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alt.punk.straight-edge sXe FAQ
Section - 2-7. What other dances are there?

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    On 18 Oct 1997 XMARTINX <hexen@gmx!net> wrote"
    "a guide to violent dancing

    "stagediving, pile-ups, windmills, walls of death, slamdancing, its an 
    excellent way to release pent-up frustrations or to shed thos extra 
    pounds. This is the spirit of the youth, this is what hardcore is all 
    about. The pit found its roots in punks slam and pogo (some say it was 
    invented late 70īs on shows from the Germs, The weirdos, Black Flag ...) 
    and progressed in trash- and death metal gigs. Since the walls between
    punk and metal have come down, the audience has changed lately, the size 
    of the pit is growing. Early hc-gigs saw the craziness of a few 
    violators but the latest shows were slamfest were over 50 kids really
    knocked their way through the audience. What makes me so proud about 
    this scene is that it never comes to fights. In other places, when a pit 
    starts, it often comes to fistfights and those who participate in the 
    action want to dance the hardest. Lack of respect and comprehension is 
    mostly the reason for this. Anyway, heres some names and explanation 
    for pit-tricks, the editor is not responcible for any injuries at all 
    ... ;-)

    "Some stagediving techniques:

    "arrow: hands behind the back, take a leap on stage and shoot yourself 
    into the front rows.

    "Flip: flip your body headfirst and land on the crowd, you can flip 
    over and over again while laying on the crowd too.

    "Feet-first: make sure you dont wear combat-boots for this. Run off 
    the stage and jump as high as possible, then stretch both feet before 
    you land with your gravity centered in your bottom.

    "Wuss-dive: get on stage and make gestures with your arms that people 
    should move up front to catch you, then with lots of efforts, lay down 
    safely, like you would drop dead.

    "Floor kiss (or pope -dive): take a huge leap and jump as high as you 
    can, pointing your lips in a romantic way and land on your face.

    "Golden Rules:
    - Dont wear too many clothes. Just make sure your piercings, fresh 
    tattoos, genitals and brest are well protected. Of course its great if 
    you can rip some yuppies Nirvana T-Shirt to tiny pieces.
    - Only dance when theres a good mood. Dont make a complete idiot of 
    yourself going off on emo or melodic gigs. Use the H-force for H-bands.
    - Dont take food/drinks with you. You dont wanna end up with fries in 
    your ears smelling of Dr.Pepper after a good gig, do you ?
    - Dont fart in the pit !!
    - Dont kiss your partner up front (especially when you dont want the 
    others tongue-piercing to be yours)


    Legs spread and hands grabbing the floor on the rythms of the beat 
    (NY-Style is excellent to do this, Solid the perfect band)

    Crouch your arms and slam them open as wide and hard as possible, great 
    on fast parts, even better in combination of shoving your feet in all 

    "WINDMILL (single or double)
    Rotate your arms 360 degrees forward or backward, make sure your fingers 
    are locked safely in a fist, for the sake of yourself and buddie-slammers.

    One dancer rides the others back or neck against onslaughts of attack by 
    human battering rams. Invented by the skins but lately done by our 

    Stand back to back with a fella and grab his arms from behind. Lift him 
    up and whirl like a madman into the front rows. This move is complete 
    if you release the human projectile to knock down some victims.

    Arms locked tight in an iron chain, a line of burly dudes mows down any 
    unexspecting pedestrian standing in its path. When doing this, make sure 
    you have the beefiest guys with you.

    Jump up and down like a moron to ridicolous hiphop-beats. When you see 
    geeks doing this, go for a double windmill or a wall of death to clear 
    them of the floor so they can hide safely in the back drinking 

    On 18 Oct 1997 XJeremyX wrote:
    "My favorites:

    "The Menace: If you saw the movie "Don't be a menace to south central 
    while drinking your juice in the hood" (the grandma did it while she 
    was break dancing in church) you should be familiar with this one. You
    stand on one foot, grab your other ankle and kick your leg forward while 
    still holding it. Fun to do to the slow dance parts.
    "The helicopter: spread your arms out and swing them around like your a 

    "The Sledgehammer: Clasp your hands and Swing them like you've got a 
    sledgehammer. Fun to do to the intro of those fast old school songs 
    just before you point and scream "GO!"

    "Kick'n'go: Hold your arm out, fully extended, with your hand held in 
    a palm. Swing your arm and strike your palm with your fist. now when 
    you bring your fist back to hit your palm again, kick. repeat. 

    "Seisure: My favorite. Do what you want, but shake like a maniac and 
    run around. Do this when the singer passes you the mike."

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