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[] Incomplete Listing of Zoomorphic Publications

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Archive-name: furry/zines
Posting-Frequency: Posted on the 13th and 30th of each month, and Feb. 28
Last-Modified: Friday, 17 February 2003
Changes: New 'Zine: Dallas Brawl - Dead 'zine: Canadian Fur Magazine

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                ----- last overall update: Fall 2002 -----

From Felyne32K:
     Hello there! About a year ago, I noticed that
/Lynx's Swiped Incomplete List of Zoomorphic Publications/
had some extremely old entries, dating back as far as '92, with an
average around '95. Some had website listings. Others didn't. Some
had submission guidelines, while others didn't. One 'zine even had
two entries. Anyhow, I emailed Lynx about it, and got more or less
drafted into updating the monster...

Countless bounced emails, at least twenty hours of work, and several
reformattings later, I've come up with a brand-new, completely
updated list! I hope you enjoy it.


From Lynx:
     Thanks to Felyne32K, to whom I will be transferring ownership
of the list.  Yes, this is now Felyne32K's Swiped Incomplete List
of Zoomorphic Publications. ('gryn)  Please send any corrections or
new issue submissions to Felyne32K at ...
     Thanks to all of the listed 'zine editors who have updated their
entries with Felyne32K as well.  You've helped make the transition
much easier.

-- Lynx

Some Compiler's Notes:
   - Foreign currency calculations can be done at Bloomberg Online:

   - New submissions and updates are greatly welcomed! Please email
 me at if you publish a 'zine, know of one not
 on this list, or simply want to update your entry. A blank form has
 been included at the end of this posting.

   - A number of Shanda Fantasy Arts publications have been left out.
 While they accept submissions, they tend to circle around
 preestablished characters and storylines.
     I encourage those who may be curious to visit the SFA website
 (Lynx: this FAQ was started with the notion of recording 'fanzines'
 which accept submissions of original stories and artwork.  I've asked
 Felyne32K to continue that tradition.  Furrlough is counted as it is an
 'anthology' comic of the stories artists/authors choose to contribute.
 Tai-Pan is borderline as any creator may invent new characters and
 storylines in that universe and is published in a fanzine format.)
   - Dates in {brackets} indicate when the entry was last updated
 or confirmed (i.e. the editor contacted to make sure all information
 was up-to-date).
   - Suggestions are always welcome. Please email as per submissions
 and updates. I promise to keep as open a mind as I possibly can.
   - While never required, sample copies are always much appreciated.
         Hey, I can hope, can't I? ^.^
   - Notes are almost always lifted verbatim from the entry sent
 to me. I do not guarantee the veracity of any of the notes. Any
 of my own comments will always be indicated in a
   - If this is of any help to any of you out there, feel free to
 drop me an email (my address is listed a few times above); it's nice
 to know that all this work has helped *someone*...
   - Special thanks to Sven Tegethoff for updating some of these
 email addresses!


Publication Name: American Journal of Anthropomorphics
{15 July 2001}
Physical Address: The American Journal of Anthropomorphics
                  Med Systems / Vision Entertainment, Ltd.
                  Post Office Box 5800009,  Station "A"
                  New York    NY   11358-0009

Web Address:   or

Editor: Darrell Benvenuto

Type: Industry Black Book

Price:      $10.00 USD
Backissues: All back issues still available
Frequency:  Annual

Subscriptions: Not available

Size:   8.5 x 11"
Format: Perfect-bound

Content: Images
Rating:  "G" Preferred, up to "PG" Accepted

Membership Requirements: Acceptance by Committee

Submission Guidelines: Those desiring to submit work to the
   AJA need to request a submission pack. This pack contains
   instructions for submitting, together with a contract that
   protects the rights of the artist.
        An online submission system is planned to be available
   in 2001. Information on this is available on the company Web

Compensation:   Artists whose work is chosen to appear each receive
   10 complimentary copies of the AJA, which is equal to $100 in
   table sales. Additional copies (up to 100) can be purchased from
   the company by artists for 50% off the cover price.

Notes:   The American Journal of Anthropomorphics is one of the most
   well-established and professional publications to ever arise from
   the fandom.  Its pages have always been graced with the best and
   brightest of the artists in the genre, and as it continues into
   the new millenium, the Journal is expected to remain in the
   forefront, and eagerly received by its fandom.
        The AJA is unique in that it is simultaneously a book -and-
   a magazine, possessing both ISBN and ISSN numbers.  Copies can be
   purchased in any book store in the world that orders through
   either INGRAM or Baker & Taylor (the two largest book distributors
   in the world).  As part of the Journal's overall promotional
   effort, copies of this book are sent out to advertising agencies,
   package design companies and graphic art houses, helping to
   generate commissions and income for its featured artists. Unlike
   most Industry Black Books that charge artists hundreds or
   thousands of dollars per page to have their work featured in such
   a fashion, appearance in the AJA is free to its contributing artists.

