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                             Who knows others, is intelligent;
                               Who knows himself, insight has.
                             Who defeats others, force has;
                               Who defeats himself, strength has.
                                                              Lao Tse

This is the Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) List.  It's not the most definitive ray tracing
reference you'll ever come across, but then, it was never meant to be.
What it does set out to do is to answer some of the questions which
keep cropping up on c.g.r.r and to give pointers to other references.
It keeps the noise down on the group and we get to spend an extra 10
minutes in bed.  This is a Good Thing.

It was originally cobbled together by Andy Wardley,
<>, from answers posted to c.g.r.r (actually
from when it was c.g.r), from information people have supplied and from
other existing ray tracing lists and references, most notably, Eric
Haines' Ray Tracing News and other lists. Between 1995 and early spring
2000 Andreas Dilger maintained this FAQ. In March 2000 I started to 
maintain this list. 

You may distribute this document to whoever, or wherever you like, as
long as you keep the copyright message and give correct attributions
for material used.  This is just to stop nasty people with a
substantial lack of moral fibre from taking the document and fobbing
it off as their own.  The FAQ belongs to the group, Andy just wrote it.

The latest version of this FAQ is available via WWW at: 

It is also available via anonymous ftp at:

If you only have email, you can get it by sending email to:


with both

"send usenet/news.answers/graphics/raytrace-faq/part1" and
"send usenet/news.answers/graphics/raytrace-faq/part2"

in the body of the message (without the quotes).

If you're only reading this document because your machine is locked
up tracing, remember that all things come to those who wait.

  (C) Copyright 1994 Andy Wardley <abw@peritas demon co uk>
  (C) Copyright 1995 - 1999 Andreas Dilger <adilger@enel ucalgary ca>
  (C) Copyright 2000 Markus Kniebes <>

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