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Section - [15] Sketches of Computer Software Authors:

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More authors will be added on a regular basis. Biographical sketches are
readily accepted-please email them to me. The Computer Chess Reports was 
source of much of the information below.

David Kittinger: Author of WChess. Primary programmer of Novag for more
than 10 years. His programs on the 6502 chip include The Novag
Superconstellation which became the first certified Expert level program
by the C.R.A. He then programmed on the 68000 chip, designing the 
for the Diablo and Scorpio.  He also wrote the software for the
Diamond/Sapphire series. PC experience before WChess included Chessmaster
2000. Dave lives in Mobile, Alabama. He also enjoys coaching youth soccer
and baseball.

Subject: [16] Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

The FAQ is compiled and posted by Stephen Pribut at

Some answers given may reflect personal biases of the author and the 
chess FAQ
listing's contributors.  In cases where the answers name specific 
products and
their respective manufacturers, these are not to be taken as endorsements 
nor commercials for, the manufacturer.  Where cost information is stated 
is based on "street" information, and is in no way binding on the seller.
Unless otherwise stated, prices, addresses, and telephone numbers are in
United States' terms.  The answers contained herein pertain to 
discussions on
the news group, and are by no means exhaustive.

"The rgcc FAQ" is copyrighted 1995. Before reprinting a FAQ article
for monetary gain (or major portions of one), please obtain
permission from the author of the article. The chess FAQ list owes its 
existence to the contributors on the net, and as
such it belongs to the readers of  Copies may be made 
as long as they are distributed at no charge, and the disclaimer and the
copyright notice are included.
Stephen M. Pribut

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Top Document: FAQ [3/3]
Previous Document: [14] Common Acronyms

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