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Chocolate Resources - Periodic Posting

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Archive-name: food/chocolate/resources/part1
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 3.0

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                     C H O C O L A T E   R E S O U R C E S


                                0. Administrivia
                                ONLINE RESOURCES

                                1. Web resources
                                2. E-mail resources

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 0. Administrivia
		This document is intended to provide resources for purchasing 
chocolate, or finding more information about it, as a separate addendum 
to the list of Frequently Asked Questions. It is by no 
means comprehensive. Additions or corrections are always welcome.
	This document was compiled from various sources by Monee Kidd 
<>. Questions, comments, queries, concerns, additions, 
corrections and/or deletions within any section should be directed to the 
author of that section (listed in the From: header). Flames should be 
directed to dev/null.
	The individual sections in this document are the sole property of 
the original author. This text, in whole or in part, may not be published 
in print, or sold in any medium, including, but not limited to, electronic 
or CD-ROM  without the explicit, written consent of each author.

Subject: 1. Web resources From: Dan Birchall <> URL: Last-modified: 11 Apr 1996 *** Chocolate Retailers on the Web Chocolate Retailers All these companies advertise chocolate through the World Wide Web. Many offer on-line ordering, and those that do not, at least list telephone numbers for ordering. Aardvarks Unlimited Dried fruits, mushrooms, chocolate-covered cherries. Absolutely Fabulous Chocolate Factory All sorts of chocolates. Ackerman's Fine Foods Bundt cakes, including white chocolate. American Gourmet Gift trays and Godiva chocolates. Ann Hemyng Candy Handmade chocolates, gifts, gift baskets. Bakers C&C, Inc. Cake decorating and chocolate making supplies. Belgian Chocolate House Imported Belgian chocolates and more. The Belgian Chocolate Shop Handmade imported Belgian chocolate products. First BCS listed here. The Belgian Chocolate Shop Belgian chocolate gift baskets. Ben and Jerry's Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Best of the Northwest Gourmet coffee, gourmet chocolate, biscotti. Blooming Candy Bouquetzzz Like floral arrangements, but with chocolate, not flowers. Brunberg Oy Candy and chocolates. Brunella Brazilian, written in Portuguese, but there's chocolate in there. Cadbury The well-known British chocolate maker. Cajun Country Candy Candies, fudges, chocolate nut clusters, snack mix. Candy Suite Sugar-free gourmet chocolates and candies. Casa De Fruta Fruits, nuts, chocolate-dipped fruits and nuts.English/Spanish. The Cheesecake Lady Cheesecakes, including <strong>chocolate chocolate</strong> chip. Cheryl's Cheesecakes Cheesecakes, including some chocolate flavors. ChocNet On-line chocolate ordering, for delivery in England. Chocoholics Divine Desserts Spreadable chocolate, including a fat-free, sugar-free kind. Chocolate Box of Switzerland Swiss chocolates. Chocolate Cravings Fine chocolates from around the world delivered each month. Chocolate Editions A chocolate manufacturer looking for retailers. The Chocolate Gallerie,jrfood,0 Chocolates, in boxes made of chocolate. Chocolate Gallery Personalized chocolates, novelties and gifts. Chocolate Indulgence Chocolates delivered monthly or according to your schedule. Chocolate Rampage "Paws" of chocolate, caramel and nuts. Chocolate Rose Long-stemmed chocolate roses. Watch those thorns! Chocolate Sin Manon Belgian chocolates. Chocolates by Mark Wedding favors and other chocolate products. Recipes. Chocolates By You Molds, supplies and classes for home chocolate-making. Cindy's Chocolate Body Paint Et El! Chocolate body paint and pizza. Clark Bar America, Inc. The folks who make Clark Bars and other chocolates. Colt's Chocolates Chocolate assortments. Founded by a former actress. Cooks of Swanton Handmade chocolates, truffles and pralines. Dana Ann's Gourmet Gift Baskets Gift baskets, including the chocolate "Mocha Lisa." Dawleen's Gifts Sweets including chocolate bites and turtles. Dial-A-Gift Gifts, including chocolate gifts. D.J. Enterprises Belgian