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Section - What's that weird URL with SATAN/SAINT? I'm not running a web server! or SATAN says "Can't find my own hostname".

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SATAN acts as a web server so that it can use HTML conveniently.  The main
thing it gets out of HTML is its hypertext capabilities (you can click on

The web browser communicates with it using the HTTP protocol.  This allows
it to generate responses to queries dynamically, rather than having to
generate a huge number of static files (to be accessed via file://).  It
includes a cryptographic random number at the beginning of the URL so that
others can't contact your copy of SATAN and retrieve the information it's

If SATAN claims it "can't find my own hostname" or if the web browser can't
resolve your hostname in the URL, try adding your hostname to /etc/hosts.
You can list multiple hostnames for a given IP address in /etc/hosts; among
them should be the output from the "hostname" command and also your
fully-qualified domain name ("" rather than
"myname" or "myname.dept").

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