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COMP.SYS.CBM: User Group List, v1.0

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Archive-name: cbm-ug-list.1.0
Comp-answers-archive-name: commodore/cbm-ug-list
News-answers-archive-name: commodore/cbm-ug-list
Comp-sys-cbm-archive-name: cbm-ug-list
Version: 1.0
Last-modified: 1997/08/01


| This file is maintained by Jim Brain ( as a
| part of the COMP.SYS.CBM Frequently Asked Questions List. It is
| composed of information gleaned from articles in the USENET newsgroup
| comp.sys.cbm, the FidoNET echoes CBM and CBM-128, electronic mail messages,
| World Wide Web pages, and other mediums. The suppliers listed are assumed to
be operating, but none have been confirmed.

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
+ This file and its contents are (c) Copyright 1994-1997 Jim Brain. Permission 
+ is hereby given to reproduce and/or redistribute this listing in part or 
+ entirety without prior permission from the FAQ Maintainer, as long as no 
+ profit is made from this work.
+ The FAQ Maintainer is responsible for updating the content in this listing. 
+ However, something always slips by the maintainer, so readers are encouraged 
+ to send in comments on the listing, suggestions for imporovement, questions 
+ to include, and error reports. To ease the workload on the FAQ maintainer(s), 
+ please use the appropriate Internet electronic mail address when addressing 
+ messages to the FAQ Maintainer.

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+    (To contact the FAQ Administrator: please try
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+ Keep in mind that companies can appear and disappear on a daily basis.  

  The latest version of this file may be obtained from the following places:
  World Wide Web sites:

  FTP sites:
      get /pub/cbm/faq/cbm-ug-list.1.0.txt
  _Notes for this release_:

  This is the first version of this list, made off the list that appeared in
  the 3.0 version of the CBM General FAQ.


  Lines preceded with a '|" have been modified since the last version of this
  file was posted.  Lines preceded by a '+' have been added since the last
  version was posted.

  If readers of this list wish to make changes, please precede formatted lines
  sent to me with a 'C' so that I can see the changes even if you enclose
  header and trailer text to show context.

  Alabama, USA
  Birmingham Commodore Club
  P.O. Box 59564
  Birmingham, AL  35259-9564

  P.O. Box 14356 
  Huntsville, AL  35815

  Alaska, USA
| Anchorage Commodore Users Group
| (see NPUG)
+ Northern Plus/4 User Group
+ P.O. Box 877383
+ Wasilla, AK 99687
  Arizona, USA
  Arizona Commodore User's Group (Input/Output)
  P.O. Box 27201
  Tempe, AZ  85285-7201
  One of the best newsletters around.

  Busy Bee User Group
  2634 East Malvern Street
  Tucson, AZ  85716

  Catalina Commodore Computer Club, Inc.
  P.O. Box 32548
  Tucson, AZ  85751-2548

  Arkansas, USA
  Arkansas Commodore Enthusiasts (ACE)
+ c/o Dale Mentzer
| 217 Heritage
| Jacksonville, AR  72076
+ (501) 982-1780 (Information 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.)
+ (Internet Contact)

  Northwest Arkansas Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 2925
  Fayetteville, AR  72702-2925

  California, USA
  P.O. Box 612794
  San Jose, CA  95161-2794

  C=Humboldt User Group
  P.O. Box 6502
  Eureka, CA  95502
  CIVIC 64/128
  P.O. Box 2442
  Oxnard, CA  93034-2442
  (805) 382-1125 (Bulletin Board System)

  P.O. Box 7293
| Long Beach, CA  90807-0293
+ Herb (Contact)
+ (562) 429-8998 (Information)
+ (Internet Contact)
+ In operation since 1984, Yearly membership dues are Meeting membership $24 or
+ Mail membership $35. You receive 6 issues of MPC Chronicles and 12 Netload
+ disk issues. Single issue of MPC Chronicles and 2 disks issues $6.

