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List of very low fat cookbooks

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		Very Lowfat Cookbooks

Last Updated:  Thu, 21 Oct 93

The criterion for inclusion on this list is that at least 2/3 of the
recipes must have 15% fat by calories or less.


Bienenfeld, Florence & Bienenfeld, Mickey.  The Vegetarian Gourmet:
Over 200 Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Salt, Sugar-Free Divine
Vegetarian Entrees, Soups, Salads, and Heavenly Healthy Wholegrain
Breads and Desserts.  Royal House Publishing:  1987.  ISBN:
0-930440-48-X. (VEGETARIAN)

Dunn, Sheri.  Bearly Any Fat: Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low Salt
Cookbook.  Dunn, Sheri: 1988.  ISBN: 0-9620860-0-2.

Fat Free -- Ultra Low Fat Recipes from Doris' Kitchen.  Doris' Diet
Recipes: 1991.  ISBN: 0-9631490-0-8.

Gaunt, Larene. Recipes to Lower Your Fat Thermostat. 2nd Edition.
1984. Vitality House International. ISBN: 0-912547-10-3.

Gifford, Howard. Easy Gourmet Menus to Lower Your Fat Thermostat.
1991. Vitality House International. ISBN: 0-912547-08-1

Hackett, Arlyn. Can You Trust a Slim Santa Claus? -- A Winter Holiday
Cookbook for the Healthy Gourmet.

Hackett, Arlyn. Health Smart Gourmet Cooking. 1991. Morningside
Publishing Company. ISBN: 0-9634074-0-6.

Hackett, Arlyn. Health Smart Gourmet Cooking Featuring American
Regional Cuisine.  1992.  Hastings House.  ISBN: 0-8038-9345-0.

Hackett, Arlyn. The Slim Chef: A Cookbook for the Healthy Gourmet.
1987. Lyle Stuart Inc. ISBN: 0-8184-0449-3.

Higa, Barbara W. Desserts to Lower Your Fat Thermostat. 1988. Vitality
House International.  ISBN: 0-912547-06-5. (VEGETARIAN)

Jack, Alex and Gale Jack. Amber Waves of Grain: American Macrobiotic
Cooking. 1992. ISBN: 0-87040-877-1. (VEGAN + FISH)

Kallison, Jeri & Stoliar, Penny.  The Original NO-No-NO Cookbook: No
Sugar, No Salt, No Fats.  rev. ed.  D & S Publishing.  ISBN:

Kreitzman, Sue. Slim Cuisine. Consumer Reports Books. 1991. ISBN:

Kushi, Aveline and Wendy Esko. The Good Morning Macrobiotic Breakfast
Book. 1991. Avery Publishing Group. ISBN: 0-89529-442-7. (VEGAN)

McDougall, Mary.  The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook.  Volume
One.  New Win Publishing: 1985.  ISBN: 0-8329-0393-0.  (VEGAN)

McDougall, Mary.  The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook.  Volume
Two.  New Win Publishing: 1986.  ISBN: 0-8329-0422-8.  (VEGAN)

Mateljan, George. Cooking Without Fat. 1992. Health Valley Foods.
ISBN: 0-9633608-0-9.

Mycoski, Pam. Butter Busters: The Cookbook. 1991. Butter Busters
Publishing. ISBN: 0-9633507-0-6.

Porter, Suzanne. Cholesterol, Keeping it Low: Microwave Pritikin-Style
Cooking. Hodder and Stoughton. 1986. ISBN: 0-340-414138.

Porter, Suzanne. It's Only Natural: No Added Sugar, Salt, Fats. Low
Cholesterol Cooking. Greenhouse Publications Pty Ltd. 1985. ISBN:

Porter, Suzanne. Simply Healthy. Greenhouse. 1985.

Prudhomme, Paul.  Chef Paul Prudhomme's Fork in the Road. William
Morrow and Company: 1993. ISBN: 0-688-12165-9.

Rose, Gloria.  Cooking for Good Health: Creative Recipes Without Added
Fat, Sugar, or Salt.  Avery Publishing: 1993. ISBN: 0-89529-577-6

Roth, Harriet.  Deliciously Low: The Gourmet guide to Low-Sodium,
Low-Fat, Low-cholesterol, Low-Sugar Cooking.  NAL/Dutton: 1984.  ISBN:

Roth, Harriet.  Deliciously Simple.  NAL/Dutton: 1988.  ISBN:

Sheats, Cliff.  Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies Cookbook. 1992. Summit
Group. ISBN: 1-56530-008-4.

Stafford, Julie. Complete Taste of Life. 1993. Charles Tuttle and
Company. ISBN: 0-8048-1843-6.

Stafford, Julie. Taste of Life. 1983. Greenhouse Publications.

Stafford, Julie. Taste of Life Cookbook. 1989. Australia In Print.
ISBN: 0-7328.0009-9.

Stafford, Julie. Taste of Life for Children. 1986. Greenhouse

Stafford, Julie. More Taste of Life. 1985. Greenhouse Publications.

Williams, Jacqueline B. & Silverman, Goldie.  No Salt No Sugar No Fat
Cookbook.  Bristol Publishing enterprises: 1982.  ISBN: 0-911954-65-1.

Williams, Marcia S.  More Healthy Cooking with No Apologies.  The
Crossing Press:  1991.  ISBN:  0-89594-453-7.

Williams, Marcia S.  The No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat, No Apologies
Cookbook:  Original Great Tasting Recipes Based on the Pritiken Diet.
The Crossing Press:  1986.  ISBN:  0-89594-208-9.

Yoneda, Soei.  The Heart of Zen Cuisine. 1982. Kodansha International.
ISBN: 0-87011-848-X  (VEGAN)


Kenney, James & Diane Grabowski.  The L.A. Diet. 1988. Contemporary
Books. ISBN: 0-8092-4710-0.

Kurzweil, Raymond. The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life. 1993. Crown.
ISBN: 0-517-59106-5.

McDougall, John A. & McDougall, Mary A.  The McDougall Plan.  New Win
Publishing: 1983. ISBN:  0-8329-0289-6.  (VEGAN)

McDougall, John.  The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health.
1990. Plume. ISBN: 0-452-26639-4. (VEGAN)

Ornish, Dean. Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease.
1990. Ballantine Books. ISBN: 0-345-37353-7. (VEGETARIAN)

Ornish, Dean. Eat More Weigh Less. 1993.  Due out in May '93. (VEGETARIAN)

Ornish, Dean. Stress, Diet & Your Heart.  1982. Signet. ISBN:
0-451-15853-9. (VEGAN + NONFAT YOGURT)

Pritikin, Nathan.  Diet for Runners. 1985. Simon & Schuster. ISBN:

Pritikin, Nathan.  The Pritikin Permanent Weight-Loss Manual. 1981.
Bantam Books. ISBN: 0-553-27420-1.

Pritikin, Nathan.  Pritikin Program for Diet & Exercise. Bantam Books:
1979. ISBN: 0-553-27192-X.

Pritikin, Nathan. The Pritikin Promise: 28 Days to a Longer, Healthier
Life. 1983. Pocket Books. ISBN: 0-671-73267-6.

Pritikin, Robert.  The New Pritikin Program. 1990. Pocket Books. ISBN:

Sheats, Cliff. Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies.

Whitaker, Julian. Reversing Heart Disease. 1985. Warner Books. ISBN:

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