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Alt.Devilbunnies Frequently Asked Questions *** Part 4/4

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Archive-name: devilbunnies-faq/part4
Posting-frequency: Approximately twice a month
Last-modified: 1999/11/18

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                                The Index
Written on Jul 22, 1997.  Updated 05Nov1997, 18Nov1999.

Compiled, written, and edited by Bill Keyes (,
with help from Remus Shepherd, Tammy Sue Keyes, Doug MacDougall, and
others too numerous to list.  Thanks to all!
         	          ***** THE INDEX *****

Q.  How many FAQs are there?
A.  Four basic FAQs (the Fudd FAQ, the Bunny FAQ, the Ground Rules, and
    this Index).  There are eighteen Supplements to the FAQs, making a
    grand total of twenty two (!) FAQs.  And no, it's not a record, though
    it is in the top ten.

Q.  Why so many FAQs?
A.  Short answer:  Because there's so very, very much to explain!  Longer
    answer:  Because this newsgroup has been around for so long, there are
    a lot of things that we've developed, and not all of them make immediate
    sense to a newcomer.  The FAQs are there to ease the transition from
    the Blissfully Ignorant (tm) to the Fully Aware (tm).  Plus, we've got
    a lot of technically savvy and extremely verbose people here who just
    like to write FAQs.  Elmer help us.

Q.  What if I want to write my own FAQ?
A.  Well, if you've been around for a while, and there is some aspect of
    alt.devilbunnies that you simply feel *must* be explained in greater
    depth, I highly recommend you get more sleep, maybe go see a movie or
    take a walk or something.  It's a thankless job.  But if after this
    you still want to do it, then go right ahead.  It may be months, even
    years before your FAQ becomes "official," and you may have to put up
    with a lot of criticism (both good and bad), so just be warned.

Q.  What information is available in the Supplements?
A.  Here's a list of all the Supplements and a short description of what
    each of them contains:

    Supplement 1  -- The Address List           (Maintained by Tammy Sue Keyes)
    Supplement 1a -- Who's Who: The Fudds       (Maintained by Geoffrey Marsh)
    Supplement 1b -- Who's Who: The Bunnies     (Maintained by Geoffrey Marsh)
    Supplement 1c -- Where's Where              (Maintained by Geoffrey Marsh)
    Supplement 2  -- Fudd Technology and Weapons
    Supplement 2a -- Moxie                      (Maintained by Scott Bernier)
    Supplement 2b -- NoCoAnDBHQ
    Supplement 3  -- Bunny Technology and Weapons
    Supplement 3a -- Nanotechnology             (Maintained by Remus Shepherd)
    Supplement 3b -- Morpharmor                 (Maintained by Remus Shepherd)
    Supplement 3c -- BunnyVirus                 (Maintained by Remus Shepherd)
    Supplement 3d -- BunnyMovers
    Supplement 3e -- Squirrels                  (Maintained by Scott Bernier)
    Supplement 4  -- Ancient History of the Bunnies
    Supplement 4a -- Modern History of the Bunnies (under construction)
    Supplement 5  -- The Ferrotti
    Supplement 5a -- The Ferrotti Language
    Supplement 6  -- Other Interesting Things

Q.  How often are the Supplements posted?
A.  The following Supplements are posted twice monthly, along with the Main
    FAQ:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

    The following Supplements are posted once in a blue moon:
    1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 4a, 5a.

    The basic rule of thumb is:  Read the Bunny FAQ.  Learn it, know it, live
    it, love it, send its creator lots of money.  Read the Fudd FAQ.  Learn
    it, know it, live it, love it, send its creator even more money.  Read 
    the Ground Rules if you plan to post.  Read the Supplements if you need
    more information!

Q.  Is this information available in any other format?
A.  Yes, we also have the official alt.dbs WWW site, maintained by Snowhare.
    You can access the Supplements, the archives, and lots of other stuff
    from there!  The address is

Thus ends the Index to the FAQs.  Please direct comments and suggestions to
Bill Keyes (  Please direct love letters, lightly
scented undergarments, and buckets full of cash to his home address.

This document and all information contained within is Copyright (c) 1997 by
Bill Keyes.  All rights reserved.  It may not be reproduced or reposted by
any means, electronic or otherwise, without prior permission from the


*  Bill Keyes                 /\     *         *
*  c////////=================|__|=>  *  Sic semper cuniculis daemoniacis!  *
*  Bunny hunter Extreme &   /    \   *   alt.devilbunnies FAQ Keeper       *
*  Independent Fudd        <______>  *       *

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