : Internetworking with TCP/IP - Volume I - Prentice Hall, 1991

Title    : E' facile Internet
Author   : Michael Miller
Publisher: Jackson Libri
ISBN     : 88-256-0741-5
Price    : 29,000 Lire
Pages    : 235
Goodies  : a floppy bundled with free software and a free access offer
           (Telnet only)
Published: 05/95
Notes    : This book is an easy guide with little text and several
           color illustrations, which does little else than introducing the
           software included in the diskette and telling readers how to
           connect to an Internet Provider which offers a 15-day free trial.
           The disk contains: Chamaleon Sampler, Eudora, Winsocket Gopher,
           Cello, NetManage Telnet, NatManage FTP, Trumpet Newsreader.
           The free trial offer is valid for 15 days and does not include
           e-mail or news.
Original : Easy Internet, Que Corporation, 1995.
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Usare subito Internet (How to use immediately Internet)
Author   : Luciano Guglielmi - Gianpiero Limongiello - Andrea Mattasoglio
Publisher: Jackson Libri
ISBN     : 88-256-0734-2
Price    : 30,000 Lire
Pages    : 200
Published: 1995

Title    : Pianeta Internet
Author   : Steve Rimmer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN     : 88-386-0330-8
Price    : 45,000 Lire
Pages    : 315
Goodies  : Free one-month trial to Galactica
Published: 05/95
Notes    : From the back cover: "Through an exciting trip across the
           Internet subculture, this book concentrates on sheer
           entertainment and free and unbiased search of the weird and
           the curious among the most unusual topics... The readers are
           lead to the lesser known areas of the Net, where they can
           learns more on the most extravagant mailing lists and the
           most interesting debates."
           The Italian edition includes a free access to Internet through
           Galactica (Italian Internet Provider) for 1 month
Original : Planet Internet, Windcrest McGraw-Hill, 1994.
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Alla scoperta di Internet
Author   : Daniel D. Dern
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Italia
ISBN     : 88-386-0329-4
Price    : 65,000 Lire
Pages    : 550
Goodies  : A free access to Internet for 1 month at Galactica BBS (italian IP
Published: 05/95
Notes    : The Italian edition includes a free access to Internet through
           Galactica (Italian Internet Provider) for 1 month
Original : The Internet Guide for New Users - McGraw-Hill, 1994
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Usare Internet senza fatica
Author   : John R.Levine,Carol Baroudi
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Libri Italia
ISBN     : 88 386 0313-8
Price    : 32,500 Lire
Pages    : 356
Published: 11-94
Notes    : From the McGraw-Hill Italian catalog:
           "Internet is the wider and the most updated source of
           information and services which is used daily by millions of
           computers users everywhere in the world. Those who wish to
           or must learn more on the "information highways" universe
           and the Internet will find in this book a comprehensive
           benchmark to acquire the lingo and the commands of global
           communications to navigate across the Internet.
           The topics explored here are a source of interest and need
           for readers: first of all there is an introduction to several
           computer platforms, including DOS, Unix, Mac, their peripherals
           and their features; then the book offers detailed instructions
           on how to search for and retrieve information, how to upload
           and download and how to use electronic mail and communicate
           online. The commands and shortcuts to optimize the use of
           Internet aren't neglected.
           (The Italian edition also includes precious information about the
           state of Internet in Italy and a chapter about Internet
           connectivity in Universities)
Original : Internet for Dummies, IDG Books, 1994

Title    : Usare Mosaic per Windows senza fatica
Author   : Angell
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Libri Italia
ISBN     : 0326-X
Price    : 32,500 Lire
Pages    :
Published: 1995
Original : Mosaic for dummies, Windows edition - IDG - 1995

