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Big Folks Organizations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Organizations for Big Folks 

This document contains information about organizations that support
size-acceptance or exist specifically for fat people. If you don't find
what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs (see 
question B1 for a complete list).

Updated May 01


SECTION A: FAQ about organizations that promote size-acceptance or exist
           specifically for fat people
A1)	What organizations are there in Australia?
A2)	What organizations are there in Canada?
A3)	What organizations are there in Europe?
A4)	What organizations are there in New Zealand?
A5)	What organizations are there in the U.K.?
A6)	What organizations are there in the U.S.?

SECTION B: Information about this FAQ
B1)	Are there other related FAQs?
B2)	Posting information
B3)	Contributors


SECTION A: FAQ about organizations that promote size-acceptance or exist
           specifically for fat people

A1)	What organizations are there in Australia?

	Web site:

	Contact: Shazz 
	25 Settlers Crescent 
	Bligh Park  NSW  2756 Australia
	Phone: 61 2 4574 1181
	Australian Resources and Activism. No membership fee.

Women At Large
	Contact: Kathy Sandow 
	12 Chancery Ln
	Hawthorndene, SA  5051
	Phone: 278-6499 (ask the operator for the country and area codes)
	Size rights activist group


A2)	What organizations are there in Canada?

Canada WYDE -- The Canadian Association for Size Acceptance
        PO Box 511-99 Dalhousie St.
        Toronto, Ontario M5B 2N2
        Phone: (416) 861-0217
        Web site:
	Non-profit charity. "CASA is the Spanish and Italian word for
	house. Size acceptance begins at and within the home."
	Magazine, social events, phone counselling by Helena Spring, RN,
	marketplace info. Helena Spring is also the NAAFA Eastern Canada
	coordinator. CW is planning an INDD celebration in Toronto. 

Deesses Montreal (Montreal Goddess Collective)
	Contact: Anuska Garcia 
	Bilingual support/resource group for larger women in the greater
	Montreal area.

Hugs International, Inc.
	Linda Omichinsky, RD
	Box 102 A, RR #3
	Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada R1N 3A3
	Work Phone: (204) 428-3432             
	Home Phone: (204) 428-3432
	International organization with 30 licensees in North America.
	Non-diet workshops, newsletter, video. Linda Omichinsky is
	Canada coordinator for International No Diet Day.


A3)	What organizations are there in Europe?

Allegro Fortissimo
	26, Rue de la Vega
	75012 Paris, France
	Phone (from the U.S.): 011-3345-405-52-00
	Organization whose goals include bringing better health care,
	more equitable employment, and better understanding towards
	large persons. Members have weekly support meetings, exercise
	and performance art classes, and more. They also have a line of
	clothing: Allegro Fortissimo Plus in sizes 14W-40W. 

Bond van Formaat (Society of Size)
	Postbus 10145
	1301 AC Almere
	tel: 036-5366975
	The Society of Size is based on the size-acceptance activities
	of NAAFA. It was founded in 1994. The main goals of the Society
	of Size are helping fat people to gain self-acceptance and
	self-confidence; helping other people to understand
	fat-acceptance, i.e., removing the prejuces many people have
	about fat people; and protesting the weight-loss industry. They
	publish a newsletter in Dutch. 


A4)	What organizations are there in New Zealand?

Size Up Wise Up (14/16 Proportions Plus)
	Cathy M Baker
	Managing Director
	Fashion and Interior Design College of New Zealand
	PO Box 539
	Phone: (03) 365-1578
	Phone: (03) 379-2310
	Yearly campaign subscription is $NZ25, $NZ10 for students,
	superannuitants, and solo mothers.
	National support/pressure group for changing public perception
	of women's sizes and for girls and women wanting more choice
	and style when purchasing clothes over size 14.

Women Unlimited ... by size or diets
	PO Box 16143
	Wellington South
	Celia James 
	Shell Hancox 
	Phone: (04) 380-8066 
	Email: or 
	Their aims are to promote size-acceptance in women encompassing
	all body shapes and sizes, to lobby government and other
	organizations, to promote education in the community. They
	publish a newsletter. 


A5)	What organizations are there in the U.K.?

I know of no organizations in the UK currently. If you know of some,
write me (see bottom of page for email address) with contact info.


A6)	What organizations are there in the U.S.?

