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   Frequently Asked Questions
   Part 5

   Version 2003.02, last updated November 2003

Subject: Table of Contents Part 5: X-MEN COMIC BOOK QUESTIONS * How old is Kitty Pryde? Jubilee? The rest of the X-Men? * What are the names and ages of the Guthrie siblings? How many of them are mutants? * What happened to the New Mutants and X-Force kids? (+) * What happened to Excalibur? (+) * What happened to X-Factor? (+) * What happened to Generation X? (+) * What about everyone else? (+)
Subject: X-MEN COMIC BOOK QUESTIONS Please note: Background information on the creators and the X-titles editorial offices is based on over a decade's worth of interviews, articles, and personal questions, and as such is not directly attributed here. Now that some of Marvel's staff members are on Usenet, they are welcomed to correct and amend any of the answers listed below. --- How old is Kitty Pryde? Jubilee? The rest of the X-Men? It's hard to believe, but this is one of the questions that keeps X-fans arguing over drinks at all hours of the night. This is because Kitty, who joined the X-Men in the (our-time) 1970s when she was 13 1/2, was still a teenager in the 1990s. She was extremely popular with the young crowd just getting into the Claremont/Byrne run of the X-Men, since she was roughly their age and was a witty, smart woman that you could either agree with, or like to date, as the tastes may be. Claremont used to keep track of her birthdays rather closely, but those eventually fell by the wayside. She had a birthday in space (14th) during the 160s of UXM, and she had a birthday in England (15th) in issue #26 of Excalibur. Kitty made a reference to being old enough to drink in Excalibur #91, which most people read to say that she was 16 to 18, based on Scottish law. Warren Ellis, former writer for Excalibur, was quoted as saying he thought she was 18, which was a proper age for a young woman having lots of snogging with an older man. In UXM #379, however, Kitty remarked to Colossus that she was "barely sixteen." Many fans were upset because it seemed that the writers were trying to retcon Kitty's likely sexual relationship with Pete Wisdom by making her underage. The issue was credited to Alan Davis, but the style of dialogue strongly suggested that Claremont (who was returning to the titles) had ghostwritten it. At the 2000 Chicago Wizard World convention, someone asked Claremont to clarify Kitty's age, and he said: "She is what she is. She is below the legal age of drinking and always has been." That said, she could be 18 but not 21, especially if Claremont was just referring to the American drinking age and not the British one (which is eighteen in Scotland). This is supported by X-Men Unlimited #36, which was written by Claremont. In that issue, Kitty states that she left Deerfield five years ago, she is enrolled at the University of Chicago, and she is working at a bar in Hyde Park. Illinois law requires servers of liquor to be at least eighteen years old (though one still can't drink until age 21); additionally, Kitty was 13 1/2 when she left Deerfield. She's got to be at least 18 or 19 years old by that reckoning. Then there's Jubilee, the other young teenager. Jubilee was originally about 15 when she leaped from the mall to Australia via Gateway's portal (UXM #244), but Scott Lobdell saw it otherwise. In the Generation X collector's preview, he decreed that Jubilee was 13 1/2, and as her writer, his word was law on the subject. Near the end of the run of Generation X, in issues #65-69, she says she's 16, so she's grown older. As for the rest? There are no easy answers to that question. Neither the writers nor Marvel Time are fairly consistent. There are some fixed dates: Nightcrawler turned 21 in UXM Annual #4, Rogue was 17 when she joined, Hank angsted about turning 30 in X-Men #20, and in X-Men #51 Scott said he was "twenty-fi--". More such dates exist. However, even these examples demonstrate a problem: Hank is not five years older than Scott. The original X-Men were under 20 when they started, and Bobby was the youngest at 16. Some of the former New Mutants also had ages stated on-panel. In Graphic Novel #4, Juliana Sandoval mentions that she and Roberto are 14. In New Mutants #2, the ages of four New Mutants show up on their computers: Rahne 14, Bobby 13, Sam 16, and Xi'an 19. (For context, in NM #3 Banshee remarks that "t'day's Kitty Pryde's [14th] birthday.") A letters page soon afterwards corrected the ages, showing 'Berto as 14 and Rahne as 