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[soc.culture.russian] SCR and Cyrillization FAQ: part 0/4 (listing)

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Archive-Name: cultures/russian/list
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-Modified: 1996/08/04
Version: 2.0

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Back from vacation!

Below is a monthly repost of some relevant SOC.CULTURE.RUSSIAN materials,
last updated on August 4, 1996. If you have any questions, suggestions or
additions, e-mail or The materials of
this FAQ in hypertext form can be found on the World-Wide Web:


Other related materials are available at


The URLs above points to SOC.CULTURE.RUSSIAN home page and SOVINFORMBUREAU
pages respectively. Again, all comments and suggestions welcome.

The text of this FAQ is written by Vadim Maslov <>
and by Peter Vorobieff <>, <>. The
copyright to this FAQ belongs to Vadim Maslov and Peter Vorobieff.

The new features of the current version of the FAQ include the "quick
how-to" section on Cyrillic installation for several platforms,
and references to more places related to Russian literature and publishing
on the WWW.

Part 4 of the FAQ is, as usual, "under construction," as well as
the webified version of the FAQ.

Peter Vorobieff <> - the Keeper of the FAQ.


- ----------------------------------------------------------------------


   answers the questions:
   - What is S.C.R.?
   - What is the language of S.C.R.?
   - What should and should not be posted to S.C.R.?
   - What other newsgroups with related topics exist?
   - What to post and NOT to post?
   - How to react to net abuse?
   - Why hate speech articles cannot be eliminated?
   - How to react to hate speech?
   - How to react to an article you LIKED?
   - What is a killfile and how to use it?
   - Whom to killfile?
   - What is the crossposting strategy?

2. Cyrillic Paleo-FAQ
   answers the questions:
   - What are the ways to write and read in Russian on Internet?
   - What is necessary to install Cyrillic fonts/drivers on my computer?
   - How to use FTP, Gopher, WWW cruisers to download the necessary files?

3. Russian net resources
   answers the questions:
   - What are relcom newsgroups and how to get them?
   - What places on Usenet other than s.c.r have information about Russia?
   - Are there any Russian mailing lists?
   - What are the FTP, Gopher and WWW sites with Russian resources?
   - Are there any Russian online newspapers/magazines?

4. Miscellaneous (to be expanded)
   answers the questions:
   - Where can one buy/order Russian books and magazines in the United States?
   - How to get visas to/from Russia?
   - How can I get in touch with the Russian Consulate in the US?
   - What phone company can one use to call to Russia?
   - What is the cheapest way to fly to Russia?
   - What is the FUN way of flying IN Russia?
   - Are there any Russian newspapers/magazines available on Internet/WWW?
   - What are the places on WWW to look for information on Russian music?
   - What literature in Russian is available on WWW?
   - Where can I find Russian food recipes on WWW?
   - What is the current situation with parliamentary and presidential
     elections in Russia?
   - How are things going in Russian football?
   - What is the state of role-playing gaming in Russia?

Version: 2.6.2


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my only true addresses. All my articles are PGP-signed. My PGP public
key is at URL:

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