	P.O. Box 77665 San Francisco, CA 94107 
	Phone: (415) 436-0212 
	Web site:
	About-Face, formerly the Stop Starvation Imagery Campaign, is a
	San Francisco based group dedicated to combating negative and
	distorted images of women.

	Cheri Erdman
	P.O. Box 252 
	Downers Grove, IL 60515 
	Holds body-acceptance retreats for women. The next retreat will
	be June 12-14, 1998. Write to join mailing list. 

Affiliated Bigmens Clubs, Inc.
	Affiliated Bigmens Clubs
	584 Castro St. Suite 139
	San Francisco, CA 94114
	Clearinghouse for clubs for chubby gay men and their admirers. 

Ample Images club
	Web site:
	Social club for Big Beautiful Women (BBW's) and their admirers.
	Hosts house parties in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

Ample Opportunity
	Nancy Barron, PhD
	PO Box 40621
	Portland OR  97240-0621
	Phone: (503) 452-2542 (work phone), 503-245-1524
	Currently on hiatus.

Anvil Dungeon International
	P.O. Box 347024
	Atlanta, GA 30334
	Phone: (404) 228-3827
	Pansexual support group that focuses on BDSM in the size
	acceptance community. Seminars, parties, roundtables and
	networking. Has email list and dalNET chat channel,
	#bbw-anvildungeon. Has two conventions yearly, usually in
	Atlanta, in March and October. 

BBW/BHM/FA Organization
	Web site:
	Search engine, web rings, singles message board, information
	message board

	Offers social events, chat room (BBWsRock at,
	and mailing list

Big Boogie Nights
	Web site:
	Every third Saturday, Main Street Tavern, 501 Main Street. 
	Brings BBW, BHM and admirers together for socializing and
	dancing. Main Street Tavern is closed to the public for Big
	Boogie Nights events. Main Street Tavern has a bar, dance floor,
	two pool tables and smoking/cigar room adjacent to the club.
	Price per person $15.00 includes upscale appetizers and DJ.
	Prizes, giveaways and contests. 

The Big Difference 
	Pamela Lynn
	PO Box 66656
	Los Angeles, CA  90066
	Phone: (562) 984-8825
     	Web site:
	They put on monthly dances in the LA area.

Big Celebrations Dance by Double Trouble Productions 
	Phone: (510)581-2446
	Web site:
	SF Bay Area dances for Large Men and Women and their admirers.
	Cost: $20 includes 2 drinks and appetizers.

Big Options  
	Lora White
	Birmingham, AL
	Phone: 205-520-9468  
	Newsletter with lots of information about organizations, reading
	materials, tapes, clothing stores. 

Big Sensations dances
	Best Western Hotel
	477 Totton Pond Rd.
	Waltham, MA 
	Big Sensations Hotline 617-893-1985 
	The dances are approximtly every 3 weeks, with around 150 to 200
	people. The only requirment to attend is that you be non-judgemental
	of others in all aspects including but not limited to size, race and
	sexual persuation. 

Body Image Task Force 
	PO Box 360196
	Melbourne, FL  32936-0196
	Web Page:
	Web site offers size acceptance pamphlets and a size acceptance

Boston Area Fat Liberation (BAFL)
	PO Box 308
	Kendall Square
	Cambridge, MA  02142
	Phone: (617) 661-8111

	Web site:
	Non-profit organization that promotes size and fat acceptance by
	providing a positive environment for people of size/fat and
	their admirers. Web site provides list of organizations and
	events throughout the U.S.

The Council On Size and Weight Discrimination
	Miriam Berg
	PO Box 305
	Mt Marion NY  12456
	Phone: (914) 679-1209 (work phone)
	Fax: (914) 679-1209       
	Special projects to influence public policy and opinion and end
	oppression based on discriminatory standards of body weight,
	size and shape. Project management in areas such as media,
	accessibility issues, medical and weight technology, body image.
	Presented at NIH panel in '92, at which official statement was
	released that weight-loss diets don't work. Directors include
	Miriam Berg (President), Neil and Paula Dachis, William J.
	Fabrey, Carrie Hemenway, Lynn Mcafee, and Nancy Summer. 

Capitol NAAFA
	P. O. Box A 
	McLean, VA 22101
	Phone: 703-912-1646 
	Washington, DC chapter of NAAFA. 