Contributors: Very long list. See website.


Publication Name: Anthrolations
{7 August 2001}
 Physical Address: Cape Cod, MA
 Web Address:

 Editor(s): Jeff Eddy, Tim Susman, J. Scott Rogers

 Type: semi-pro magazine

 Price:      $6
 Backissues: 2-6
 Frequency:  bi-annually

 Subscriptions: n/a

 Size:   56-64 pages
 Format: 8.5x11, saddle-stitched

 Content:  illustrated text
 Rating:   PG-13 to light R

 Submission Guidelines: Stories must be character based and revolve
     around anthropomorphic or zoomorphic main characters, but may
     be set in any applicable genre. 3,000 to 6,000 words (longer
     and shorter considered). See website for more info.

 Compensation: Contributor's copy, plus:
                 Writers: $0.005/word on final accepted text
                 Artists: A flat fee

 Notes: Electronic submissions only. See website for format details.

 Contributors: Skilled writers from both within the fandom and
               mainstream SF&F.


Publication Name: AnthropoMORPHINE
{15 July 2001}
 Physical Address: Lazy Fox Studios
                   Northfields, Lower Dicker
                   Hailsham, East Sussex
                   BN27 4BZ, England

 Web Address:

 Editor:  Foxy

 Type: Fanzine

 Price: $5 per issue (apart from issue #10, which is $8)
 Backissues: Last few issues normally available, either from us, or
             Mailbox Books.
             lists back issue availability)

 Frequency: Print runs vary from 50-100 copies. Reprints
            when neccessary. Can be found at Maibox Books,
            some issues at Alleycat Books, also ordered
            direct from us.

 Subscriptions: Due to irregular publishing schedule, not available.

 Size:   64 pages
 Format: A4 (8.25x11.25)

 Content:     Anything Fandom-related
 Rating:      PG-13. This extends to topless females, but nothing

 Submission Guidelines:
 Compensation: free copies. Ad space available.

 Contributors: (last issue) James Donaldson, Andrea Adams, James Birdsall
    Flinthoof, Foxy, Maggie Hogarth, Shawntae Howard Ursula Husted
    Mary Lai, Brian McPherson, Terrie Smith, Tygger, XianJaguar
    Po Shan Cheah, Will Sanborn Lisanne Norman, Forrest
    Cyndi Hoffman.


Publication Name:   Centaurs Gatherum
{9 August 2001}
 Physical Address:  Centaurs Gatherum
                    PO Box C
                    Santa Clara CA 95051

 Web Address:

 Editor: Victor Wren
 Email: see web site

 Type: Fanzine.

 Price: US$3.00
 Backissues: Some available.
 Frequency: 2-3 times/year

 Subscriptions: Yes

 Size:   56-64 pages
 Format: Digest (5.5 x 8.5 inches)

 Content:  Primarily artwork, with some writing.
 Rating:   Mostly G, except for some partial nudity (human
    and equine), mild violence

 Submission Guidelines: Artwork & writing included by decision of the
    Editor.  See website for submission guidelines.

 Compensation: Bulk pricing available.  Shipping discounts on multiple

 Notes:  Centaurs Gatherum exists as a clearing house between artists
    and fans, providing both a venue for artists to create Centaur
    related work, but for fans to get in touch with the artists who
    create the work they would like to collect.  It primarily exists
    to serve the artists, and that is best done by producing a quality
    magazine at an affordable price.

 Contributors: Long list.  See website.


Publication Name:   Dallas Brawl
{17 February 2003}
 Physical Address:  1602 Sandefer D
                    Abilene, TX  79601
 Web Address:

 Editor:  Lyra

 Type: ZapZine

 Price:      $5+shipping
 Backissues: $5+shipping, plus $5 for out-of-stock

 Frequency: Monthly
 Subscriptions: Account system
 Size (range):  Varies widely
 Format:        8.5x11

 Content:     Zaps, jokes, comics and art, drawn or text.
         No limits on zaps, 3 pages/issue non-zap material.
 Rating:      PG
 Membership Requirements: Contribute to 'zine. Keep account

 Submission Guidelines: See site.
 Compensation:          Issues at cost.

