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Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ) Part 1/3

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Clothing for Big Folks:
				U.S., Part 1 (A-K)

This is the first part of a document about clothing for fat people in
the U.S. It contains companies with names beginning with A-K. If you
don't find what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs
(see question B1 for a complete list).

To look for stores in a particular state, try using your browser's or
word-processor's search feature to search on the state name.
There is a supersize-clothing subset of this FAQ available at


Updated April 2001



SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in the U.S., Part 1
A1) 	Where can I find clothing and shoes? Part 1: Companies beginning
	with letters A-K
SECTION B: Information about this FAQ
B1)	Are there other related FAQs?
B2)	Posting information
B3)	Contributors

SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in the U.S.

A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? Part 1: Companies beginning
with letters A-K

This question contains an alphabetized list of large-size clothing/shoes
retailers beginning with the letters A-K. Each retailer is associated
with various keywords:

Type of store
[catalog]	Catalog store
[internet]	Web store
[chain]		Retail chain store
[single]	Retail single store. [state name] follows.
[consignment]	Sells some clothes on consignment
[overseas]	Will ship overseas
[misc]		Other lists of clothing resources

Whom they make clothing for
[maternity]	Maternity and/or nursing clothing and/or bras.

What sizes they make
	Note: All of the outlets make midsize clothing (1X-3X, women's
	sizes 16-24), except as noted in the listings. Not all outlets
	make clothing in all sizes in that range. 
[supersize]	4X or 5X or bigger, women's size 30 and up
[petite]	Petite women's sizes
[tall]		Tall women's or men's sizes
[custom]	Does custom work

Type of clothing
[accessories]	Jewelry, belts, hats
[casual]	Slacks, nice shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses
[career]	Suits and other office wear
[costumes]	Halloween and other holiday costumes
[evening]	Evening dresses, evening suits
[lingerie]	Lingerie, including bras, underwear, sleepwear
[outdoors]	Jackets, coats, other cold weather gear
[shoes]         Shoes and boots in large sizes and/or wide widths
[sportswear]	T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, shorts
[swimwear]	Bathing suits (men or women)
[uniforms]      Nurses' uniforms, etc.
[wedding]	Wedding and wedding-party dresses

A Personal Touch
	1411 Broadway
	New York, NY  10018
	Phone: (212) 398-0007
	Fax: (212) 398-1987
	Tops to size 60, skirts to size 46, tunics to size 5X.

Absolutely Beautiful by Ilva
	P.O. Box 20046 
	Cheyenne, WY 82003 
	Phone: (307) 638-6792
	FAX  (307) 638-6796 
	Designs specialty clothing, including evening maternity wear and
	bridal wear. Oct 99

Absolute Woman
	15 NE 181st St
	Portland, OR  97230

Abundant Fashions
[catalog][single][New Jersey][women][supersize][lingerie]
	Belmar, NJ
	Phone: (908) 988-0550
	One of a kind fashions up to size 7X.

Accent Any Size 
	P.O. Box 1051 
	New York, NY 10024  
	Phone: (212) 283-1710
	All stock except Danskin line in 1X-8X. Pantihose to 7X (450#).

Added Dimensions
	Mall store.

Adini En Plus
[single][Rhode Island][women][casual]
	725 Branch Ave
	Providence, RI 02904
	Phone: (800) 556-2443
	Casual wear, sizes 1X-3X

	Laura Volkan
	6433 Gloria Ave. Van Nuys CA  91406
	Phone: (888) 755-9449
	Women's intimate apparel, sizes 1X-4X, moderate prices. Secure
	online ordering. Wholesale also welcome, call for details.
	Babydolls, fitted chemises and wraps all with matching thong and
	bikini panties. All products exclusive. "When I opened my
	package, everything was beautifully wrapped, even had a card on
	top with my name on it, telling me how to take care of it. The
	clothing seemed to be made especially for me." July 00

Alice's Undercover World  
	Torrence, Calif.  
	Phone: (310) 326-6775 
	Bras and foundation garments. 28Ato 64Z and custom. 
	Phone: (212) 216-9077 
	Fax: (212) 216-9070 
	Site is a cross between a women's fashion magazine and a
	clothing catalog offering women's plus and junior plus sizes 1X
	to 4X (14-28) from trendy designer names such as "Good Dog Mud
	Pig." US currency only. "Wow! Room for my breasts! And stomach!
	And they drape nicely!" April 2001

All Ashore
	7959 Broadway St #404
	San Antonio, TX 78209
	Phone: (210) 829-7813
	Swimwear in sizes 16W-26W

All of Me
	7 Old South Street
	Northampton, MA 01060
	Phone: (413) 584-3474
	Natural fiber and Danskin clothing.

Amazon Designs
	1473 Old Airport Rd.
	Paris, Arkansas  72855
	Phone: 501-963-6536 
	Fax: 501-963-3648.
	Web site:
	Clothing for big and tall women. Nurse's uniforms. Custom work
	and standard size chart, 1-9, to 84" hip. Jeans to blazers,
	broomstick skirts, turtle-necks, custom rainwear and
	polar-fleece coats, denim western wear, "Munro shoes" and
	sandals to 14ww. Embroidered t-top, pant sets, sweatshirts.
	Custom embroidery. One person reports: "The jeans are wonderful!
	Real denim (in blue or black), front pockets, zipper, belt loops
	... just regular old-fashioned jeans. If they don't fit quite
	right when you get them, she'll fix them."

America's Shirt Catalog
	See, below

Ample Annie
	717 Pacific Ave.
	Santa Cruz, CA 95060
	Phone: (408) 425-3838
	Large-size consignment shop. Small store, but full of clothes at
	great prices, both consignment and new. You need to shop there
	often to get the great deals on consignment since good things
	move very fast.

Ample Boutique
	Colorado Springs, CO

Ample Duds
	Jeans up to size 60, T-shirts to 10X. Women's clothing to size
	52 or 60.

Ample Seconds
	Marcella Monbaron - Marcella Clothing and Craft Market
	201 E Central, Sutherlin, Oregon 97479
	Mailing address: PO Box 1400, Sutherlin, OR 97479
	Phone: 541-459-8691  
	FAX: 541-459-5587
	All types of clothing for large sized women; new and
	consignment; casual and some professional/Sunday Church dresses
	and suits. Sizes: 14 and up. July 00

Ana's Accoutremonts, Ruth's Custom Sewing and RK Tailoring
	P.O. Box 1625, Slidell, LA 70445.
	Phone: 1-888-SEW-FITS (739-3487), 1-504-882-6958
	Custom-made period costumes, their design or yours, their fabric
	or yours. Also custom-sized patterns. Custom men's wear, bridal
	wear, and dresses. Feb01

Andee Unlimited
	New address (2/97):
	944 SE Sellwood Blvd.
	Portland, OR 97202-5919
	Phone: Reported not listed with phone company 03/97
	(503) 292-5176
	Sizes to 30.

Ann Murdock's Lingerie and More
	8527 N. Lombard 
	Portland, Oregon 97203 
	Phone (503) 289-9497 
	"I love the shop and the people who work there. We found the
	perfect bra for me... I also picked up a very pretty longline
	corset, which she help me to fit." Some items to supersizes.
	Danskin sportswear and some regular clothes. "Good selection,
	wide range of sizes, nice people." "Great place to find large
	and supersize lingerie.. the plain stuff as well and lots of
	fancy sexy garments. Ann is a good woman to know and she will
	indeed special order for you." 

Annette's Armoire
	27 E. Delaware
	Chicago, IL  60611
	Phone: (312) 337-6706
	Sizes 14-26. Original clothing, custom work. Special occasion
	dresses, casual, and work clothes, coats, jean, jackets. Mostly
	natural fabrics. One person complained that she had difficulty
	returning an item and that another expensive item she bought was
	sewn poorly and they gave her trouble about repairing it.

Annette's Fine Fashions
	Southern California
	Phone: (707) 528-8281
	Sizes 14 and up

The Answer/Added Dimensions
	Mall store. They carry clothes for significantly less (say, half
	the price) than you'd find in a department store. Owned by the
	same people who own Catherine's. Recently expanded their sizing
	to 30-32 because of customer demand.

Anthony Richards
	6836 Engle Rd
	PO Box 94503
	Cleveland, OH 44101-4503
	Phone: (800) 359-5933, (216) 826-3008, (216) 826-1712

	70 James St
	Worcester, MA  01603
	Phone: (508) 791-8589
	Fax: (508) 754-9331
	Some clothes in larger sizes; the proprieter is open to carrying
	more large sizes.

Apples and Pears
	20488 SW Inglis Dr.
	Aloha, OR  97007
	Phone: Reported disconnected 03/97 
	(800) 475-5166, (503) 649-4601 in Oregon and overseas
	Casual women's clothing -- tunics, coats, sweatshirts,
	cardigans, knit tops and shorts. Much of the clothing has
	embroidered designs. Sizes 1X-8X. Pricey, and they may charge
	more for clothing in sizes 6X-8X. [checked 4/7/95]

April Cornell 
[single][New York][women][career][casual]
	860 Lexington Avenue, N.Y., N.Y. 10021.
	(212) 570-APRIL.
	Their large size line is called "April Too." "Their "large" in
	the regular clothing is most appropriate for small midsizes
	(e.g., medium height, about 180 lbs.). Their "April Too" stuff
	would probably be better for large midsizes (e.g., about 260
	lbs.) Laura Ashley-style clothes, but better fabrics. On the
	expensive side.

	100 Elm St
	Salisbury, Ma 01952 
	Phone: (508) 462-6444
	Best selection of everything and they will order things for you.
	Hundreds of bathing suits, lots of wedding dresses you can try
	on, party dresses, Renata B clothing, bras, etc. 