Diet/Weight Liberation
	Terry Nicholetti Garrison
	Annabel Taylor Hall, Cornell Univ
	Ithaca NY  14853
	Phone: (607) 257-0563 (work phone)
	Non-profit self-help group associated with Cornell University.
	Sponsors local Fed Up groups. Works to establish a program to
	train high-school girls to teach size-acceptance workshops to
	their peers. 

Double XX Riders
	3256 West Country Road 72
	Fort Collins, CO  80524
	Small organization of full-figured horse riders dedicated to
	helping other full-figured riders. Monthly newsletter offers
	tips on clothes and tack that fit, hints, and moral support. For
	info and copy of newsletter, send large SASE. 

FAT Advocates Network (FAN)
	Phone 831-425-4413
	Organization providing health care advocates to fat people.

Fat and Terrific
	Avery & Teresa Colter    
	Phone: (510) 671-8024           
	Fax: (510) 671-6959
	Web site:
	Group located in the San Francisco Bay Area that has activities
	every third saturday for FAT people and admirers/supporters.
	Publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and post our activities on our
	webpage. Email for sample newsletter.

Fat is a Lesbian Issue
	Shira Stone and Gail Horowitz
	225-C King St.
	Princeton, NJ  08540
	Phone: (609) 924-9321
	Support group for fat lesbians. Public education and political
	action. Publishes newsletter called "Nothing to Lose." Meets
	monthly at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in

Fed Up
	Los Angeles based activist organization interested in securing a
	better, more dignified life for fat persons, involving every
	aspect of life where persons of size find difficulty being
	accepted or accommodated. Provides support meetings to discuss
	activities, bolster self-confidence, and create an atmosphere of
	solidarity. FED UP is a complement to fat-acceptance
	organizations, particularly NAAFA, in achieving mutually
	desirable goals.

FLAB (Fat Lesbian Action Brigade)
	New York-based activist group fighting for visibility of fat
	lesbians in the queer community, in the fat-acceptance movement,
	and in the world at large. Contact them through Fat Is a Lesbian
	Issue (see above).

Full Bloom Women 
	Contact Susan (Sussy) Brown at
	Web site:
	Group for fat women of all sexualites(les/bi/straight) and all
	sizes of large who are on the path towards self-acceptance.  We
	meet together as women to share support, have fun, network, put
	forth a public size acceptance message, and change the world. 
	Discussions in the Philadelphia area on the 4th Sunday of every
	month at 4pm. Following each discussion we will go out to

Generous Proportions 
	PO Box 5631
	Hyattsville, MD 20782
	Phone: (703) 379-0745
	Fledgling organization dedicated to sponsorship of social,
	recreational, and community service activities for large sized
	individuals and their admirers in the Washington DC area.
	Seeking help in planning and coordination of activities as well
	as some feedback on the kind of events you would like to attend
	and what you would be willing to pay. 

Girth and Mirth 
	Group for fat gay men and their allies with sixteen chapters
	worldwide (10 in the U.S. and 6 elsewhere). For info about the
	Atlanta chapter, call (770) 254-0997 or email

The Goddesses
	Nancy Esposito
	PO Box 1008 J A F Station
	New York, NY  10116
	Work Phone:  718-456-9119             
	Home Phone:  718-789-3894
	Social club for fat people and their admirers meets twice a
	month, hosts large-size fashion shows and lingerie parties.
	Publishes newsletter with articles on activism and personal ads.

International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) 
	P.O. Box 82126
	Austin, Texas 78758
	Dues $20/year (includes newsletter), $5 for students
	Email for ISAA flyer (PDF file or paper)
	"Promote size acceptance and help end size discrimination through 
	advocacy and visible, lawful actions."

In a BIG Way: 
	Twin Cities (Minnesota) organization for large size individuals
	and their supporters, admirers and allies of all sizes. Promotes
	self esteem through social interaction. All events are open to
	the public. You can post a profile on their web site. They also
	offer a BBW personals board.

	Puts on events in Baton Route.

Large Encounters, Inc.
	PO Box 364
	Island Park, NY 11558-0364
	Phone: 516-593-6900; 212-479-7999
	Web site:
	Lingerie catalog: $6
	Singles parties in NY, NJ, CT for BBWs and gentlemen admirers.
	Personals newsletter. 

