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[FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh and Windows
Section - 1 Where can I get information from

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Top Document: [FAQ] FileMaker Pro - database for Macintosh and Windows
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1.1   Internet sites
 Claris WWW
 (updaters, templates, technical support articles, trial software and
 product literature):
 Claris FAQs on FileMaker Pro 2.x:
 Claris FMPro and HTTP (featured article):
 Claris FTP server (anonymous downloads):
 Claris Tech Info Database (more than 4000 searchable articles):
 gopher://  "search engine"
 Tips from the File Maker User Group (FMUG)
 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):
 Misc. sites collected by Joel Bowers <jmba@BLUEFIN.NET>: "Home
 site of the FAQs, compressed database release"
 ro/faq/faq.html "FAQ monthly html release" "ISO Magazine" "ROFM CGI AppleScript OSAX" "WWW server for FMP"  "CSA member" "mailing list FMPRO" "CSA member" "Send Fax" "templates for barcharts, FMP3" "CSA member" "CSA member" "CSA member" "CSA member" "Plain text FAQs,
 old postings of FMPRO-L, various templates" "French User Group" [Italian] [Swedish]
 More Links that may have some FileMaker Connections "PowerFiles - A good source for Database
 Solutions, Templates, Demos and Tips (FMP 2.x and 3.0)." (by Allison
1.2   Software and templates (info-mac) and its mirrors, most in directory
 Applications and Database, e.g.:
 (a notation supported e.g. by Anarchie, a ftp and archie software by
 Peter Lewis, to get it from your favorite mirror)
 Umich and its mirrors, e.g.:
 Many templates contain either .fm or FMP within the name - so you may
 perform an archie or index search on those characteristic expressions.
 Claris: "Software" "Updaters" "Solutions" "Templates" "Trial_Software"
 America Online:
 Business Section/Database Support/ "FileMaker Pro Templates"
 Claris Support
 Claris BBS:
 The Claris BBS is a file upload/download service. You can download
 updaters, trial software, templates, and frequently asked questions.
 Call 408-987-7421 with your communications software set for 8/N/1 to
 connect at speeds up to 14,400 bps.
 Claris Solutions Alliance:
 Commercial Database Developpers. Demos and Solutions are available on
 the Claris sites.
 (see information in section Forums)
 Commercial templates and free tips to AppleScript and FMP.
 Commercial templates, free tips and demos.
1.3   Newsgroups
 Posting concerning FMPro may appear in comp.sys.mac.apps,
 comp.sys.mac.misc, comp.databases, de.comp.databases, several local and
 IBM-PC related groups as well, but I highly recommend to keep them in
 comp.sys.mac.databases only.
1.4   Mailing lists
 FMPRO-L is the main list on FileMaker Pro where these FAQs were composed
 from. It is a well attended list with about 20 messages per day.
 There are currently two further lists for discussion of Filemaker Pro
 topics available: The regular Filemaker Pro list (,
 and one for discussion of Filemaker Pro CGIs (,
 both created in August 1995. They offer WWW support on
 <>, e.g. to subscribe and search for old articles
 (searchable archive).
1.4.1  FMPRO-L
 Claris FileMaker Pro discussions
 This mailing list is for discussions on all aspects of the FileMaker Pro
 database development environment, published by Claris Corporation. Both
 the Mac and the Windows versions of the program are welcome topics of
 discussion, as are future speculations on the direction of the
 environment. Posters should refrain from submitting enclosed database
 files to the list, and any freeware and shareware databases should be
 submitted to the appropriate Mac and/or Windows anonymous ftp sites. On
 the  Macintosh side, these are and
 To subscribe to this list:
 Send to:
 Subject: subscribe
 Message: subscribe fmpro-l <your full name here>
 To Unsubscribe from this list:
 Send to:
 Subject: unsubscribe Message: SIGNOFF FMPRO-L
1.4.2  FMPRO
 send to this list:
 "This list was created after consulting with several prominent FMPRO
 developers as well as Claris Tech., all of whom had no knowledge of an
 existing FMPRO list. As well, we've created the associated FMPRO-CGI
 list to allow for an adequate forum for that specific topic." (from (Bill Doerrfeld))
 Commands should be put in the message body of the message sent to the
 list request address, "". Here are the
 commands currently recognized by this list:
 To subscribe to the list fmpro: subscribe fmpro
 If you need a digest version of the list, use the command: subscribe
 digest fmpro
 This command unsubscribes you from one of the lists: unsubscribe fmpro
 To get the help file, send: help
1.4.3  FMPRO-CGI
 send to this list:
 "CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface". The CGI definition provides
 a standard for external gateway programs to interface with information
 servers such as MacHTTP. If You're running Your own WWW-Server, You can
 define FORMS, that Users can fill out. The contents can go into a
 FMP-Database - using these  CGI's)
 More Information: "
 (from (Markus Schneider))
 Commands should be put in the message body of the message sent to the
 list request address, "". Here are the
 commands currently recognized by this list:
 To subscribe to the list fmpro-cgi: subscribe fmpro-cgi
 If you need a digest version of the list, use the command: subscribe
 digest fmpro-cgi
 This command unsubscribes you from one of the lists: unsubscribe
 To get the help file, send: help
1.5   Forums
 Full-service Support Forums
 Claris does not provide person-to-person support via the Internet.
 [They] invite you to visit [their] full-service support forums on the
 online services below, which include discussion boards monitored by
 Claris Technical Support staff, TechInfo database, and extensive
 software libraries. [Their] forums on America Online and eWorld also
 offer product registration and ordering.