 Contributors: See site.
 Notes: Onsite player contact/web info is supplied by request only.
   Full player contacts are available strictly to other players, and
   is not printed in the Zine or made available to anyone else.


Publication Name: FauxPaw Productions Presents
{24 August 2002}
 Physical Address: Karl Maurer
                   105 Serra Way PMB 285
                   Milpitas CA 95035

 Web Address:

 Editor: Karl Maurer

 Type:   Novellas and Novels

 Price:      $12
 Backissues: All issues available
 Frequency:  Irregular

 Subscriptions: None at this time.
 Size:   64-128 pages
 Format: 8.5x11" Plastic Comb bound with color covers.

 Content: Illustrated text
 Rating:  Various

 Submission Guidelines: See website for details or send SASE.
 Compensation: $2 per copy sold, plus contributor copy

 Notes: This line of publications is a set of novels and
   novellas that just don't quite fit within the scope of
   the fanzines that we produce, usually due to sheer size,
   or just because this publisher thinks they deserve their
   own place to exist. 
 Contributors: Gary Akins, Matt J. McCullar, John R. Plunkett


 Publication Name: Fire & Fur APA

 Physical Address: Lazy Fox Studios
                   Northfields, Lower Dicker
                   Hailsham, East Sussex
                   BN27 4BZ, ENGLAND.

 Web Address: None At Present

 Editor: Foxy

 Type: APA

 Price:      Available to members at $5
 Backissues: limited basis to members
 Frequency:  closed-circuit membership

 Subscriptions: not available
 Size (range):  100 + pages per issue
 Format:        A4 (8.25x11.25)
 Content:       text and images

 Rating: R
 Membership Requirements: members required to pay $5 per issue
    to cover costs, and to submit 4 pages or more per issue.

 Submission Guidelines:
 Compensation:          Access to copies. (Closed-circuit membership)

 Contributors: (current membership) Foxy, Zhora, R'ykandar Korra'ti
    Flinthoof, Ursula Husted, Robert Ryan, J. Thomas, James Birdsall
    Will Sanborn, Andrea Adams James Donaldson, Ed Dyer, Bill Koonts
    Mary Lindsey Kyle Sarrif, Silverwind, G. Wills, Sneakers
    Louis LeClerc.


Publication Name: Fur Plus (Furs with a Difference)
{23 August 2002}
 Physical Address: Karl Maurer
                   105 Serra Way PMB 285
                   Milpitas CA 95035

 Web Address:

 Editor: Karl Maurer

 Type:   fanzine

 Price:      $10-$16 (based on size and number of color pages)
 Backissues: All issues available (1-15)
 Frequency:  Quarterly (though it started out as semi-annual)

 Subscriptions: None at this time.
 Size:   64-128 pages
 Format: 8.5x11" Plastic Comb bound with color covers.
         Some interior color pages.

 Content: text, illustrated text, images and comics
 Rating:  NC-17 (though non-adult material is accepted)

 Submission Guidelines: See website for details or send SASE.
 Compensation: Very minor royalties, contrib copies, ad space

 Notes: This fanzine has a ongoing theme of 'Furs with a Difference', 
    i.e. 'taurforms, dragons, herms, she-males, and anything else
    furry/scaly/feathery that does not quite fall within the 'norm'.
    But the publication is not LIMITED to this theme. Neither is it
    limited to Adult material. Non-explicit on-theme material is
    VERY welcome. Please see website for more info.
 Contributors: Many regular contributors including, but not limited to
    Bernard Doove, 'Huskie', Joyceanna Brock, Dennis Clark
    Roy D. Pounds II, Matthew McAndrews, Zephery Hughes, Sara Palmer
    See website for full listing. Recent covers have been by:
       Bernard Doove, Sara Palmer, and Roy D. Pounds II.


Publication Name:  Furrlough
{7 August 2001}
 Physical Address: Radio Comix
                   PMB 117
                   11765 West Ave.
                   San Antonio TX 78216

 Web Address:

 Editor: Elin Winkler

 Type: Professional Comic Book Anthology

 Price: $2.99 per issue
 Backissues: from issue #52 to current issue available
 Frequency: monthly

 Subscriptions: $18.00 for six issues

 Size:   32 pages
 Format: Black & white newsprint interiors, full color glossy
         covers, standard comic book size

 Content: Sequential comic stories only
 Rating:  G to PG-13

 Submission Guidelines: See website.

 Compensation: Royalty based on sales paid after publication,
               plus a minimum of 10 free copies

 Notes: Furrlough has been running since November 1991 and is
    currently in the 100s of issues printed. It started at
    Antarctic Press, but has been at Radio Comix since April
    1997 since issue #52.