  110 Grace Drive
  Pasa Robles, CA  93446

  3462B 17th Street
  San Francisco, CA  94110

+ P.O. Box 310
+ Denair, CA  95316
+ Oldest continually active computer club in California.
  Central Coast Commodore User's Group
  3896 Berwyn Drive
  Santa Maria,  CA  93455
+ Richard Trissel (Contact)
+ (Internet Email)

  Classic 64 Preservation Society
  660 Walton Drive
  Red Bluff, CA  96080

  Club 64
  P.O. Box 514 
  Patton, CA  92369  
  Commodore 64 West User's Group
  2306 West 180th Street
  Torrance, CA  90504
  Commodore Hayward User's Group
| P.O. Box 404
| Fremont, CA  94537
  Commodore Technical User's Group
  2231 East Trenton Avenue
  Orange, CA  92667
  Diablo Valley Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 27155
  Concord, CA  94527
+ Fog International Commodore Users Group
+ P.O. Box 3474
+ Daly City, CA  94015
+ SPecialize in CP/M applications

| The Fresno Commodore User Group-Sixty-Fourum
  P.O. Box 16098
  Fresno, CA  93755
+ (209) 229-9912 (Ralph Parrott - contact)
+ (E-mail)
+ Membership is $12 per year which includes The Interface bi-monthly
+ newsletter, access to a public domain disk library, technical
+ assistance, and reduced prices on selected software.

  814 Valley Run
  Hercules, CA  94547-1440
  BBS Number: (510) 713-7944

  Hub Area Commodore Club
  7127 Arrowhead Trail
  Browns Valley, CA  95918-9630
  Lake County Computer Users
  7827 Evergreen Drive
  Kelseyville, CA  95451
  Sacremento Commodore Computer Club
  P.O. Box 13393
  Sacramento, CA  95813-3393
  South Bay Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 1176
  Redondo Beach, CA  90278

  Southeast San Diego C-64 User's Group
  258 Euclid Avenue #B
  San Diego, CA  92114-3640

  Stockton Commodore User Group
  714 East Oak Street
  Stockton, CA  95202-2229

  Valley Computer Club
  P.O. Box 310
  Denair, CA  95316
  Colorado, USA
  Colorado Commodore Computer Club
  1192 South Nome Street
  Aurora, CO  80012
  (303) 751-3247
  Ron Snyder (Contact)

  FC C3
  1713 Valley Forge Avenue
  Fort Collins, CO  80526

  Front Range Commodore Club
  P.O. Box 272
  Niwot, CO  80544-0272
  Western Slope Commodore User Group
  P.O. Box 81
  Mack, CO  81525

  Connecticut, USA
+ Connecticut Commodore Business Machines User's Group (CCBMUG)
+ Bridgewater, CT
+ Mike Jones (Contact)
+ (Internet Contact)
+ (860) 350-2195 (Facsimile)
+ New club just starting up.

  Capitol Region Commodore Computer Club/LOAD CRCCC
  P.O. Box 2372
  Vernon, CT  06066
  Fairfield Country Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box  212 
  Danbury, CT  06813
  Delaware, USA
  First State Commodore Club
  P.O. Box 1313
  Dover, DE  19903
  Florida, USA
  Beach Computers
  Highway A1A
  Satellite Beach, FL

  The Clearwater Commodore Club, Inc.
+ P.O. Box 5535
+ Clearwater, FL  34618

  Commodore Computer Club of Jacksonville
  141 Mango Court
  Middleburg, FL  32068

