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Netrek Server List

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Archive-Name: games/netrek/server-list

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<title>Netrek Server List</title>
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<h2 align=center>Netrek Server List</h2>

Last-Updated: 7 Nov 2001<br>
Changes: 11/7  Removed base practice servers

<h3>Table of Contents</h3>


<a href="#1">
<li>Server types

<a href="#2">

<a href="#3">
<li>New netrek servers

<a href="#4">
<li>Special servers not on the Metaservers

<a name="1"><h4>
<li>Server types

Netrek has spawned many variants, most of which can be played using the
standard clients.  On the <a href="">
Metaserver list</a>, the last character on the right denotes the 
server type.

This is a listing of currently active variants.  They're vaguely ordered by 

<dt><strong>Vanilla (Metaserver code B)</strong>
<dd>Also known as Bronco or Guzzler code.  These
servers are based on the orignal code, Terence Chang's bronco code, or Nick 
Trown's New Vanilla release.  They are not all identical but they have 
minimal modifications.

<dt><strong>Paradise (Metaserver code P)</strong>
<dd>These servers use the NetrekII/Paradise source.  
Paradise servers can be configured to many settings, including simulating a 
regular Vanilla server.  The source code release includes an expanded galaxy, 
impluse/warp differentiation, suns, extra ships, and more.  You need to
use the Paradise client to play on most Paradise servers.

<dt><strong>Hockey (Metaserver code H)</strong>
<dd>Netrek hockey mode.  The moost fun you can have on ice 
without actually being on it.  Teams of players try to shoot (pressor)
the Puck (a robot) into the other teams' goal.

<dt><strong>Chaos (Metaserver code C)</strong>
<dd>These servers include modifications designed to 
make the game chaotic, including galaxy-class ships, free plasmas, unlimited
starbases, pass-through walls, and more.

<dt><strong>Dogfight (Metaserver code F)</strong>
<dd>These are servers designed with dogfighting 
tournaments in mind.  The code is still rather buggy, but getting better.

<dt><strong>Base Practice (Metaserver code unknown)</strong>
<dd> These are servers designed to allow 
people to practice playing starbases.  They feature programmable robot oggers.


<a name="2"><h4>

A Metaserver is a server about servers.  You can find out information
about active games, server types, current players, and more.  There are
two ways to use metaservers; most clients support a -m option that 
will call up a metaserver and give you a list of active games to click on.
The other is to use telnet to the metaserver port to get the full listing.
Port 3521 is probably the most useful.  There is also a WWW interface at port


The default metaserver on older clients is usually csuchico, which has closed;
to change this, put the line:


in your .xtrekrc.

<table border cellpadding=5>
<tr><th>Server	<th>IP address	<th>Ports	<th>Comments

<tr><td><a href=""></a>
<td>3520-6	<td>An alias for all metaservers

<tr><td><a href=""></a>
<td>	<td>3520-6
<td>Primary United States Metaserver

<tr><td><a href=""></a>
<td>	<td>3520-6
<td>Secondary United States Metaserver

<tr><td><a href=""></a>

<td>	<td>3520-6
<td>European Metaserver

<a name="3"><h4>
<li>New netrek servers

<table BORDER cellpadding=5>
<tr><th>Server	<th>Description

<tr><td>	<td>Vanilla server run by 
<a href=""></a>

<tr><td>	<td>Vanilla server with lexus database

<tr><td>	<td>New name for real-time, vanilla server
run by <a href=""></a>.


<a name="4"><h4>
<li>Special servers not on Metaservers

<table BORDER cellpadding=5>
<tr><th>Server	<th>IP address	<th>Port	



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