 Contributors: Daphne Lage, Christina Hanson, Diana X. Sprinkle
    Mark Moore, Phil Morrissey, Joe Rosales, James Hanrahan
    William Ruzicka, Erick Melton, Dark Natasha, Roz Gibson
    Patrick Moran, etc. (too many to name all)


Publication Name: Fur Visions
{23 August 2002}
 Physical Address: Karl Maurer
                   105 Serra Way PMB 285
                   Milpitas CA 95035

 Web Address:

 Editor: Karl Maurer

 Type: fanzine

 Price:      $4-8 a issue (based on page count and color pages)
 Backissues: All issues 1-25 are available
 Frequency:  Quarterly
 Subscriptions: None at this time

 Size (range): 42-96 pages
 Format: 8.5x11" Plastic Comb Bound with color covers (though
    old issues were B&W covers) Some interior color pages.

 Content: text, images, and illustrated text.
 Rating:  Mature Audiences (G-Soft R) (annual G-Rated issues)

 Submission Guidelines: See website or send SASE for more info
 Compensation: Contrib copies, very minor royalties, ad space

 Notes: Please see website for more information. This fanzine is
    the successor to Furversion. Every issue has a theme except
    for the annual 'Themeless' Issue every year at Anthrocon.
    ConFurence issue is always the Annual General Audiences issue.
    See website for upcoming themes.
 Contributors: Too many to detail here. See website for more
    info. Some regulars recently have been:
    Bernard Doove, Sara Palmer, Shannon Stuart, David McGrath
    Matthew McAndrews, Roy D. Pounds II, Zephery Hughes
    Ricardo Canheta, Po Shan Cheah, Foxy!, Matt McCullar.
       Recent covers have been by Megan Giles
        Brenda 'XianJaguar' DiAntonis, and Ted Vollmer.


Publication Name:  Gallery
{22 August 2002} 
 Physical Address: 1416 85th DR NE
                   Everett, WA 98205
 Web Address:
 Editor:     Richard Chandler
 Type:       APAzine (Pioneer of the type)
 Price:      $8-$22 by size.  Subscriber Discount.
 Backissues: See Site.  4-10 issues back, in limited quantities.
    Also available via Mailbox Books.  Subscribers can order back
    issues at subscriber discount.
 Frequency:  Quarterly

 Subscriptions: By account system.
 Size (range):  150-324 pages
 Format:        8.5x11"
 Content: images only, with comments and opening editorial
 Rating:  G - NC-17 depending on artists (Cover marked "Mature
          Readers" because of mixed content).

 Membership Requirements: By invitation or impressing the Editor.
    Membership may be dropped to subscriber status after missing
    the third consecutive issue.
 Submission Guidelines:  See site or ask editor.  In general, INKED
   copies or 600 dpi black and white only scans. 7.5x10" image area
   (4500 x 6000 pixels).  No copyright/trademark infringement, no
   personal attacks, no illegal to posess or export subject matter.
        Humans okay.  Variety and experimentation encouraged.
   Comics encouraged. Art should be fully realized with textures
   and backgrounds.

Compensation:  One copy at cost.  10 cents per subscriber or wholesale
   copy sold, 30+ cents per retail copy sold - for artists in the
   issue.  Generally profitable for active artists.

Notes:         Oldest APAzine around.  Started October 1989.
Contributors:  See site, nearly 100 artists listed in the index.


Publication Name:  Genus
{7 August 2001}
 Physical Address: Radio Comix
                   PMB 117
                   11765 West Ave.
                   San Antonio TX 78216

 Web Address:

 Editor: Elin Winkler

 Type: Professional Comic Book Anthology

 Price:      $2.99 per issue
 Backissues: from issue #26 to current issue available

 Distribution Frequency: bimonthly

 Subscriptions: $18.00 for six issues
 Size:   32 pages
 Format: Black & white newsprint interiors, full color glossy
    covers, standard comic book size

 Content: Sequential comic stories only
 Rating: R to NC-17

 Submission Guidelines: see website for details, too long to go into here
 Compensation:          Royalty based on sales paid after publication, plus
    a minimum of 10 free copies

Notes: Genus has been running since June 1993. It started at Antarctic
   Press, but has been at Radio Comix since April 1997 since issue #23.

