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comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
Section - [7] Which books should I read?

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Top Document: comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3)
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[BWC 1989] Bell, T.C, Cleary, J.G. and Witten, I.H, "Text Compression",
    Prentice-Hall 1989. ISBN: 0-13-911991-4. Price: approx. US$60
    The reference on text data compression.

[Nel 1996] Mark Nelson & Jean-loup Gailly, "The Data Compression Book",
    2nd edition. M&T Books, New York, NY 1996. ISBN 1-55851-434-1
    541 pages. List price in the US is $39.95 including one PC-compatible
    disk bearing all the source code printed in the book.
    A practical introduction to data compression.
    The book is targeted at a person who is comfortable reading C code but
    doesn't know anything about data compression.  Its stated goal is to get
    you up to the point where you are competent to program standard
    compression algorithms.

[Will 1990] Williams, R.  "Adaptive Data Compression", Kluwer Books, 1990.
    ISBN: 0-7923-9085-7. Price: US$75.
    Reviews the field of text data compression and then addresses the
    problem of compressing rapidly changing data streams.

[Stor 1988] Storer, J.A.  "Data Compression: Methods and Theory", Computer
    Science Press, Rockville, MD. ISBN: 0-88175-161-8.
    A survey of various compression techniques, mainly statistical
    non-arithmetic compression and LZSS compression.  Includes complete Pascal
    code for a series of LZ78 variants.

[Stor 1992] Storer, J.A. "Image and Text Compression", Kluwer Academic
    Publishers, 1992, ISBN 0-7923-9243-4

[Say 1996] Sayood, Khalid. "Introduction to Data Compression",
  San Francisco:  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1996. ISBN 1-55860-346-8;
  US&Canada $64.95. More info in
  The book covers both lossy and lossless compression techniques and their
  applications to image, speech, text, audio, and video compression.

[HHJ 1997] Darrel Hankerson, Greg A. Harris, and Peter D. Johnson Jr.
 "Introduction to Information Theory and Data Compression", 1997.
  ISBN 0-8493-3985-5

[DS 1997] David Salomon, "Data Compression: The Complete Reference"
 Springer, 1997, ISBN 0-387-98280-9. Price: US$ 39.95.

[BK 95] Bhaskaran V. and Konstantinides K., "Image and Video Compression
    Standards: Algorithms and Architectures", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995.
    ISBN 0-7923-9591-3

[ACG 1991] Advances in Speech Coding, edited by Atal, Cuperman, and Gersho,
    Kluwer Academic Press, 1991.

[GG 1991] Vector Quantization and Signal Compression, by Gersho and Gray,
    Kluwer Acad. Press, 1991, ISBN 0-7923-9181-0.

[CT 1991] Elements of Information Theory, by T.M.Cover and J.A.Thomas
     John Wiley & Sons, 1991. ISBN 0-471-06259-6.

Review papers:

[BWC 1989] Bell, T.C, Witten, I.H, and Cleary, J.G.  "Modeling for Text
    Compression", ACM Computing Surveys, Vol.21, No.4 (December 1989), p.557
    A good general overview of compression techniques (as well as modeling for
    text compression); the condensed version of "Text Compression".

[Lele 1987] Lelewer, D.A, and Hirschberg, D.S.  "Data Compression", ACM
    Computing Surveys, Vol.19, No.3 (September 1987), p.261.
    A survey of data compression techniques which concentrates on Huffman
    compression and makes only passing mention of other techniques.

Bibliographies for Image Compression are available at

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