 America Online: keyword CLARIS
 CompuServe: GO CLARIS
 eWorld: shortcut CLARIS
 AppleLink: Third Parties: Claris or CLARIS.TECH
 Claris BBS  408-987-7421
 Contact the online service of your choice for a membership kit. Prices
 and policies current as of 12/1/94. All prices are in U.S. dollars
 unless specified otherwise.
 America Online, 800-827-6364 in U.S. or 1-703-448-8700
 Free kit, 10 hour free trial offer, $9.95 per month includes 5 hours
 free time, $3.50 for each additional hour.
 (keyword: CLARIS)
 CompuServe, 800-848-8199 or 1-614-529-1349 in the U.S., (+44)
 272-760-681  in Europe, 9-9 London time
 Kit is  $25 and includes  $25 usage credit for first month. The $25 is
 refundable if you discontinue during the first month. Subscription price
 is $8.95 per month for access to basic services, with extended services
 being $9.60 per hour at 2400 baud and $16 per hour at 9600.
 (keyword: GO CLARIS)
 eWorld, 800-775-4556 or 1-408-974-1236
 Free software kit offer until 12/31/94. Offer good in U.S. only. Monthly
 fee of $8.95 which includes 2 hours of use during non-prime time (6 PM
 to 6 AM local time). Each additional hour is charged at $4.95 per hour.
 An additional $2.95 per hour will be charged for all prime-time usage (6
 AM to 6 PM local time).
 (go to shortcut: CLARIS)
 AppleLink, 800-877-8221
 Kit is $70. Monthly minimum charge of $12. Connect charges at 2400 baud
 are $12 per hour plus a 5.5 cent surcharge for every 1000 keystrokes.
 Rates for 9600 baud are $37 hour with no surcharge.
 (Third Parties: Third Parties A-G: Claris)
 Claris Solutions Alliance:
 Membership $249 per year. "Our goal is to provide consistent,
 industry-leading marketing service and support to third-parties creating
 new Windows and Macintosh solutions that address the specific business
 productivity needs of users."  Contact Claris, P.O. Box 58168, MS C-22,
 Santa Clara, CA 95052
    800-800-8954 (FAX),
    408-727-8227 (Customer Assistance)
    408-727-9054 Technical Support Macintosh
    408-727-9004 Technical Support Windows
 Directory from Claris Customer Assistance (408/727-8227).  This is a
 150+ page book listing Consultants, Trainers and Custom Developers of
 Claris Products.
1.6   Books
 Various books are available, from beginner to advanced users.
 Stephen Cobb, Chey Romfo: 'The Stephen Cobb User's Guide to FileMaker'.
 Windcrest (Blue Ridge Summit, PA)
 Rich Coulombre, Jonathan Price: 'FileMaker Pro 2.0 for Macintosh'.
 Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1993,
 ISBN 62212-2, Pages/Price unknown
 Guy Kawasaki: 'Database 101'. Peachpit Press Inc., 1991
 Maria L. Langer: 'FileMaker Pro 2.0 for the Mac in a Nutshell'.
 Charles Rubin: 'The Macintosh Bible   Guide to FileMaker Pro'. Peachpit
 Press Inc., 1993
 Charles Rubin: 'The Macintosh Bible   Guide to FileMaker Pro 2.0'.
 Peachpit Press Inc., 1993
 Michael Singer: 'Database Design with FileMaker Pro'. John Wiley & Sons,
 ISBN 0-471-02022-2, $ 24.95 (3/94), Pages unknown
 Barrie Sosinsky: 'Using FileMaker Pro 2.0 for the Mac'. Que Corp, 1992
 Barrie Sosinsky: 'Using FileMaker Pro 2.0 for Windows'
 Books for FMP 3.0:
 C. Ann Brown: 'FileMaker Pro 3 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide'.
 Peachpit Press, 1996/04, ISBN 0-201-88357-0 (1995/10), 256 pages, $16.95
 Don Crabb, Jeff Gagne: 'The Guide to FileMaker Pro'. Hayden Books
 Alex Kennedy: 'Filemaker Pro 3.0'. Addison Wesley, 1996/04, ISBN
 0-201-87762-7 (1995/12), 512 pages, $39.95
 Tom Maremaa: 'FileMaker Pro for Macs for Dummies', IDG Books Worldwide,
 Inc., 1995/12, ISBN 1-56884-906-0 (1995/03)
 Chris Moyer: 'Special Edition Using FileMaker Pro', Que, 1996/01, ISBN
 0-7897-0662-8 (1995/11), $34.99 (Retail Price)
 Steven A. Schwartz / MacWorld: 'FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac', 2nd Edition.
 IDG Books Worldwide, 1996/03, ISBN 1-56884-728-9 (1995/09), $34.99
 Charles Rubin: 'The Macintosh Bible   Guide to FileMaker Pro 3.0'. 3rd
 ed., 1996/04, Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-201-88356-2 (1995/10), 496 pages,
 Course Material:
 John Latrash: 'Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0 Macintosh and Windows 95: Quick
 Course'. South-Western Educational Publishing
 'The FileMaker Report', published 10 x a year,
 Elk Horn Publishing / P.O. Box 1300 / Freedom / CA  95019  / Phone (408)
 726-1232 / Fax (408) 726-1233
 16 pages $65 per year
 'Inside FileMaker Pro', published monthly
 The Cobb Group / P.O. Box 35160 / 9420 Bunsen Pkwy, Ste. 300 /
 Louisville, KY  40220 / 40232-9719 / Phone: 800-223-8720
 12 pages $39 per year
 The ISO Magazine
 FMPro online user magazine / ISO <>
 First year subscriptions are free
 Audio and Video Cassettes:

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