	219-A Elm
	Reading, PA 19606
	Queen-size panties, hips 48"-71", sizes 13-18.
	Reported out of business, Oct 99

[single][New York][women]
	New York City
	Clothes run the gamut of prices. Unique items (like
	hand-painting on fabric). Gorgeous fabrics. High quality.
	One-of-a-kind jewelry. 

Ashley Stewart Woman
  	Chain store with outlets in Maryland, New York, Philadelphia, and
  	possibly elsewhere). Clothing is a little more formal than Lane
  	Bryant's. Good service.

Astarte Woman by Design
	Phone: (310) 373-0638
	Web site:
	Video catalog $10 (applied to purchase)
	Family owned, clothing designed in-house. Expensive, but good
	quality and good service. Sizes up to 32-34W. All kinds of
	stuff, from casual wear to lingerie and holiday party dresses.
	They have a mailing list and a quarterly newsletter. Mail order
	and trunk sales and fashion shows. Large women in video catalog.
	"She realizes that not all of us are fat in the same way
	and cuts clothing to flatter any figure.... There are quite
	often multiple ways to wear the same thing. I can dress for a 2
	week vacation by taking 6 pieces of her slinky knit. All
	washable, packs like a dream." "Almost all of her clothing is
	cut on the bias. This allows the fabric to drape in a flattering
	way for all body types." July 00

Attitudes and Lace
	Phone: (800) 519-5568
	Web site:
	Catalog: $4.95, refundable from first purchase.
	Lingerie in regular sizes and sizes 1X-4X. Large models on web site.
	Aug 99: Reported dead. Oct 99: Reported alive.

Audradella's Plus-Size Fashions
	16500 Joy Rd., Box 28264 
	Detroit, MI 48228
	Fax: 1-888-424-PLUS(7587)
	Web site:
	Various lines of lingerie and fancy dress, in various sizes.
	Some items up to a smallish 6X (60-inch-hips).

August Max
	Mall store.
	Career and casual, small but dependable selection of
	nightgowns/lingerie, some petites. Prices from moderate to
	expensive. Excellent quality and service. Sizes 14-26. 

The Avenue
	Phone for finding nearby stores: 800 963 2744
	Web site:
	Mall store run by United Retail Incorporated. In September 1999
	all stores called Sizes Unlimited, Smart Size, Sizes Woman, 14
	Plus, and 16 Plus were renamed to The Avenue. Casual clothes,
	pantyhose (Gloria Vanderbilt in sizes up to 3 or 4X). Funky
	fashions and basic shorts/jeans/sweats. People disagree about
	what sizes they carry: some say to 24, some say to 32. It may
	vary from store to store. Review 2/97: "Very reasonably priced,
	silky little nightie things to size 32. [...] Also, they have
	certain outfits that I find 'younger' than LB. I like their
	lines of underwear lots better than LB, too. [...] I've gotten
	some of my best clothes there over the years." One woman likes
	their pants selection better than Lane Bryant because it is
	"height-proportional." Another person wrote about inconsistent
	sizing in their Avenue-brand clothing. 

	Web site: 
	Carries up to size 28 and 3x in most of their clothes.

B.A. Mason
	1251 First Ave.
	Chippewa Falls, WI  54729-9981
	Phone: (800) 457-9325, M-F 7-5 Central Time
	Men's shoes up to 13EEE, women's shoes up to 12EE. 

B. Coole Designs (formerly Richman Cotton)
	2631 Piner Rd
	Santa Rosa, CA 95401
	Phone: (707) 575-8924, 800-992-8924
	Fax: 1-707-575-8924
	Web site:
	All-cotton, dyed-on-the-premises clothing in sizes from infant
	to 3X. Shirts, skirts, dresses, long johns, cotton/lycra bike
	shorts, leggings, and Renaissance costumes. Reasonable prices.
	Can be slow to ship because she makes some things to order and
	dyes in batches. She is a "one woman outfit, just me and my
	sewing machines!" Very sturdy, long-lasting clothing. Some
	plus-size models/drawings on web site. Can order by email but no
	secure online ordering.

Baby Becoming
	PO Box 7238
	10 Nate Whipple Hwy
	Michigan Bldg., 2d Flr. #5
	Cumberland, RI  02864
	Phone: 401-658-0688
	Fax: 401-658-3008
	Email: or
	Web site:
	Good customer service, friendly and inspirational owner --
	Charlotte Bradley. Nice shirts, pants to size 8X. Some nice
	nursing attire. Sizes 16-48, bras 30AA-60M. Baby slings.
	"I bought some maternity clothes from Babybecoming when I was
	pregnant, and the items were wonderful--great quality and great
	customer service. I highly recommend them." Jan 00

Baladi Boutique
	Web site:
	Custom size belly dance costumes. Site uses some large models.

Banana Boat Key West
	Phone/Fax 973-541-1950
	Call for catalog. Manufactures and sells colorful hand printed
	clothing, 100% cotton. Offers custom made clothing. Web site has
	a detailed fit chart with suggestions for different body shapes.
	"Great little company I found when she did a local street
	fair... I have found that she carries more of the x sizes than
	she advertises on the page. I always email her when I like
	something and ask her if it comes in my size. Her stuff runs
	large and lasts forever." One person complained, "Their xl size
	fits only up to sz 14; maybe 16." July 00

Barbara Stone Designs
	1800 Shasta St., Suite B
	Redding, CA  96001
	Phone: (916) 246-1927

Barb's Large & Lovely 
	4928 Woodhaven, Jefferson City, MO 65109
	Phone: (573) 761-5311, (888) 761-5311 
	Web site:
	Catalog $5
	Plus and supersize lingerie to 8X. They use large and supersize
	models, unlike a lot of the lingerie catalogs who use models who
	are barely plus size.

Barely Nothings
	1514 Grand Ave.
	Grover Beach, CA  93433-2209
	Phone orders: (800) 4-BARELY (800-422-7359)
	Customer service: (805) 489-5591 
	Fax: (805) 489-5987
	Web page:
	Catalog $3.
	Regular size and mid-size lingerie -- stretch lace bustiers and
	teddies, garter belts and stockings, baby doll nighties and long
	silky gowns, faux leather bustiers and thongs, bare bosom
	bustiers, French maid costumes, split crotch panties, fishnet
	stockings. and a few other items (T-shirts, Danskin Bodywear,
	etc.). Sizes up to 6X in some items, 4X in others. (Note: web
	page seems to show only mid-size items.) They also sell bra
	extenders, bustier extenders, and torso extenders (which
	elongate the crotch section so as to better fit long
	waisted/round bellied folks). (These items are also not
	available on the web page.) Clothing is high quality and
	telephone operators are helpful. Web page uses large models.
	[checked 12/98]

Beautiful Plus Boutique 
	San Diego, California
	Dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts, pants to 3X. Very detailed size chart. 
	Prices are quite low. Items are displayed on thin (virtual?) mannequins.
	Online ordering, but not a secure server.

Bedford Fair Lifestyles
	421 Landmark Dr
	Wilmington NC 28410
	Phone (800) 964-1000
	Inexpensive casual and career clothes. About 1/3 of the styles
	are available in women's sizes up to 28.

Beloff's Women's World
	192 West Main St.
	Meriden, CT 06450

Betsy & Co.
	PO Box 1911
	Philadelphia, PA  19105-1911
	Catalog $2.
	Sizes 1X-3X.

Big At Heart Plussize and Supersize Tees
	P.O. Box 1326
	Truth Or Consequences, NM 87901
	Phone: (505) 894-6342
	Fax: (505) 894-6341
	Web site:
	Affordable plus- and supersize T-shirts for around $20. Large
	selection of designs and plain tees. Sizes 3X-10X. International
	shipping, US currency only. "I am very impressed. They are nice
	and roomy, thick material, and here's the best part: the necks
	are the right size!" Feb01
	"I just bought 4 wonderful Goddess bras from this company--they
	arrived quickly, were perfect, and were much cheaper than the
	identical bras at Catherine's. These bras look hideous on the
	site, but it is amazing to finally have bras that fit--and they
	look nice." 

Big Men | Tall Men | Stout Men's Shop
	See Stout Men's Shop in the US clothing FAQ part 2

Big & Tall Direct  
	Phone: US 800-214-9686 International 214-221-8255
	Fax: 214-221-0254
	Web site:
	Discount men's clothing to supersizes.

Big & Tall Outlet Store
	1240 W. 7th St.
	Upland, CA
	Phone: (909) 946-7234
	Warehouse-type place with racks of clothes at incredible prices.
	Dress shirts up to size 21, sports shirts to 6X, pants to size
	60 and higher.

Big Bugga Sportswear 
	18 Baldwin Avenue 
	Paia, Maui HI 96779
	Phone/fax: (808) 579-6216 
	Web site:
	T-shirts 2x to 10x; polo shirts 2x to 8x; nylon surf shorts,
	Size 40 to 60 inch waist; Aloha Fabric Cotton shorts, to 58"
	waist; Aloha Shirts 2x to 7x; Dorm/Sleep Shirts and Beach
	coverups fit up to size 6x; Beach coverups fit up to size 6x;
	Sweatpants and shorts to 10X, Sweatshirts to 8X. Ship anywhere.

Big Clothes For Big Men
	Freda Rosenberg, Freda's Secrets
	PO Box 2765
	Philadelphia PA  19118
	Directory of big men's catalogs.

Big Daddy Boxers 
	P.O. Box 220-061
	Brooklyn, NY 11222
	Phone: 415 241 1570
	Boxers to 8X (78" hips) cut for big women and men. Nylon mesh,
	woven cotton, gauze, flannel. Flannel robes to 8X. T-shirts to
	10X. Special orders for custom sizes or fabrics. Inexpensive.

Big Day at the Beach
	Phone: (909) 798-5228
	Custom sizing. Good prices.

Big Dogs 
	Web site:
	Boxers, t-shirts, shorts, pants & other up to 5XL men's sizes.
	High quality & relatively good prices. 

