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Conventional Fusion FAQ Glossary Part 26/26 (Z)

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Archive-name: fusion-faq/glossary/z
Last-modified: 25-Feb-1995
Posting-frequency: More-or-less-quarterly
Disclaimer: While this section is still evolving, it should
be useful to many people, and I encourage you to distribute
it to anyone who might be interested (and willing to help!!!).

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Glossary Part 26:  Terms beginning with "Z"


Edited by Robert F. Heeter,

Guide to Categories:
* = plasma/fusion/energy vocabulary
& = basic physics vocabulary 
> = device type or machine name
# = name of a constant or variable
! = scientists 
@ = acronym
% = labs & political organizations
$ = unit of measurement

The list of Acknowledgements is in Part 0 (intro).


# Z:  see atomic number
@ ZETA:  Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly; see entry

> Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly:  A British fusion device in 
which scientists observed fusion neutrons in 1958.  They were
erroneously considered to be thermonuclear (coming from particles 
with a Maxwellian velocity distribution) and were a cause for the
initial optimism that fusion energy would be easy.  They were 
actually due to electromagnetic acceleration during a plasma 
instability, an effect which cannot be scaled up to produce useful 

> Z-Pinch:  Pinch device in which the externally-driven pinching 
current goes in the z direction (parallel to / through the 
cylindrical plasma).  See discussion in Section 4B.

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