13, the youngest New Mutant. This helps, but only somewhat, as who knows how many Marvel-time years have passed since then? There is also the problem of real-world events; Forge fought in Vietnam, and Xavier fought in Korea. Unless, as Paul O'Brien suggests, the wars were fought more recently in the Marvel Universe, the numbers simply don't add up. --- What are the names and ages of the Guthrie siblings? How many of them are mutants? We turn to age sage Aardy R. DeVarque for help on this question. Thomas Zebulun Guthrie (deceased) and Lucinda Guthrie are the parents of the following children: 1. Samuel [+0] (oldest) 2. Joelle [+2/3] (oldest girl) [possibly Jo... Elisabeth] 3. Joshua [+3/4] (2nd boy) 4. Paige [+5/6] (2nd girl) [may be younger than Jedediah] 5. Jedediah [+6/7] (3rd boy) [also called Jeb] 6. (girl) [+9/10] (3rd girl) [often not depicted] 7. Lewis [+12/13] (4th boy) [twin] 8. (girl) [+12/13] (4th girl) [twin] Some explanations are in order: * [+number] is the approximate number of years between each child and Sam. For example, the twins are approximately 12-13 years younger than Sam; when he was 20 years old they were around 7 years old. * The oldest girl has been identified as Elisabeth in some stories, (i.e. Factor X #1, X-Men #36) and Joelle in others (i.e. UXM '95, What If #92). The most likely explanation (without suddenly adding a ninth sibling) is that her full name is something like "Josephine Elisabeth Guthrie", and "Joelle" is simply a shortened form of her first names, something not unheard of in the area the Guthries are from. (For example, someone whose name is James Robert Smith might be referred to as "Jim-Bob" or even "Jimbo".) * Sam's brother "Zak" is mentioned as writing a letter regarding their mother in X-Force #83, but in X-Men #79 the letter is signed "Josh". This is obviously an error, but a possible in-continuity answer is that Zak (more likely Zachary or Zachariah) could be Josh's middle name--though it would seem that name is already taken, as Zachariah is Sam's middle name. * As of Generation X #1, Paige suddenly aged from only recently having reached puberty in her previous appearance to being in her mid-teens, without more than a week or two of "Marvel Time" passing. This burp in continuity almost certainly places her ahead of Jedediah in the birth order (where before it was uncertain which of those two was older), but still definitely behind Josh. * Uncanny X-Men '95 states that Paige is older than Josh, which flatly contradicts Paige's first unnamed appearance in New Mutants #42 and first named appearance in X-Force #32, as well as the general impression given in all other issues in which Josh and/or Paige have appeared. UXM '95 seems rife with examples of the writer making up details rather than checking what previous writers had done with the characters, so it is not a very reliable source of Guthrie history. * Bibliography of the relevant issues: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 ("New Mutants"), Rom Annual #3, New Mutants #42, X-Force #32, X-Men #36, Factor X #1, UXM '95 Annual, What If #92 (non-canon, but features the Guthrie clan), X-Force #83, X-Men #79. At any rate, it's obvious that the writers haven't been making up family members as they went along, which is reassuring; but it's also clear that no one ever bothered to write down names and ages officially, and that occasionally writers and editors make up details rather than research the answers, especially for something as "trivial" as a character's birth order. Such is life in the Marvel Bullpen. As for the question of mutancy in the family: Sam and Paige are the only confirmed mutants, but Joelle is also depicted with size-changing powers in Factor X #1, in the Age of Apocalypse timeline. She may simply have latent powers in our timeline, or--since she was less than twenty years old at the time, the number of years in the past that AOA diverged--she may have been born with a different set of genes. As Paige was the same age and had the same powers in AOA as in the normal Marvel Universe, this second explanation seems unlikely. It is also possible that the AOA version of her may have been a mutate of sorts, like Spider-man or the Fantastic Four, rather than a mutant. In any case, in the normal Marvel Universe, she was not detected as a mutant when a Phalanx broke into the Guthrie house, and at one point she successfully joined an anti-mutant cult that was well-equipped with mutant detection devices. An ongoing question is whether or not Josh, the second-oldest, has a "mutant