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Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Section - Fractal software

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Q22a: Where can I obtain software packages to generate fractals?  
For X windows:  
 xmntns and xlmntn: these generate fractal mountains. They can be obtained  
  from ftp:  
 xfroot: generates a fractal root window.  
 xmartin: generates a Martin hopalong root window.  
 xmandel: generates Mandelbrot/Julia sets.  
 xfroot, xmartin, xmandel are part of the X11 distribution.  
 lyap: generates Lyapunov exponent images. Ftp from: .  
 spider: Uses Thurston's algorithm for computing postcritically finite  
  polynomials, draws Mandelbrot and Julia sets using the Koebe  
  algorithm, and draws Julia set external angles. Ftp from: .  
 xfractal: fractal drawing program. Ftp from: clio.rz.uni- [].  
Distributed X systems:  
 MandelSpawn: computes Mandelbrot/Julia sets on a network of  
 machines. Ftp  
  from: [] or [] in mandelspawn-  
 gnumandel: computes Mandelbrot images on a network. Ftp from: [].  
For SunView:  
 Mandtool: A Mandelbrot computing program. Ftp from: ; code is in M_TAR.Z .  
For Unix/C:  
 lsys: generates L-systems as PostScript or other textual output. No  
  graphical interface at present. (in C++) Ftp from: .  
 lyapunov: generates PGM Lyapunov exponent images. Ftp from: . SPD: contains  
  generators for fractal mountain, tree, recursive tetrahedron. Ftp  
  from: [].  
 Fractal Studio: Mandelbrot set program; handles distributed computing.  
  Ftp from  
 Xmountains: An X11-based fractal landscape generator. Ftp from .  
For Mac:  
 LSystem, 3D-L-System, IFS, FracHill, Mandella and a bunch of others are  
  available from  
  [] or .  
  (These are also available in New Zealand at  
 fractal-wizard.hqx, julias-dream-107.hqx, mandella-87.hqx, and others are  
  under app in the info-mac archive:  
  [], or a mirror such as [].  
 mandel-tv: a very fast Mandelbrot generator. Under sci at info-mac.  
 There are also commercial programs, such as IFS Explorer and Fractal Clip  
 Art, which are published by Koyn Software (314) 878-9125.  
For NeXT:  
 Lyapunov: generates Lyapunov exponent images. Ftp from: .  
For MSDOS:  
 DEEPZOOM: a high-precision Mandelbrot program for displaying highly zoomed  
  fractals. Ftp from [] in  
 Fractal WitchCraft: a very fast fractal design program. Ftp from: [].  
 CAL: generates more than 15 types of fractals including Mandelbrot,  
  Lyapunov, IFS, user-defined formulas, logistic equation, and  
  quaternion julia sets. Ftp from:  
  [] (or any other Simtel mirror) in  
 Fractal Discovery Laboratory: designed for use in a science museum or  
  school setting. The Lab has five sections: Art Gallery ( 72 images --  
  Mandelbrots, Julias, Lyapunovs), Microscope ( 85 images -- Biomorph,  
  Mandelbrot, Lyapunov, ...), Movies (165 images, 6 "movies":  
  Mandelbrot Evolution, Splitting a Mini-Mandelbrot, Fractal UFO, ...),  
  Tools (Gingerbreadman, Lorentz Equations, Fractal Ferns, von Koch  
  Snowflake, Sierpinski Gasket), and Library (Dictionary, Books and  
  Articles). Sampler available from Compuserver GRAPHDEV Lib 4 in  
  DISCOV.ZIP, or send high-density disk and self-addressed, stamped  
  envelope to: Earl F. Glynn, 10808 West 105th Street, Overland Park,  
  Kansas 66214-3057.  
 WL-Plot: plots functions including bifurcations and recursive relations.  
  Ftp from in  
 There are many fractal programs available from []: Displays orbits of Mandelbrot mapping. C/E/VGA  
   fract30.arc: Mandelbrot/Julia set 2D/3D EGA/VGA Fractal Gen Create Fractal flythroughs with FRACTINT Program to visually design IFS fractals FRACTINT v18.1 EGA/VGA/XGA fractal generator C & ASM src for FRACTINT v18.1 fractal gen. Fractal drawing program: 15 formulae available 800x600x256 demo images for FRCAL030.ZIP  
For Windows: This program explores Newton's method, Mandelbrot set, and  
  Julia sets. Ftp from .  
For Amiga: (all entries marked "ff###" are .lzh files in the Fish Disk set  
 available at and other sites)  
 General Mandelbrot generators with many features: Mandelbrot (ff030),  
  Mandel (ff218), Mandelbrot (ff239), TurboMandel (ff302), MandelBltiz  
  (ff387), SMan (ff447), MandelMountains (ff383, in 3-D), MandelPAUG  
  (ff452, MandFXP movies), MandAnim (ff461, anims), ApfelKiste (ff566,  
  very fast), MandelSquare (ff588, anims)  
 Mandelbrot and Julia sets generators: MandelVroom (ff215), Fractals  
  (ff371, also Newton-R and other sets)  
 With different algorithmic approaches (shown): FastGro (ff188, DLA),  
  IceFrac (ff303, DLA), DEM (ff303, DEM), CPM (ff303, CPM in 3-D),  
  FractalLab (ff391, any equation)  
 Iterated Function System generators (make ferns, etc): FracGen (ff188,  
  uses "seeds"), FCS (ff465), IFSgen (ff554), IFSLab (ff696, "Collage  
 Unique fractal types: Cloud (ff216, cloud surfaces), Fractal (ff052,  
  terrain), IMandelVroom (strange attractor contours?), Landscape  
  (ff554, scenery), Scenery (ff155, scenery), Plasma (ff573, plasma  
 Fractal generators: PolyFractals (ff015), FFEX (ff549)  
 Lyapunov fractals: Ftp from:  
 Commercial packages: Fractal Pro 5.0, Scenery Animator 2.0, Vista  
  Professional, Fractuality (reviewed in April '93 Amiga User  
 MathVISION 2.4. Generates Julia, Mandelbrot, and others. Includes  
  software for image processing, complex arithmetic, data display,  
  general equation evaluation. Available for $223 from Seven Seas  
  Software, Box 1451, Port Townsend WA 98368.  
Software for computing fractal dimension:  
 Fractal Dimension Calculator is a Macintosh program which uses the box-  
  counting method to compute the fractal dimension of planar graphical  
  objects. Ftp from: or .  
 FD3: estimates capacity, information, and correlation dimension from a  
  list of points. It computes log cell sizes, counts, log counts, log  
  of Shannon statistics based on counts, log of correlations based on  
  counts, two-point estimates of the dimensions at all scales examined,  
  and over-all least-square estimates of the dimensions. Ftp from: []. Also look in for an enhanced Grassberger-Procaccia  
  algorithm for correlation dimension. A MS-DOS version of FP3 is  
  available by request to  
Q22b: What are some supporting software/utilities?  
A22b: Some supporting software/utilities/sources are: Yahoo  
at Stanford University Electronic Imaging 
Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info   
file:// PKzip (pkz204g)   
file:// WinZip Compression Utilities   
file:// Image'n Bits  
file:// Lview Ray Tracing   
VBRUN (, vbrun200,zip,   
file:// WinGIF  
file:// WinJPEG Archie Search Shareware Search Engine   

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