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rec.pets.dogs: Introduction FAQ

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Archive-name: dogs-faq/introduction
Last-modified: 15 Jun 1999

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                        Introduction to rec.pets.dogs.*

   Cindy Tittle Moore,
   Copyright 1995-1997.
Table of Contents

     * History of rec.pets.dogs.*
     * Current Groups And Charters
     * Acknowledgements
     * History of the FAQ's
History of rec.pets.dogs.*

   Prior to the summer of 1991, there was a single newsgroup for
   discussing issues of interest to pet owners. This was rec.pets, and
   this group still exists for those pets that don't have their own
   Rec.pets.dogs (and rec.pets.cats) was formed in the summer of 1991.
   Joe DiBenedetto proposed the split and collected the votes, which
   proved more than enough for its official creation.
   In the late summer of 1994, another discussion on splitting
   rec.pets.dogs itself started up, due to the hundreds of daily messages
   on the group. This split was proposed by Cindy Tittle Moore, and
   Ronald Dippold collected the overwhelmingly positive vote. The new
   splinter groups were created on November 9th, and rec.pets.dogs
   removed two months later.
  Original Charter for RPD
   Rec.pets.dogs is a newsgroup devoted to domestic canine issues. This
   group can be friendly and helpful. Flamewars are generally limited to
   several topics: crating dogs, training by the Koheler method, docking
   and cropping, animal rights activism, wolf hybrids and pit-bull (or
   other breed) dog bans. New readers are advised against starting these
   topics up on the newsgroup as long, protracted, and inflammatory
   discussions often ensue. The facts pertaining to these controversial
   topics are covered in the FAQ's. This is not to say that these topics
   are forbidden from discussion on rec.pets.dogs, but that regular
   readers would greatly appreciate it if you checked out what the FAQ
   had to say on them to make sure you have something new to contribute.
Current Groups And Charters

  Quick Summary
          Dog events: showing, obed, agility, etc.
          Behaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing, etc.
          Breed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders, etc.
          Info about health problems & how to care for dogs
          General information and FAQs posted here. (Moderated)
          All other topics, chat, humor, etc.
          Information about breed rescue, placing and adopting
   The groups were created on 11/9/94.
  Charters For rec.pets.dogs.*
          This group is for the discussion of activities involving dogs.
          Examples include but are not limited to conformation,
          obedience, field trials, herding trials, frisbee/disc
          competition, flyball, hunting, sledding, backpacking/camping
          and hiking. Other appropriate topics include discussion of
          training for the particular activity, physical conditioning,
          how to hook up with activities available in your area, etc.
          Sportsmanlike conduct is expected; in particular, derogatory
          comments about activities you don't care for are frowned upon.
          Use of keywords in the subject line to clearly identify your
          activity is encouraged.
          This group is for the discussion of typical behavioral problems
          with dogs. Examples include but are not limited to: digging,
          barking, aggressive behavior, housetraining, crate training,
          etc. Also appropriate is discussion of "why" dogs behave as
          they do and how to work with that to eliminate some behaviors
          and reinforce others.
          This group is for extensive breed specific discussion. Topics
          may include breed specific health problems, locating breeders
          of particular breeds, discussing breed specific abilities and
          characteristics, asking about what breeds make appropriate pets
          under what circumstances. Clearly identifying the breed you are
          discussing in the subject line is encouraged.
          This group is for health and medical questions related to dogs.
          This includes, but certainly is not limited to, questions on
          hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems, diabetes, bloat,
          allergies and skin problems, etc. Hereditary and acquired
          diseases may be discussed, as well as traumatic disorders.
          Questions about nutrition and feeding are also appropriate
          here. This newsgroup is not intended to replace veterinary care
          in any way, but is to help inform the dog owner about canine
    , moderated
          This is a moderated group and only posts faqs and informational
          files relevant to rec.pets.dogs.*. The moderator is Cindy
          Tittle Moore ( Appropriate faqs that are
          already cleared for posting to news.answers are automatically
          eligible to be posted here. Others that are regularly posted
          (and listed in "Complete List of RPD.* FAQ's") are also
          eligible for posting here. No discussion is permitted on this
          group. This group is intended to make the faqs and artictles
          with useful information for RPD more visible and easier to
          find, especially for newcomers.
          This group is for miscellaneous questions that are not more
          appropriate for one of the other groups. This includes chat,
          humor, anything pertaining to canines not explicitly covered
          elsewhere. This group replaces the original rec.pets.dogs
          This unmoderated newsgroup proposed as rec.pets.dogs.rescue
          will be used for the discussion of all aspects of dog rescue.
          Topics appropriate to this newsgroup will include, but are not
          limited to:
          + General questions and answers on dog rescue.
          + General announcements relative to various rescue groups.
          + General discussion of methods to use in helping a rescue dog
            adjust to its new home.
          + Idiosyncrasies found in rescue dogs, i.e., fears, aggression,
            etc., and how to handle same.
          + Training or re-training the rescue dog.
          + Breed specific rescue group information.
History of the FAQ's

   Michael Mahler attempted a FAQ in 1991 that consisted of compiled but
   unedited articles saved from the net. Due to time constraints, he gave
   up the project, and I received copies of the articles that he had
   saved and incorporated much of them in here from other readers. I have
   heard of other attempts at FAQ's well, but no real details.
   The current suite of RPD FAQ's started out as eight articles,
   patterned largely after the RPC FAQ's the author had just completed.
   These were put out publicly in the summer of 1992, and have since
   grown to over 20 FAQs and some 80 breed specific FAQ's. Many of the
   breed FAQ's are written by volunteers familiar with or researching the

   First and foremost, I would like to thank the posters of RPD.* over
   the years. Many of them contributed substantial material for this FAQ.
   A good number have pointed out errors and corrections, keeping the
   FAQ's wonderfully up-to-date. Some contributed unknowingly, as I
   lifted their posts directly from the newsgroup, obtained them from
   summaries kept by other people, or lifted them out of mailing lists.
   Without this body of knowledge and contribution, these FAQ's would not
   exist. A complete list of the faqs may be found in the regularly
   posted "Complete List of rec.pets.dogs.* FAQs" on
   To thank every contributor has proven increasingly impossible over the
   years as the numbers have swelled beyond counting or listing. But a
   few I would like to thank in particular are:
   Marla Belzowski (for her initial encouragement and Collie FAQ),
   Stephen R. Lee (for the Mushing section and Mal/Sib FAQ's), Liza
   Miller (for her extensive contributions to the Puppy FAQ and the Lab
   FAQ), Lily Mummert (for her extensive comments on herding), Michael
   Sierchio (overall comments, feedback), Charlie Sorsby (information on
   hunting tests), and Rusty Wright (for much of the original material on
   Guide Dogs).
   I'd like to thank Michael Buening for the creation of the Rescue FAQ
   and Janice Ritter for its current maintenance. Kathryn Hogg wrote the
   Flyball FAQ and Jeff Parke has commented on different sections in the
   Medical Info FAQs. Bonnie Dalzell generously contributed the
   Lurecoursing FAQ, and Amy Hendrix the Selecting A Dog FAQ.
   Finally, I'd especially like to thank all the authors of the Breed
   FAQ's who contributed their time and expertise to write the documents.
    Introduction to rec.pets.dogs.*
    Cindy Tittle Moore,
                                 Hosted by
                                  K9 WEB 

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