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comp.lang.forth FAQ: Groups & Organizations (6 of 7)
Section - [1] Forth Organizations

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Forth Interest Group (FIG)
   100 Dolores St, Suite 183
   Carmel CA, 93923 USA
   telephone: +1 408-373-6784 (408-37-FORTH)
   fax:       +1 408-373-2845

   Individual membership in FIG is US$45 per year (USA & Canada).
   (Canada air mail US$53/year; all other countries US$60 per year).
   Benefits include:
      * Six issues of Forth Dimensions;
      * 10% discount on FIG retail items (books, disks, etc.);
      * 10% discount on early FORML registration (prior to November 1);
      * Resume referral service for programmers seeking jobs;
      * Electronic services:
        - Resumes posted on FIG's web page
        - Free personal web page on (maximum size 100K)
        - Free email forwarding service at
        - FIG's vast FTP software library, including the Forth
          Scientific Library and much more
        - Access to FIG "members only" site and special interest groups
        - Discounted domain registration ($25 for members and $50 for
          non-members, plus actual Internic registration charges)
      * Contact with local Forth programmers through local chapters;
      * Support of the annual FORML conference.

   Corporate membership in FIG is $125 per year (inquire about foreign
   rates).  In addition to the above, corporate members receive:
      * Five copies of each issue of Forth Dimensions, providing useful
        Forth information for the whole Forth programming team;
      * Free corporate listing, with a 50-word description, in Forth
        Dimensions, to increase corporate visibility in the Forth
        community and aid in recruiting Forth programmers;
      * 10% discount on advertising rates for advertising products and
        services as well as recruiting ads;
      * A link from the FIG web site to a designated corporate web site,
        for better electronic access.

   Library membership in FIG is $125 per year (inquire about foreign
   rates).  Library members receive:
      * Forth Dimensions mailed bimonthly;
      * A complete set six Forth Dimensions mailed at the end of year;
      * A copy of the year's FORML proceedings.

   The UK Chapter of the Forth Interest Group publishes its own
   Forthwrite magazine 6 times a year, maintains an extensive lending
   library of books and periodicals (including Forth Dimensions, JFAR
   and FORML) with a number of items on disk too.

   To join (at only 10 pounds a year, you can't afford not to :-)
   contact Doug Neale on 0181 542 2747 or by post to:
        58 Woodland Way
        SM4 4DS

   Web page: <>

Forth-Gesellschaft e.V. (German FIG).
   Visit our Web site at <>
   for detailed information and electronic back issues of Vierte
   Dimension, our quarterly magazine. Once at our Web site, you'll also
   find links to FIG UK and FIG US, and you'll find us in turn from
   their Web pages.

Dutch Forth Users Group
   Boulevard Heuvelink 126
   6828 KW Arnhem
   Tel: 031(0)26 4431305
   BBS: 031(0)26 4422164

   Meetings: bimonthly, every second saturday of every even month.
   Located at:
      Volkssterrenwacht Utrecht
      Zonnenburg 2, Utrecht
   This place lies in the centre of the old city Utrecht.  Meetings
   start normally at 10.30 PM. and the day ends about 3 AM.

   Publication: the periodical 'Het Vijgeblaadje'
   The subscription for foreigners is only fl 20,00 guilders a year to
   Postbank: 5253572 don't forget to mention your full address and the
   message 'subscribtion Vijgeblaadje' You may also send fl 20,00 in
   banknotes to the HCC-forth-gg located at Arnhem see above for the
   complete address.

   Products from our group are:
      CHForth an 16-bit multisegment ANSI Forth for the PC/AT
      with anual.
      8051-ANS-Forth a subroutine treathed 16-bit ROM Forth
      available for 80(C)52, 80C535, 80C552 and DA87C520 with
      manual, EPROM and server.
      ANS-Forth software course and a hardware course with
      16-bit in and 16-bit output etc.
   HCC-Forth-gg members get a 10% off retail items from our group.
   Note that a subscription to 'Het Vijgeblaadje' is not enough.
   Send a mail for more info about the official membership.

Institute for Applied Forth Research    *** NEW ADDRESS ***
   Box 1261
   Annandale, VA 22003
   Tel : +1 (716) 235-0168
   Fax : +1 (716) 235-0168
   Holds the annual Rochester Forth Conference (see below), and
   publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Forth Application and
   Research. The Journal is published electronically on the web at
   Editor, Dr. Peter J. Knaggs <>;
   Publisher, Larry Forsley <>.

Association for Computing Machinery (SIGForth)
   ACM's Special Interest Group on Forth has been absorbed into ACM
   SIGPlan, the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages.

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