  Commodore User's Group of South West Florida
  P.O. Box 7692
  Fort Meyers, FL  33911
  Commodore User's Group of Venice
  P.O. Box 3325
  Venice, FL  34293
  El-Shift-Oh, Incorporated
  P.O. Box 361348
  Melbourne, FL  32936-1348
  Gainesville Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 90212
  Gainesville, FL  32607
  Manasota Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 698
  Oneco, FL  34264-6618
  11110 Bird Road
  Miami, FL  33165-4417
  Port Orange Commodore User's Group
  52 Windward Court
  Port Orange, FL  32127
  Tampa Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 27141
  Tampa, FL  33688
  Sun Coast Commodore Club
  c/o 7034 Mayfield Drive
  Port Richey, FL  34668
  Lake/Sumter Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 490416
  Leesburg, FL  34748
  Georgia, USA
  Stone Mountain User's Group (SMUG)
  P.O. Box 1762
  Lilburn, GA  30226
  Hawaii, USA
  Commodore Hawaii User's Group
  c/o M.N. Daniels
  46-329 Kumoo Loop
  Kaneohe, HI  96744-3532

  Illinois, USA
  Bloomington-Normal Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 1058
  Bloomington, IL  61702-1058

  Champaign-Urbana Commodore User's Group (CUCUG)
  2010 West William
  Champaign, IL  61821
+ Kevin Hisel (Contact)
+ (Internet email)

+ Commodore Club of Rockford
+ P.O. Box 6341
+ Rockford, IL  61125-1341
  East Side Computer Club
  P.O. Box 276
  Godfrey, IL  62035-0276

  Fox Valley Computer User Group
  P.O. Box 28
  North Aurora, IL  60542-0028

  2508 North Rockwood Drive
  Peoria, IL  61614

  Sandwich Computer User Group
  P.O. Box 23
  Sandwich, IL  60548-0023

  818 East Main Street
  Olney, IL  62450

| S.W.R.A.P. 64|128 User Group, Inc.
| P.O. BOX 528232 
| Chicago, IL  60652-8232
+ Randall Harris (President)
+ (Internet Contact)

  Indiana, USA
  5168 East 65th Street
  Indianapolis, IN

  LUCKY LINE Magazine (LUCKY member Dale Sidebottom's own newsletter)
  c/o Dale Sidebottom
  P.O. Box 972
  New Albany, IN  47151-0972

  Midwest Computer User's Group
  P.O. Box 9311
  Highland, IN  46322

  Midwest Computer Users Group
  P.O. Box 9311
  Highland, IN  46322

  Iowa, USA
  Commodore User's Group, Ames Region
  P.O. Box 2302
  Ames, IA  50010-2302

  Commo-Hawk Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 2724
  Cedar Rapids, IA  52406-2724

  Kansas, USA
  P.O. Box 8439
  Topeka, KS  66608

  Commodore Users of Wichita
  c/o Dale Lutes.
  1201 East 61st Street North
  Park City, KS  67219-1947
  (316) 744-2580
  Produces the Zero Page newsletter.

  Kentucky, USA
  3807 Krysta Lane
  Oboro, KY  43202

  Gold City Computer users Group
  P.O. Box 257
  Fort Knox, KY  40121

  Louisville Users of Commodore of Kentucky/The LUCKY Report
  P.O. Box 9551
  Louisville, KY  40209-0551
  BBS Number: (502) 933-5397

  Louisiana, USA
  Acadiana Commodore Computer Club
  416 Dale Street
  Lafayette, LA  70501

  New Orleans Commodore Klub-64/128
  P.O. Box 1997
  Metaire, LA  70004-1997

  Maryland, USA
  P.O. Box 179
  Glen Burnie, MD  21060-0179 
  P.O. Box 3358
  Annapolis, MD  21403
  11340 Rambling Road
  Gaithersburg, MD  20879

  417 West Phirne Road
  Glen Burnie, MD  21061

  Massachusetts, USA
+ Boston Computer Society Commodore SIG
+ The BCS has shut down, explaining that they "felt they completed their
+ mission".  The CBM sig will continue, but the small membership decided 
| to not hold formal meetings.

