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Last-Modified: Fri Feb 14 10:55:24 2003 by David Alex Lamb
Archive-name: games/design-mini
Posting-Frequency: every 4 days

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Welcome to, a newsgroup for discussing the design aspects of
games -- board games, computer games, role-playing games (RPG's), card games,
or any other sort of game.  Post
 - ideas for games,
 - analysis, comments, and thoughts about game systems,
 - questions about how something should work in a game,
or anything else about designing games.

This group is *not* about
 - how to play specific games
 - sales advertising (but game designer job postings are OK)
 - games programming (use*)
Non-programming, non-hardware aspects of computer game design would fit here,
but there is also a dedicated group.  Effects of
AI on computer game design would fit here, but might fit better in

The full-blown FAQ is at
See Tom Sloper's essays on the game business at
"Yo' ideas need to be thinked befo' they are say'd" - Ian Lamb, age 3.5   qucis->cs to reply (it's a long story...)

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