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Hangul & Internet in Korea (Contents)

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Archive-name: cultures/korea/hangul-internet/contents
Posting-Frequency: Monthly(3rd Saturday) to home groups and relevant *.answers
and twice a month(1,3th Saturday) to home groups.

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   Hangul and Internet in Korea FAQ (Contents)

           The list had been left for two years with no change and has been
undergoing extensive updates. Please, note that up-to-date and out-of-date
information are intermingled through out the document. 

Last updated on Aug. 15, 1999. 

Tarred and Gzipped Text Version
Hangul Summary 

1. Where can I get Hangul programs in public domain? Is there any anonymous
   FTP archive for them? (6/22/99) 
2. What kind of Hangul terminal emulators are avaiable? (7/26/99) 
3. How can I edit Hangul documents? (6/23/99) 
4. How can I use Hangul under MS-DOS/MS-Windows and OS/2? (1/16/99) 
5. How can I use Hangul on Mac? (8/15/99) 
6. How can I use Hangul on Unix? (1/16/99) 
7. What kind of word processors are available for Hangul? (11/18/98) 
8. What are KS X 1001(KS C 5601) and other Hangul codes? (6/14/99) 
9. How can I exchange Hangul Mails ? (6/22/99) 
10. Is there any Internet BBS in Korea? (8/18/96) 
11. What is hlatex and how can I use it? (6/22/99) 
12. I'd like to install hlatex, but I don't have enough previlege. (1/14/96) 
13. Are there Hangul TeX packages running on Macintosh or IBM-PC? (11/12/98) 
14. Are there mailing lists for Hangul stuffs? (1/16/99) 
15. I've got a software "foo" from an archive, but it doesn't work. (4/9/93) 
16. I've downloaded a Hangul terminal emulator and installed it, but I can't
   enter Hangul characters. (1/13/98) 
17. I have an ethernet card on my PC, and installed a software Hangul for
   MS-DOS. I still can't write and see Hangul characters when connecting to
   remote host with telnet-client(e.g. NCSA Telnet). (11/15/96) 
18. My Mac is connected to the campus network at my school and I have Hangul
   Talk,but I can't write and read Hangul over the network. (7/10/97) 
19. I'm using stevie as my Hangul editor, but it leaves a garbage named
   "gmon.out". How can I remove it? (7/1/93) 
20. Does hlatex support single character block(jaso)? (1/14/93) 
21. How can I print out hangul document from Unix host? (2/16/99) 
22. What's the Internet domain name for Korea and schools in Korea? (1/16/99)
23. Is there any vendor dealing in Korean s/w in the US? (1/20/98) 
24. I heard of Han newsgroups in Korea. How can I read them? (8/15/99) 
25. Is there any way to correspond electronically with someone without any
   affiliation to any of Internet-coonected institutions in Korea? 
26. Is there any terminal server in Korea for 'rlogin'/'telnet' which is
   accessible by dial-up connection? (1/19/97) 
27. My school does not support 8bit modem line. Is there any way to transfer
   8bit character(KSC 5601) over 7bit line? (6/30/93) 
28. Can I talk or use IRC in Hangul? (11/12/98) 
29. Can I print out Han-ja with Hangul LaTeX? (1/14/96) 
30. I received an Arae-Ah Hangul(HWP) and/or Hangul MS-Word file from
   Korea,but I don't have either of them. How can I view and print it out?
31. Where can I get extensive information on Internet in Korea? (12/22/96) 
32. Are there any commercial Internet service providers (ISP) in Korea? 
33. Can I connect to any of nationwide on-line service' in Korea via the
   Internet? Does any of them offer outbound service to the Internet? 
34. Are there any Korean newspapers or magazines available on the Internet? 
35. Where can I find information about WWW servers in Korea and related to
   Korea? (1/16/99) 
36. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under Unix/X window? 
37. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages on Mac? (11/3/98) 
38. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under MS-Windows? 
39. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under OS/2? (2/15/97) 
40. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under MS-DOS? (6/30/96) 
41. Is there any place ( Internet cafe, public library, etc) in Korea where
   travellers can access the Internet? (1/3/98) 
42. Can I send Fax to Korea via Internet e-mail or WWW? (Is there any Fax
   mail gateway in Korea? (1/16/99) 
43. Can I page my friend in Korea using WWW or e-mail? Is there any Pager-Net
   gateway in Korea? How about leaving a message on a celluar phone with
   text-display panel? (1/16/99) 
44. Is there any way to make Hangul PDF files? (6/22/99) 

The information contained herein has been gathered from a variety of
sources. In many cases attribution has been lost; if you would like to claim
responsibility for a particular item, please let us know. 

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

Last updated on Aug. 15, 1999. 


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