Big Head Caps
	Don T. Pearson
	3441 Adams Road
	Murfreesboro, TN 37130
	Phone: Toll free orders 888-BIGHEAD; Questions: 615-890-1018 (CST)
	Fax: 615-890-9932 available 24 hours
	Extra large adjustable baseball caps. Many fabrics, colors. Can
	order from web site, but not a secure server. Oct 99

Big Girl Gear / BBW boutique
	833 N. Tustin
	Orange, CA 92867 
	Phone: 714-639-7397 
	Fax: 714-639-7529
	Specialize in wash and wear Georgette, Cotton, Linen, Rayon and
	Slinky fabrics, variety of colors and prints. Many items in
	sizes up to 77" waist and 90" hips. Also Ulla Popken and We Be
	Bop items in store. Supersize models on web site. April 2001

big grrls don't cry
	P.O. Box 41836 
	Philadelphia, pa 19101-1836
	Web site:
	T-shirts to size 6X with fat-acceptance and girl power slogans.
	Buttons, stickers, patches. May 99

Big Guys
[single][New Jersey][catalog][men][supersize][evening][casual][career]
	Locust Grove Plaza
	1692 Clements Bridge Rd.
	Deptford, NJ  08096
	Phone: (800) 848-8255, (609) 848-8255
	721 E. Landis Ave.
	Vinland, NJ  08360
	Phone: (609) 848-8255, (609) 696-0955
	Good selection of dress and casual men's clothes with dress suit
	sizes in stock up to 72, dress shirts up to 8x, jeans to 74, and
	dress and casual pants to 74. Also bathrobes, underwear,
	T-shirts, outerwear, etc. They will mail order within the U.S.

Big on Batik Sarongwear 
	P.O. Box 2352
	Carlsbad, CA 92018
	Web site:
	Email your mailing address for brochure.
	Partners Cathy Miller and Cathi Berchiolli make cocoon jackets
	and flowing tops out of washable rayon Indonesian batik sarongs.
	The jackets fit all sizes up to at least 50, and the tops
	through about size 32 or so. Also hand painted dresses and
	swimwear. Attractive stuff in several simple styles and gorgeous
	fabrics. Current brochure shows pattern and color samples.
	Secure online ordering and large size models on web site. 
	Update Jan 00: Big on Batik needs help developing a new fat
	kids' line. Please contact them if you can give them
	measurements or if you know fat kids who are willing to offer

Big Shots
[single][New York][women][supersize][casual][career][outdoors][swimwear]
	182A merrick rd.
	Lynbrook, NY 11563   
	Phone: 516-593-2900
	Lingerie catalog: $6 to Large Encounters, PO Box 364, Island
	Park, NY 11558-0364
	Sizes to 60; all types of clothing, lingerie, accessories.

Big Stitches Swimwear
	2423 Douglas St.
	San Pablo, CA 94806
	Phone: (510) 237-3978
	Send long self-addressed stamped envelope for catalog (ask for
	free fabric swatches)
	Custom made large-size bathing suits. Basic suit is about $70.
	Special fabrics, extra features $20 more. They also make bicycle
	shorts and cover-ups to hip size 84 inches. Good service. One
	person complained the suits don't hold up well in chlorine, but
	that may depend on the fabric. They may also make suits out of
	fabric you send them. "It took me a while to get her catalog but
	it didn't take her too long to make my two piece suit. I wear it
	twice a week to the pool and it hasn't broken down or faded."

The Big, the Bad & the Beautiful 
	Main store:
	19225 Ventura Blvd,
	Tarzana, CA  91356
	Phone: (818) 345-3593
	Fax: 818-345-1033 
	Outlet (discount) store:
	29002 Roadside Drive 
	Agoura Hills, CA
	Phone: 818-735-0706
	Catalog $2 (credited to first order)
	Sizes 14-32+. They also do custom work. Among other things, they
	sell bike shorts and lingerie. Inexpensive.

Big Women Shoes by Forli
	fax 818-386-1025
	Casual flats and sandals, to dressy pumps, to high heels.  Sizes
	go from 10 - 15, including some narrows and wides. Shoes are
	medium priced, shipped in plain packages, and are mailed
	anywhere around the world.   

Birkenstock Authority
	Phone: (800) 597-3338
	Web site:
	Internet catalog of Birkenstock shoes. Free shipping. Many big
	folks claim that Birkenstocks are good for wide feet. Currently
	this web site points to

Birkenstock Express
	301 SW Madison St.
	Corvallis, OR 97333
	Phone: (800) 451-1459 U.S. and Canada; (541) 758-7631 Other Countries
	Fax: (541) 752-6313
	Web site:
	Searchable "sale corner" for folks to find bargains in their
	size. Repairs on Birkenstock products and can custom fabricate
	footbeds for folks with very wide or narrow feet.
Blair Women's Wear
	220 Hickory St
	Warren, PA 16366
	Phone: (800) 458-2000 (orders), 800-458-6057 (customer service)
	Sporty, casual, and career stuff, very middle-of-the-road,
	mostly poly and/or cotton, to size 26 (51" bust, 45" waist, 54"
	hip). They use thin models.

[catalog][chain][women] [career]
	Phone: (800) 777-0000.
	"I just got my first large size Bloomingdale's catalog. The
	clothes are FABULOUS, and they go up to a size 24.  They're
	expensive.  But they make liberal use of cool solid colors." Oct

	Web site:
	Sex toy store. Carries Stormy Leather dildo harnesses that fit
	up to a 60" hip, and they also sell a 38" extender for adapting
	harnesses that are smaller.

Bodacious Babes, Ltd. 			
	removed July 00 (out of business)

Boutique Unique: Fashions for the Unique Woman, Sizes 18 to 8X 
	Colony Square Mall 
	3575 Maple Avenue
	Zanesville, OH  43701 
	Phone: (614) 453-1053, (614) 454-3886
	Located 50 to 55 miles east of Columbus, Ohio on Interstate 7.
	I understand it's the only large size store out in that area.  

	Discount department store similar to Wal-Mart and Ames. HQ'ed in
	Braintree, Massachusetts. They have stores in the northeast US,
	mostly MA, CT and NJ. 

Bras Custom-Fit by Maxine
	11104 E. Sheley, Independence, MO 64052 (near 30th & Sterling) 
	Phone: (816) 252-1899 
	Bras 28A-64N & Custom (some Maternity, Prosthesis, and Strapless
	as well), Swimwear cup-sized. When calling, state that you found
	her listed on the fat-acceptance clothing list on the Internet.

Bras Plus
	1563 South Virginia St.
	Reno, Nevada 89502
	Phone: 800 446 1718 
	Fax: 775 324 2931
	Web site:
	Breast forms, plus size bras and  breast enhancers. Family business with 
	mother, daughter, and two granddaughters as owners and operators. 
	Sizes to 56 FF and 48 I.

	Web site:
	BridesMart has 16 Texas locations.

Brownstone Woman
	685 Third Ave.
	New York NY  10017-4024
	Phone orders: (800) 221-2468 
	Customer service: (800) 322-2991 
	Sizes 14-28W. Somewhat expensive. They use thin models.
	One person complained their sizing is inaccurate (too small), 
	some of their accessories are poor quality, and the colors in
	the catalog photos were way off. 

Bullock's Woman
	Nice clothes, designer labels, good quality.

Burlington Coat Factory
	Women's coats up to at least 30W. Inexpensive. Men's coats up to
	4X or so. Some locations also offer career/casual wear. 

Bust Stop
	8270 E. 71st St.
	Tulsa, OK  74122
	Phone: (800) 858-3887
	Catalog $2.
	Bras up to 60-OO (double-O), including sports, strapless, and
	maternity/nursing bras.

By Ro! Designs
	New address: 567 W 5th St #1 San Pedro, CA 90731
	Phone: (310) 221-0059 
	Fax: (310) 221-0307 
	For brochure send a long SASE with $.55 postage 
	Active wear for plus- and supersize women to size 5X (36). Bike
	shorts, unitards, sports bras, swimsuits, lycra dresses. Several
	people reported extremely slow service (six to nine month
	delays, unreturned phone calls) on clothing promised much more
	quickly and paid for in advance.

	24843 Del Prado, Ste 249
	Dana Point, CA  92629
	Phone: (714) 496-7042
	Catalog $1 (refundable with first order)
	Large size bangles -- 8, 9, or 10 inches around.  

	812 13th Ave.
	Sidney, NE  69160
	Phone: (800) 237-4444 (orders U.S. or Canada), (800) 742-4008 
	(catalog request)
	Fax: 800-496-6329
	TDD: 800-695-5000
	Web site:
	GoreTex parkas and pants up to at least 5XL. Many other items up
	to 3XL in both big and tall sizes. Reasonable prices. 

California Rainbow Tie Dye
	John Holland
	Web site:
	Tie-dye shirts up to 3X.

Cameo Coutures, Inc.
	Dallas, TX  75247
	Phone: (214) 631-4860
	They custom-make large-size bras. They are expensive (about $50)
	but are very comfortable, well-made, and long-lasting, with no
	underwires, so they won't poke you or stick out in funny places.
	One woman (size 52DDD) reports that changing to Cameo bras
	completely alleviated shoulder pain she experienced due to large
	breasts and ill-fitting bras. 

Carol Doda Boutique
	Lingerie boutique in San Francisco.

Carolina Made
	400 Indian Trail Road
	Indian Trail, NC 28079
	toll-free: (800) 222-1409
	phone: (704) 821-6425
	FAX: (704) 821-6752
	Wholesale distributors of activewear, including plus-sizes. Hard
	to tell exactly what sizes they offer, but they have 100% cotton
	t-shirts to at least 5X.

Castles Direct
	PO Box 690002
	Houston, TX  77269
	Phone: (618) 675-0121, (800) 424-1008
	T-shirts up to 4X (some have fat-positive designs). The sizes
	seem to run small.

