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Conventional Fusion FAQ Glossary Part 24/26 (X)

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Archive-name: fusion-faq/glossary/x
Last-modified: 25-Feb-1995
Posting-frequency: More-or-less-quarterly
Disclaimer: While this section is still evolving, it should
be useful to many people, and I encourage you to distribute
it to anyone who might be interested (and willing to help!!!).

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Glossary Part 24:  Terms beginning with "X"


Edited by Robert F. Heeter,

Guide to Categories:
* = plasma/fusion/energy vocabulary
& = basic physics vocabulary 
> = device type or machine name
# = name of a constant or variable
! = scientists 
@ = acronym
% = labs & political organizations
$ = unit of measurement

The list of Acknowledgements is in Part 0 (intro).


# Xe:  Chemical symbol for the element Xenon.

* X-Point:  Place where the poloidal magnetic field vanishes in such 
a way that two flux surfaces appear to cross, e.g. where the main 
plasma joins the divertor (see entry) or between magnetic islands.
Location where magnetic reconnection takes place.  (See magnetic
reconnection; see also divertors and O-point.)

& X Ray:  A penetrating form of electromagnetic radiation emitted
either when the inner orbital electrons of an excited atom
return to their normal state (characteristic x-rays), or when a 
high speed electron collides sharply with an ion or atomic target
(bremsstrahlung).  X-rays have energies from roughly 100 eV to
roughly 100 keV.  (Below X-rays are ultraviolet rays, and above
X-rays in energy are gamma rays.)  X-rays are (basically by
definition) non-nuclear in origin.  (Nuclear electromagnetic
radiation termed gamma radiation.)  See also ultraviolet, gamma
rays, bremsstrahlung.

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