singing voice", as could be inferred from New Mutants #42. Since he's never called a mutant anywhere else, though--including X-Men #36 when a Phalanx broke into the Guthrie house and detected only Paige as a mutant--he's probably just a very talented singer and Claremont used his trademarked purple prose in New Mutants #42. --- What happened to the New Mutants and X-Force kids? (+) The first of the NM to leave was Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma. She left the NM in issue #54, and went to find her siblings, Leong and Nga. This involved hanging out with Wolverine. Karma popped up in X-Force #75, saying that she was living in New York. With pink hair. She reappeared in 2002 in the Mechanix miniseries, living in Chicago, and has since joined the cast of the 2003 New Mutants series. On a related note, Karma lost all that weight in Asgard. The Fates put her in the desert, with a small child to defend. After a few months, she was back to her original figure. That all happened in New Mutants Special Edition #1. (Also available in the Asgardian Wars TPB). Amara Aquilla was the next to go. Magma decided the Hellions was more her style, and left Xavier's in NM #56. In NM #62 she got a letter from her father requesting she come home. Empath went with her (at the White Queen's request). Amara did not have a happy ending; while she did avoid the massacre of the Hellions, her whole life was ripped out from under her in New Warriors #31. Nova Roma wasn't established by the Romans after all. It was established by Selene for no apparent reason with a number of brainwashed Britons. Amara was in fact Allison Crestmere, daughter of the English ambassador to Brazil. After Child's Play she went to find her life. Magma reappeared in X-Force #87, as one of the New Hellions. She claimed she only wanted money and power, but she eventually helped X-Force win the battle. After the New Hellions' schemes were stopped, Magma left. She most recently showed up in Uncanny X-Men #423, in a group of mutants crucified on Xaver's lawn, and has been recovering in the 2003 New Mutants series. Doug Ramsey didn't do a whole lot better. Cypher died in NM #60, during Fall of the Mutants. He took a bullet that the Ani-Mator intended for Rahne. (Yes, the same Ani-Mator responsible for Bird-Boy). While we're on the subject, we should squash the rumors about Doug's demise, with help from creator Louise Simonson (who wrote to racmx in 1999): As for killing poor Cypher...I did that for several reasons. (There was a rumor at the time that he was killed because the artist hated drawing him. Another that I hated him because I had to keep twisting stories to find some instance where there was language that had to be translated.) The real reason was...I know you'll find this hard to believe... there was a write-in campaign from LOTS of readers who hated him and thought he was boring and wanted us to get rid of him. Preferably...they wanted him dead. We got LOTS and LOTS of these letters. So I decided to call these readers' bluffs and do exactly what they were asking for. (On the other hand, I never kill a character without knowing exactly how I'm going to bring them back...if I so choose. It is comic books, after all! With Doug/Cypher, the way was obvious.) Sooo... I decided to have him die a noble death of loving sacrifice, saving his dear friend Rahne. And (surprise, surprise) we started getting LOTS of letters asking, "How could you? Doug was my favorite character?!!!" (My favorite letter... and I think one of the most honest... said, "I used to hate Doug and thought he was boring and wanted him to die, but now that he's dead, I've realized he was ALWAYS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!") Lots of folks missed Doug ... after he was gone. Sadly, that was not the end of his story.... But first Warlock. Warlock never quite recovered from the death of Doug, but he didn't have long to worry about it. He died himself in NM #95, during the X-tinction Agenda. After repeated drains on his energy (some voluntary, some not) Cameron Hodge sucked out the rest. What little remained of Warlock was spread over Doug's grave. Doug and Warlock were not left to rest in peace. Instead, "they" were resurrected by Zero as Douglock (in Excalibur #77) for the Phalanx Covenant. Paul O'Brien explains the plot: "This was addressed well in early issues of Warlock's solo title. Basically, the Phalanx are anything that's been infected by the Technarch's technovirus but haven't been consumed. The Technarch regard the Phalanx as