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Section - 15. MUDs, FTP Sites, and Web Links

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See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
 Due to the changing nature of the network, network resources and gatherings
 such as multi-user chat systems (MUDs), file transfer/storage areas (FTP
 sites), and World-Wide Web pages are always subject to change; hence, the
 below information is likely to be obsolete very quickly or subject to
 change without notice.
 Here are some web links where you are likely to find the latest information

   Linkname:  PeterCat's Furry FAQs Page
 (you should be able to find most furry-related FAQs here)

   Linkname:  The Lynx/Greywolf FAQ

   Linkname:  R'ykandar Korra'ti's Art Materials FAQ

   Linkname:  Terry Whittier's Artwork Preservation FAQ

   Linkname:  Lynx's Incomplete Listing of Zoomorphic Publications

   Linkname:  How to Connect to FurryMUCK (and elsewhere)

   Linkname:  Descriptions of Various Furry MUCKs

              Furry Novel List (3 parts)
   Linkname:  Part 1: Animals Behaving Intelligently; Intelligent Animals
   Linkname:  Part 2: Anthropomorphic Species
   Linkname:  Part 3: Changes, Forthcoming Novels and Kudos


   Linkname:  Mia's Collection of Furry Stories

 Some MUDs and FTP sites:

 FurryMUCK is a phenomenon found on the 'net -- a MUCK devoted to
 furry fans.  If you want a definition of a MUCK, check out the FAQ on  =)  Basically, it's a multi-player text adventure game
 where the "game" element has been pretty much removed, replaced with a
 mostly social environment (even though there are smaller games-within-a-
 game on the MUCK).  If you have telnet, you can connect to FurryMUCK at port 8888 ( 8888 for those who need named
 addresses).  A FurryMUCK FAQ is also posted weekly to the newsgroup and there is an Official FurryMUCK Web Page at
 FurToonia is similiar to FurryMUCK, populated mostly by furries and
 toons who wanted to escape the lag and crowding of the larger MUCK, and
 also have the chance to do some creative public building projects. 
 FurToonia can be connected to at 9999 ( 9999)
 and there is also a WWW homepage at .

 Sociopolitical Ramifications (SPR) is another of FurryMUCK's `children' -
 a MUCK that was founded when FM became too big and lagged.  Therefore,
 many furries known from FM can be found on SPR too.  There is no rigid
 theme, the general flair is a bit more high-tech oriented than in FM.
 SPR is one of the few MUCKs without a building quota (you can build as
 much as you want).  Also, SPR does without explicit rules for non-
 wizards.  You can log in as guest and get a character immediately from
 any wizard. The current address is 23
 ( 23).  (yes, 23)  For more information, check the WWW
 pages at the URL

 Furry Art Archives:

 These archives have sprung up on the net to index and make available
 anthropomorphic artwork to the public, each with its own unique style.
 You'll have to judge which one is most useful to you, but the Yerf
 archive is probably the friendliest to casual visitors -- it is PG-rated
 unlike the other archives, which contain varying proportions of R- or
 even x-rated artwork.  It also allows you to see all pictures which were
 uploaded on any given date, making it easier to keep up with who's been
 posting what.
   Linkname:  Yerf (formerly Squeaky Clean Furry Archive)

   Linkname:  FurNation

   Linkname:  Orlando Furry Archives

   Linkname:  VCL (formerly Velan Central Library)

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