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Fat Free Vegetarian Resource List

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Last Updated:  6 May 1995

This is a list of books and cookbooks on the topic of extremely lowfat
vegetarian diets.  The criterion for inclusion of cookbooks is that at
least 2/3 of the recipes must have 15% fat by calories or less (and
the recipes most be vegetarian or almost totally vegetarian).
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Barnard, Neal.  Food for Life. 1993. Harmony Books. ISBN:
0-517-59230-4. (VEGAN)

	A total guide to how and why you should eat the lowfat
	vegan way, with tips on changing your diet and weight loss.
	Includes 21 days of menus and 120 recipes, some high fat.

Barnard, Neal D.  A Physician's Slimming Guide. 1992. The Book
Publishing Company. ISBN: 0-913990-91-4. (VEGAN)

	A short book of 80 pages that discusses the basics of very
	lowfat vegan eating.  Includes sample menus and a couple

Barnard, Neal D. The Power of Your Plate. 1990.  The Book Publishing
Comapny. ISBN: 0-913990-69-8. (VEGAN)

	Discusses why meat, eggs, dairy and fat are harmful and why
	a lowfat vegan diet is nutrutionally optimal.  Includes 20
	or so recipes.  240 pages.

Bienenfeld, Florence & Bienenfeld, Mickey.  The Vegetarian Gourmet:
Over 200 Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Salt, Sugar-Free Divine
Vegetarian Entrees, Soups, Salads, and Heavenly Healthy Wholegrain
Breads and Desserts.  Royal House Publishing:  1987.  ISBN:
0-930440-48-X. (OVO-LACTO)

	A very nice Pritikin-inspired cookbook that is heavy on egg
	whites and skimmed milk products.  Uses juice concentrates as
	sweeteners.  Good quiche recipes.  200 recipes.

Clark-Grogan, Bryanna. The "Almost" No-Fat Cookbook. 1994. Book
Publishing Company. ISBN: 0-913990-12-4. (VEGAN)

	No added oil vegan cookbook.  Heavy use of reduced-fat tofu,
	and some seed recipes, but most under 10%CFF. 120 recipes.

Heidrich, Ruth.  A Race for Life: From Cancer to the Ironman. 1990.
Hawaii Health Publishers. ISBN: 0-9604190-1-2. (VEGAN)

	Not a cookbook or nutrition guide.  Autobiography of a woman
	who battled breast cancer in her late 40's and then
	transformed her life by training and competing in Ironman
	triathalons as well as adopting a vlf vegan diet.  Included in
	this list as a testimonial for the efficacy of the vlf vegan
	diet and as a prelude to her cookbook.

Heidrich, Ruth.  The Race for Life Cookbook. 1994. Hawaii Health
Publishers. ISBN: 0-9604190-1-3. (VEGAN)

	A short guide to cheap, healthy, easy, and fat-free cooking
	with extensive discussion on stocking your kitchen and basic
	cooking techniques.  No index. Approximately 100 recipes.

Higa, Barbara W. Desserts to Lower Your Fat Thermostat. 1988. Vitality
House International.  ISBN: 0-912547-06-5. (OVO-LACTO)

	A cookbook from the "Fat Thermostat" series, a very lowfat but
	omnivorous diet plan.  Heavy on egg whites and skimmed milk
	products. Uses juice concentrates as sweeteners.  A few
	gelatin recipes.  200 recipes.

Jack, Alex and Gale Jack. Amber Waves of Grain: American Macrobiotic
Cooking. 1992. ISBN: 0-87040-877-1. (VEGAN)

	Macrobiotic cookbook.  Focuses on whole foods, simply
	prepared.  Heavy on grains and sea vegetables.  A few fish 
	recipes.  Some high fat.  Most high sodium. 200 recipes.

Kushi, Aveline and Wendy Esko. The Good Morning Macrobiotic Breakfast
Book. 1991. Avery Publishing Group. ISBN: 0-89529-442-7. (VEGAN)

	Macrobiotic cookbook. Similar to above, but more emphasis on
	grains.  Recipes are vegan, but text promotes fish.  100

McDougall, John. McDougall's Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion.
1985. (VEGAN)

	Discusses lowfat vegan diet in relation to a variety of common
	illnesses.  No recipes.

McDougall, John.  The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health.
1990. Plume. ISBN: 0-452-26639-4. (VEGAN)

	Best introduction to the McDougall diet.  Describes the diet
	and how it promotes health, provides instructions for
	implementing the diet, and gives an explicit 12 plan for
	getting started.  Includes a section of high-fat
	"transitional" recipes. 130 recipes.  Highly recommended.