Contributors: Daria McGrain, TRUMP, James Hardiman, Brian Sutton,
   Shon Howell, Dr. Comet, Richard Moore, Heather Bruton,
   Kjartan Arnorsson, etc. (too many to name all)


Publication Name:    Herd Mentality
{6 August 2001}
 Physical Address:   Hoof-loose Publications
                     C/o Jeff Orr
                     PO Box 4
                     Pacific Grove, CA 93950-0004

Web Address:

 Editor: Aatheus

 Type (APA, fanzine, APAzine, etc): APAzine/fanzine

 Price:       $4 plus shipping, per issue
 Backissues:  All but the first issue
 Frequency:   Every other month

 Subscriptions: $12.50 for half-year, $25 for year. Prices include shipping
    for the United States.  Prices to other countries will be more.
 Size (range): 29-40 pages
 Format: Full-sheet letter size, double-sided

 Content: Centaur art, stories, commentary
 Rating:  PG-13

 Membership Requirements: Must be your own material, or material
    you have permission to use

 Submission Guidelines:  Word97, HTML, Text, PNG, TIFF, GIF accepted.
    300DPI minimum for images. Must be your own creation!
 Compensation: Contributors get free copy (cost of shipping only)

 Contributors:  Any and all are welcome >:-)


Publication Name: HistoriMorphs
{7 August 2001}
 Physical Address: Cape Cod, MA

 Web Address:

 Editor(s): Lanny Fields

 Type: semi-pro magazine

 Price:       $10
 Backissues:  #1 only
 Frequency:   yearly -- more to be determined

 Subscriptions: n/a
 Size (range):  56-64 pages
 Format:        8.5x11, perfect bound, color cover

 Content: Illustrated text
 Rating:  PG-13

 Submission Guidelines: Stories take REAL human historical events
   and examine them from an anthropomorphic character's POV. For
   example, a polar bear guide on Admiral Byrd's arctic expedition.
   How might he see things? The focus is on education as much as
   telling a good story. Some alteration of the actual events is
   allowed for the purposes of getting the message across, but the
   end result shouldn't change.

 Compensation: Contributor's copy, plus:
       Writers: A compensation based on sales
       Artists: A flat fee.

 Notes: Electronic submissions only. See website for format details.



Publication Name: Hit the Beach
{Pre-ConFurence 2001}
 Physical Address: Radio Comix
                   PMB 117	
                   11765 West Ave.
                   San Antonio TX 78216
 Web Address:
 Editor:  Elin Winkler

 Type: Comic Book

 Price: $3.95
 Backissues: Available, see website or send SASE

 Distribution Frequency: Annual
 Subscriptions: Unknown
 Size (range):  Unkown
 Format:  Comic book

 Content: One-page comic strips or pinups featuring a beach
 Rating:  PG-13    

 Submission Guidelines: See website, or send SASE.
 Compensation: Unknown. Probably like other Radio Comix
    publications; see GENUS or Furrlough.

 Contributors: Daphne Lage, Diana X. Sprinkle, Richard Moore
    TRUMP, Joe Rosales, Shon Howell, Terrie Smith, many more!


Publication Name:   Huzzah!
{7 August 2001}
 Physical Address:  PO Box 55278
                    Valencia, CA 91385

 Web Address:

 Editor:  Dwight J. Dutton
 Type:    APA-Zine

 Price:      $17.50 
 Backissues: 23 on up
 Distribution Frequency: Quarterly

 Subscriptions: see
 Size (range): 180 - 240 pages
 Format: 8.5 X 11"

 Content: Illustrated text and straight images
 Rating:  PG

 Membership Requirements: See website
 Submission Guidelines: Must be member

 Compensation: Free issue


Publication Name:  Intercepted
{10 August 2001}
 Physical Address: 12536 Short Ave.
                   Los Angeles, CA 90066
 Web Address:

 Editor: Kay Shapero
 Type: Fanzine

 Price: $1.75 plus postage (usually 2 oz)
 Backissues: Backissues are available for everything but volume 1
 Frequency: Monthly with two double months 
                - January/February and August/September

 Subscriptions: Account system; (may be cash only)
 Size (range):  8 1/2 x 11, usually about 12 pages.
 Format:        Two column, text and pictures.

 Content: Text and images
 Rating:  PG-13

 Membership Requirements: Send money. :->

 Submission Guidelines: Write for the info flier - too long to
                        reproduce here.

 Compensation: Covers get free copies.

 Notes: INTERCEPTED is a lot like a role playing game with no dice,
    no character sheets, and very few rules.  It's been nicknamed
    "the Multiversal Party Line" and consists primarily of in-
    character conversations between anybody the members care to
    imagine, against whatever backgrounds they care to use.  You may
    use as many aliases as you like; your own characters, other
    fictional characters, historical characters, and pretty much any
    alias nobody else is using is acceptable (with the exception that
    should the creator of a character join, they do have priority if
    they want it.) About the only limit to content is that if it
    would require this thing to be limited to adults only or grosses
    out Ye Ed it won't get printed.
        (Hint - if you can't be tasteful, at least be funny.)