Title    :
Author   : Nancy Tamosaitis
Publisher: Mondadori Informatica
ISBN     : 88-7131-679-7
Price    : 25,000 Lire
Pages    : 203
Published: 07/95
Original :, Ziff-Davis Press, 1995
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : La Bibbia del modem
Author   : Giorgio Banaudi
Publisher: Muzzio
ISBN     : 88-7021-702-7
Price    : 45,000 Lire
Pages    : 558
Published: 07/94
Notes    : The best Italian book about modems. There is a chapter about the
           Internet: "Let's go to Internet, the highway to future"
           (40 pages)
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet
Author   : Roberto Cicciomessere
Publisher: Stampa Alternativa
ISBN     : 88-7226-238-0
Price    : 20,000 Lire
Pages    :
Goodies  : 1 floppy with software for 1 free month on Agora' BBS (italian IP)
Published: 1995
Notes    : Includes 1 month free access to Internet through Agora' BBS
           (Italian Internet Provider). A collection of 9 small books in a
           nice milk cardboard.
           (0) Introduction
           (1) Guide how to use Agora'
           (2) MicroComm
           (3) Internet, how to connect to the network of networks
           (4) World Wide Web, the multimedia grip of Internet
           (5) BBS SBN (National Library Service)
           (6) Big On Line (BBS of "Sole 24 ORE")
           (7) Information System from the Italian Parliament
           (8) Off Line Reader (M.M.Mail Reader for Agora', QWK and Usenet.
               Software on disk both for Windows and Macintosh.
Thanks to: Maurizio Bergami (

Title    : Atlante del ciberspazio con mappe Internet
Author   : M.A. Garca, A. Salibra Bove, Roberto Terrosi, eds.
Publisher: Synergon
ISBN     : mancante
Price    : 30,000 Lire
Pages    : 31
Goodies  : 2 floppy
Published: 05/95
Notes    : This Atlas is a manual about computer networks. Includes
           4,000 nodes, a network of 7,400 links and a lot of navigation
           utilities. Requires 4 MB on the hard drive and Windows 3.1
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet - Guida pratica alla rete internazionale
Author   : Ernesto Damiani
Publisher: Tecniche Nuove
ISBN     : 88 481 0076 7
Price    : 29,000 Lire
Pages    : 164
Goodies  : 1 floppy with utilities
Published: 1994
Notes    : From the publisher's catalogue: "Internet is the largest
           international network of networks to share scientific and
           technical information. This book is a guide to solve every
           problem that Italian users may face while connecting and
           navigating the Net. It's easy and suitable for users and for
           whoever wants to know how these powerful tools work."

Title    : New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages (Second Edition)
Author   : Chistine Maxwell et. al.
Publisher: Tecniche Nuove
ISBN     : 88-481-0188-1
Price    : 63,000 Lire
Pages    : 792
Published: 05/95
Notes    : Only the introduction and table of contents are translated
           in Italian.
Original : New Riders' Official Internet Yellow Pages (Second Edition)
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Navigare in Internet con Mosaic
Author   : Steve Browne
Publisher: Tecniche Nuove
ISBN     : 88-481-0176-3
Price    : 26,000 Lire
Pages    : 156
Published: 06/95
Original : The Internet via Mosaic and WWW, Ziff-Davis Press, 1994.
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Internet. Pronti per navigare.
Author   : Peter Kent
Publisher: Tecniche Nuove
ISBN     : 88-481-0155-0
Price    : 33,000 Lire
Pages    : 345
Goodies  : a floppy disk bundled with free-software
Published: 06/95
Notes    : The aim of this book is to provide more in-depth information
           about Internet. It is mainly devoted to GUI Windows clients.
           "The reader", writes the introduction, "should already possess
           a basic comprehension on the Internet and know the bases of
           FTP protocols, Telnet interfaces, World Wide Web, the use
           of electronics mail, besides knowing how to search for other
           people's addresses and how to use WAIS."
           The floppy disk contains Trumpet Winsock, Trumpet NewsReader,
           Eudora 1.4, Ewan 1.01, WinFTP, HGopher and Mosaic.
Original : The Complete Idiot's Next Step With the Internet, 1994, Alpha Book
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

