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Hangul & Internet in Korea (Introduction)

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Archive-name: cultures/korea/hangul-internet/intro
Posting-Frequency: Monthly(3rd Saturday) to home groups and relevant *.answers
and twice a month(1,3th Saturday) to home groups.

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   Hangul and Internet in Korea FAQ (Introduction)



This FAQ list is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions in 
soc.culture.korean on Hangul program on Intel x86 based PC, Mac and UNIX and
Internet in Korea. 

Plain text version of this FAQ list is posted 1st and 3rd Saturday to 
soc.culture.korea,,, and comp.misc.
Every month(3rd Saturday of each month), it's also posted to news.answers, 
soc.answers, comp.answers,and alt.answers, and archived at and
its mirror sites(Among directories at with the FAQ are 
/pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/soc/culture/korean). Moreover, it's avaliable in
plain text format at following searchable FAQ archives(the last one is in


You can always retrieve the most recent one at 

Summary of the FAQ in Korean is posted to Hangul Usenet Newsgroup (See 
Subject 14) han.answers and han.comp.hangul on 1st and 3rd Saturday of each
month and HTML version of the summary in Korean is available at 

Original Hangul.FAQ list(still circulated in Korea and archived at most
archives in Korea such as CAIR-archive) was compiled and written by 
Choi,Woohyung at KAIST perhaps in 1992. Its principal purpose was to answer
frequently asked questions about Hangul computing (especially related to
Unix and the Internet that had just taken off and began sky-rocketing growth
in Korea). and served well a number of netters in and outside Korea. It was
written , however, for those familiar with use of Hangul on computer(e.g.
word processing), which are not often the case for Korean and others outside
Korea. Hence, need for revised Hangul.FAQ for this group of people arised as
exemplified by numerous questions in soc.culture.korean not covered by the
original FAQ list. I embarked on revising the original FAQs in late 1992 and
added many items of particular interest to people outside Korea with
interest in Hangul who have difficulty finding information about Hangul
computing and Internet service in Korea. It had since been semi-regularly
posted to soc.culture.korean until Aug. 1993 when I left the U.S. During my
stay in Korea, it was maintained by Lee, Kumsup (at I
set out for rather big revision including converting it to HTML when I
returned to the States in Aug. 1995 and it still needs a large number of
corrections and additions, which I'll do as my time allows me to. 

About 35% of material in this FAQ list came from original Hangul FAQ by 
Choi,Woohyung at KAIST. The rest was collected and compiled by me thanks to
a lot of netters on Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.korean, and several groups
belonging to Han hierarchy. Besides, a number of netters on Hangul Internet
BBS such as ARA,KIDS and CBUBBS have helped complete this FAQ. Recent
updates to this FAQ list are also partly due to numerous articles posted to 
Nowcom and HiTel where I have an account. 

I used to mark what I added to the original FAQ by ** at the beginning of
paragraphs, but I decided to drop that convention and explicitely note
contribution of the author( Choi,Woohyung) of original FAQ, instead. 

This was edited with special regard for Koreans abroad,people of Korean
ethnicity and others who are not familiar with Korean software on their
platforms and Internet in Korea. As such, it may include some items too well
known to people in Korea. 

I tried to be as accurate as I can,but this is certainly bound to have
mistakes. Please, post any suggestion and comment to soc.culture.korean or
send them to me at I'll try to include new findings
and corrections as my time allows. 

HTML version now supports Keyword search. You may use logical operators
OR,AND,and NOT and parentheses to combine keywords. 


This FAQ list would not exist as it is without those who have made
invaluable contribution to developing Hangul Environment for Unix/Internet
including and certainly not limited to Song,Jae-gyung(hanterm), 
Choi,Woohyung at (the original Hangul FAQ, hlatex
and hangul mail), Park,Jongdae at elvis),
Oh,Sung-gyu at,Han for Linux,hscreen,hps) and
other members of SPARCS at KAIST and Kim,Daeshik at
porting and modification,Hangul IRC/talk and numerous articles posted to
soc.culture.korean and han.*), to whom I feel greatly obliged for their
generous help to me as well as their great contribution to Hangul computing.
I also wish to express my sincere thanks for a number of netters(only part
of them are mentioned in the list mostly due to my carelessness for which
I'm very sorry. Please, tell me if you find your contribution not properly
credited) who helped me gather information and correct errors in the list. 


Trademarks appearing in the FAQ are owned by their respective owners. Any
mention of commercial entities and their products and services in the FAQ
list does NOT constitute endorsement of them by the author and is given for
purely informational purposes only. There is absolutely no warranty, express
or impiled, about the information in this document, whether involving
commercial or non-commercial programs,products,and services. This FAQ is
copyrighted by Jungshik Shin( You are free to copy
and distribute it via the Internet and on-line services for non-commercial
purpose provided this copyright notice appears intact. Those who wish to use
it commercially must contact the author and get the express permission. 

Hangul Summary
Tarred and Gzipped Text Version
Keyword Search 


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