McDougall, John.  The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss. 1994.
Dutton Book. ISBN: 0-525-93678-5. (VEGAN)

	Book promotes a special diet for those with the most stubborn
	weight-loss problems.  The diet recommended in this book is
	even stricter than that espoused in the other McDougall books.
	The most biggest difference is the elimination of all flours
	and flour products (including whole wheat).  Pushes a 3-5%CFF
	diet. 100 recipes.

McDougall, John A. & McDougall, Mary A.  The McDougall Plan.  New Win
Publishing: 1983. ISBN:  0-8329-0289-6.  (VEGAN)

	McDougall's first book. Discusses in detail the problems with
	the Standard American Diet and the benefits of adopting a
	lowfat vegan diet.  More detailed than the above. Some recipes
	high-fat. 120 recipes.

McDougall, John A. & Marry McDougall.  The New McDougall Cookbook.
1993. Dutton.  ISBN:  0-525-93610-6. (VEGAN)

	Contains short summary of the McDougall diet, advice on
	changing your diet, and a list of McDougall-approved packaged
	foods.  Recipes are easy to prepare for the most part.  Some
	high-fat recipes.  Caution:  the book confuses brewer's and
	nutritional yeast, make sure you use nutritional yeast in the
	recipes that call for brewer's yeast.  300 recipes.

McDougall, Mary.  The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook.  Volume
One.  New Win Publishing: 1985.  ISBN: 0-8329-0393-0.  (VEGAN)

McDougall, Mary.  The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook.  Volume
Two.  New Win Publishing: 1986.  ISBN: 0-8329-0422-8.  (VEGAN)

	Both of these are strictly cookbooks, each containing 250
	recipes.  Most are easy to prepare.  Recipes are coded with
	symbols indicating whether they contain: high-fat vegetable
	foods, simple sugars, high-protein foods, and/or salt.

Moran, Victoria. Get the Fat Out: 501 Simple Ways to Cut the Fat in
Any Diet. 1994. Crown. ISBN: 0-517-88184-5. (OVO-LACTO).

	Compendium of 501 tips for cooking and eating without fat.  A
	few non-vegetarian and higher fat tips and recipes (all
	specially marked), but for the most part the focus is on no
	added fat vegan cooking.  40 recipes.

Ornish, Dean. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease.
1990. Ballantine Books. ISBN: 0-345-37353-7. (OVO-LACTO)

	Best introduction to Dean Ornish's dietary and health
	recommendations. Describes his experiences with patients with
	heart disease.  Contains recipes by America's top whole foods
	chefs.  Very gourmet and absolutely delicious.  Over 3/4 of
	the recipes are vegan. 150 recipes.  Highly recommended.

Ornish, Dean. Eat More Weigh Less. 1993.  HarperCollins. ISBN:
0-06-016838-2. (OVO-LACTO)

	Ornish's latest book.  Focuses on weight loss, discusses
	emotional issues in a very understanding and helpful manner.
	Recipes by top chefs.  Lots of gourmet,	generally spectacular
	recipes. Heavy on egg whites and skimmed milk products.  250

Ornish, Dean. Stress, Diet & Your Heart.  1982. Signet. ISBN:
0-451-15853-9. (LACTO)

	Ornish's first book.  Covers exercise and meditation in
	detail.  Somewhat higher in fat then his later books.  Recipes
	are mostly vegan, some using nonfat yogurt.  100 recipes.

Pinckney, Neal. Healthy Heart Handbook. 1994. Healing Heart
Foundation. ISBN:0-9643880-0-6. (VEGAN)

	Excellent review of heart disease.  Guidance on treating heart
	disease with exercise, stress reduction, and a vlf vegan diet.
	Pinckney writes from personal experience, and book is
	influenced by members of his support groups and online
	communities, including the internet. 52 recipes.

Rose, Norman.  No Fat Fudge. 1994. ISBN: 0-9631847-5-X. (LACTO)

	Fudge and bon bon cookbook.  Some (but not all) of the recipes
	call for marshmallows.  40 recipes.

Rosenberg, Madge.  The Best Low-Fat, No-Sugar Bread Machine Cookbook
Ever. 1995. ISBN: 0-06-017174-X. (OVO-LACTO)

	150 bread machine recipes that use no added fats and no
	concentrated sugars other than fruits.  All the recipes are
	under 10%CFF.  A few salt-free recipes are included.  Uses
	both whole grains and refined grains and includes many
	inventive recipes (such as Qunioa, basil, and sun-dried tomato
	bread). The definitive very low fat bread machine cookbook.

Schlesinger, Sarah. 500 Fat-Free Recipes, A Complete Guide to Reducing
the Fat in Your Diet: 500 recipes from soup to dessert containing one
gram of fat or less. 1994. Villard Books. ISBN: 0-679-41589.