chocolates and fine coffees. D. Roberts Gifts and bridal favors including chocolate-dipped spoons. Dreamy Desserts Cakes, including one called chocolate Ecstasy. Drew's Chocolates Fork-dipped chocolates for Bridges of Madison County fans. Edelweiss Chocolates Fine chocolates for movie stars and us net-folk too. Elegant Sweets Toffee, chocolate and biscotti. Elizabeth Botham & Sons Baked goods, including double chocolate biscuits. Enstrom Candies Almond and chocolate toffees. Esther Price Chocolates Various chocolate products and gifts. Ethel M Chocolates Gourmet chocolate products Fairytale Brownies Several flavors of brownies made with Belgian chocolate. Fancy Foods Gourmet Club Chocolate lace and other gourmet foods. Foley's Chocolate Factory Several different gift packs of chocolate available. Fudge and Candy Sweet One Fudge, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and more. Fudge-of-The-Month-Club Exactly what you'd think. Half the months are chocolate. Gayety's Chocolates Various chocolates, including a football. Really. Geldof Chocolatier Handcrafted Belgian chocolates. Gene & Boots Chocolates, fruit and nut clusters, fudge, and other candies. GiftNet Gifts, including some truffles and Godiva chocolates. Godiva Online Recipes, history, and chocolate from Godiva and Chocolatier magazine. Goodies by Goodman Gift baskets, many including chocolate. Green and Black's Organic chocolate grown with environmentally safe techniques. Grimaldi Chocolates Chocolate-covered potato chips. Guylian A chocolate manufacturer in Belgium. Four languages! Haven's Candies Handcrafted candies including a chocolate shaped like Maine. Hershey Hershey's chocolate products and historical information. Howse's Candy House Fudges, caramels and chocolates. Huckleberry Mountain Huckleberry bonbons and other chocolates. Icon Byte Bar and Grill How about a fruit, mint and chocolate burrito for dessert? Imagine-A-Basket Gift baskets, including one full of chocolates. The Irish Food and Gift Store Gifts and foods from Ireland, including handcrafted Lir chocolates. Jean & Charles Chocolate Chocolate products for fundraising efforts. English/French. Jinil au Chocolat Gift baskets and platters involving chocolates. Kamaaina's Best Hawaiian chocolates. Kandy Korner Shoppe Chocolates - some sugar-free and low-sodium, all Kosher. Kastle Chocolate Logos and pictures in chocolate. Koala Treats Gourmet candies and chocolates. Edible by humans too. Krema Nut Company Products and recipes involving nuts and chocolate. Lazy Dog Confections No-preservatives chocolates and other candies, made to order. Leonidas Chocolates Imported Belgian chocolate. Long Grove Confectionery Various chocolates, including many novelty items. Low Country Candies Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates, among others. MacFarms Macadamia nuts, some covered in chocolate. Mars Fundraising Various chocolate products for fundraising efforts. Marshall's Fudge No-preservatives fudge, chocolate almond bark and other sweets. Marvin's Candy Kitchen Hand-dipped chocolates, logos and novelties. Medici Chocolate elephant heads. Yes, really! Mendocino Chocolate Company Handmade truffles and other chocolate products. Menehune Mac Hawaii's oldest macadamia nut chocolate maker. QuickTime movies. M&M's Chocolate Mini Baking Bits Information on M&M's chocolate products, free recipes, more. Musil Chocolate Maker, Inc Austrian and Italian chocolates. Myers Gourmet Popcorn Flavored popcorn, including chocolate covered popcorn. Nicole's Roses Milk chocolate roses. Northwest Candy Emporium Peanut butter brittle hand-dipped in chocolate. Old Kentucky Candies Various chocolates and sweets. Many contain Bourbon. Omni International Nine-day tours of Mexico focusing on chocolate. hOver The Moon ttp:// Belgian chocolates. Measured in metric. Pacific Gift Service Cakes, chocolates and other gifts delivered in India. R.M. Palmer Company A variety of chocolate novelties. Pennsylvania Dutch Marketplace Pennsylvanian gifts, including Hershey's chocolate. Peterbrooke Chocolatier Hand-dipped chocolates, including popcorn. Peterson Enterprises Chocolates and all sorts of other sweets. Pink Moment Sweets Chef-created French-style chocolates. Some unusual pieces. Plainwrapped Chocolates Various chocolates based on anatomical parts. Promotion in Motion Various promotional products, some chocolate. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Handmade chocolate. Listed here before the other RMCF. