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Pinball, Arcade Video, Jukebox & Gameroom Mini-FAQ

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Archive-name: games/coin-op
Posting-frequency: Monthly

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Last modified: November 2007
Version: 3.2
Changes: updated URL for chat

Subject: 1. Introduction, Intent, and Disclaimer This is a mini-FAQ for finding Internet sites, Usenet newsgroups, and chat rooms associated with pinball machines, arcade video games, juke boxes, slot machines, soda (Coke) machines, as well as most any type of coin-operated equipment, and items appropriate for a home gameroom environment. [Note: alt.collecting.gameroom and alt.collecting.juke-boxes were left off the header list, due to problems with Hotmail not wrapping the header lines correctly.] The FAQs typically provide pointers (both on-line and on paper) for more information about the world of coin-op and gameroom, and explain how to buy your own machine, as well as helpful techniques and parts suppliers for keeping the equipment up and running. The format of this file has used to meet the recommendations of the "FAQs: A Suggested Minimal Digest Format" file, as posted to the news.answers Usenet group. Some newsreader or browser programs may have difficulty with Internet addresses. Therefore, all e-mail and web addresses (URL) are shown on a separate line, without periods at the end.
Subject: 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction, Intent and Disclaimer 2. Table of Contents 3. Web-based FAQs 4. Usenet forums 5. Chat rooms 6. On-line resources
Subject: 3. Web-based FAQs The FAQs for each topic include information on other on-line sources, commercial publications, as well as sources for parts and repair services. Refer to the appropriate FAQ for the latest information. Pinball ======= (Same as the Mr. Pinball web site - Arcade Video ============ Juke Boxes ========== Click on the "Usenet FAQ" button Gameroom and other items ======================== <none>
Subject: 4. Usenet news groups (Note - some news servers and corporate firewalls block access to "alt" groups. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you have difficulty locating these groups.) Pinball ======= Arcade Video ============ Juke Boxes ========== alt.collecting.juke-boxes Gameroom and other items ======================== alt.collecting.gameroom
Subject: 5. Chat rooms & Webcasts Pinball ======= Arcade Video ============ Juke Boxes ========== [none] Gameroom and other items ======================== [none]
Subject: 6. On-Line information sources A good place to start is Webfind, offered on the GameRoom Magazine site. This site has links to many great coin-op sites on the web. Pinball ======= (The Internet Pinball Database) Arcade Video ============ Juke box ========= There's a jukebox mailing list (listserver) that predates the alt.collecting.juke-boxes newsgroup. Info, archives and subscription here: ----------------------------- end of document _________________________________________________________________ Be the first to know whos in and whos out. Check out the xRank. -- - Nick Boalch, one of the *.answers moderators <>

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