 Contributors: Currently identified (it's optional) are Dennis Brimhall
    Mike Capriola, Barbara McGowan, Ken Nielsen, Kay
    Nicolai & Vicky Shapero, Philip B. Smith, Michael J. Susko Jr.
    Scott Thomas, Frank White 



Publication Name: Magic Carpet
{Pre-Further Confusion, 2001}
 Physical Address: Shanda Fantasy Arts			
                   PO Box 545				
                   Greenbrier ARK 72058	
 Web Address:
 Editor:      Carole Curtis

 Type: Comic Book

 Price:      $4.99
 Backissues: Mail Order

 Distribution Frequency: Quarterly
 Subscriptions: UNKNOWN
 Size (range):  UNKNOWN
 Format:  Comic Book

 Content: Children's anthology
 Rating:  G  
 Membership Requirements: None

 Submission Guidelines: Open to all-ages submissions
 Compensation: UNKNOWN

 Contributors: Dan DeCarlo, Shelley Pleger, Mike Curtis
               Mary Hanson-Roberts, Donna Barr, others.


Publication Name: North American Fur
{20 July 2001}
 Physical Address: Jarlidium Press
                   2406 SW 308th Place
                   Federal Way, WA 98023

 Web Address:

 Editor:   James 'Tibo' Birdsall, Dan 'Flinthoof' Canaan

 Type:     APAzine

 Price:      $12.00
 Backissues: Usually sold out. Try Mailbox Books or Alleycat Books. 
 Frequency:  Twice a year

 Subscriptions: $32 for one year or $64 for two within US, international
    subscriptions vary according to postage costs
 Size:   200+ pages
 Format: 8.5x11, B&W with color cover

 Content: mostly images, some text
 Rating:  R

 Membership Requirements: see
 Submission Guidelines:   see

 Compensation: free "member" copies, which include member comments that
    do not appear in the public issues
 Contributors: check web page for membership roster


Publication Name: PawPrints Fanzine
{14 July 2001}
 Physical Address: Conrad "Lynx" Wong
                   PMB 554
                   101 First Street
                   Los Altos, CA 94022

 Editor:        Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock (issue 1)
                Conrad "Lynx" Wong (other issues)

 Type:  Fanzine
 Price: $5 plus $3 shipping (US) for issue #1-9 & 11, $10 for issue #10
    ask about overseas rates
 Backissues:    #1-#12
 Frequency:     bi-annual

 Subscriptions: No subscriptions are currently being handled.
 Size:          8.5"x11" page size, 70 to 100 pages

 Content: Illustrated text stories, comic-format stories, stand-
    alone illustrations and filler art featuring "critters" of
    various types.
 Rating:  General Audiences (no erotica, no sexual overtones, no gore,
    no swearing, no nudity)

 Submission Guidelines: No submissions are being accepted at the time.
    Pawprints' final issue is #12.

 Notes: Issues #1 through 12 are available at this time.
 Contributors:  Many talented creators new to furry fandom-- ask if  
    you're curious about specific people or want a list of contributors
    in any particular issue.


Publication Name: Portfolios FanZine
{Pre-ConFurence 2001}
 Physical Address: 20228 E. Lake Lane
                   Aurora, CO 80016

 Web Address:
 Editor:      Beth Blackburn

 Type: Unique

 Price:      $8.00
 Backissues: UNKNOWN

 Distribution Frequency: Bi-annual
 Subscriptions: Available this winter!
 Size (range):  32 pages
 Format: 5.5 x 8.5, black and white (no grayscale).
         Colour covers.

 Content: Portfolios is a collection of themed pin-up works. 
 Rating:  R
 Submission Guidelines: The deadline for all submissions is
    March 1st for stories, and March 15th for artwork.
    September 1st for stories, and September 15th for artwork.
 Compensation: UNKNOWN

 Contributors: Beth Blackburn, Chad Burbidge, Randy Entinger
    Chris Ledford, Patrick Little, Shannon Menhart, Arion Morgan
    Pickalock, Gina Schroeder, and more!
 Notes:   Portfolios is a 'Zine based precisely on it's name.
    To put it simply, Portfolios is a 'Zine that shall contain a
    different theme for every publication.
    Portfolios is printed once in April, and once in October. 