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Toffee, chocolates, truffles, mints and cocoas. Sand Mountain Candy Candy and chocolate containing little, if any, sugar. Sheffield Pecan Company Pecans, including chocolate-coated ones. Sheldon Mathews Chocolates Pralines and chocolate truffles. Something Special Canadian products including Saskatoon Berry chocolates. Sonoma Valley Cheesecakes Various chocolate flavors, including Triple Chocolate. Speach Candy Company Inc Chocolate-covered potato chips and pretzels. Springs of Life Sugar-free chocolates and candies. Stephany's Chocolates Chocolate products and gifts, made at high altitudes. Sugarbush Gourmet Gift Baskets Gift baskets, some including chocolates. Sunnyland Farms Pecans, including chocolate-covered ones. Sweet Enchantment Gift boxes of chocolate truffles and other sweets. Sweet Seduction Various chocolates and candies from around the world. Sweeties Fudge Fudges, including chocolate flavors. Swiss Connection Swiss chocolates and related products. Taste Unlimited King's Cupboard chocolate sauces and other foods. Tropical Temptations Macadamia nuts and coffee beans, covered in chocolate. 1-800-Truffles Chocolate truffles, some sugar-free. Truffle-of-the-month club. Turbo Truffle Hotline Chocolate truffles with extra caffeine added? The Ultimate Truffle Ltd. Truffles made of European chocolate. 1-800-USA-GIFT Flowers, balloons and gift baskets, some with chocolate. Wisconsin Dells Candy Stores Brittles, caramels, chocolates and fudge. Other Chocolate Resources The Brewery Recipes for specialty beers, some containing chocolate. Burlington, Wisconsin Chocolate Festival An annual chocolate festival in the home of Nestles. Chocolate House A Japanese-only chocolate page. English version in the works. Cloister's Chocolate Review Page Reviews of various chocolate substances and products. Cocktail Magazine What do you get if you mix chocolate and alcohol? Food and Drink Consumer Survey A survey being conducted by the University of Maine. Food TV Recipes from TV, some including chocolate. Sven Geier's Chocolate Recipes A lengthy list of chocolate recipes, even one for Passover. Gourmet's Guide to Chocolate Milk in the Lehigh Valley Information on chocolate milk in northeastern Pennsylvania. I Need My Chocolate Shellie Holubek's page of links to chocolate information. International Ingredient Corporation Products include milk chocolate feed for pigs and cows. Honest! Interesting Thoughts Interesting thoughts on chocolate, blood and other topics. Lang-Senders A broker representing chocolate and candy manufacturers. Learning Lane Educational videos on making gourmet chocolate dishes. Mimi's Cyber Kitchen Info on foods, including chocolate, desserts and sweets. Eric Postpischil's Favorite Shops Eric's favorite chocolate shops in the Boston area. Randy's Candy & Confectionery Manufacturing Page Tons of interesting info about the chocolate business. Sex Vs. Chocolate Top 20 reasons why chocolate is better than sex. University of Western Australia Chocoholics Club One of the largest student organizations at UWA - of course! WVEC TV-13's Chocolate Savvy Tips Tips on purchasing and storing chocolate.
Subject: 2. E-mail resources From: Monee Kidd <> Last-modified: 6 Jan 1996 Chocolate Mailing List A nice, quiet place to discuss chocolate, free of all the background noise found elsewhere. To subscribe, send e-mail to with no subject line and "subscribe chocolate" (without quotes) in the body of the message. The ChocolateArchives via More recipes than you can shake a stick at! Each month, all the chocolate recipes posted to newsgroups and mailing lists around the net are compiled, formatted into MasterCook format and posted as a complete archive. To subscribe, send email to with the line 'subscribe choco' (without quotes) in the body of the message. _Chocolatier_ Magazine You can order _Chocolatier_ Magazine via e-mail. Subscriptions are $19.95/yr (add $6.00 overseas). Send your snail mail address for more info.