Largesse: The Network for Size Esteem
	Karen and Richard Stimson, co-directors
	PO Box 9404
	New Haven, CT  06460-0404
	Phone/Fax: (203) 787-1624, weekdays noon to 8pm EST 
	Web site for International No Diet Day:
	Internationally-recognized information clearinghouse, founded
	in 1983. Maintains a resource database, archive dating back to
	early 1970s, and connections to size-rights and anti-diet
	activists around the world. Not a membership organization.
	Provides open access to information. Publishes newsletter,
	bulletins, action alerts, etc. Largesse is the clearinghouse for
	information regarding International No Diet Day. 

Largely Positive, Inc.
	Carol A. Johnson, MA, President
	PO Box 17223
	Glendale WI  53217
	Support group to help build self-esteem, promote size acceptance
	and discourage dieting in favor of healthy, low-fat eating and
	regular exercise. Meets at health-care facilities in Milwaukee
	and Chicago. Publishes quarterly newsletter _On a Positive
	Note_. Carol Johnson is the author of a book called _Self-Esteem
	Comes in All Sizes_.

LFAN (Lesbian Fat Activist Network) 
	Laura Tisoncik
	PO Box 635
	Woodstock, NY  12498
	Phone: (914) 679-9019
	Special Interest Group (SIG) of NAAFA for size-friendly lesbians
	of all sizes. They produce a monthly newsletter. To join and
	get the newsletter, send $20 ($5-$10 low income).

LIAHO (Let It All Hang Out)
	Marilyn Kalman
	45 Polk 2nd Floor
	San Francisco CA  94102
	Phone: 415-285-1340
	Produces annual Let It All Hang Out Day in June in San Francisco
	and other public fat-positive celebrations. Protests fat-phobic
	incidents. Formed in response to a fat-phobic letter written to
	a local paper. 

Livin' and Lovin' Large 
	P.O. BOX 8295
	FT. Wayne, IN 46898-8295
	Phone: (219) 424-5519
	Web site: HTTP://
	For big beautiful women and their admirers. Newsletter. 900#
	personals. Sponsors parties.

Living Large
	South Florida
	Phone: (800) 527-4075
	Dances for large people and their admirers.

Lovin' Plenty
	3420 N. Elizabeth, Suite 107
	Pueblo, CO  81008
	Phone: (800) 860-1000 Extension 909765
	Dances and support groups for large people in Colorado. 

Los Angeles/Long Beach Fat Girl Rap Group
	Phone: (310) 428-3217

Mad About More
	On-going event in the greater Miami area for BBWs and their
	admirers to get together.

Making Waves 
	Phone: (510) 524-6470 
	Swims for fat women (200 pounds or more) in Oakland, California.
	Sundays 11am-1pm at the Albany High School pool. First Sunday of
	the month is open to fat-friendly women of all sizes. Sliding
	scale $6-$8.

Midwest XXXtras
	Kansas City
	Phone: Linda at 816-483-5498
	       Cheryl at 816-765-9823

	Ronda Wood
	9302 Valley View Ave
	Whittier Ca  90602
	Phone: (310) 693-1844 (work phone), (310) 398-0168
	Social club and dating service for fat people and their admirers
	in southern California.

NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance)
	PO Box 188620
	Sacramento, CA 95818
	Phone: (916) 558-6880, (800) 422-1214
	Fax: (916) 558-6881
	(use subject line: send naafa-info)
	Web site:
	NAAFA is the most famous US-based fat-acceptance organization.
	Single membership is $35.00 per year; ask about rates for
	couples and other special categories. Benefits include the
	bimonthly _NAAFA Newsletter_, book-order service, information on
	local chapters, conventions, dating service, many special
	interest groups (SIGS): Big Men's Forum, Couples SIG, Diabetic
	SIG, Feminist Caucus, Lavender SIG, Lesbian Fat Activist
	Network, Mental Health Professionals SIG, Military Issues SIG,
	Mid-Size SIG, Parents and Caregivers of Fat Children SIG,
	Singles SIG, Sleep Apnea SIG, Super SIG, Teen/Youth SIG, Weight
	Loss Surgery Survivors SIG, Young Adult SIG. Support group,
	educational organization, social group, and organization to
	promote rights and fair treatment. The book service has a
	comprehensive list of fat-positive books, publications, and
	See also individual chapter and SIG listings in this FAQ.

