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Archive-name: food/sourdough/welcome
Posting-Frequency: 5 days
Last-modified: 1998/02/20

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We are pleased to welcome newcomers to the
newsgroup. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how to
easily locate our FAQs.

The regularly posted FAQs for are posted in this
newsgroup automatically every 18 days.

If the FAQs are not currently on your news server, they can be located via:


You can also ask for them to be delivered to you by email by sending mail to;


with one or more of the following in the body of the message. Note
the address carefully. Note these are fairly large files of around 40
to 100 kilobytes each.

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/FAQ

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/starters

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/basicbread

send usenet/news.answers/food/sourdough/recipes

Newcomers may also wish to check out tips for new readers and posters
of this newsgroup at:


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