abominations, and so the technovirus is programmed to make the Phalanx want to summon the Technarch to their aid (so that the Technarch can easily locate them and wipe the bastards off the face of the earth). Thus explaining the Phalanx's plan in the Phalanx Covenant storyline." The resurrection was rather difficult for Rahne, because Douglock retained many of the memories of Doug. Now, of course, Warlock knows he's just a resurrected Warlock. He last resided on Muir Isle with Rahne and Moira, the Warlock title notwithstanding. Doug, as Kitty Pryde can personally attest, is still in his coffin and grave. Bird-Boy and Gossamyr were never seen again. Illyana Rasputin had her final battle in Inferno. After the good in Magik finally overcame the evil in her once and for all, she was reverted to the child she was before she encountered Limbo (NM #73). She went to live with her parents in Russia until the Soul Skinner killed them (X-Men #18). Her final storyline included dying of the Legacy virus (UXM #303). She later appeared as a ghost in an issue of Uncanny X-Men. A version of Magik apparently showed up circa #30 of Exiles. After Inferno, Dani Moonstar started suffering a fever, which turned out to be the doing of Hela in Asgard. After sorting everything out, Mirage decided to stay in Asgard (NM #87). Later she appeared as Moonstar, a member of the MLF (X-Force #27). In X-Force Annual #3, it was revealed she was working undercover for Cable, and was briefly reunited with the team during LegionQuest (X-Force #43). She vanished again, and reappeared working for SHIELD. After rejoining X-Force, she gained quantum powers, and finally lost *those*. She split X-Force after Pete Wisdom showed up. After leaving the team, she appeared as an assistant to Wolverine and Forge in the core titles, circa X-Men #102. Most recently, she has been Xavier's assistant in locating students in the 2003 New Mutants series. Rahne Sinclair didn't make it out of Genosha intact (X-tinction Agenda); she was turned into a Mutate. While most of the damage was undone, it left Wolfsbane in permanent Wolfgirl mode as she joined X-Factor (#71). Being in X-Factor was rather awkward for her though, because she was still bonded to Alex. Much to the relief of all involved, she was cured by Haven in #99. After Age of Apocalypse and the heart attack of Guido, she decided to live on Muir Isle while her guardian Moira dealt the Legacy Virus. She was a member of Excalibur for a short time, and was seen in the pages of Warlock. She later had her powers removed by Mystique when he tried to save Moira's life. One of her most recent appearances has been Unlimited #43, the New Mutants reunion issue. By the way, Rahne is pronounced like "Rain," as in the liquid from the sky. This is given in a number of canonical sources. In X-Factor #87, her dreams are Rahne's World, Rain Man and Rahne and Stimpy. The puns don't work otherwise. Julio Richter was in Mexico trying to get his family out of the gun-running biz. Rictor brought Shatterstar along with him. The two appeared in X-Force Annual '99. Rictor (by himself) appeared as a member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128. Rusty Collins joined the MLF and later joined Magneto's Acolytes. He was killed by Holocaust in X-Men #42. Sally Blevins joined the MLF and Acolytes with Rusty. Skids survived the experience, and was last seen as a college student in X-Force #78-80 (though it was revealed to her classmates at Colorado State that she's a mutant, so who knows whether she's still there). Caliban was made into the horseman Death by Apocalypse. He came and went in X-Force, last appearing in the Twelve Saga, disappearing, and popping up again in Search For Cyclops #3. Theresa Cassidy had her throat ripped out by Feral. Siryn survived, but lost her voice (and with it, her powers). She left the team. Since then, Deadpool had a hand in healing her, and she showed up in Wolverine. She's not with any team right now. She was featured in Deadpool #56, where Copycat beat her up. Siryn also appeared as a member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128. Bobby DaCosta quit the NM to go work for Gideon in NM #99. Sunspot later became Reignfire in the future (first seen in X-Force #26) and created the MLF. He recruited Dani after her fall from Asgard. He was Reignfire until AOA (X-Force #43), then suddenly he wasn't anymore. It's been said that Cable did it with some Askani mind techniques. Roberto later became a full member of X-Force. Unfortunately, he was lured into the Hellfire Club by Selene, who