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Firesign Theatre: Introduction and Table of Contents, Part 3/3

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Archive-name: firesign-theatre/intro/part3
Last-modified: 1994/8/30
Version: 2.0

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1.3)  References

1.3.1) Interviews, by interviewer

David Reitman,   Rock Magazine
Tony Vellela,    Go Magazine
Michael Ross,    Creme
Ernest Leogrand, N.Y. Daily News
John Carpenter   L.A. Free Press
    --           San Diego Door
Richard Hill,    Rolling Stone
Terry Gross      "Fresh Air" Radio Show Interview, 17 Nov, 1993
			  (inquire at FRESHAIR@HSLC.ORG)
Peter Stenshoel and Jay Kinney  Gnosis issue 32 (summer 94) 
                 "Audio Magicians" 
Steve Allen      Nat'l Public Radio Interview "Back From the
                 Shadows Again" 1993

New York Times, May 3 1993: a review of the '93 Seattle reunion show
LA Times,       Nov 20. 1993: Calendar Section: Interview w/ FT.

1.3.2) Literary References/Background



     THE ROLLING STONE RECORD GUIDE, ed. D.Marsh and J.Swenson
      Random House/Rolling Stone Press, 1979, ISBN 0-394-73535-8
     and THE NEW ROLLING STONE RECORD GUIDE, ed. D.Marsh and J.Swenson 
      Random House/Rolling Stone Press, 1983, ISBN 0-394-72107-1

Samuel Becket:
  Waiting for Godot -- "Waiting for the Electrician"
  Krapp's Last Tape -- "Dont Crush that Dwarf"

James Joyce:
  Ulysses -- Molly Bloom's Soliloquy in {TWO PLACES}

Isaac Asimov:
  I, Robot -- Robot's Rules of Order in {BOZOS}

William Shakespeare:
  Twelfth Night
  As You Like it

William S. Boroughs:
  The Naked Lunch -- "Returned for Regrooving"

The Bible, Book of Revelations -- "Roller Maidens from Outer Space"

Book of the Hopi, (Published 1963)
Hopi/Moqui Indian Folklore & Mythology -- "Temporarily Humboldt County"
Ghost Dance religion -- James Mooney, "The Ghost Dance Religion and the 
Sioux Uprising of 1890" (Univ. of Chicago). Referred to in {ITNWYOYO}, 
and mentioned elsewhere in the canon.

TOPS-10 SAILON LISP Programmer's Manual -- "Dr. Memory"

"If At All Possible, Involve A Cow": A history of college pranks. 
Documents the USC mascot in the 40's, a dog by the name of George Leroy 
{TIREBITER} (see the Lexicon)!


"The World of Tomorrow"
  An excellent documentary on the 1939 World's Fair, one of the 
  motivations for the "Future Fair" on {BOZOS}. With Jason Robarts
  as the Narrator.

1.3.3) Other References

Albums with FT references:

  Antelope Freeway (Howard Roberts, homage) Impulse AS-9207

  Zachariah (movie soundtrack)              ABC     ABCS-OC-13

  25 Years of Recorded Comedy Warner Bros. 3BX 3131
        (Three-record set, includes High School Madness, 6:42)

   THE ASTROLOGY ALBUM(Columbia - CS 9489) (Writing and
         narration by Austin. Also features Gary Usher & Ron
         Budnick.  1966?  1968?)

    A CHILD'S GARDEN OF GRASS(Elektra - EKS 75012) (Peter
         wrote and performed "The Dirty Dog".  It is also
         rumored that other FT members appear on this lp. 1971)

    OF CABBAGES AND KINGS by Chad & Jeremy(Columbia CS 9471)
        (FT wrote bits and is featured on "The Progress Suite"

         OF THE WORLD(Passport - PB 6018)(Proctor featured on
         "Jane Fonda Speaks Out"  1982)

         (RCA - APL1 1066) (Yes, THAT David Cassidy.  Phil
         Austin wrote and is featured on "Massacre at Park
         Bench",  1975)

    THE ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS(Columbia CS 9792) (Inner newspaper
         parody written by FT

TV Shows which have made FT references:

  Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K)
  Space Ghost Coast to Coast (cartoon)
  The Real Ghostbusters (cartoon)

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