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[alt.hypertext] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ list)
Section - Q5.3) Gosh, this group is noisy. Are there any mailing lists?

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Top Document: [alt.hypertext] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ list)
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  Yes, there are some mailing lists about the issues which are also
appropriate for alt.hypertext.  Specifically, there are the HYPER-THEORY
and HT_LIT lists.  EJournal (an electronic journal) has discussion of
hypertext issues, but it is not a discussion list.  Details of all of those
mailing lists are below.  You might also be interested in the list of
conferences related to hypertext (in question 2.3).

  At the Hypertext 2000 Authors' Workshop about twelve lists were mentioned
that might be of interest to hypertext authors. If you are want to learn
more about those lists then I suggest that you check out the Electronic
Literature Organization's website, at <URL:>,
because they have a much better chance of keeping up with the ever changing
world of mailing lists than I do.

  For a more complete list of mailing lists see _Publicly Accessible
Mailing Lists_ and _Mailing Lists Available in Usenet_.  Both are available
through Usenet and are archived at many sites.  Details about all of those
lists are also below.

       The hyper-theory mailing list was created to serve as a medium for
     discussion on hypermedia theory, to help researchers, developers, and
     users pursue their interests in the field of hypermedia theory and
     implementation details, this list was created to serve as a high
     signal to noise ratio resource.
       The list owner, Art Pollard, reserves the right to move the mailing
     list into a moderated format if it is necessary to maintain the list's

       Send an e-mail message to containing:
          subscribe hyper-theory <your e-mail address>
       in the *body* of the message.

       After subscribing, you will receive this description of the
       list as well as additional instructions for unsubscribing.

       The ht_lit mailing list is for the discussion of hypertext fiction,
     hypertext theory, and hypertext and literary studies.   There is an
     archive at <URL:>.   Kia Mennie 
     <> is the list owner.  Feel free to contact her for more
     information before subscribing.

       Send an e-mail message to
          subscribe ht_lit
       in the *body* of the message.
  C. EJournal (aka EJRNL)
     From the homepage:
       EJournal is an all-electronic, e-mail delivered, peer-reviewed,
       academic periodical. We are particularly interested in theory
       and practice surrounding the creation, transmission, storage,
       interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic `text'
       -- including `display' -- broadly defined. We are also
       interested in the broader social, psychological, literary,
       economic and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated
       networks. The journal's essays are delivered free to Internet

       Send an e-mail message to with the following as
     the first (and only) line of text: 
        SUB EJRNL Your Name

     Further details about the journal and its archives can be found on its
     homepage at <URL:>. 

  Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists  
     Posted to news.lists, and news.answers by Stephanie da Silva.
     Archived at <URL:>, 
                      answers/mail/mailing-lists> (and mirror sites).

  Mailing Lists Available in Usenet
     Posted to the following newsgroups: news.lists, news.groups,
       news.announce.newgroups, bit.admin, and news.answers by Dave
     Archived at <URL: 
                      mail/news-gateways> (and mirror sites).

  Electronic Literature Organization website 
    The ELO is a not-for-profit organization with a mission `to facilitate
    and promote the writing, publishing, and reading of literature in
    electronic media'. They might have a list of mailing lists of interest
    to readers and authors of hypertext and hypertext-like literature.


** Section 6: About this document **

Subject: Q6.1) Where can I get a copy? (and some legal niceties)

  A. Author/Owner
       This document was written by J. Blustein.  Please send constructive
     criticism (and compliments) by e-mail to <>.  The
     author completed a Ph.D. (about hypertext) in the Department of Computer
     Science at the University of Western Ontario in 1999, and has been
     studying hypertext since 1991.

  B. Versions/Availability
       It is posted infrequently to alt.hypertext, alt.answers and
     news.answers by the MIT faqserver.  It is updated even less often.

     HTML versions should be available at:
       * The Internet FAQ Consortium 
         specifically as single part <URL:
                                          hypertext-faq/> or as a
         multi-part <URL:

       * Utrecht Univ. (in the Netherlands) 
         specifically <URL:

       * Ohio State Univ. (in the USA)
         specifically <URL:

       * Univ. of Michigan (in the USA)
         specifically <URL:
       * Oxford Univ. (in the UK)
         specifically <URL:
     and perhaps other locations too.

       I've prepared a HTML version of this list at
     <URL:>.  I try to
     update the versions in sync but I can't promise that they'll always be
     exactly the same. 

  C. Distribution rights
       You are free to use this document for your own personal use.  You
     are free to distribute it in its entirety.  If you wish to distribute
     an incomplete version of the document you must include the following
       * A note to the effect that the version you have is excerpted from
         the entire list;
       * The entire list is a creation of J. Blustein <>;
       * The entire list is copyright by J. Blustein (all rights reserved);
       * The entire list is posted infrequently to the alt.hypertext
         Usenet newsgroup and is intended for free distribution;
       * The location where and date when you obtained a copy of the entire
       I would also appreciate receiving a note (by e-mail) that you are
     using an excerpt from the list.

       If you want to distribute a modified version of the list, not just
     excerpts from the list, then you must obtain permission from
     J. Blustein in advance.

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