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FAQ: soc.culture.french - Contents [monthly]

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Archive-name: culture-french-faq/contents
Version: $Id: contents,v 1.3 1993/11/08 12:14:57 wolf Exp lpj $

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       Soc.Culture.French Frequently Asked Questions (with answers)

  Questions frequemment posees dans Soc.Culture.French (avec reponses)

                Table des matieres  /  Table of contents



Introduction a la serie d'articles  | Introduction to the serie of articles
composant la FAQ du newsgroup       | composing the soc.culture.french
soc.culture.french.                 | FAQ.
Archivage, remerciements.           | Archives, acknowledgments.



Ce document.                        | This document.



Subject: 1. Caracteres accentues
            French special characters

Subject: 2. Ou puis-je trouver un dictionnaire electronique
            Where to find an spelling checker or dictionnary

Subject: 3. Dictionnaires techniques francais/anglais.
            French/English technical dictionnaries.



Subject: 1. Informations telephonees
            Dial for news

Subject: 2. Adresses de quelques grands journaux
            Addresses for several newspapers

Subject: 3. Autres publications regulieres
            Other regular publications

Subject: 4. Ou trouver de la presse et des livres ecrits en francais
            Where to find french newspapers and books

Subject: 5. Ou trouver des disques, cassettes, cd francais
            Where to find french records, cassettes, CDs

Subject: 6. Radios francaise hors de France (sauf RFI)
            French radio out of France (except RFI)

Subject: 7. Radio France International (RFI)

Subject: 8. Emissions televisees francaise hors de France
            French TV broadcasts out of France

Subject: 9. French material on the Internet (books)



Subject: 1. Differentes associations francaises/francophones
            Various french organizations

Subject: 2. Que signifie "Cedex" dans une adresse postale ?
            What does "Cedex" in a postal adddress mean?

Subject: 3. Citoyennete et droit de sejour
            Citizenship and residency

Subject: 4. Que signifient les couleurs du drapeau francais ?
            What is the meaning of the french flag's colors?

Subject: 5. Puis-je importer du materiel electronique de l'etranger ?
            Can I import electronic hardware from foreign countries?

Subject: 6. Importer une voiture ou une moto
            Importing a car or a motorbike

Subject: 7. Visas touristiques
            Tourists visas

Subject: 8. Heure d'hiver, heure d'ete
            Saving time changes

Subject: 9. Paris

Subject: 9a. Metro

Subject: 10. Ambassades et consulats francais.
             French consulates and embassies.

Subject: 11. Impots pour les americains en France ou les francais aux USA.
             Taxes for americans in France or french in the USA.

Subject: 12. Le service national.
	     National service.


Subject: 1. Qu'est-ce que le Minitel ?
            What is the Minitel?

Subject: 2. A quels reseaux puis-je me connecter avec un Minitel ?
            What networks can I connect to with a Minitel?

Subject: 3. Qu'est-ce que le reseau Teletel ?
            What is the Teletel network?

Subject: 4. Comment appeler des services Teletel de l'etranger ?
            How to call Teletel services from foreign countries?

Subject: 5. L'annuaire electronique
            The electronic directory

Subject: 6. Teletel et l'Internet sont-ils interconnectes ?

Subject: 7. Puis-je me connecter a l'Internet avec un Minitel ?
            Can I connect to the Internet with a Minitel?

Subject: 8. Puis-je appeler des services Teletel depuis l'Internet ?
            Call I call Teletel services from the Internet ?

Subject: 9. Puis-je recevoir/envoyer du courrier electronique avec un Minitel ?
            Can I receive/send electronic mail with a Minitel?

Subject: 10. Logiciels d'emulation Videotex
             Videotex emulation software

Subject: 11. L'Internet et les autres reseaux en France
             The Internet and other networks in France

Subject: 13. Operateurs de services reseau Internet ou assimiles
             Internet (or assimilated) network operators.

Subject: 14. Liste des domaines enregistres sous "fr"
             List of domains registered withtin "fr"



Subject: 1. Comment obtenir l'adresse electronique d'un site francais ?
            How to get the electronic address of a french site?

Subject: 2. Les babillards (BBSes)
            Bulletin Board systems

Subject: 3. Les serveurs RTC



Subject: 1. Adresses de restaurants francais
            Addresses for french restaurants

Subject: 2. Ou trouver des fromages francais
            Where to find french cheese

Subject: 3. Ou trouver des vins francais
            Where to find french wine

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