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 [Lynx has this to say]

 Feel free.

 Anthropomorphic fandom sports many fanzines that are quite interested in
 the works of fledgling and not-so-fledgling artists and writers, and even
 if you don't feel ready for prime time yet, you may find people on the
 network appreciative of your work.

 If you post a story or artwork, then expect criticism ranging anywhere
 from 'it's terrible' to 'it's good but...' to simple silence that makes
 you wonder if your art or story made it out to the network.  Remember
 to put copyright notices on your stories and artwork; while the current
 copyright conventions automatically protect creative works, it's better
 to have that certain amount of protection, and if someone is interested
 enough by what you've done, they may want to find more of it.

 Remember also that anything posted to the network is 'out there'
 effectively and thus beyond your control.  The best you can do is to
 put some sort of request on your art or story to request people avoid
 redistributing it or modifying it in any way.  Even then, you may find
 your stories or artwork from years ago haunting you as well-meaning
 people repost them.

 Question: can I post stories to
  Yes, provided the story involves furry (anthropomorphic) characters.
  There is some doubt about the appropriacy of posting erotic stories
  to, however; some suggest that these stories would be
  better posted to an erotica newsgroup such as  In
  addition, you might have some luck with alt.prose and alt.prose.d.

 Question: what other resources are there for furry writers?
  There is a list of anthropomorphic novels posted fairly regularly to see the FAQ pointers below.  Writing is discussed (not
  anthropomorphic writing in specific) on misc.writing as well, so if
  you're looking for specific tips, you might ask there.  Several MUDs
  hold writing circles.  If you're interested in seeing your story
  in print, look up the 'zines list.  In addition, there is now a Web site
  that points to various furry stories around the World-Wide Web. (see
  below list of links)

 Question: can I post artwork to  And how?
  No.  Artwork must commonly be posted in an encoded format, a practice
  which is frowned upon in any primarily-text newsgroup.  Artwork is better
  posted to the newsgroup (or for risque art, and should preferably be uuencoded
  GIFs or JPGs.  For more information on uploading or downloading art,
  please see the appropriate FAQ (pointers are given below).

 Question: what other resources are there for furry artists?
  There are some excellent FAQs on art materials and techniques for the
  preservation of artwork.

  If you're looking for tips on drawing anthropomorphics, however, you
  will certainly do best to ask for help on with your
  particular drawing style.  Who knows?  You may make new friends in
  the process of learning.  In addition, you may want to find books in
  the library or your friendly neighborhood art store on figure drawing,
  and on drawing animals.

  Lycan maintains an excellent archive of furry pictures sorted by
  artists, title, and date.  See the pointer below.

 Question: how do I get started writing/drawing?
  Write or draw.

  No, seriously.  Begin practicing immediately, remember that it won't be
  perfect the first time, and keep on writing or drawing until you get
  better.  Then keep doing it.  You'll be able to ask questions more
  effectively and get better answers if you have some idea what you want
  to improve.

  When you feel you're ready for criticism, comments, or support, then you
  can post your art or story, or send it to any of a number of fanzines
  that may be interested in your work.  Good luck!  Be sure to ask for
  criticism, if you want it, but you should be prepared for negative as
  well as positive comments.

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Top Document: semi-FAQ
Previous Document: 11. WHERE DO I GO TO FIND THIS STUFF?
Next Document: 13. WHAT DOES "IMHO" MEAN?

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