  Commodore Computer Club of the Berkshires
| 104 Howard St, Apt 2
| Pittsfield, MA 01201-6444
+ (Internet Contact)
+ (FTP)
  Pioneer Valley Commodore Club
  6 Laurel Terrace
  Westfield, MA  01085
  Michigan, USA
  Computer Users of Lexington
  P.O. Box 482
  Lexington, MI  48450-0482
  Down River Commodore Group
  P.O. Box 1277
  Southgate, MI  48195

  Lansing Area Commodore Club
  LACC membership
  P.O. Box 1065
  East Lansing, MI  48826
  Membership dues are $15.00 US per year per family.  membership entitles you
  to receive the monthly newsletter and get PD software.

  Michigan Commodore User's Group
  800 Lloyd
  Madison Heights, MI  48071-1915

  Muskegon Area Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 4496
  Muskegon Heights, MI  49444
  Saginaw Area Commodore User's Group (SACUG)
  P.O. Box  2393
  Saginaw, MI  48605-2393 
  Minnesota, USA
  5027 Vera Cruz Avenue North
  Crystal, MN  55429

  920 Mayowood Road Southwest
  Rochester, MN  55902

  Mississippi, USA
  301 West Ray Drive
  Hattiesburg, MS  39402-1046

  Missouri, USA
  P.O. Box 607
  Springfield, MO  65801

  P.O. Box 837
  Bridgeton, MO  63044
  P.O. Box 34088
  St. Louis, MO  63134

  Commodore User's Group of Kansas City
  P.O. Box 36034
  Kansas City, MO  64111
+ Rich Wagner, 1997 President.

  Computers North User's Group
  P.O. Box 34534
  North Kansas City, MO  64116

  Nebraska, USA
  Greater Omaha Commodore User Group
+ c/o John Calvin
  P.O. Box 241155
  Omaha, NE  68124-1155
+ (402) 393-2985 (Bulletin Board System)
+ (Internet Contact)
  New Jersey, USA
| Commodore East Brunswick User's Group (C.E.B.U.G.)
  P.O. Box 314
  East Brunswick, NJ  08816
+ (Email Contact)
+ (908) 424-2112 (Bulletin Board System)
  Info 64 User's Group
  c/o 186 Delmar Avenue
  Glen Rock, NJ  07452
  Rancocas Valley Users Group
  806 Windsor Drive
  Cinnaminson, NJ  08077-3717

  New Mexico, USA
  NMCUG: New Mexico Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 37127
  Albuquerque, NM
  DIMensions newsletter.

  New Dimensions
  P.O. Box 37127
  Albuquerque, NM  87176

  New York, USA
| Tri-City Commodore User Group (TCCUG)
| P.O. Box 4754
| Schenectady, NY  12304-4754
+ (518) 370-8632

  Bronx User's Group
  P.O. Box 523
  Bronx, NY  10475
  (718) 671-7050 (Bulletin Board System)
  Brentwood Commodore Computer Club
  c/o Brentwood Public Library
  2nd Avenue and 4th Street
  Brentwood, NY  11711

  48A Old Lyme Avenue
  Williamsville, NY  14221

  Hudson Valley Commodore Club
  c/o G.T. Gallagher
  620 Plainfield Street
  Kingston, NY  12401

  Northern NY Commodore Home Users Group
  c/o 6 Garden Street
  Pottsdam, NY  13662

  Queens Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 129
  Queens, NY  11417
  Southtown User's Group
  West Seneca Road
  West Seneca, NY

  Twin Tier Commodore Club
  512 Jefferson Street
  Elmira, NY  14904

  North Carolina
  P.O. Box 3095
  Burlington, NC  27215

  13 East Bayshore Blvd.
  Jacksonville, NC 28540

  Ohio, USA
  Ashtabula County Commodore User's Group
  c/o 1034 Michigan Avenue
  Ashtabula, OH  44004
  Basic Bits Commodore Group
  P.O. Box 81886
  Cleveland, OH  44181-0886
  Jerry Swartz (Contact) (Internet Contact)
  Michael Kelley (Contect) (Internet Contact)
  In operation since 1984, still very active in the Commodore arena.
  A great users group with a great newsletter.  $10.00 per year associate
  membership. $20.00 per year family membership.  Includes access to a
  large public domain library.