Title    : Che cosa ci faccio in Internet ?
Author   : Giuseppe Salza
Publisher: Theoria
ISBN     : 88-241-0412-6
Price    : 12,000 Lire
Pages    : 158
Published: 04/95
E-mail   :
Notes    : see "A very special book"

Title    : Cyberdiritto
Author   : Giovanni Pascuzzi
Publisher: Zanichelli
ISBN     : 88-08-09106-6
Price    : 28,000 Lire
Pages    : 245
Published: 06/95
Notes    : A guide to Italian and foreign BBS, Internet and computer-based
Thanks to: Massimo Giordani (

| Books in Japanese |

Title    : Internet shouyouka ni mukete (CIX) (Feasibility Reserch for Commercial Internet in Japan)
Author   : SI Division
Publisher: Toppan
ISBN     : 4-8101-8907-4
Price    : 1,600 Yen  (~ $16)
Pages    : 142
Published: 11/93
Notes    : This is the first and only book on commercial Internet service
           in Japan. Published as a research report, its purpose is to clarify
           Internet status in the United States and business feasibility
           study on CIX in Japan. Coverage includes: What is Internet and
           its historical story in the US, Structure of commercial service
           in Internet, Image of commercial Internet in Japan. A special report
           covers the feasibility of Internet within various regulated
           Japanese environments. It is a must-read book for companies in
           Japan wishing to enter the Internet business.
Thanks to: Hideyuki Matsushima (

| Books in Swedish |

Title    : Internet@Sverige
Author   : Tage Borg, Jens Jonason and Christer Sturmark
Publisher: Bonnier DataMedia
ISBN     : 91-644-0010-7
Price    : 298 SEK
Pages    : 344
Goodies  : Windows disk and a limited SLIP at Swedish Internet Provider
Published: 1994
E-mail   : or
Notes    : The Windows' users guide Internet in Sweden.
Thanks to: Tage Borg <>

| Publisher Information |

*** Italian Publishers ***

Publisher: ADN Kronos Libri
Address  : Via di Ripetta, 22 - 00100 Roma
Tel./Fax : Tel. 06/3201361 Fax 06/3612031
E-mail   :

Publisher: APOGEO
Address  : Via Voghera, 11/a - 20144 Milano
Tel./Fax : Tel. 02/89408423-89404722 Fax 02/89404595
E-mail   :

Publisher: Castelvecchi Editore
Address  : Viale del Vignola, 75 - 00196 Roma
Tel./Fax : Tel. 06-3203754 Fax 06-3202767
E-mail   :

Publisher: Donzelli Editore
Address  : Via Mentana, 2 - 00185 Roma
Tel./Fax : Tel. 06-4440600 Fax 06-4440607
E-mail   :

Publisher: Franco Muzzio Editore
Address  : Riviera A. Mussato, 39 - 35141 Padova
Tel./Fax : Tel. 049/8757186 Fax 049/8757283
E-mail   :

Publisher: Il Cardo Editore
Address  : S.Polo, 2160 - 30125 Venezia
Tel./Fax : Tel.  Fax
E-mail   :

Publisher: Jackson Libri
Address  :  - Milano
Tel./Fax : Tel. 02/69641 Fax 02/6964231
E-mail   :

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Libri Italia
Address  :  - Milano
Tel./Fax : Tel. 02/76110248/26-719661-730945 Fax 02/733643
E-mail   :

Publisher: Synergon Editore
Address  : Via Frassinago, 27 - 40123 Bologna
Tel./Fax : Tel.  Fax
E-mail   :

Publisher: Tecniche Nuove
Address  : Via Ciro Menotti, 14 - 20129 Milano
Tel./Fax : Tel. 02/7570251/252 Fax 02/7570205
E-mail   :

Publisher: Theoria
Address  : Via Severano, 33 - 00161 Roma
Tel./Fax : Tel. 06-44291214 Fax 06-44291390
E-mail   :

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