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[alt.hypertext] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ list)
Section - Q1.3) Is there an archive of alt.hypertext postings?

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Top Document: [alt.hypertext] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ list)
Previous Document: Q1.2) Is it okay to post about new hypertext software, titles, etc. here?
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  I know of no publicly accessible archive of alt.hypertext postings.  But
there are some small collections of postings about specific topics.  They
are listed in question 1.4.

  If there was an alt.hypertext archive then I'd expect to be able
to find it in Cameron Laird's List of Usenet Archives at <URL:http://> or Kevin
Atkinson's Usenet Info Center at <URL:

  To find old postings and discussions you could use a search engine, such
as Deja News <URL:> or Alta Vista <URL:;what=news>.  You
might also find something at Infinite Ink's Finding News Groups (use <URL:> or <URL:http://www.>) or Yahoo! <URL:
com/text/News/Usenet/> helpful.  Cameron Laird provides more suggestions in
his above mentioned List.

  If anyone wants to create an archive, please tell me.

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