  Central Ohio Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 28229
  Columbus, OH  43228-0229
  Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club (CCCC)
  5575 Pleasant Hill Road
  Milford, OH  45150

  Commodore Club of Central Ohio
  P.O. Box 292392
  Columbus, OH  43229
  Commodore Computer Club of Toledo
  P.O. Box 13011
  Toledo, OH  43613

  Corning Glass Works User Group
  3708 Street Route 271 West
  Greenville, OH  45331

| Computer Erie Bay User's Group (CEBUG)
  P.O. Box 1461
  Sandusky, OH  44870
+ Irene Kraus (Contact)
+ (Email Contact)
+ (419) 433-5217 (Coastalnet Bulletin Board System)
+ In operation sisnce 1982, membership is $15/yr for individual or family.
+ Membership entitles user to newsletter, a library disk, and the ability to
+ participate in special activities and discounts.  Members are also allowed
+ access to the club section on a local BBS.  Meetings are 3rd Mondy of each
+ month during the school year at Frost Conference Center in Osborn Park. 
+ meeting rooms are open by 6:30p.m., and the meetings start at 7:30 p.m.
  Shelby Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 512 
  Shelby, OH  44875
  South Toledo Commodore Computer Club (STCCC)
  P.O. Box 3167
  Toledo, OH  43607

  Oklahoma, USA
  Commodore Users of Bartlesville
  1920 Sante Fe
  Bartlesville, OK  74003
  Commodore Users Group of Lawton
  P.O. Box 3392
  Lawton, OK  73502

  The Register
  P.O. Box 52473
  Tulsa, OK  74152-0473

  Tulsa Area Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 52473
  Tulsa, OK  74152-0473

  Oregon, USA

+ Commodore East Country
+ 1714 South East 25th Avenue
+ Portland, OR  97214-5039
  Commodore User's Association (CUA)
  P.O. Box 84
  Medford, OR  97524

  Coos Computer Club
  2175 Everett
  North Bend, OR  97459
  Lane County Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 11316
  Eugene, OR 97440

  Pennsylvania, USA
  P.O. Box 2
  New Tripoli, PA  18066-0002
  Harrisburg Area Computer Club
  721 South 29th Street
  Harrisburg, PA  17111
  Lehigh Valley Commodore User's Group
  931 Lawrence Drive
  Emmaus, PA  18049

  Main Line Commodore User's Group
  1046 General Allen Lane
  West Chester, PA  19382
  Philadelphia Area Computer Society
  c/o LaSalle University
  Philadelphia, PA  19141
  Pittsburgh Commodore Group
  P.O. Box 16126
  Pittsburgh, PA  15242
  (412) 396-5483 (Bulletin Board System)
  Scranton Commodore user's Group
  P.O. Box 244
  Scranton, PA  18501
  South Carolina, USA
  CCC of Columbia
  2800 Cliffside Drive
  Columbia, SC  29053

  River Rats User Group
  P.O. Box 1036
  Bath, SC  29816-6610
  South Dakota, USA
  Sioux Empire Commodore Club
  1932 South Menlo Avenue
  Sioux Falls, SD  57105-2717

  Tennessee, USA
  Memphis Commodore User's Group
  P.O. Box 34095
  Memphis, TN  38134
  Texas, USA
  Abilene Cursor Control
  P.O. Box 6261
  Abilene, TX  79608

  Commodore Houston User's Group (CHUG)
  P.O. Box 441252
  Houston, TX  77244-1252
  ?SYNTAX newsletter

  Commodore Users of San Antonio Texas (CUSAT)
  P.O. Box 380732
  San Antonio, TX  78268-0732
  Harlingen Commodore User Group
  1900 Grace
  Harlingen, TX  78550

+ Metro C-64/128 Users
  (SIG of Metroplex Commodore Computer Group)
  6004 Cowden
  Fort Worth, TX  76135
  Mike Msessums (Contact) (Internet Contact)
  See Metroplex Commodore Computer Club (MCCC) entry for membership info.
| Metroplex Commodore Computer Club
  P.O. Box 813
  Bedford, TX  76095
+ Meeting are open to all.  Family memberships as $24 per year or $15 for
+ 6 months, and entitle member to monthly copies of MCCC News, PD Library
+ access, and DFW area merchant's discounts.  An additional $12 annual fee
+ provides access to the MCCC BBS.

