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Conventional Fusion FAQ Glossary Part 22/26 (V)

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Archive-name: fusion-faq/glossary/v
Last-modified: 25-Feb-1995
Posting-frequency: More-or-less-quarterly
Disclaimer: While this section is still evolving, it should
be useful to many people, and I encourage you to distribute
it to anyone who might be interested (and willing to help!!!).

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Glossary Part 22:  Terms beginning with "V"


Edited by Robert F. Heeter,

Guide to Categories:
* = plasma/fusion/energy vocabulary
& = basic physics vocabulary 
> = device type or machine name
# = name of a constant or variable
! = scientists 
@ = acronym
% = labs & political organizations
$ = unit of measurement

The list of Acknowledgements is in Part 0 (intro).


# v:  variable typically used for velocity

# V:  variable typically used for electrical potential (Voltage)

$ V:  abbreviation for Volts; see entry

@ VDE:  Vertical Displacement Event

& Vector:

& Vector Notation:

& Velocity:  The rate of change of position with time for a given

& Velocity Space:  Mathematical space where each point corresponds 
not to a certain location in reality, but to a certain velocity.
Distribution functions typically involve mixes of both position and
velocity spaces.  (See distribution function.)  Contrast with
"position space" where each point corresponds to a given location.

& Velocity Space Instability:  A class of instabilities driven
by particle distributions (in velocity space) which are not
in thermal equilibrium.

* Vertical Field, Vertical Field Coils:  See Poloidal Field / Coils.

* Vertical Instability: [mostly by James Crotinger] A type of 
MHD (n=0) instability where the plasma drifts vertically upward. 
Nearly all tokamaks are vertically unstable (all highly shaped 
ones are).  Controlling this instability is possible in many 
cases, and is an important facet of machine design.  Vertical 
instabilities give rise to halo effects (see entry for halo).

& Viscosity:

* Vlasov Equation:

* Voltage Loop:  A wire which encircles the main axis of a tokamak
in the vicinity of the vacuum vessel.  The voltage induced in this
loop during the shot is a measure of the ohmic heating voltage
induced by transformer action and applied to the plasma.

$ Volt:  Unit of electrical potential.

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