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Hedgehog FAQ [2/7] - Finding more information
Section - <2.8> Miscellaneous Hedgehog stuff and sources

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Top Document: Hedgehog FAQ [2/7] - Finding more information
Previous Document: <2.7> Other Hedgehog Organizations
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This section contains information on various hedgehog things and places to
get hedgehog stuff that just doesn't easily fit into any of the more 
organized categories.

The first item on our list of interesting stuff is the Spike and Friends
Collection, a catalog of miscellaneous hedgehoggery, and stuff relating to
other exotic pets put out by the ``Ain't No Creek Ranch:''

       	  Ain't No Creek Ranch
       	  2553 W. Offner Road
       	  Beecher, IL 
       	  USA   60401-3347



       	  Phone:  (708) 946-9750
       	  Fax:    (708) 534-3277

The Ain't No Creek Ranch accepts MasterCard and Visa to make feeding your
hedgehog habit just that much easier.

If you are into pet hedgehogs or just like hedgehogs in general, their
catalog is really neat!  As a quick overview, it contains most of the books
available for pet hedgehogs, T-shirts and sweatshirts, hedgehog toys, and
toy-hedgehogs, hedgehog homes, and numerous other hedgehog novelties and
gifts.  They are primarily hedgehog oriented (in fact they breed hedgehogs --
a good sign :-) ), but the catalog also has items that are related to other
exotic pets like ferrets, sugar gliders, rheas, goats, etc.

Here's part of the welcome message from the first catalog to give you a
feeling of what they are all about:

    Welcome to the first edition of the Spike and Friends Collection.
    This brochure is an outgrowth of our hedgehog mania here at Ain't No 
    Creek Ranch.  In attempting to locate hedgehogabilia for ourselves -- 
    we found a lot of other hedgehog lovers looking for the same things.  So 
    we began accumulating items as well as designing our own.  And we've even 
    included books, toys, and T-shirts for a few other exotic/alternative 
    animals as well.

    Dawn Wrobel
    Ain't No Creek Ranch

A second hedgehog catalog is also available, called Exclusively Hedgehogs.
The wonder of this is that there is virtually no overlap in what they carry
with what is in the above catalog.  It is indeed a good time for hedgehog
lovers!  Like the Spike and Friends Collection, Exclusively Hedgehogs carries
both hedgehog pet supplies and hedgehogabilia, and is available from:

       	Exclusively Hedgehogs
       	145 S.E. Ankeny Circle
       	Portland OR   97233-3121

       	(503) 253-7388
       	(503) 255-7176

Among the items carried for pet hedgehogs are hedgehog food and treats, and
Roadrunner Play Safe wheels [I would recommend at least the 11'' and
preferably the 14-inch model for hedgehogs - ed.].  They also carry a large
selection of hedgehog figurines.

As mentioned above, there is virtually no overlap in what is carried by
Exclusively Hedgehogs, and the Ain't No Creek Ranch, which I find quite
amazing, and an incredible bonus to ``hedgehogians'' like myself.  If you
already have either catalog, the other it worth getting too.

Here's part of the introduction from their catalog:

        Welcome to our updated catalog.  We have recently traveled to
        England, France and Canada, as well as parts of the United States
        in search of new hedgehog items.  We are proud to bring you two
        new items carried exclusively by us, the Roadrunner wheel and the
        hedgehog food.  We also found some great gift items imported
        directly from England.  It would be remiss not to mention the book
        by Nigel Reeve.  It is also imported directly to Exclusively 
        Hedgehogs from England.

       	Happy heggie shopping
       	Val and Julie

Please note:  My earlier suggestion that Exclusively Hedgehogs may have 
temporarily put their catalog business `on hold' was an error -- they are
open and active as ever.  This was due entirely to my misinterpreting a
message, and not due in any actions or lack of actions on the part of
Exclusively Hedgehogs.  My sincere apologies for any confusion this may have

Susan & Chia sent along the following site as being a great source for
accessories for your hedgie:

While nominally for ferrets, the site acknowledges right up front that what
they carry isn't just for ferrets, and a search through their site does 
quickly turn up explicit ``Hedgehog'' items, as well as wheels, and other
useful items.

I would also suggest taking a look at section [11.5] for sources of
hedgehogabilia that are more oriented to wild, or European hedgehogs.

Disclaimer: I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know many
of the people behind the catalogs above, although I have no other connection
with them, as far as the catalogs go, aside from being a very happy customer
in several cases (yes, I admit to being a certifiable hedgehog addict).  I
have endevoured to provide an unbiased opinion of their products and

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brian MacNamara - macnamara@HedgehogHollow.COM
Hedgehog Hollow:  http://HedgehogHollow.COM/   
- - -
Brian MacNamara - macnamara@HedgehogHollow.COM
Hedgehog Hollow:  http://HedgehogHollow.COM/   

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Apr 26, 2012 @ 10:22 pm
Hi, my hedgehog started running around her cage squealing so I took her out to see what was wrong. Her genital area was inflamed and she had open sores all around that area. I gave her a bath, but I'm really worried about her. Do you have any idea what this could be?
Thank you!

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