	Ornish-based cookbook.  All recipes have less than one gram of
	fat per serving.  No high-fat ingredients whatsoever.  Heavy
	on egg whites and skimmed milk products.  Almost vegetarian,
	does call for defatted chicken stock in many recipes. Very
	comprehensive, includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks.
	500 recipes.

Simply Good: Recipes and More from C.C.C.T. 1989. Center For Chiropractic
and Conservative Therapy, Inc. ISBN: 0-941701-15-8. (VEGAN)

	Short vegan cookbook that excludes all refined grains, sugars,
	salt, and strong spices.  Some recipes use high-fat vegetable
	ingredients. 120 recipes.

Shintani, Terry.  Eat More, Weigh Less Diet. 1993. Halpax Publishing.
ISBN: 0-9636117-0-4. (VEGAN)

	An excellent guide to well-balanced vlf predominantly vegan
	diets.  Shows you how to build a nutritional complete diet and
	focuses on foods that have low caloric densities.  Recipes
	include basic instructions for cooking sea vegetables, beans,
	grains and vegetables and consist mostly of simply prepared,
	lightly spiced recipes with a Japanese flavor.  No index. Over
	100 recipes.

Sorenson, Marc. Mega Health. 1992. National Institute of Fitness.
ISBN: 0-87346-1002. (VEGAN)

	A huge 500-page book that documents virtually every shred
	of evidence in support of a lowfat vegan diet.  Extremely
	well footnoted and organized.  Very preachy and the
	interpretation of the data is often scientifically unsound. 30

Stern, Ellen and Jonathan Michaels. The Good Heart Diet Cook Book: No
Meat, No Oil, No Egg, No Butter, No Sugar, Low Salt. 1982. Ticknor &
Fields. ISBN: 0-89919-053-7. (OVO-LACTO)

	Possibly the first vlf vegetarian cookbook by a layman.
	Simple easy-to-prepare recipes in inspired combinations.
	Good use of chestnuts.  About 1/3 to 1/2 the recipes are
	vegan. Pritikin inspired.  200 recipes.

Updike, Earl F. The Mormon Diet - A Word of Wisdom: 14 Days to New
Vigor and Health. 1991. Best Possible Health. ISBN: 1-66617-076-0.

	A book strongly inspired by McDougall's.  Summarizes the info
	from McDougall, Ornish, and Pritikin.  Discusses Mormon
	doctrine and why a lowfat, ideally vegan, diet is biblically
	ordained.  Most ovo-lacto recipes indicate vegan substitutes.
	100 recipes.

Updike, Ethel C., Dorothy E. Smith, and Earl F. Updike. The Mormon
Diet - A Word of Wisdom - Cookbook: Fat-Free, Cholesterol-Free,
High-Fiber. 1992. Best Possible Health. ISBN: 1-55517-090-0. (OVO)

	Companion cookbook to the above.  No milk products are used
	in these recipes.  Most are vegan, and vegan substitutes for
	egg whites are indicated for many of the ovo recipes.  A
	handful of recipes call for defatted meat stocks or gelatin.
	250 recipes.

Victor, Steve.  The Lighthearted Vegetarian Gourmet Cookbook. 1988.
Pacific Press Publishing. ISBN: 0-8163-0718-0. (VEGAN)

	Extremely lowfat, vegan recipes using no concentrated sugars
	from any source.  No high-fat vegetable ingredients at all,
	most recipes get about 5% fat by calories.  Lots of
	off-the-wall "humor".  100 densely written pages, 50 recipes.

Woodruff, Sandra. Secrets of Fat-Free Baking. 1994. Avery Publishing
Group. ISBN: 0-89529-630-6. (OVO-LACTO).

	Good guide to substituting for fat in baked goods.  Discusses
	fruit, dairy, liquid sugars, prunes, and squashes as
	substitutes. Although text says that only the last chapter of
	recipes use any added fats, a few of the other recipes do call
	for lecithin (a fat).  Contains photographs and 130 recipes.

Woodruff, Sandra. Smart Bread Machine Recipes: Healthy, Whole Grain &
Delicious. 1994. ISBN: 0-8069-0690-1. (OVO-LACTO).

	Not a guide to cooking breads totally without added fat:
	nearly every single recipe calls for 1 T of lecithin (a fat).
	However, about 80% of the recipes fall between 11 and 15%CFF,
	with the remaining 20% above 15%CFF. There are only one or two
	no added fat recipes. 95 recipes.

Yoneda, Soei.  The Heart of Zen Cuisine. 1982. Kodansha International.
ISBN: 0-87011-848-X  (VEGAN)

	Japanese recipes calling for traditional ingredients.
	Recipes are somewhat fussy.  Some high-fat.  150 recipes.

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