Publication Name:  SOUTH FUR LANDS
{22 August 2002} 
 Physical Address:  P.O. Box 825
                    Bayswater,  VIC  3153
 Web Address:
 Editor:  Bernard Doove
 Type:  Fanzine
 Price:      AU$6.00 in Australia, NZ$6.50 for New Zealanders, and US$6.00
             for US purchasers. 
 Backissues: Some ex stock. All available allowing time for
 Frequency:  Quarterly (Sex & Violence issue: Annual)

 Subscriptions:    Yearly subs available, but no discounts.
 Size (range):     Minimum 32 pages plus covers.
 Format:           full A4 sheets, heavier stock for covers.
 Content:  Text & images
 Rating:   G to PG-13 for regular issues.
           R to NC-17 for adult annual

 Submission Guidelines: All guidlines are available on the website, but 
    in brief, 300dpi minimum (600dpi preferred) scans of B&W art in
    compressed TIFF format preferred, and text in RTF or common document
 Compensation: Artists and authors who contribute at least one full page
    are entitled to a free copy of that issue. Advertising allowed in
    conjunction with contributions.
 Contributors: Recent contributors include Roy Pounds II, Steve Corbett 
    Peta Hewitt, Opal Weasel, Terry Knight (Mayfurr), Fox Lee, B_dog, 
    Silverblue the Gothbunny, Doc Werewolf, Bernard Doove (Chakat Goldfur)
    Silverwind, Brenden Smith, Drhoz!


Publication Name: Spontoon Island
{Pre-ConFurence 2001}
 Physical Address: PO Box 80083
                   Minneapolis, MN 55408-8083		

 Web Address: 
 Editor:  Ken Fletcher

 Type: Fanzine

 Price: By size, between $5 and $7
 Backissues: From dealers, conventions, or the editor.
              Send SASE or email for information.

 Distribution Frequency: Quarterly
 Size (range):  48 pages
 Format:        5.5 x 8.5

 Content: Funny Animals in 1930s & 40s adventure on sea islands
    (with seaplanes!). Humor and adventure stories. Snapshot illos,
    comic strips, pin-ups, mug-shots, text stories with illos,
    scenic views, setting descriptions.
 Rating:  Mature
 Membership Requirements (if any): UNKNOWN

 Submission Guidelines: UNKNOWN
 Compensation: UNKNOWN

 Contributors: Stu Shiffman, Simon Leo Barber, Rich Larson
    Laurie Gerholz, John Spiedel, Tom Foster, Steve Gallacci
    Roy D. Pounds II, J.P. Morgan, John Tatman, Louie Frank
    Giovanna Fregni.
 Notes: We play with the cliches of a South Sea Island setting,
    without corporate-owned characters. Contributors may add to
    a shared-universe island setting. 


Publication Name:  Storyfur Prime
{2 February 2003}
 Physical Address: Ronald W. Klemp
                   Elmschenhagener Allee 33
                   24146 Kiel

 Web Address: not yet made public

 Editor: Cairyn

 Type: Fanzine

 Price: Currently, between DM 15 and DM 25, depending on
        size and amount of color contents. (about $7-$12 US)
 Backissues: Currently, issues #0 and #1 are declared sold out. Will
    be reprinted in a single volume under the number #1. All other 
    issues are currently available and reprinted on demand.
    #2: 155 pages, Euro/$ 16
    #3: 86 pages, Euro/$ 10
    #4: 128 pages, Euro/$ 13
 Frequency:  Yearly (Twice a year if sufficient material is 

 Subscriptions: Currently not available.
 Size (range):  80 - 160 pages
 Format:        20cm x 26.7cm (nonstandard format, A4 cut to size...)

 Content: All kind of furry art and story, plus articles, essays; in 
          the future also reviews, poetry and whatever.
 Rating:  PG-13 to R 

 Submission Guidelines: High quality. No restrictions on contents,
      but taste is a must. Explicit erotica may be shifted to an
      Adult Special. Please inquire for details.
 Compensation: Storyfur Prime is a nonprofit fanzine. Therefore, we 
    currently can't offer compensation beyond the usual free
    contributor copy. If print runs increase, this may change, but
    don't count on it. Contributors may run (appropriate) ads if
    they like.