Casual Male/Big & Tall
	Web site:
	Good customer service, nice stuff, reasonable prices. Sizes up
	to 6X. "Not only do they know what they stock, but if they do
	not have what you want, they will call around to other stores in
	the chain to see if they have it." 

	Mall store. Has subsumed Modern Woman and Plus Sizes Plus
	Savings. Nice, good quality lingerie, bras in a wide range of
	sizes, nice formal wear, more business wear than Lane Bryant or
	The Avenue. Some folks think their clothes are a bit on the
	frumpy side. Sizes 14-32. Moderate prices, comparable to Sears
	or Penney's. Good sales. Good service. One person wrote: "They
	have even mailed, postage free, the item so I didn't have to
	drive in to get it. I am disabled and they are more
	accommodating then any of the other large women's stores in the
	area." Another wrote: "If you get a Catherine's charge card, go
	the extra bit and get the Catherine's Perks card too.  The Perks
	card costs you something ($20/yr?), but you get 10% off every
	purchase for a year, and it gets you on the mailing lists so you
	get flyers for all the sales." 

Cato Plus
	Mall store.

Chadwick's of Boston 
	1 Chadwick Pl Box 1600 
	Brockton, MA 02403-1600
	Phone: (800) 525-6650; non-US orders: (508) 583-6600 
	Web site:
	"Off-price fashion catalog." Midsize women's clothing. One
	report of great swing coats. Sizes to 26 (bust 51", waist 42.5",
	hips 53"), clothes run mostly true to size. Customer service
	people are very nice. Nov 99 

Cheyenne Outfitters
	Cheyenne, WY
	Phone: (800) 234-0432
	All sizes of Levis 501s from tiny to huge. Many other "Western
	styles" in big sizes.

	Good quality, natural fiber clothes up to size 20/22.

Chivalry Sports 
	Store Street Address 
	7718 E. Wrightstown Rd
	Tucson, Arizona 85715
	Phone: 1-800-730-5464 for orders, 520-722-1255 for inquiries
	Web site:
	Period (Renaissance/SCA) clothing, feastgear, and armor. Helpful
	customer service. Ready to order clothing up to a generous 3X
	(Men's 54-56" chest, 50-52" waist, 55-57" hips, 19" neck;
	Women's 52-56" bust 44-49" waist 54-58" hips). Armor in standard
	sizing to 46-48" chest, 42-44" waist, 47-49" hips. Reasonable

Cloak & Dagger Creations 
	Dina Flockhart
	Cloak & Dagger Creations
	61 Gilson Road
	Littleton, MA 01460-1300
	Phone: 978-486-4414 phone
	Fax: 978-486-4427 
	Email: or
	Historically accurate and fantasy clothing. Our historic
	costumes are thoroughly researched and can be used for SCA as
	well as medieval and Renaissance faires, weddings, theatre, and
	performance. We also custom design clothing for special events
	and design custom outerwear for handicapped and folks who have
	difficulties with buttons and zippers. We make custom clothing
	to a person's measurements, so we can make any size or shape. We
	make our own patterns, so we are not limited to "what's
	available". Custom designed garments generally need a lead time
	of 8 to 10 weeks. Price ranges: $40 for a simple muslin chemise,
	$125 for cloak or simple gown, $350 and up for wedding gowns and
	more complex styles. 

CoCo's Intimate Apparel
	State Street
	New Haven, Connecticut
	Large size lingerie. If she doesn't have something in your size,
	you may be able to order it.

Coldwater Creek 
	Retail locations in Sandpoint, ID at First and Cedar Streets; 
	Jackson Hole, WY at 10 E. Broadway; 
	Seattle, WA at 1513 5th Ave
	Phone: 800-510-2808 (US) 800-510-2808 (Canada)
	Web site:
	Casual, elegant, comfortable clothing. Most clothing to 3X. Also
	jewelry, shoes (neither in large sizes), housewares. Secure
	online ordering for U.S. customers, others can order by phone.
	They do not use large models.

Color Me Big
	PO Box 9773
	San Bernadino, CA 92427
	Phone: (909) 887-8969
	Catalog $3.
	Sizes 16-60, custom work available.

The Company Store
	Fillmore St.
	San Francisco, CA.

Cool Clothing Company Inc
[single][New York][women][casual]
	36 W 14th Street
	New York, NY 10011
	212 675 4288
	Discount clothing store, sells items for $6 or $10. Has items in
	sizes 1x to 3x. Examples of "finds" are size 3x lace long
	sleeved leotard for $10 and a bright cherry red rain slicker
	jacket in 3x for $6. Styles change but prices remain the same.
	There is a large plus size section in the back of the store.

Couture Fabrics
	Sara Roa
	1111 Swann Avenue
	Tampa, Fl
	(813) 254-3112
	She works out of the store. They have many fabrics to choose
	from, or bring your own. Sara is comfortable and skilled in
	working with the larger figure. "She made a perfectly fitted
	muslin first, and is now keeping that on file for me." Sara
	speaks English and Spanish. One of the seamstresses there is
	Chinese and bi-lingual. They also do alterations and she can
	work from a photo, pattern not necessary. They do everything
	from sportswear to bridal to original designs. One of the owners
	of the store, Kathy, is a woman of size. 

Coward Shoes
	Phone: (800) 362-8410

Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras
	Monica Gibson, On-line Bra Wizard
	1530 S Myrtle
	Monrovia, CA
	Phone: 888-564-9754
	Web site:
	Nursing bras in sizes up to 46H, with extenders for larger band
	sizes. Large-size bras (including Goddess Bras) to 52HH and
	lingerie (including g-strings). They carry costumes around the
	various holidays. They do custom fitting. 

Daleboot USA
	Phone: 801-487-3649 
	Fax: 810-487-3880
	Customized ski boots fit large calves. 

Dallis Fashion 
[single][New York][supersize][career][casual]
	34 W 37th St 
	NY, NY 10018 
	Phone: 212-967-9744

Danskin Outlet
	Phone: (800) 288-6749
	Bike shorts, leggings, sweatshirts, sweatpants, long and
	short-sleeved T-shirts, jackets, and sports bras in sizes to 4X.
	Clothes are well-made. They use large-size models. They don't
	have a retail catalog, but their sportswear is available in a
	number of other large women's clothing outlets, both retail and

[single][New York][custom][women][supersize][lingerie]
	473 Amsterdam Ave.
	New York, NY  10024
	Phone: (212) 579-0479
	Sizes 1X-5X, and custom sizes over 32. Good fabrics, nice
	clothes, clothes run the gamut of prices.  

David's Bridal
	National chain that carries large-size wedding and bridal party
	dresses. One person had a very good experience with them.

Debs Sportswear 
	Deborah Noojin
	3170 Ridge Rock Way
	Snellville, Ga 30078
	Plus size lingerie, workout clothing, swimwear, sports bras.
	Sizes to 4X. Prices 28.00-75.00. Ship within USA only.

Decent Exposures
	PO Box 27206
	2202 NE 115th
	Seattle, WA 98125-1606
	Phone: (800) 524-4949 (U.S./Canada), (206) 364-4540 (Seattle/overseas)
	Fax (206) 364-0488
	Web site:
	Maternity/nursing bras and leisure bras in many colors of
	cotton, velour, or lycra (they send swatches). "Look like
	outerwear, have no hardware and are quite comfortable." Cup
	sizes AA to K and band sizes 30-58; also custom sizes. Elastic
	is covered. Bras are sturdy. Follow their special sizing
	instructions. Some women think the bras aren't supportive
	enough; some love them. Underwear up to size 12, sweatpants,
	leggings, T-shirts, tanks to 4X; cotton nightshirts to 67" hip.
	"They also will do just about anything you want to a basic
	cotton t-shirt (change neck, sleeves, length), so I think
	they're also a great source for inventing your own sleepwear."
	If you don't like how a bra fits, they will adjust it for free.
	They also keep a file of your preferences for the next time you
	order. Feb01

Dehner Company, Inc.
	3614 Martha St.
	Omaha, NE  68105
	Phone: (402) 342-7788
	Fax: (402) 342-5444
	Web site:
	Custom boots for riding, Trooper boots, Wellingtons, chukkas,
	laced or strap tank boots, and oxfords. Excellent quality. Boots
	are all custom and can be ordered to fit any size foot or leg.
	Also have a nice style of riding boot with buckles down the side
	instead of pulling straight on --- great if you have arthritic
	ankles that don't flex well. Everyone I've talked to who has
	custom Dehner boots says that they will last forever. They
	aren't cheap, but are well worth the price.

	Has recently expanded their offering of sizes. "They have all the
	trendy stuff my 14 yr. old niece likes." July 00

Desert Rain Mercantile Co.
	4705 N. Sanders Road
	Tucson, AZ 85743
	Phone: (800) 771-9771
	T-shirts and pants with glittery Native American and
	southwestern designs. T-shirts up to 5X, sweatshirts up to 4X. 

Design Graphics Unlimited
	4857 Browne St.
	Omaha, NE 68104
	Phone: (402) 455 2062
	Web site:
	Screen print and transfer t-shirts (your design or theirs),
	denim vests, skirts, jackets, and jeans, sweatshirts, caps,
	jackets, aprons to 10X. Volume discounts. Fat models on web
	page. Fat-positive designs. "The owner is a single male :) who
	loves big wimmen by the way ;) ... he's very nice and very

Design by Batya
	1200 Santee St. 208 
        Los Angeles, CA 90015
	Phone: (213) 746-7844
	Web page:
	Designs for "tall, large, big, and super" women in fabric and
	leather. Ships internationally. Accepts special, wholesale, and
	retail orders for coats, suits, blazers, skirts, pants and other
	fashion wear.
	inVestments, 125 Newbury St., Suite 4, Boston MA 02116
	Phone: (888) 371-SHOE, (617) 247-0202
	Fax: (781) 646-8840
	Sizes 9-14 AAAA-WW. Secure online ordering. Ships

Designs by Phillippe
	Phone: (800-9-KAFTAN)
	Caftans, loungewear, and evening wear in plus and supersizes. 

