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alt.drugs.psychedelics FAQ

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Archive-name: drugs/psychedelics/adp-faq
Maintainer: Quincy <>

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the newsgroup alt.drugs.psychedelics



1. Introduction
2. What subjects are on-topic?
3. Are any subjects specifically off-topic?
4. What is the meaning of the word "Psychedelic?"
5. Flames
6. Cross-posting
7. Killfiles
8. alt.drugs.dxm
9. Advertisements
10. Miscellaneous Notes

  and last but not least...

11. Useful Psychedelic Drug Links


1. Introduction

Welcome to alt.drugs.psychedelics. Here you will find a diverse crowd of 
scientists and hedonists, artists and anarchists, poets and philosophers.

Psychedelic drugs are consciousness-altering plants or chemicals which 
induce changes in sensory perception. They have been used throughout human 
history as a component of religious and spiritual practice.

Psychedelics are being studied as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy, 
for their ability to provide patients with intuitive insights into their 
own condition.

The effects of psychedelics are heavily influenced by "set" and "setting," 
the pre-existing mindset of the user and the environment in which the 
substance is consumed.

Psychedelic drugs should not be confused with narcotics such as heroin, CNS 
depressants such as barbiturates, or stimulants such as cocaine and 

alt.drugs.psychedelics supports a humane approach to drug laws and 
education known as "Harm Reduction." Billions of dollars are spent 
worldwide on drug prevention and eradication programs, with the effect 
that... people are still using drugs. Rather than ignoring and condemning 
users, harm reduction advocates focus upon minimizing the negative health 
and social consequences of drug use. Harm reduction does not attempt to 
deny or understate the real dangers associated with licit and illicit drug 


2. What subjects are on-topic?

Primary topics include dosage and effects, plant identification and 
cultivation, health and safety issues, drug laws and politics. Secondary 
topics relate to the culture of Psychedelia and include philosophy and 
spirituality, music and poetry.


3. Are any subjects specifically off-topic?

Illegal drug transactions or solicitations are prohibited.
Drug newsgroups are regularly monitored by law enforcement.
Know and be responsible for your country's laws.


4. What is the meaning of the word "Psychedelic?"

In 1956 the favored clinical term for drugs such as LSD was 
"psychotomimetic," meaning "mimics states of psychosis." Psychiatrist 
Humphrey Osmond felt this was a loaded definition. Osmond felt there was 
much we could learn from these substances and altered states of 
consciousness, that reducing these experiences to mere pathological 
delusion would inhibit our study. So he coined the less judgmental term 
"psychedelic," from Greek roots meaning "mind-manifesting."

 1. A new word, expression, or usage. 
 2. The creation or use of new words or senses. 
 3. Psychiatry. A meaningless word used by a psychotic. 
 4. Theology. A new doctrine or a new interpretation of scripture.
  -- American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition

Q. Which specific drugs are considered "Psychedelic?"

Early psychedelic writers such as Aldous Huxley elucidated their 
experiences with LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, these trip reports formed 
the basis of the public's perception of "psychedelic" effects. Many 
psychoactive drugs have been discovered since that time, their psychedelic 
properties are generally measured by comparison with these standards.

alt.drugs.psychedelics has never reached a consensus definition based upon 
either chemistry or effects, however here is a generalized summary of 

  All consider Psychedelic: LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, DMT.
  Some consider Psychedelic: DXM, Ketamine, Salvia Divinorum, 
  Ibogaine, Datura.

Marijuana and MDMA are sometimes considered mild psychedelics.
In the broadest public sense "psychedelic" is interpreted to mean "wildly 
colorful," a reference to the kaleidoscopic visual hallucinations which 
such drugs sometimes provide. The word "psychedelic" is also occasionally 
utilized to characterize the 1960s hippie culture, or describe a musical 


5. Flames

Q. Why is there so much arguing on this newsgroup? I thought psychedelics 
were about Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect?

Psychedelic users are an extremely diverse group, there are few topics we 
will ever unanimously agree upon. Through our battles we learn to make 
peace with each other, and thereby discover peace within ourselves.

A major cause of friction stems from textual communication's lack of visual 
and audible cues. Usenet's relative anonymity seems to embolden many 
posters, who compose offensive statements they would never say directly to 
someone's face.