 Contributors: Kjartan Arnorsson, Saskia Lemke, Paperwolf, Wei-Lun Wu
    Bander, Lothar Renz, Andre Heinonen, Angel Louzao, Gilda di 
    Rimessi, Lutra, Matrix, Tabalon, Cairyn, Silber, Cap,
    Thaily Brimstone, Pegla, Scale, Albaster, Blue_Panther u.a.
 Notes: Storyfur Prime runs a high percentage of color pages. This
    fanzine concentrates on high quality both in contents and 


Publication Name:  Swishy?
{24 March 2002}
 Physical Address: 4002 Gunnison Lane
                   Huntsville AL 35810

 Web Address: None yet
 Editor: Terry Whisenant

 Type: Furry Art Zine

 Price:      $10.00
 Backissues: none yet :)
 Frequency:  monthly

 Subscriptions: no
 Size:    Generally 24-32 pages
 Format:  8  x 11 inches

 Content: Adult Male Gay Furry material by
           Screaming Racoon Studio Artists:
           Fennec, Mathias, TRWW, Saibin and Moyra.
 Rating: XXX

 Membership Requirements: none

  Submission Guidelines: The cover art is open to guest artists and should
generally be in the 7  x 10 inch size, 300 dpi emailed to me as a jpeg.
The inside front cover art is open to guest artists and should generally be
5 x 5 inches or under, 300 dpi, emailed to me as a jpeg. Their is usually a
surprise guest artist featured on the last inside page, featuring 3-4 pics.
  Compensation: Guest artists will initially be paid only in copies.



Publication Name: Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project
{13 November 2000}
 Physical Address: 6201 15th Avenue NW, PMB #532
                   Seattle, WA  98107

 Web Address:

 Editor:  Gene Breshears 

 Type:    Anthology

 Price:       $5.00/issue (US/Canada/Mexico: Others, contact directly
                for overseas pricing)
 Backissues:  No information available.

 Frequency:   Tri-annual
 Subscriptions: $12/year(US, Canada, Mexico, contact directly for
                overseas pricing)
 Size:    50 pages
 Format:  Spiral-bound

 Content: 40-50% art, remainder text.  A 'shared universe sf/furry
    anthology of stories' centering around the adventures of the 
    crews of four ships: the merchant ship Tai-Pan, the pirate ship
    Iktome, the research ship Ramanujan, and the luxury liner
    Quantum Lady.
 Rating: PG-13, with R or stronger supplements.
 Membership Requirements: See website

 Submission Guidelines: See website
 Compensation: One free issue

 Notes: Has been running on-time for two years under current management.
 Contributors: Terrie Smith, Chuck Melville, Edd Vick, Lex Nakashima,
    Gary Fletcher, Mark Allen Davis, many others.


Publication Name: YARF! The Journal Of Applied Anthropomorphics
{6 September 2001}
 Physical Address: PO Box 1299
                   Cupertino, CA, 95015-1299
 Web Address: (down, hopes to be up by the end of September)
 Editor:      Jeff Ferris
 Email:       None reliable, at the moment. Use snailmail.

 Type: Fanzine

 Price:      $6.00 (+$2 for overseas shipping). Subject to change.
 Backissues: Ask for list (or see website). Try to go through Mailbox

 Frequency: Bimonthly
 Subscriptions: $40 for 8 issues (US$56 overseas airmail). Lasts about
    a year. Subject to change.
 Size:   60 pages. Sometimes, larger issues will go for $7-$8,
          which subscribers will get at discount.
 Format: Full-size, thermal bound.

 Content: "Art, stories, graphic series, reviews ... lots of stuff."
          - Greywolf    
 Rating:  Mild R for art (nonsexual nudity), medium R for text.
          Allowances made for stories that require more.
 Membership Requirements: None.

 Submission Guidelines: Both paper and electronic art submissions are
    accepted. Electronic submissions must be 300dpi or better.
         Stories can be submitted both paper and electronically, but
    electronic copies should be included for typesetting.

 Compensation: Contributors get 2 copies of the issue their work
    appears in. Ad space can be aranged for contributors, on a case by
    case basis.

 Notes: Ask for our "Issue #0" for guidelines about who we are and what
    we would like to print.  Issue #0 is our old 8 page preview issue
    and is free.  Heck, we'll give them to anyone, just ask.
         Jeff went a little crazy with the copier and we have a large
    box full of them.
 Contributors: Mark Stanley, Monika Livingston, Watts Martin, Jimmy Chin,
    Kris Kreutzman, Chris Grant, Roy D. Pounds II, Ken Sample,
    Jordan Greywolf, Zjonni Perchalski, Jim Groat, Terrie Smith,
    Maggie DeAlarcon, Tom Verre', Lance Rund, Dave White, James Lynn
    plus other professional and amateur writers and artists.



Publication Name: 
 Physical Address: 
 Web Address: 



 Size (range):  

 Membership Requirements (if any): 

 Submission Guidelines: 


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