Deva Lifewear
	Box SM4
	110 1st Ave., West
	Westhope, ND 58793-0266
	Phone: (800) 222-8024
	Casual, natural-fiber clothing for men and women in unique
	designs and attractive colors; many styles flatter larger
	figures and shapes. Reasonable prices and good quality. Order
	tops and bottoms that you want to match at the same time and
	indicate that you want cloth from the same dye lot. Sizing may
	be more generous than the size chart indicates; the woman's L is
	about an 18. Nearly all unisex items (and some women's items)
	come in XXL. Nearly all women's items come in XL.  

Dharma Trading
	P.O. Box 150916 
	San Rafael, CA 94915
	toll-free: (800) 542-5227 (USA and Canada) 
	phone: (415) 456-7657 (elsewhere) 
	FAX: (415) 456-8747 (everywhere)
	Plain white/natural t-shirts, many different manufacturers and
	styles, three types to 4X and one type to 6X; can be prepared
	for dying. Volume discounts.

	Bob Greenstone
	5500 Grossmont Center Drive
	La Mesa, CA 91942  
	Phone 610 464-6686  
	Fax 610 464-0158
	Sportswear to 4X. Moderate to expensive. Ships to US and Canada.
	Visit web site or send email to sign up for daily mailing of
	clothing photos. Photo files sent in super-compressed format.

Doc's Hang-all Hangers 
	Dennis J. Anderson
	Phone 888-667-1998
	Fax 607-757-0696
	Large size clothes hangers with unique design that prevents
	clothing from falling off the hanger. Will ship anywhere. May 99

Dolphin Footwear  
	Sandals made primarily for the marine market. Comfortable,
	non-slip soles. Up to size 15 for men and 10 for ladies. They
	will also work with you to make a sandal to fit.  May 99

	Off price store, reported to have teen-friendly clothing to size 26.

Draper's & Damon's 
	17911 Mitchell Ave S 
	Irvine, Ca 92614-6015
	Phone: 800-843-1174
	Fax: 714-440-2968 

Dream Big International
	4427 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
	Washington, D.C. 20036
	Catalog $3 (credited to first order)  
	Filmy night stuff.

Dream Dresser
	1042 Washington Avenue, N.W.
	Georgetown, Washington, DC 20007
	Phone: 202.625.0373 
	8444-50 Santa Monica Boulevard
	West Hollywood, CA 90069
	Phone: 323.848.3480
	PO Box 16158
	Beverly Hills, CA  90209
	Phone: 800-96-DREAM
	Web site:
	Catalog $10, refundable with first order.
	Lingerie and sexplay wear for men and women, including stuff
	made by Stormy Leather, in mostly regular sizes, but some items
	go up to women's size 22. Web site uses thin models.

Dress Barn Woman
	Seconds/discount store -- the large size version of Dress Barn.
	Cheap to moderately priced. Dress Barn has junior and misses
	sizes on one side and women's sizes on the other. This is
	reported to work well for women who are in between junior and
	plus sizes.

Drysdales Western Wear
	1555 N 107th East Ave.
	Tulsa, OK 74116
	Phone orders: (800) 444-6481, (617) 982-8681 (local/overseas)
	Customer service: (800) 608-9800 
	Fax: (617) 982-8766 
	Web site:
	Blue jeans, various styles and sizes, one style to 54-inch
	waist. T-shirts to 2X. Cowboy and work boots, some to men's size

Eagleson's Outlet
	Large men's clothing.

	Web site:
	This online auction site has an extensive collection of
	clothing (and just about everything else) May 99

Eddie Bauer
	Phone: (800) 426-8020
	Web site:
	Affiliated with Spiegel. Some women's clothing up to size 22W,
	similar to that sold by L.L. Bean and Land's End. Women's
	swimwear to 20 long and D cup. Some men's items up to 3X. They
	don't charge extra for large sizes. May 99

Edith Lances
	15 East 32nd Street
	7th Floor
	NY,NY 10016
	"I have worn these bra's for years now (I am a 44DDD) and have
	found them to be the best. These bras are pricey, but they last
	for years, average of about 3 years for me." Bras Plus in
	Lauderhill, Florida, will ship these bras anywhere in the world. 

	Phone (815)765-3419    
	Fax (815)765-0047
	Web site:
	Robes, shirts, and vests that come with a cotton/lycra bra
	(front closing or around-the-bust band) sewn in. Matching pajama
	style pants and leggings. Variety of styles, fabrics, and fun,
	bright prints. Sizes to 4X, bra sizes to DD. Inexpensive to
	moderate prices. No large-size models on web page as yet.

	Arnott Mason Corporation
	PO Box 293
	Clifton, VA  22024
	Phone: (703) 503-2916
	Fax: (703) 425-1243
	Women's riding clothes in big sizes -- breeches, riding sweats,
	stretch jeans, Kentucky jods, t-shirts, sweatshirts; semi-custom
	boots; half chaps and full chaps. (checked 2/97)

Electric Earth Gemstone Jewelry
	1840 41st Ave., #102-149
	Capitola, CA  95010
	Y-necklaces of various lengths. Send SASE for brochure.

Elegance at Large
	Jamie Fox 
	San Diego
	Phone: 619-285-9265
	Designer who does custom work for plus and supersizes 
	3/98: Reported to be out of business.

Elegance Plus
	Phone: (213) 292-6283
	Can order up to 6X or 8X.

Elfcat Designs
        PO Box 273595
        Concord, CA 94527-3595
        Phone: (925) 671-8024
        Fax: (925) 671-6959
        Web site:
        "Love Has A Shape" t-shirts. $15 for sizes S-2X, $27 for 3X-6X,
        $32 for 7X-10X.

	7758 Via Rosa Maria 
	Burbank, Ca 91504
	Phone: 213-622-8868
	Fax: 213-653-5585 
	Supersize clothing, tall and petite.

	Mall store.
	Web site:
	Liz Claiborne's large sizes store. Sizes 14-22 (tell them you
	want larger sizes!), some petites. Clothes are well-made and
	somewhat expensive. Their service is attentive -- the saleswomen
	follow you around the store pointing things out that you might
	be interested in, holding clothes for you, helping you
	coordinate. Their pants seem very well-made -- the one with
	buttons at the waist all have two buttons so the waistband sits
	nicely. Most have some elastic in the waist too. 

Enchanted Attic
	San Bernadino, CA
	Phone: (909) 862-1170
	Halloween costumes in sizes 1X-4X.

Enell Inc.
	P.O. Box 808
	317 Second St. 
	Havre, MT   59501
	(800) 828-7661, (406) 265-8250, Germany 49-699-798-1401, Canada 800-633-2443
	Web site:
	Sports bras to 50DDD/52DD. $49. They look very sturdy and
	supportive. Front closure, back support, wide straps. 

Epic Menswear 
	P.O. Box 3002
	New Haven, CT 06515
	Phone 203-787-6594
	FAX 203-787-0354
	Web site:
	5% of profits donated to charity.
	"Good selection of clothes at the 'bigger' end of the scale.
	Trousers and shirts seemed to be of good quality and fair price.
	The quality of customer service was beyond what I would usually
	expect. They even sent my order over with a member of staff who
	was visiting the UK to save me some postage." 

ER Moore Academic Apparel and Choir Robes
	1810 West Grace St.
	Chicago, IL  60613
	Phone: (312) 477-7277
	Fax: (773) 549 4625
	Web site:
	A poster reports: "All they asked was my height and weight (5'6"
	and 450), and they provided me with a gown (size 509) that fits
	beautifully. I also needed a larger cap, and they provided that
	as well. The best part is that they didn't charge me any more
	for mine than they did anyone else. (It was less than $20.)" 

e2u - ergonomically engineered underwear
	ERGO, Inc.
	1372 Bennett Dr. Suite #164 
	Longwood, FL 32750
	Phone: 800-568-5982 or 407-767-5300
	Fax: 888-563-9559 or 407-767-5344
	Underwear for men designed by an engineer to prevent problems
	caused by regular underwear.  They come in sizes up to 56 (but
	the owner said if there was demand, she could make larger ones).
	April 2001

E.T. Wright Executive Shoes
	Phone: 800-934-1022
	Web site:
	Men's shoes in sizes 6 to 16 and widths from AAA to EEEEE. Also
	refurbish old shoes.

Exceptional Shop
	529 N. Center St.
	Cumberland, MD  21502
	Phone: (301) 724-0624
	Bridal as well as dressy/elegant.

Exclusive Appeal
	4809 Avenue N, Ste 306
	Brooklyn, NY  11234
	Phone: (718) 604-9297
	Catalog $7 ($5 refunded with first order)
	Danskin Plus catalog (14-28), also lingerie.

Extra Emphasis
	PO Box 1725
	Tahoe City, CA  96145
	Phone: (800) 539-0030, 1-916-581-0848
	Fax: (916) 581-5719 
	Bras in sizes 32-56, cup sizes C-H. Some prenatal, maternity,
	and sports bras as well. Particularly recommended is the Leading
	Lady Nursing Bra, model LL491. One person said she received an
	unpleasant email from them regarding a return. Several people
	have experienced long delays in receiving their orders, have
	received no response when queried about the delay, and/or have
	canceled orders. May 99

	PO Box 3374 R-4
	Beverley Hills, Ca  90212-0374
	Catalog $4.
	Lingerie in sizes 16-26.

