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Introduction to comp.editors (November 20 1995)

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Archive-name: editor-faq/pointer

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What is the group comp.editors about ?
Comp.editors is an USENET group for the discussion of editors, editing
interfaces and internals generally.
Earlier on comp.editors was a INET group, see the regular postings in

If, however, you are interested in "EMACS", a very special editor,
then you should look at (and post to) these groups:
However, if the question is about an emacs in relation to another type
of editor, then its probably ok to post it here.

The old-FAQ files can be found on the following archives:

    /pub/vi/comp.editors.ARC        Comp.Editors FAQ VI/EX archivelist
    /pub/vi/comp.editors.FAQ        Comp.Editors FAQ.

    /misc/vi/comp.editors.ARC       Comp.Editors FAQ VI/EX archivelist.
    /pub/lpf/misc/comp.editors.FAQ  Comp.Editors FAQ.

Mexico, Canada and USA               
    /pub/vi/comp.editors.ARC        Comp.Editors FAQ VI/EX archivelist.
    /pub/lpf/misc/comp.editors.FAQ  Comp.Editors FAQ.
    /pub/text-processing/vi/comp.editors.FAQ    Comp.Editors FAQ.
    /pub/text-processing/vi/comp.editors.ARC    Comp.Editors FAQ VI/EX archive.

Australia, NZ and the rest Down Under 
    /pub/Vi/comp.editors.ARC        Comp.Editors FAQ VI/EX archivelist.
    /pub/lpf/misc/comp.editors.FAQ  Comp.Editors FAQ.


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                 fvzcyr guvatf yvxr ebg13. Fnq, vfa'g vg?

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