+ North Dallas Commodore Users Group (NDCUG)
  c/o 1522 Bitter Creek
  Garland, TX  75040 (Internet Contact)
+ (214) 276-6721 (Bulletin Board System)
+ The North Dallas Commodore User Group (NDCUG) is a club devoted to all
+ "Classic" Commodore computers including PET, Commodore 64/128, and other
+ 8-bit machines.  There are no dues.
+ Society of Commodore Users and PET Enthusiasts (SCOPE)
+ c/o 1522 Bitter Creek
+ Garland, TX  75040
+ Mike Neus (Contact)
+ (Internet Contact)
+ (214) 276-6721 (Bulletin Board System)
+ The Society of Commodore Users and PET Enthusiasts (SCOPE) is a club 
+ devoted to all Commodore computers, including PET, C64/128, Amiga, as 
+ well as some of the rarer machines.  SCOPE meets at the Infomart as part
+ of the "Super Saturday" event.
  Utah, USA
  Mountain Computer Society
  3898 Cheryl Street
  Salt Lake City, UT  84119-4682

  Vermont, USA
  Champlain Valley Commodore User's Group
  6 Mayfair Street
  South Burlington, VT  05403

  Virginia, USA
  C64 Compendium
  P.O. Box 70
  Ringgold, VA  24586-0070

  P.O. Box 391
  Gloucester, VA  23061
+ Joi Ball (Contact)
+ (Internet Contact)

| Portsmouth Commodore User's Groups (PCUG)
  P.O. Box 11293
+ (804) 393-2949 (BBS)
  Newport News, VA  23601-9293
+ (Internet Contact)
+ Meets every fourth tuesday of the month at Portsmouth Catholic Elementary 
+ School.  PCUG offers a disk of the month to members and a newsletter
  P.O. Box 6561
  Portsmouth, VA,  23703

  Commodore Users of Lynchburg
  238 Twin Oak Drive
  Lynchburg, VA  24502

  Fredricksburg Commodore Club
  6803 Teal Court
  Spotsylvania, VA  22553

| Northern Virginia Commodore
  9206 Annhurst Street
  Fairfax, VA  22031-1902
+ (Internet Contact)

  Peninsula Commodore User's Group
  c/o W.L. Philips
  P.O. Box 11293
  Newport News, VA  23601-9293

  Washington Area Commodore User's Group
| 30 Fendall Avenue
| Alexandria, VA  22304-6300
+ (Internet Contact)
+ (702) 406-9007 (Voice Messages)

  Vermont, USA
+ Green Mountain Computer User Group (GMCUG)
+ c/o Tom Hawkins
+ P.O. Box 6087
+ Rutland, VT  05702
+ (Internet Contact)

  Warren Kazakiewich
  P.O. Box 77
  West Wardsboro, VT  05368

  Washington, USA
  1415 South Cherry Street
  Port Angeles, WA  98362

  2807 Northeast 99th Street
  Vancouver, WA  98665
  Commodore Users of Puget Sound
  P.O. Box 1806
  Silverdale, WA  98383-1806

| Tri-City Commodore Computer User's Group (TC-Cubed)
| 320 Northeast C Street, Apt. A
| College Place, WA  99324-2125
+ (internet Contact)
+ University Place Commodore Home User's Group (UPCHUG)
+ P.O. Box 11191
+ Tacoma, WA  98411-0191
+ (206) 565-0690 (Bulletin Board System)
| University of Washington Commodore User's Group (UWCUG)
| 12614 6th Avenue, Northwest
| Seattle, WA  98177