	1st Avenue (just south of the new Safeco Stadium)
	Seattle, WA
	"Pretty nice goes up to very large sizes." Dec 99

Fairy Godmother at Large
	273 S. Cragmont Ave.
	San Jose, CA  95127
	Phone:  (408) 272-3147
	Fax:  (408) 272-9428
        Catalog $1.
	New and used clothing in sizes 14-super. Women's jeans to size
	60. T-shirts to 72-inch hip; big shirts to 78-inch hip; panties
	to size 16; pettipants to 6X. Also maternity clothes. Sells
	consignment and discounted new clothing from manufacturers like
	Says Who and Plus Woman. Consignment policy: you can take your
	payment in cash, new clothing (15% bonus) or used clothing (30%
	bonus). Will also sell your clothing on eBay. Aug 99

Fashion Bug Plus
	Mall store. Reported to have trendy teenage clothing to size 26.

Fashion Connection
[casual] [catalog] [women] 
	N410 Thunderbird
	Genoa City, WI 53128 
	Phone: (888) 251-4248 

	Web site:
	Phone: 800-376-7180 
	Custom designed decorated blouses and tuxedo shirts to 3X

Fat Chance Belly Dance
	P.O. Box 460594
	San Francisco, CA 94146
	Phone: (415) 647 6035
	Web site:
	For catalog send SASE with two stamps.
	Tribal style belly dance costumes and accessories, custom

Feminine Fancies Catalog Sales
	PO Box 96
	Walterville OR  97489-0096
	Phone: (503) 484-4040
	Catalog $5 (credited to first order)
	Plus-size leather catalog. Be sure to ask for the Plus Size
	catalog, as they also have a small sizes catalog.

Femme Fancy
	217 S. Ellsworth
	San Mateo, CA  94401
	Phone: (415) 340-8392
	Plus and supersize wedding gowns.

Filene's and Filene's Basement
	Web site: (lists phone numbers for stores)
	Department store with locations throughout the US East Coast.
	Jones New York Woman clothing, and others. Sizes up to 24. 

Fine & Fancy Lingerie  
	(415) 861-4576 
	Intimate apparel for sizes 1X-5X

First Hand Fabric
	P.O. Box 8 Westport, KY 40077
	Phone: (502) 222-9439
	Handpainted suede garments cut from whole lambsuedes or layered
	from small pieces. Expensive. "Many garments are unsized and
	unconstructed, and suitable for generously proportioned women.
	We are able to provide handpainted yardage for seamstresses and
	pattern makers who specialize in plus-size custom clothing."
	July 00

Fit To Be Tried
	4754 East Grant,
	Tuscon, AZ 85712
	Phone: 520-881-6449
	Catalog $2. 
	Activewear up to 4X, including bicycle shorts.

Fo' Paws
	P. O. Box 4627 
    Lexington, KY 40544 
	Phone: 606-225-1522 
	Web site:
	Science fiction, fantasy, and mystery theme T-shirts, long-sleeved T's, 	
	sweatshirts, and embroidered denim and polo shirts. Some items to 5X. 
	Also kids' sizes.

Forgotten Woman
	Mall store.
	Expensive, very dressy clothes, but good sales. Also beautiful
	clothes based on ethnic designs with beadwork, batik, etc. Silk
	nightwear. One woman complained that they sponsored a weight
	loss contest.

[chain][New York]
	Moderately priced designer sportswear at discount.
	plus & petite plus sizes --- branches all over. 
	good for like name brand (jones, etc) type suits and the like.
	Sizes to 24.

Frank's Big & Tall
	One store's info: 
	115 Franklin Turnpike
	Mahwah, NJ 07430
	Phone: (201) 529-5445

Frederick's of Hollywood
	6608 Hollywood Blvd.
	PO Box 229
	Hollywood, CA  90078-0229
	Phone: (800) 323-9525, (310) 637-7770 Customer Service
	Fax: (310) 764-2988 
	Web site:
	An increasing selection of their lingerie and "trashy street
	clothes" is available in sizes up to 3X (50-inch bust, 44-inch
	waist, 52-inch hips). Some folks think the tops are too small,
	some think the tops are too large. Some other items run small.
	Good service. The clothing is not especially well-made. Most of
	their clothes are made for hourglass figures. They use thin
	models, even in the plus size section of their web site. Some
	things do, and some things don't. 
	Web site: 
	Children's school uniforms in sizes up to 20. May 99

Full Bloom
	2172 S. Trenton Wy
	Denver Colorado 80231
	Phone: (303) 733-6264
	Catalog $2 (credited to first order)  
	Sizes 2x-12x T-shirts, sweatshirts, nightshirts, tank tops,
	"fanny wraps". Reported "Canadian friendly."

Full Figure Design 
	3900 Lavista Rd. #106
	Tucker, GA  30084
	Phone: (770) 414 8880
	Plus-size video featuring career wear, evening wear, plus- and
	supersize models. $19.95 + $3 s+h.

Gentlemen's Corner - Online
	1102 Oak St.
	Conway, AK 72032
	Phone: 501 329 6162
	Web site:
	Has some big and tall men's clothing. Secure online ordering.

Gingiss Formalwear 
	Chain store offering formal wear rental, primarily for men, but
	they are also reported to do formal gowns. They have men's coats
	up to 72" chest. Rental charge depends on the style, not the
	size. They won't do mail order for some large men because of
	fitting issues. The stores in Burlington and Dedham, MA reported
	to have excellent customer service. Mar01

girlfriends LA 
	Girlfriends LA 
	Box 8687
	Northridge, CA 91327
	Phone: (800) 617-GFLA (open 24/7) 
	Fax: (800) 720-4352
	Web site: 
	"Typical super-trendy, TOTALLY teeny-bopper clothes." Most
	clothes go up to 25-27 (junior plus sizing -- 51" bust, 43"
	waist, 53" hip). Some women past their teens like their clothes:
	"I especially liked the wide variety of tank tops with spaghetti
	straps and the hoodie and the hooded fleece vest." Catalog
	usually has one or two fat models. Sizes are liberal. "Prices
	are fairly good. The last order we placed was right before
	Christmas and it came in a week. The quality of what we got is
	ok, seams seem to be holding up." "The only problem is that they
	go with the 'if you are fat you must be 6 feet tall' theory. All
	of the pants and arms are too long on me, and im average
	height(5'4)". Feb01

Glamour Puss
	Phone: (818) 357-7277

Goddess 2000 Project
	PO Box 403
	Benicia, CA 94510 USA
	Phone 707-745-4470
	Pagan oriented T-shirts to size 6X. Jewelry. 

Good Vibrations
	1855 Englishtown Rd.
	Old Bridge N.J.08857
	Mail order firm that specializes in large size clothing,
	T-shirts and sweats to 6x and night shirts to 5x. Animal designs
	funny felines, dogs, or any photo. Over 170 designs and
	reasonable prices. 

Gotcha Covered
	PO Box 40443
	Downey, CA  90241
	Pants, T-shirts, etc. in sizes 1X-5X. Reasonably priced.

Grande Dame
	Alice Anderson
	306 Lincoln Center
	Phone:  (209) 477-2508
	FAX: (209) 477- 2508
	Full-line fashion boutique.  Sizes XL-6X and special orders,
	including shipping. May 99

Great Changes
	12516 Riverside Dr, 
	North Hollywood, CA 91607 
	Phone: 818-769-4626 
	"Wonderful Victorian style boutique with an equally wonderful
	selection of avant guard, vintage, elegant clothes plus fun
	stuff like leather vests, beautiful lingerie, great swimsuits
	and a good selection of Danskin exercise wear." Their own line
	of leather lingerie, as well as Stormy Leather lingerie. Sizes
	to 6x.

Great Impressions
	720 Anderson Rd.
	St. Cloud, MN  56340

Greater Salt Lake Clothing Company
	P.O. Box 171422
	Salt Lake City, Utah 84117-1422
	Phone: 801-273-8700
	Fax: 801-273-7700
	Ski and exercise clothes. Sizing varies -- some women's bottoms
	up to 62" hips and 's parkas up to 68" hip. Most men's items up
	to 3X and 2XT, a few to 4X. On-line sales. On-line ordering (not
	secure). Some mid-size models on web site. Sponsors ski and
	river trips for plus-size women. 

	2853 Snow Rd. Suite #5
	Lexington, KY 40517
	Web site:
	Tie-dye T-shirts (short-sleeve to 6X, long-sleeve to 3X),
	dresses (one size), women's underwear (to 10), socks, sarongs,
	scarves, and other accessories. No on-line ordering.

Gulfcoast Apparel
	13594 Cherrytree Ct, Ft Myers, Florida 33912
	Liquidating 6xl tall dress shirts, 2xl 3xl 4xl western shirts,
	and size 2xl 3xl 4xl golf shirts for $10.00 each plus shipping.
	(Retail prices up to $50.) They also sell shirts on eBay. Email
	for more info. Ship to USA only.

Gut Instinct (formerly Gut Reaction)
	T-shirts with funny fat-male-(mostly)positive themes to size 6X
	and 4XLT. Also baseball caps, polos. Shorts XL - 8XL. The owner
	of Gut Instinct has a request/offer for female-friendly readers:
	"We need some female oriented slogans/designs, and I would be
	happy to produce them, but we haven't come up with anything very
	good so far. If anyone has any ideas they think would make a
	good t-shirt, let us know. If we use your idea we will send you
	an entire set of shirts (1 of every design) as a thank you. Send
	them to 

GynoCentric Catalog
	PO Box 934
	Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0934
	Phone: (408) 457-4838
	Email: (Dawn Atkins) 
	T-shirts (two designs, sizes small-10X) and jewelry that promote
	body image diversity. 