NAAFA Eastern Canadian Area 
	Helena Spring, Facilitator (see listing for Canada Wyde)

NAAFA Fat Activist Task Force (FATF) 
	Activism on size-acceptance issues. Quarterly Task Force alerts
	let the NAAFA members know of groups deserving praise or
	protest. Please send alerts to Jody Abrams via email, or snail
	mail (66 Winchester Street, Unit (401), Brookline, MA 02146) any
	alerts that you feel need posting. Targets for the alerts can
	either be positive or negative.  Sample targets include:
	Television shows which depict fat characters positively and
	negatively, advertisements which insult or enhance fat people's
	self-image, articles or ads etc.... If you wish to join the
	FATF, contact NAAFA at (916) 558-6880.

NAAFA Feminist SIG
	Lynn Meletiche
	2065 First Ave. #19-D, Dept. RM
	New York, NY  10029
	Phone: (212) 721-8259
	They sell large-size hospital gowns (allow 4-6 weeks for

NAAFA Fat Feminist Caucus
	Judy Freespirit (Judith L. Ackerman) -- new coordinator
	407 Orange St. #101 Oakland, CA 94610
	Puts on annual East and West Coast Fat Women's Gatherings (among
	other things). Publishes newsletter. To receive a newsletter and
	information on the Caucus, email your postal address. If you
	were previously a member of the Caucus and haven't moved in the
	meantime you will get a newsletter automatically.

NAAFA Inland Empire (California) chapter 

NAAFA Michigan Chapter
	Web site:

NAAFA New England Chapter (NEC-NAAFA)
	c/o Michelle Hahn
	PO Box 65
	Andover, MA 01810
	Web site:

NAAFA San Francisco Bay Area 
	Phone: 510-524-6470

NAAFA South Jersey Chapter
	Web site:
NAAFA Super Sig
	Sherry Collins-Eckert
	POB 25083
	St. Louis, MO 63125-0083
	Fax: 314-351-1073 
	Web site:
	Dues are $17.50 ($22.50 Canada, $25 other foreign). 
	NAAFA special interest group for women size 48 or larger.
	Publishes SUPERWOMAN, a quarterly newsletter compiling
	information on confidential surveys sent yearly to members. 
	(Men can subscribe to Superwoman.) Sponsors events.

NAAFA Way Out West (Oregon) Chapter
	Phone: 503 261-9222

NAAFA Washington state chapter (WSC-NAAFA)
	PO Box 24851
	Seattle, WA 98124-0851
	Phone: (206) 781-3529 (voice mail)
	Web site:

NOLOSE (National Organization for Lesbians Of SizE)
	245 Eighth Ave. # 107
	New York, NY 10011
	Phone: (201) 843 4629
	Web site:
	Membership $20 annually (scholarships/work exchange available)
	Publishes newsletter. Sponsors a national conference for
	lesbians of size and allies. Runs, a book service
	offering titles of interest to Fat Lesbian community, titles
	from publishers such as Spinsters Ink, Naiad Press and
	Firebrand, and a forum for fat lesbian artists (published
	writers as well as self-published writers and craftwomen).
	Net proceeds go to the Financial Aid Fund of NOLOSE.  

National Organization for Women (NOW)
	1000 16th St. NW
	Washington, DC  20036
	Phone: (202) 331-0066
	They have a task force working against the diet industry.

Overcoming Overeating
	Jane Hirschmann, Carol Munter, directors
	315 West 86th St., Suite 17B
	New York, NY  10024-3180
	Phone: (212) 875-0442
	Fax: (212) 874-6596
	Education and training organization founded in 1989. Works to
	end body hatred and dieting. They have an email list, oo-group.
	To join, send email to either of the addresses listed above
	asking to be added to oo-group. (If they tell you a better
	address to send list requests to, please let me know.) 
	UPDATE Jan 97: The Overcoming Overeating Newsletter is no longer
	being published.

Overcoming Overeating, Chicago Center
	Judith Matz, LCSW and Carol Coven Grannick, Directors
	PO Box 48
	Deerfield IL  60015
	Phone: (708) 853-1200
	Chicago affiliate of national center for Overcoming Overeating. 

People of Size Social Club
	P.O. Box 555
	Winnsboro, TX  75494

Potbelly Cycling Association
	45 Munson Road
	Pleasantville, NY 10570
	For folks with potbellies and any interest in cycling. Folks
	without potbellies can join, but are only granted "Athletic
	Supporter" membership. (You may have noticed that it's an
	organization including jokes and mirth.) Membership for a year,
	including certificate and four newsletters, costs $25 US.   