  Wyoming, USA
  Cheyenne Association of Computer Enthusiasts
  P.O. Box 1733
  Cheyenne, WY 82003

+ Cheyenne Area Orphaned Systems (Ch.A.O.S)
+ c/o Jeffrey Wood
+ 813 Covered Wagon Drive
+ Cheyenne, WY  82007-1671

  Calgary Commodore User Group
  c/o 427 5th Avenue, SE
  High River, AB  Canada T1V 1H9
+ Phil Porth (Contact)
+ (Internet Contact)

  Commodore Users of Edmonton
  9550-83 Street
  Edmonton, Alberta  Canada  T6C-3A1

+ Commodore Users Group of Nova Scotia
+ c/o Tony Cianfaglione
+ 6249 Willow Street
+ Halifax, Nova Scotia
+ Canada  B3L 1P1
+ (902) 425-1944
+ (Contact)

  Hamilton Commodore Users Group
  P.O. Box 20202, Upper James P.O. 
  Hamilton, Ontario  L9C7M5
  Ottawa Home Computer Club
  1743 Caminiti Cresent
  Orleans, Ontario  Canada  K4A-1M2

  Saskatoon User's Group
  2614 Ahaultain Avenue
  Saskatoon, SK  S7J1R6
  Toronto PET User's Group (TPUG)
| 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West
| Box 48565
| Etobicoke, Obtario, M8W 4Y6
+ True North 64 Diehards
+ c/o Eric Roy
+ 2712 Tetrault Street
+ Terrace, BC  V8G 2W8
+ Canada

  Independent Commodore Products User Group
  ICHPUG Membership secretary
  17 Colne Drive
  Didcot, Oxon  OX11 7JZ 
  Great Britain
  It supports all Commodore computers and has a software library for each
  of them. It also produces 6 Journals a year of approx 100 pages each.
  They have an Amateur Radio section in their c64 software library.

  55 High Bank Road
  Droyslden, Manchester  M35 6FS  
  PLUS4/C16 Users Group
  c/o Tony Ellis
  36 Western Highway
  Blaxland NSW  2774
  (047) 39 1528 (Voice)
  Specializes in the Plus/4 and Commodore 16.

  GEOS User's Club
  Xantener Street 40
  D-46286 Dorsten, Germany
  Vereinigte GEOS Anwender Koeln (United GEOS Users Cologne)
| c/o Holger Heimes
| Laurentiusstr. 76
| D-51465 Bergisch Gladbach
| (Internet Contact)
| 2:2450/180.1 (FIDO Contact)
| 64:64/0      (CBM-Net Contact)
| +49-2232-942198 (V34/ISDN, FIDO 2:2450/180) (Bulletin Board System)
| +49-2232-942199 (V34/ISDN, FIDO 2:2450/181) (Bulletin Board System)
  First of all, we love our GEOS for C64/128. But beside this (if there is a 
+ +49-221-9808007 (19k2 ZyXel/ISDN) (Bulletin Board System)
+ +49-221-9808008 (28k8 V.FC/ISDN)  (Bulletin Board System)
+ +49-221-9762236 (14k4 V.42bis/ISDN) (Bulletin Board System)
+ +49-221-9762237 (28k8 V.34/ISDN) (Bulletin Baord System)

  New Zealand
  Kapiti Commodore Users' Group
  23 Weggery Drive
  Waikanae, New Zealand

+ Historical Computer Society
+ 3649 Herschel Street	     
+ Jacksonville, FL 32205
+ David Greelish, President and Founder (Contact)
+ E-mail: (Internet Contact)

  Meeting 64/128 Users Through the Mail
| Tom Adams, President
| 4427 39th Street
| Brentwood, MD  20722-1022 (Internet Contact)
  A very good users group. Has been around for 10 years. $12 per year
  includes monthly newsletter.		       		   

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Dabbling in WWW, Embedded Systems, Old CBM computers, and Good Times!      -Me-
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