Gypsy Moon Enchantment Collection
	1780 Mass Ave.
	Cambridge, MA  02140
	Phone: (617) 876-7095 (store), (800) 955-GYPSY (mail order)
	Web site:
	Catalog $3.
	Velvets and chiffons, faerie tale clothes. Pricy, exciting,
	unusual, feminine, and available in "bountiful" and custom
	sizes. Bountiful size (to 48" bust, 48" waist, and 52" hips)
	costs a bit more. Their web site says: "Bountiful sizing varies
	from one design to another, and there's some leeway for
	adjustment.... be sure to let us know your measurements." They
	offer custom tailoring of their existing patterns for 20% more.
	In fabrics they offer a variety of velvets and tapestries.

	H&M Hennes & Mauritz Corp. 
	1328 Broadway, 3rd floor 
	New York, N.Y. 10001 
	Phone: 212-489-8777
	European chain store expanding into the US (has about 10 stores
	open in the US so far, several of them in New York City). Offers
	"cutting-edge fashion and quality at the best price" and claims
	to produce clothing in an environmentally conscious manner.
	Clothes in many sizes, including a "Big is Beautiful" line. Most
	of the styles are very modern & stretchy. The cuts fit a wide
	variety of body types. However, "their bus ads give the
	impression that only sticks need apply." The clothing on the web
	site is reported not to match the clothing available in the
	stores, "but it can give you an eensy idea of what their clothes
	look like." The New York stores are reported crowded with long
	lines for dressing rooms. Returns are easy. "Depending your body
	shape & size, you might like either their BiB line the
	stretchier clothes in their Hennes line. Very cheap. Easy, easy
	returns." "They have the most amazing fat lady clothes I have
	ever seen." Sizes run tall. April 2001

	100 Fairview Avenue
	Prospect Park, NJ 07530
	Phone: 800-742-2263
	Big men's sizes, and another mailing list for women. 
	Inexpensive. Suits, slacks, shirts, large-size socks.

The Hands of Woman
        R. Moore
        111 C. St.  #b St. Augustine, Fl 32084
        Phone: 904-460-0370
        Fax: 904-471-8596
	Prices $30-$70. Secure online ordering. Models of all sizes.
	Also jewelry, art, and artifacts. Ship anywhere. They
	custom-make to your measurements (size XXS-10X and more) a line
	of basic items -- several styles of dresses, a skirt, blouses,
	jackets, pants, jumpers, vests & dusters. They offer over 100
	rayon fabric choices. "And they deliver fast too!"

Harper Greer
	580 4th St.
	San Francisco, CA  94107
	Phone: (415) 543-4066, (800) 578-4066
	San Francisco store. Expensive. Casual career to dressy. Unique
	clothes, made in the store. 

Hartfield's Plus
	Maui, HI
	Clothing similar to what Lane Bryant sells. Fashionable and

Heinz Gift Shop
	PO Box 18714
	San Antonio, TX  78218
	Phone: (210) 657-9421
	Catalog $8 (refunded with first order)
	Lingerie 1X to 4X.

Henri's Full Figure Boutique
	1419 Krameria St
	Denver, Co 80220,
	Phone: 303-355-1811
	Web site:
	Lacy bridal and evening wear, suits. Some items in supersizes.
	They use thin models.

Her Majesty's Treasures
	12762 Brookhurst #222, Garden Grove, CA 92840
	Web site:
	Web site offers jewelry, household goods, and clothing.
	They have inexpensive special occasion dresses and "everyday
	elegance" suits and dresses, most to size 2X or 3X, but a few
	styles of gowns to size 5X (60" bust, 52" waist, 62" hip) and
	dresses to 6X (67" bust, 61" waist, 68" hip).  Feb01

High Places
	PO Box 4406
	Highlands Ranch, CO  80126
	Phone: (303) 791-1819
	Corsets, jewelry, bustiers, lingerie, and bustiers. Sizes to

Hilo Hattie's
	Web site:
	Phone: 888 526 0299
	Chain store in Hawaii, Arizona, and Guam. Aloha wear in various
	fabrics. Some items to a men's 5X (67" chest, 63" waist, 21"
	neck) and a women's 3X (54" bust, 45.5" waist, 57" hip). Feb01

Hitchcock Wide Shoes for Men
	225 Beal St
	Hingham, MA 02043
	Phone: (617) 749-3571, (800) 992-WIDE
	Web site:
	Men's shoes sizes 5-13, EEE through EEEEEE. Dress, casual,
	athletic, outdoor, and work shoes, boots, slippers, rubbers,
	sandals. Email address for free catalog.

H.L.S. Belts
	4757 W. Park #106-410
	Plano, TX 75093
	Catalog $2
	Belts in plus and super sizes.

Hot Off the Tour
	Phone: (800) 878-8189
	They specialize in golf wear, but some of their stuff may also
	be applicable to tennis and other sports. They are pricey (polo
	shirt $68, twill shorts $56).

Hovis Jeans by Hoveland Mfg. Co.		
	Box 1717
	Cody, WY 82414
	Phone: (307) 587-5233
	Denim blue jeans (to 60" waist), vests, blazers, dusters, and
	jackets. 1X to 5X - up to 60" waist & custom sizing. Hovis is
	carried by a number of retail outlets, and catalogs, but if you
	can't find them, they will sell to you direct.
	Phone: USA: 1-800-259-7283 International: (317)-321-9999 
	FAX: (317)-321-9988
	Web site:
	Men's dress and sportswear shirts, pants, jeans, suits, boxers.
	Some items (such as dress pants) in supersizes.

Hy Fishman Furs
[single][New York][women][supersize][custom][outerwear]
	305 7th Avenue (at 27th St. 19th Fl.) 
	New York, NY 10001 
	Phone: (212) 807-8660, 800-653-8216 
	Fax: (212) 627-4920 
	Web site:
	Plus and supersize fur, fur-trimmed microfiber, and fur-trimmed
	cashmere coats. "Fur remodeling" (they will take your existing
	fur and use it in designing a new style and/or size of coat).

Hyde Park Ink
	1211 North 14th St., Boise, ID 83702
	Phone: 888 950 8337
	Fax: 208 342 2463
	Woman owned/operated screenprinting company offers beautiful
	size-positive artwork on short- or long-sleeve T-shirts,
	coverups (sizes S-10X), and sweatshirts (M-2X). Prices $20-$50
	(larger sizes more). Artwork also available on totes, notecards,
	and magnets. July 00

	PO Box 1482222
	Chicago, IL  60614-8222
	Catalog $3 (refunded with first order)
	Lingerie up to size 4X.

In Full Swing
	5937 College Ave  
	Oakland, CA  94618 
	Phone: (510)654-5144 
	They carry nice, good quality (but somewhat pricey) women's
	clothes.  Mostly work stuff, drapey rather than tailored. Feb01

Indulgence Lingerie
	Phone: (617) 893-1986

Intimate Appeal
	Arizona Mail Order Company, Inc.
	PO Box 27800
	Tuscon, AZ  85726
	Phone orders: (602) 747-5000 
	Customer service: (602) 748-8600 
	Connected with Regalia but better selection. Nightgowns,
	pajamas, loungewear in sizes small to 3X. Good selection of bras
	in bigger sizes, some styles up to 48G. Reasonably priced.

Irene's Fashions at Large 
	2939 Arden Way 
	Sacramento, CA  95825 
	Phone: (916) 483-1065  
	Pam Segalman is the owner. Irene's has been serving large women
	for over 25 years. Sizes are 36-60. They carry everything from
	career wear, evening wear, slacks, jeans, sweater, lingerie &
	bras. Will ship. 

Iris Silks 
	110 West 40th Street, Suite 618, New York, NY 10018
	Phone: 877-474-7745 or 703-764-3976
	Fax: 703-764-0442
	Iris Silks is the website of China Silk USA. The web site
	includes a section of plus-sized lingerie and blouses, original
	designs. "Their chemises and robes are graceful and sexy." July

Island Shirts
	Jane Taylor 
	Web site:
	Men's hawaiian shirts to 6X. Will ship anywhere. Each shirt is
	made to order (to measurement or following your favorite shirt),
	custom sizes are no problem. "I bought a couple and am extremely
	pleased with the results as I am a quite hard-to-fit 'supersize'
	bloke. They're not cheap - but they are good and Jane has never
	been less than very friendly and speedy in her responses to me."
	Aug 99

It's A Secret Plus
	PO Box 5001
	Englewood, CO  80155-5001
	Phone: 800-390-3528 
	Catalog $3.
	Sexy lingerie, also oils, lotions, books, etc. Sizes 1X-6X.
	Average prices.

The J
	Western Division
	507 E. 10th 
	Spokane, WA 99202
	Phone: (509) 624-4795
	Bridal and bridal party gowns in sizes 2W-28W.

	Phone 888.87.JAGGAR 
	Web site:
	Sells "Vintage Levi's" in which the top portion is removed and
	replaced with 2 elastic sections. Good for pregnant and
	plus-size women. Also offers other pants, shorts, skirts, and
	t-shirts. Reasonable prices. Mar 00

JC Penney's 
	PO Box 2021
	Milwaukee, WI  53201-2021
	Phone: (800) 222-6161
	Web site:
	Their regular catalog has some large-size clothing, in
	particular maternity clothing. They fill orders in a few days.
	They are good about returns. You can return catalog merchandise
	to their stores. Some folks have had problems ordering from JC
	Penney's large size and kids' catalogs (many items are sold out
	before the catalog even arrives). Their outlet stores have good
	sales on women's and men's and maternity clothing and offer
	clothing in women's sizes 28-30 and up. Uniforms seen at
	Penney's outlet store, to 5X. Whites and prints. Oct 99
	Bridal catalog (their larger stores have bridal departments).
	Fashion Plus catalog
  		Women's jeans, casual and career dresses and separates,
		suits, outerwear, swimsuits, leggings, and split slips.
		Sizes 14W-34W, and also women's talls and petites.
		Swimsuits up to size 26W. Several people say their sizes
		run small. Report: "I think their quality is pretty
		good. They have more what I would call dressey and
		career type clothing and their spring issue also has
		some ethnic prints. Their models, are a decent size,
		bigger than some other women's catalog's models....they
		also carry some of the Delta Burke Collection." 
	JC Penney's Big & Extra Tall Catalog
   		Basic men's clothes -- waists up to 60:, chests up to
		64", necks up to 21", sizes to 4X or 5X. Dress slacks
		with elastic or partially elastic waists.
	Big Kids Catalog
		Two catalogs a year (spring and fall), with girl's Plus
		and Extra Plus sizes and boy's husky and shorter husky
		sizes. Levi's Dockers, Union Bay, Bugle Boy, snow pants,
		wind suits, denim and flannel shirts, the works. Fairly
		thin models. 
	Maternity Catalog
	   	Maternity outfits up to size 26, bras to 44DD,
		maternity panties and pantyhose. Good quality, sized
		well, somewhat limited selection, somewhat pricey.

