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FAQ: soc.culture.french - Miscellaneous [monthly]
Section - 9. Paris

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Une semaine a Paris

Les restaurants a Paris

Les hotels

When I've stayed in Paris I've had pretty good luck with a place called the
Hotel Marcadet Plaisance on rue Marcadet in the 18th.  Not very close to
the center of action, but close to a Metro stop -- and lots of North African
accents (couscous places etc) if that's at all of interest.  In December 91 it
ran 180FF/night for a double with private toilet/bath; there's a phone in the
room but no TV.

My employer uses a place near the Arc de Triomphe called the Hotel Stella,
which is a step or two above the places I've mentioned and which runs
about 320FF/night -- which is better than most of the 2-3 star places that get
into the 400s and 500s francs per night.
For Paris, you can try the hotels in the "Let's Go" Europe. They are normally
clean and cheap.
As for myself, I know a quiet a quite cheap hotel. It is in the 6th
arrondissement, which is not the quartier latin, but close to it,
between it and the Musee d'Orsay. It's called "Hotel Welcome", the
address is "rue de Seine, Paris VI" and the phone number is available
from the international phone inquiries. It's an old couple who manages
the hotel and they are very friendly. You should make a reservation in
advance. The room should be about FF 250 / night.
I stayed about 2 years ago in a hotel about 2 minutes walk from Notre
Dame. It had in-room shower and toilet and a queensize bed. The room
was pretty small and it's not comparable to American standards (probably
most of the European hotels are not comparable, much more expensive and
you get less). But me and my girlfriend liked it. They even brought up
the breakfast (included in roomrate) to the room at no additional charge.
And the best- it is quite reasonable pricewise (don't remeber exact price
but it was in the range of $30 a night). The address:
Hotel Les Argonautes
12 Rue de la Huchette
75500520 Paris
phone France-1-43540982
I know a litle but good hotel near Place d'Italie;
Hotel Manet (15, rue Edouard-Manet / 75013 / Paris)
tel.: (331)
A room with WC and bath = 285FF  but you can find a room by 230FF.
Try to find a book in the bookstores called Cheap Sleeps in Paris.
Let's Go France '92 is good. What looks best from the books to me is in the
Bastille. 11e Hotel de la Nouvelle France, 31 rue Keller 47 00 40 74 Metro
Ledru-Rollin Double 150-180FF with shower. No reservations. In Le Marais,
Hotel de Sejour 36 rue de Grenier St-Lazare, 3e 48 87 40 36, Metro Rambuteau.
Lots of light and classy hardwood floors. 131F, showers 10F.
I stayed in the Familia Hotel, 11 Rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris, in
Dec-Jan 1985 while doing some software installation.  Then it cost
about $26/night, including continental breakfast.  I had a room with
private bath(shower, no tub) and double bed.  It was about a 15 minute
walk to the Sorbonne and Blvd St-Michel (left bank), and a 5 minute
walk to a metro station from which you could go anywhere in a very
short time for little money.  On the same street and in the same area
there were several small hotels which looked as if they would be in
the same category...inexpensive, clean, friendly staff, conveniently
located, etc.
Hotel des Carmes, rue des Carmes.  It is located near the latin quarter, Notre-
Dame, Boulevard Saint-Michel etc. The breakfast are super: croissants, chocolat,
cafe, the', etc... And in addition it is very CHEAP.
I know of a nice hotel at $60 per night on Ave Motte-Picquet near the Metro stop
in Paris.  Ask for a room at the rear, hidden from the street -- much quieter.
My favourite one is Hotel Tiquetonne, 6 rue Tiquetonne (metro Etienne-Marcel)
                tel 42 36 94 58
Thats in a small street near rue Saint-Denis, Beaubourg, etc, but
in a quiet place.
Unfortunately, it's often full...
Hotel des Grandes Ecoles
75 rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 Paris
(1) 43 26 79 23
Call as soon as possible, they are in high demand.
In January, I got a room for 300F.

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Top Document: FAQ: soc.culture.french - Miscellaneous [monthly]
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