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[bit.listserv.deaf-l] Deafness information on the Internet

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Archive-name: deaf/pointers
Posting-Frequency: biweekly
Last-modified: 1998/02/28
Version: 1.8

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                     Subject: DEAF-L MINI-FAQ
                      Written by:  Omer Zak
                          E-mail:  <>
                   WWW home page:

Subject: Table of Contents 1. How to unsubscribe myself from DEAF-L? 2. How to subscribe myself to DEAF-L? 3. Introduction 4. Pointers to information 5. I do not have WWW browser. How to access it by E-mail? 6. I am not proficient in English
Subject: 1. How to unsubscribe myself from DEAF-L? Do not send your unsubscription request to the DEAF-L list as several people (probably you too) have been trying to do. Instead of this, send a message to <> whose body contains the following command: signoff deaf-l If you have any problem unsubscribing yourself from DEAF-L using the above method, contact the DEAF-L moderator, Roy Miller, at <>
Subject: 2. How to subscribe myself to DEAF-L? If you want to subscribe to DEAF-L, the command is: sub deaf-l your name And it is to be sent to the address <> in the body of an E-mail message.
Subject: 3. Introduction The purpose of this document is to give you starting point for locating and discovering Internet resources related to deafness. You'll find that, thanks to the diligent efforts of several people during the last few years, there is a lot of stuff about deafness on the Internet. Most of the information is available on the World-Wide Web. The rest of this document contains (very few) URLs (pointers) which will allow you to discover and retrieve the information. I assume that you already know how to use E-mail and what do the terms WWW and URL mean. If you do not know, ask your local system guru.
Subject: 4. Pointers to information 1. The following Web sites are excellent starting points for surfing the World-Wide Web for deafness related information: 2. URL of Omer Zak's DEAF-INFO Web site: This WWW site contains summaries of information which passed via the DEAF-L discussion list during the last few years. It emphasizes opinions, testimonials and personal experiences. There is also some objective information. 3. URL of Omer Zak's TTY FAQ: This is actually part of (2) above, but it was mentioned separately because the most frequently asked question on DEAF-L is about using a PC to talk by phone to a deaf TTY user. This document tells you everything you need to know about using PCs to contact people with TTYs. For your convenience, this document is mirrored in the following URL: 4. URL of DEAF-L list administrative information: This is actually part of (2) above, but it was mentioned separately because it is needed by anyone who starts to follow the DEAF-L list.
Subject: 5. I do not have WWW browser. How to access it by E-mail? NOTE: in the past, this section used to have instructions for finding a Web-by-mail service. However now I don't have up-to-date information about such services. Due to the length and breadth of the Internet, there are no more services which serve the entire world. They instead serve local regions and/or provide information only from specific Web sites. Therefore you are advised to ask your local system guru for help in locating a friendly, nearby Web-by-mail service.
Subject: 6. I am not proficient in English In the past, you could read Web pages only in the language in which they were written. In the case of the DEAF-INFO Web site, this meant that you could read the information only in English. However, recently, Web translation engines became available. While I cannot vouch for the correctness of their translations, you may give them a try. One such translation engine is available in the URL I hope that in the future there will be more translation servers on the Internet, and that they will be of higher quality and cover all languages of the world. P.S.: If you know about more translation servers which should be mentioned in this FAQ, you are welcome to let me know. ----====*====----

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