J. Jill Ltd.
	PO Box 3006
	Winterbrook Way
	Meredith, NH 03253-3006
	Phone: (800) 642-9989
	Style described as "New England Country." About 1/2 to 2/3 of
	merchandise is available in women's sizes to 28. Generous fit.
	Sweaters, jackets, dresses, and pants are on the expensive side,
	but they have good sales. Overnight shipping on in-stock items.
	Courteous service. High quality clothing. One woman wrote that
	she has worn their clothing for years. Another wrote: "Sometimes
	they may not 'upsize' their designs correctly--for example, a
	sweater will be made wider for the larger sizes, but not longer.
	Unfortunately, you never know when you are going to have this
	problem, since they never use plus-sized models." One woman
	wrote "What I especially liked was that most of the selections
	went from a size 2 to size 3-4X--not special (read: uglier)
	selections for larger sizes....They specialize in natural fibers
	and comfort--slightly funky--yet definitely appropriate for
	work." May 99

J. Silver
	Web site:
	Chain of clothing stores located in RI, MA, CT, NY and FL.
	Plus size department in every store. Clothing, lingerie, and
	shoes. Inexpensive, sexy clothes.

[chain] [casual] [career] [women] 
	PO Box 844
	Jackson, MI 49204
	Michigan department store with a plus size department. Pricey,
	good quality.

[catalog] [lingere] [supersize] [women] 
	PO Box 26458
	Tucson, AZ 85726
	Phone: (520) 746-9474
	Bras to 76 and cups to Z

Jasco Uniform Co.
	Phone: (800) 222-4445 
	Fax: (708) 291-7928 
	Uniforms in misses' sizes up to 20, women's sizes up to 32W/52,
	unisex sizes up to 3XL. Women's scrubs up to 5XL (54-56). Men's
	scrubs up to 5XL (chest 62-64, waist 56-58). They won't sell to
	people in FL and five other states. UPS won't deliver for them. 

Jean Nicole Plus
	Mall store.
	62 W. 47th Street
	Suite 1611A
	New York, NY 10036
	Phone: (800) 955-9245
	Fax: (800) 955-2520
	Web site:

J. Lumarel Corp.
	801 So. University Drive, Suite C-110
	Plantation, FL 33324
	Phone: (800) 606-1816
	Catalog $3 (refundable with order)
	Longer length Y-necklaces in gold and silver.

Johansen Bros. Shoes
	(800) 624-9079
	1915 W Main  
	Corning, AR   72422
	Hard to find shoes 5-13, A-EE

John Sun Silks Design Center
	1600 E 29th Street, Signal Hill, CA
	Phone: (310) 989-1242 
	Handpainted silk clothing, one-of-a-kind, designer originals,
	shirts, separates. Expensive. 

Judith Couturiere
	S. 1314 Grand Se. 2-252; Spokane, Wa. 99202 
	Phone: 800-483-5598, 509-624-4795 
	Fax: 509-624-4795 
	Web page
	Two lines of bride and bridesmaid gowns, to size 28-30, priced
	from $100: the J Line and the Alexa. 

Jump In
[single][New York][women][supersize][lingerie]
	46 W 14th St
	New York, NY 10011
	Phone: (212) 352-1777
	Supersize as well as regular sized lingerie (wholesale to the
	public). Example: royal blue silk camisole with beaded lace
	applique in 5X is $5.99. 

Junonia for Active Women 
	The Minnesota Building, Suite 216
	46 East Fourth Street
	St. Paul, MN  55101
	Phone: (800) 671-0175
	Web site:
	Sportswear (their own line, plus some Danskin and Champion).
	Underwear (their own hi-tech fabric, QuikWik, is good for hot
	weather). Swimwear (including two-piece suits) to 6X. Bike
	shorts, sports bras (to 50s), T-shirts, leggings, tennis skirt,
	ski wear, casual wear, travel wear. Good service, except that
	items are often backordered, sometimes for months. Catalog
	sometimes does not describe sizing/fabric idiosyncrasies, but
	telephone sales people know a lot about the clothes. Secure
	online ordering. Mid-size models. Most like the quality of their
	clothing, but one person had problems with shorts that fell
	apart quickly. Their line fits apple-shapes better than
	pear-shapes. "I ordered some Rocky Mountain Jeans from Junonia
	catalog. It was the first time I found jeans large enough around
	and long enough. The jeans were 36 inch inseam." 
	"my experience with junonia's quickwik fabric has been very
	positive; my bike shorts have been going strong for three or
	four years now. it isn't very supportive/ compressive. it *does*
	wick away moisture pretty well. there isn't much shine to it, or
	much sound when the fabric rubs together."

Just Big Sportswear
	4700 Rozzelles Ferry Rd.
	Charlotte, NC  28216
	T-shirts up to 10XL, 100% cotton and poly/cotton. Also sweats,
	dorm shirts, and hooded shirts. Radiance Magazine uses them for
	some of its silkscreened t-shirts. Some complaints that
	availability is unpredictable.

Just One You
	19877 East Country Club Drive #3-201
	Aventura, Fl  33180
	Phone: (305) 682-8335
	Web site:
	Interactive website where women of all sizes can order unique
	clothing and tapestry bags. Fabric choices and custom
	measusrements. Specializes in one-of-a-kind and customizable
	limited editions. The caftan and poncho styles are especially
	good for big stylish women. First time buyers get a 25% discount
	on a style from Resurrection Collection.

Just My Size
	PO Box 748
	Rural Hill, NC 27098-0748
	Phone orders: (800) 522-9567, (910) 635-3447 
	Customer service: (800) 522-0889 
	Web site:
	They don't ship to Canada.
	Pantyhose to super sizes. Some say their pantyhose aren't sized
	right for pear shaped bodies, feel rough against the skin, and
	tend to bag at the knees and ankles. Bras: Bali, Playtex, JMS
	and other brands, up to 50DDD or so. Panties to size 14.
	Inexpensive casual and sports clothes to 4X. Their sweatshirts
	are generously sized and comfortable. Thin models. Nov 99

Just Right
[catalog][women][swimwear] [midsize]
	30 Tozer Rd.
	PO Box 1020
	Beverly, MA  01915-0720
	Phone: (800) 767-6666
	Sizes to 26

Kaufman's Tall & Big Men's Shop
	Two locations:
	3395 South Broadway
	Englewood, Colorado 80110
	Phone: (303) 761-6000; (888) 761-8255
	Fax: (303) 761-3395
	10707 N. E. Fourth Street
	Bellevue, Washington 98004
	Phone: (425) 453-8255; (888) 761-8255
	Fax: (425) 453-8181
	Web site:
	No printed catalog.
	Men's clothing to sizes 5LT and 5X (60-inch waist).
K Mart
	Department store.
	Big men's clothes, and Just My Size bras and panties.

Kathleen's Full-Size Fashions and Bridal
	NE 120th and 15th Ave NE
	Seattle WA.98107 
	(206) 784-5996
	Carry over 100 bridal gowns in large sizes only. Can special order.
	Large size prom and special occasion. Many different styles. Also
	Jeans, sportswear, separates. Sizes 14-32+. Many styles in limited 
	size range: i.e., 1x-3x, 1x-4x, or 4x-6x. No shoes or business suits. 
	Not much variety in bras or panties. Styles range from casual to 
	fashionable to funky to elegant to sexy. One reader buys most of her 
	clothes there. Another praised the wedding dress she bought
	there and the staff. A third said she had especially good luck with 
	dresses there. 

Kay Largo Custom Sized Jewelry & Accessories
	PO Box 7088, Huntsville, AL 35807
	Phone: 205-518-9413
	Fax: 205-518-9415
	Web site:
	Custom-sized jewelry (including eyeglass keepers, tummy chains,
	and jewelry for the feet). 

Key Industries 
	Phone: (800) 835-0365 
	Bib overalls to about a 66" waist. 

King Size
	PO Box 8385
	Indianapolis, IN  46283-8385
	Phone orders: (800) 846-1600 
	Fax: (800) 682-8109
	TDD: (800) 682-8095
	Tall and big men's clothing: T-shirts up to 9XL for $14.95. Cotton
	draw-string pants, turtlenecks, overalls, shorts, swimsuits.
	Inexpensive. Large-size unisex rain gear, extra-large umbrellas,
	ties, and fanny packs. Levis up to 60" waist. "They are usually
	cheaper on most things than the local big men's stores (and more

Kiyonna Klothing
	Kim Camarella
	Address:  1471 S. Wooster St., Ste.3
	Phone: 888-KIYONNA (385-0645)
	Web site:
	Women's sportswear and dresses, sizes 1x-4x, moderate prices.
	(retail). "We design and manufacture a very contemporary and
	feminine line of moderately priced dresses and sportswear which
	we wholesale to over 80 boutiques across the country, as well as
	Bermuda and Mexico." Web ordering, plus size models,
	one-of-a-kind designer clothing auctions.


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User Contributions:

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Please tell me you soon be done with this trivial the toast story and get back to crucial matters.

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