Subject: 3. Regular mail resources From: Last-modified: 11 May 1996 NOTE: If you're interested in maintaining this section, mail Bernard Callebaut Chocolates based in Calgary, Canada, recently opened their first US branch, in Seattle. 1-800-661-8367 (206) 822-8889 (in Seattle) Excellent Belgian chocolate; try some of their assorted chocolates At Christmas, ask for a box of their chocolate-covered cherries Belgian Chocolate Shop and European Chocolatier 800-603-2649 Belgian Chocolatier Piron 509 Main Street Evanston, IL 60202 (708) 864-5504 Chocolates and More 15203 Southwest Freeway Sugarland, TX 77478 Voice: (713) 565-5656 Fax: (713) 565-1616 Neuhaus, Leonidas, etc. Friendly service, overnight shipping Divine Delights (800) 443-2836. 24 Digital Dr. #10, Novato, CA 94949. Chocolate truffles, cakes, petit fours and stollen made in Northern Ca. Fran's Chocolates 800-422-3726 Maker of Frans Gold Bar, a rich chocolate bar with almonds and caramel. Many other chocolate bars and sauces available. Green Mountain Chocolate Company RD2, Box 1447, Route 100 Waterbury, VT 05676; 802-244-8356. Chocolate truffles perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet, with creamy, intensely rich centers. Albert Kumin, former White House pastry chef, is president of the company. MC, VISA accepted. Guittard Chocolates 800-468-2462 Leonidas 485 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 Tel 212/980-2608 - Fax 212/980-2609 Mail Order: 1-800-900-CHOC ships anywhere in the US with FedEx. Imported from Belgium on a weekly bases to guarantee freshness, retails bulk in US at $19 per lb. Perugina Chocolates 520 Madison Avenue at 54th St, New York, NY 10022. Inquiries go to (201)587-8080 mail-order them at (800) 272-0500. "Baci" chocolates, etc. Pink Whale Chocolatiers P. O. Box 1247 Pacifica, CA 94044 1 800 239 8102 Wonderful, hand-dipped chocolate from the San Francisco Bay Area. They have monthly specials (like truffles in a moon shaped chocolate "box", and the most incredible fillings in their assortments. All original, all handmade. The best. * Sparrow Enterprises, Ltd. 59 Waters Avenue Everett, MA 02149 Voice: 800-783-4116 or 617-389-4115 Fax: 617-387-2897 Distributor of Valrhona couverture and retail-package lines. Also Cote D'Or retail products. Very low prices. Approx. three kilogram minimum. COD, but no credit cards. Excellent service; friendly folks. Zingermans Deli (313)769-1625 Valrhona, box of 60 chocolates, $45 US; Neuhaus, box of 8, $15 US; Caffe Tasse, bite sized squares of Belgian chocolate infused with dark roasted Arabica coffee, 10.6 oz. crate, $25 US
Subject: 4. Cookbooks From: <> Last-modified: 6 Jan 1996 _365 Great Chocolate Desserts_ by Natalie Haughton. (Harper Collins 1991) A whole year of chocolate desserts! What more could you ask for? The recipes here are designed for the busy, working woman, so they are relatively simple and inexpensive to prepare. _Chocolate Classics_ by Barbara Grunes and Phyllis Magida. (Contempo Books 1993) This is a small book that contains recipes on a variety of levels of difficulty, along with some of the history and folklore surrounding chocolate. _Cocolat_ by Alice Medrich. (Warner Books 1990) Named for the decadent chocolate restaurants in Berkley, California, and elsewhere, this book will remind you why cooking is often times referred to as 'culinary art'. The recipes in this book require a master's touch, but if you can create these confections, your guests and family will love you for days. _Death by Chocolate_ by Marcel Desaulniers. (Kenan Books 1992) Straight from the famous Trellis Restaurant to your kitchen, this book contains finished products that could be works of art. A variety of skill levels are required, and tips from the chef accompany each recipe. _Mrs Fields' I Love Chocolate Cookbook_ by Debbi Fields. (Time-Life Books 1994) Another cookbook for the working mother, filled with treats to delight children and grownups alike.
Subject: 5. Other books From: <> Last-modified: 6 Jan 1996 _Chocolate: The Consuming Passion_ by Sandra Boynton. (Workman Publishing, New York, 1982) Ms. Boynton is an illustrator whose greeting cards are ubiquitous. This is a light-hearted book for and about chocolate, though it does cover the basics like how chocolate is made and what the differences are between various flavors of chocolate. _Chocolatier_ This isn't a book, but a magazine - new chocolate information every month! Each issue has recipes in it, as well as tips and other tidbits of interest to the chocoholic. A year's subscription can be had for $19.95 (add $6.00 overseas) and can be requested at: Chocolatier Magazine; Dept A92; P.O. Box 333; Mt. Morris, IL 61054 - or if you're too anxious to wait for snail-mail, send your request off to

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