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comp.lang.forth FAQ: Books & Periodicals (5 of 7)
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"Starting FORTH: an introduction to the FORTH language and operating
system for beginners and professionals" Leo Brodie, Prentice Hall 1981
(2nd Ed., 1987), 346 pages, ISBN 0-13-843079-9, price $29.
An ANS version is in preparation.

  Chris Jakeman <> writes:
  This is the classic introduction to Forth, with helpful cartoons,
  exercises and solutions.  See also Brodie's "Thinking Forth" below.

  Glen Haydon writes "To try out the exercises, use MVP Forth which
  matches exactly except for ' (tick).  See" 
  Forth Guide, from Mountain View Press, is a guide to MVP Forth and
  complements Starting Forth and is available on-line at

  The exercises have also been ported to ANS Forth by Ben Hoyt, see

"The Forth Programmer's Handbook" E.Conklin & E.Rather, Forth Inc.
1997, 228 pages ISBN 0-9662156-0-5, price $50.

  This book is aimed at experienced programmers new to Forth and is
  more detailed and technical than "Starting Forth".  It is also a
  good reference for ANS Forth.  See for excerpts.

"The Forth Course" Richard Haskell, 156 pages with disk, price $25,
supplier FIG.

  FIG writes:
  This set of 11 lessons is designed to make it easy for you to learn
  Forth.  The material was developed over several years of teaching
  Forth as part of a senior/graduate course in desing of embedded
  software computer systems at Oakland Univeristy in Rochester,

"FORTH: A Text And Reference" Mahon Kelly and Nick Spies,
Prentice-Hall, 1986, 487pps ISBN 0-13-326331-2 and in hardcover
0-13-326349-5, $19 and $25 from MMS below.

  Dick Miller <> writes:
  Very readable, covers beginner level through relatively advanced,
  including Assembler and 8087 math co-processor details, particularly
  appropriate to IBM PC and MMSFORTH, but very strong for general use
  as well.  The only college-level Forth textbook, complete with
  exercises and answers.

"Forth Applications In Engineering And Industry" John Matthews,
Ellis Horwood, 1989 ISBN 0-85312-659-3, price UKP35.
Currently out of print, this book may be available from libraries.

  MPE Ltd. <> writes:
  If you are starting out in the field of real-time control of hardware
  using Forth, then this book is for you!  This text covers most
  aspects of real-time control under Forth, from the very basics of
  what Forth is, through to control loops and digital implementations
  of analogue filters.

"Embedded Controller FORTH for the 8051 family" William H. Payne,
Academic Press, 1990, 511 pages with DOS disks, ISBN 0125475705,
price $80 book, $20 disk.

  J. Fulcher, Computing Reviews, 9105-0316 writes:
  ... This hobbyist-style book goes into considerable detail regarding
  the implementation of FORTH on the i8051 family of microcontrollers
  (down to circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, and wire-wrap board
  schematics) ... Almost two-thirds of this book is devoted to
  appendices -- 19 in all.  These primarily contain code listings ... 

  Paul Frenger, SIGFORTH, 2(4):31-32, 1990 reviews the book and gives
  it 10/10.  Notes that the book contains everything you need: all the
  source is there as well as all the circuit diagrams.  There are 19
  appendices, which make up half of the book, and contain things like:
  the source to the 8086 Forth, 8051 Forth, full screen editor code,
  8051 disassembler code, Nautilus metacompiler, 8086/8051
  meta-assemblers, Forth decompilers and much more.

"Forth from Inside" Viviane Beullens, on-line only, 1998, 100 pages, 
contact, price $30
  Intended Audience: Beginners in Forth programming
  Reasons to read it: to get started in Forth

  Paul Frenger <> writes:
  I just got the Forth Archive CD/ROM from MVP (see section 7) and it's great!
  Glen Haydon also has an excellent collection of Forth books and software,
  much of it seminal (ie: ancient), that FIG no longer carries or never
  carried. His "All About Forth" reference is the single most useful
  Forth-internals book I have ever seen."

Other titles are:
  93, Koller, FORTH und FORTH-Prozessoren, expert-verlag, 3-8169-0785-7
  92, Petremann and Guillaumaud, TURBO-Forth: TFGRAF Manuel du package 
      graphique pour TURBO-Forth, MP7
  90, Zech, Forth for Professionals, Ellis Horwood, 0-13-327040-8
  88, Anderson and Tracy, Mastering Forth
  87, Henric-Coll, La Practique du Forth avec Hector I
  87, Zech, Die Programmiersprache FORTH, Franzis-Verlag GmbH Muenchen,
      Recommended by Dusan Vukic <>
      and Andreas Jung <>
      It describes mainly the Fig-Forth model and goes deeply
      into details. The dialects Forth-79 and Forth-83 are also described
      in a special chapter.
  86, TURBO-Forth: Manuel d'apprentissage, REM Corp
  86, TURBO-Forth: Guide de référence, REM Corp
  85, Bishop, Exploring Forth, Prentice-Hall, 0-246-12188-2
  85, Burnap, Forth, The Fourth-Generation Language
  85, McCabe, Kevin, et Axel Harvey, _Le_Forth_, 1985, Mount Royal (Quebec),
      Modulo, ISBN 2-89113-048-0; Paris (France), Belin, ISBN 2-7011-0587-0.
  85, Olney and Benson, Fundamental Forth, Pan Books
  85, Petremann, Zupan and Presmenil, FORTH pour CP/M & MSDOS, Loisitech
  85, Salman, Forth, Macmillan 0-333-36798-7
  84, Anderson, Mastering Forth, Bowie (yes, same title as Tracy above :)
  84, Armstrong, Learning Forth
  84, Chirlian, Beginning Forth
  84, Lampton, Forth for Beginners
  84, Oakley, Forth For Micros, Newnes Technical Books, 0-408-01366-4
  84, Petremann and Rousseau, Tours de Forth, Eyrolles
  84, Wainwright, BASIC & Forth In Parallel, Babani (Pub.), 0-85934-113-5
  83, de Grandis-Harrison, Forth on the BBC Microcomputer, 0-907876-06-4
  83, McCabe, Forth Fundamentals, Matrix
  83, Petremann and Rousseau, ZX-FORTH, Eyrolles
  83, Winfield, The Complete Forth, Sigma Technical Press, 0-905104-22-6
  82, Hogan, Discover Forth, Osborne
  82, Scanlon, Forth Programming, Sams
  81, Katzan, Invitation to Forth, Petrocelli Books
  81, Knecht, Introduction To Forth, Sams
  ??, Hendtlass, Real-Time Forth (on-line in Postscript format from at
  ??, Pitman, Pocket Guide to Forth

  MVP-Forth Series
  1 - All About Forth, '90, Haydon
  2 - MVP Forth source listings, '83?, Haydon & Kuntz
  3 - Integer and Floating Point, '83, Koopman
  4 - Expert System, '84, Park
  5 - File Management System, '84, Moreton
  6 - Expert Tutorial, '84, Derick
  7 - Forth Guide, '85, Haydon
  8 - IBM Professional Application Development System, '85, Wempe
  9 - Word Processor And Calculator, Programmers Guide, '85, Wempe
 10 - Word Processor And Calculator, File & Print source, '85, Wempe

See also the FAQ: on-line - part 2/6, for tutorials and Forth systems to
try them on.

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