Project Legislation 2000
	c/o Rump Parliament Magazine
	PO Box 181716
	Dallas, TX  75218
	Phone: (214) 275-4449
	Web site:
	Grass-roots political group working on adding the words "size or
	weight" to existing federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

Rubenesque Dances
	2907 SW 20th Terrace
	Delray Beach, FL  33445
	Phone: (305) 832-2501
	Monthly (or so) dances for fat people and their admirers.

SAFE - Size Acceptance for Empowerment 
	Formerly Beach Cities ISAA, which was later known as Livin
	Large. Most events are in Los Angeles or Orange County, CA.
	Sponsors fat accepting swims for men and women; fat women's
	support group; annual retreat for women. Not for profit. 

San Jose Independents
	Email: Mark.Evans@VTA.Org
	New Silicon Valley (California) social group for fat men and
	women and their admirers.

	Seattle, Washington
	Web site:
	SeaFATtle is a group for support, activism and fun, for all women of
	size. New mailing list for Friends of SeaFATtle. To join, send a
	message to, with the word
	"subscribe" in the body of the message (minus quotation marks). 

Size Acceptance Movement (S.A.M.)
	Chicago, Illinois
	Phone: (414) 877-9434
	Email: Linda ( or Dixie (
	Social organization that also performs local activism.
	Affiliated with ISAA.

Southern California Size Acceptance Coalition (SCSAC)
	PO Box 500293
	San Diego, CA  92150-0293
	Phone: (619) 496-3317
	Email: (this is not a typo)
	Works to create fat-positive community, to educate people about
	issues around fat people, and to advocate for fat people. 

Theater Workshop for Fat Women
	4 Big Girls
	PO Box 2134
	Seattle, WA  98111
	Use of movement, voice, and relaxation to explore self-esteem,
	personal power, sexuality, and body image. Send SASE for info.

The Venus Group 
	Heather (313) 480-7080
	Support and social network for large women, meets bimonthly in
	the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. 

Voluptuous Preferences
	Box 6816, Laguna Niguel, CA 92607
	Nancy at (714) 495-4670
	Group for BBWs and FAs in Orange County, CA.  

Voluptuous Woman Company
	13830 Castle Blvd, Suite 301
	Silver Spring, MD 20904-7366
	Phone - 301-890-8301
	Fax - 301-890-8304
	Web site:
	"Organization empowering the plus size woman." Free email
	newsletter including list of plus-size events and fashion shows.

Water Women 
	Fircrest Pool, Seattle
	Private swim for large women. Every Sunday and Wednesday at
	5:30. $4 per swim. First swim is free.

Weight Loss Surgery Survivors 
	Karen Smith
	18 West High Street
	Mount Gilead, OH  43338


SECTION B: Information about this FAQ

B1)     Are there other related FAQs?

There is some overlap in the topics covered by the FAQs. If you don't
find what you're looking for here, try the other FAQs. 

The latest version of the following FAQs can be found at: newsgroup FAQ newsgroup FAQ newsgroup FAQ
      	Clothing for Big Folks in Canada 
      	Clothing for Big Folks in the U.S. (parts 1 and 2)
      	Organizations for Big Folks 
      	Online Resources for Big Folks 
      	Other Resources for Big Folks 
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      	Resources for Dealing With the Physical Aspects of Being Fat 

The following FAQs can be found at:

      	Big Folks and Fitness 
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      	Research on Big Folks 

The latest versions of following FAQs can be found at the following

      	Clothing for Big Folks in the U.K. at
	Clothing for Big Folks in Europe at

	Plus-Size Pregnancy Website at

You can also find (sometimes slightly older versions of) the above FAQs
(except the plus-size pregnancy FAQs) at the following locations:

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B2)	Posting information

This document is posted bi-weekly to,, and

Stef Maruch ( maintains this FAQ.


B3)	Contributors

These are the people who contributed significant chunks to the FAQ:
Sasha Wood		(
Largesse		(
Bernadette Bosky	(

Also, lots and lots of other people (too many to credit) contributed
information that appears herein, some via email and some on s.s.f-a or
a.s.b-f.  Thanks to them all.

Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome.
Send suggestions to Stef Maruch


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be sold, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the
express written permission of the author. This restriction covers all
publication media, including electronic media. 

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