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FAQ: soc.culture.french - Medias [monthly]
Section - 4. Ou trouver de la presse et des livres ecrits en francais Where to find french newspapers and books

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USA, CA, Los Angeles

La Cite des Livres. 2306 Westwood Blvd. (310) 475-0658.
French books, magazines (& films).

USA, CA, Mountain View

Printer's Inc.  Castro Street.  They carry a selection of
non-US newspapers and magazines.

USA, CA, Palo-Alto

Printer's Inc.  California Street.  They carry a large selection of
non-US newspapers and magazines.
Stanford Bookstore.

USA, MA, Boston area.

The French Library.  53 Marlborough Street, Boston.  Non profit
(american) organisation promoting French culture.  They have an
extensive lending and reference library housed in 2 adjoining 19th
century mansions in Boston's Back Bay and facilities include French
classes at various levels, video and audio cassette libraries, a film
club, cooking classes, current editions of all major newspapers, art
exhibitions, lectures, and conversational evenings.  They also have a
really great party on July 14.  Downstairs is a small museum to Marcel
Carne, furnished with memorabilia of the maitre himself.

Out of Town news.  Accross the Harvard T station (Cambridge).  Very large
collection of non english magazines and newspapers.

Schoenhofs Foreign Language bookstore.  Harvard Square, Cambridge.  Very
large selection of novels, poetry, history and more (Asterix too!), all
in French.  They also have many general and specialist dictionaries.

USA, NY, New-York City

New York City has a large population of francophiles and many tourists from
France, so there are French magazines and newspapers at many newstands.
This is especially true in Soho, Greenwich Village, and the Upper East
Side.  The following stand out:

French & Spanish Bookstore (in Rockefeller Center, and at 5th & 19th).
Very large selection of books in French and Spanish, from the sublime to
trash.  At the Rockefeller center store, some recordings, magazines, and
newspapers.  Dictionaries of all type and description, e.g., technical,
business, pictoral, and french to other languages than english.  There are
more dictionaries at the 19th St. store.  Fairly expensive.  Staff is
helpful and usually speak French (or Spanish).

Hotalings (212-840-1468, 142 W. 42nd st., Broadway/6th Ave) has magazines
and newspapers from all over the world and the United States.  If you're
looking for a major paper or magazine from Europe, North America, or South
America, this is the store for you.  If you don't see it, ask: many
tourists and expatriates raid this place for their favorites as soon as
they arrive.

Rizzoli's (on 5th Avenue in midtown, and on West Broadway in Soho).
Spring St. Books (Spring St. east of 6th Ave).
Hudson News (Broadway and 8th St., inside Penn Station, etc.)
These unrelated stores have numerous French (and Italian) fashion
magazines, and sometimes newspapers.

Seemingly every newstand on Bleecker St. has French newspapers.

Tower Books (Lafayette, and 4th St.) has a small selection of French books.

UK, London

Tower Records
Piccadilly Circus
Central London

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