Tactful posting requires that you think twice before pressing the "send" 
button. If your only contribution to a discussion is to submit the opinion 
"that is the lamest thing I have ever heard," then perhaps you are better 
off not sending the post. And no, slapping a smiley face at the end of your 
sentence does not automatically absolve you of all sin, otherwise the 
following statement would be a hilarious joke: 

    You are a fucking asshole  ;-)

When arguing online, please employ minimum force operations to limit 
collateral damage. Keep the fights short, don't destroy the group in order 
to save it. 

Here is an example of how to sap your villainous opponent's mojo: get him 
to waste his time accomplishing absolutely nothing. If there is some idiot 
you absolutely must torture, send him on a fool's errand. Follow these 
instructions carefully:


6. Cross-posting

A cross-posted message is automatically mirrored to more than one 
newsgroup. An example would be if you wished to write one message regarding 
drug legislation and have it posted simultaneously to both 
alt.drugs.psychedelics and alt.drugs.hard.

When you see a user who has cross-posted to wildly inappropriate groups, 
such as alt.drugs.psychedelics and alt.abortion, it is usually a sign that 
the poster is deliberately attempting to stir up trouble.

When replying to any message, please check the "Newsgroups:" header line 
and manually remove any undesired cross-posted groups BEFORE pressing 


7. Killfiles

Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Listening

Unmoderated forums strive to provide freedom of speech and equal rights for 
all. However there will always be individuals who abuse this freedom, who 
post for the express purpose of:

  1. Provoking angry responses
  2. Promoting a personal agenda unrelated to psychedelic drugs

The abusive poster has nothing better to do all day than attempt to disrupt 
Usenet. When you respond to his post, HE WINS!!!  You have provided him the 
negative attention he seeks, he has succeeded in his goal and will 

If you hear yourself saying "Well, someone needs to remove this poster for 
his abusive behavior," then YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE. You can exercise your own 
freedom of listening by configuring your newsreader software to ignore and 
discard all messages from a particular author.

Once you have placed an author in your "killfile," his posts will no longer 
appear in your newsreader browser window. 

Some posters publicly announce additions to their killfile with the message 
"<plonk>" (this is supposed to represent the sound created by dropping 
someone into your killfile). Others believe that killfiling should be 
performed silently and privately.

Outlook Express v5 or v6, Simple killfile:

1. From the message list, highlight any message written by the person you 
wish to killfile (single-click upon the message to highlight it, do not 
double-click to open it).

2. Choose "Block Sender..." from the "Message" menu.

If you are using Outlook Express v4, killfilter instructions 
are described here:

   How to Filter Newsgroup Messages in Outlook Express


8. alt.drugs.dxm 

Due to the popular legal availability of dextromorphan and the controversy 
surrounding it, DXM related posts have occasionally reached 80% of 
alt.drugs.psychedelics total traffic. As a side effect this can suffocate 
discussion of other psychedelic drugs. If 80% of the posts on "" 
were about Mercedes brand autos, it would be time to move some of the 
discussion to "". The newsgroup "alt.drugs.dxm" is 
available for those who wish to participate.


9. Advertisements

Messages promoting commercial products and services are generally 
Those who wish to register their displeasure at unsolicited advertising 
should vote with their wallet, and refuse to patronize the offending 


10. Miscellaneous Notes

Usenet newsgroups are not ideally suited for fast paced, one-liner repartee 
such as practiced on IRC chat rooms and instant messenger systems. 
Important on-topic posts are quickly crowded out by a flood of one-liner 
chat. Usenet's strength over instant messaging systems rests in its slower 
pace, a more reflective and thoughtful style of writing, a smaller number 
of posts so as not to overload the newsreader threading interface.


Do not correct users' grammar or spelling. This is not a Spelling Bee.

Finally, invest some time getting to know the flavor of our group before 
posting. Lurk and learn.

For further information regarding netiquette, please visit:

   Introduction to Usenet and Netiquette (from NewsWatcher manual)

See you online!


11. Useful Psychedelic Drug Links

General Drug Information (Portals):

   Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults

   Erowid needs your financial support. If you benefit from this site,
   please consider making a donation or becoming a member.

   The Lycaeum Entheogen Database
   The Schaffer Psychedelic Library

Health and Medical:

  Psychedelic Crisis FAQ (Handling a Bad Trip)

  Interactions between Hallucinogens and Antidepressants
  Interactions between MAOIs, SSRIs, and Recreational Drugs
  Experimental Research Chemical FAQ by Murple

  Erowid's Guide to DXM in nonprescription drugs
Law and Politics:

   Basic Facts About the War on Drugs by Clifford A. Schaffer

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