promised to bring Roberto's dead love, Juliana Sandoval, to life in another dead girl's body. Since then, Roberto showed up in Unlimited #43 for the New Mutants reunion, and has apparently been a member of X-Corp given his appearances starting in X-Treme #31. Gloria Munoz (Risque) was announced as dead in the New X-Men 2001 Annual. Sam Guthrie became the field leader of X-Force and died in X-Force #7, only to be reborn in X-Force #9. Since then, Cannonball's External (think Highlander) status has been put in doubt by Selene, who hinted that Cable may have set the whole thing up. He was promoted to the X-Men team, but later returned to lead X-Force. He showed up in X-Force #117, during the "new" X-Force's press conference, so the team apparently was not killed at the end of their run. Cannonball appeared as a member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128. He was part of a storyline beginning in X-Treme #24, and recently left again with Lila Cheney. Tabitha Smith joined the New Mutants after Inferno. Meltdown stayed with the team through Pete Wisdom's portion of X-Force. She showed up in X-Force #117. She's been popping up occasionally in Weapon X. James Proudstar joined the New Mutants just before they turned into X-Force. After blaming the Hellfire Club for his tribe's massacre, Warpath came to terms with his family's death, and eventually found the killer (it was Stryfe's doing, but there was an evil doctor involved). He died, but came back after the team went to hell to get him back. He was a part of Pete Wisdom's X-Force, and gained the power of flight. He showed up in X-Force #117, and again as a member of X-Corporation Mumbai (along with Feral and her sister Thornn) in NXM #133. Jesse Aaronson was the last person to join the team. Jesse "Bedlam" stayed through Wisdom's version of X-Force. He showed up in X-Force #117. He was also among the crucified mutants in Uncanny #423, though it isn't clear whether he lived or died. Domino came and went throughout the years, as did Cable. She was last seen in X-Force #115, after the rest of the team was "killed." Domino showed up in an X-Corporation meeting in New X-Men Annual 2001. Both of them have been seen in Weapon X as part of the opposition. (As a side note, former Domino impersonator Copycat (Vanessa) was hanging out in Deadpool's book for a while, and died in Deadpool #59.) New-style X-Force members seem to die at the drop of a hat... X-Force #116 saw the flashback death of Sluk and the deaths of Battering Ram, Gin Genie, La Nuit, Plazm, and leader Zeitgeist. X-Force #118 killed off Bloke. Saint Anna bit it in #119. Their evil mentor, Coach, was killed in #120. After a short respite from the carnage, Spike (The Spike) and Edie Sawyer (U-Go Girl) died in issues #127-128. --- What happened to Excalibur? (+) Alan Davis, creator of Cerise, Kylun (based on the boy from Excalibur #1, created by Claremont/Davis), Micromax, and Feron, quit to do other things. After his departure, Marvel decided they wanted Excalibur to be more of a mutants-only title, and started systematically getting rid of the interlopers. Excalibur #58 was the last of the Davis issues, although #56-57 were actually scripted by Scott Lobdell. The issues after were written by Scott Lobdell and/or Richard Ashford, and are stories that make Excalibur fans howl in agony, even before the undignified retirement of characters fans had come to like. Cerise left in #70. Cerise had been in the Shi'ar military before her time in Excalibur, on a recruiting ship. Not approving of the atrocities the crew committed in the name of the Shi'ar Empire (looting, pillaging, genocide, etc.), she sent the ship into a sun. She did teleport herself out first--that's how she landed in Excalibur. Now, Lilandra could not let this pass. While she did not want her military committing such crimes and sullying the name of the Empire, neither did she want unhappy soldiers destroying valuable starships. Her solution was to sentence Cerise to work for her as an aide, rooting out similar abuses. While a cushy civil service job is better than a prison planet, this did preclude Cerise staying on Earth (Excalibur #68-70). She attended Brian and Meggan's wedding in Excalibur 125, and helped the X-Men during the Maximum Security Crossover, where she was featured in X-Men #107 and Maximum Security #3. At least Cerise got a send-off; the others didn't do quite so well. But Ben Raab, the last writer on the title (which was cancelled after issue #125), was kind enough to answer the pleas of fans to get the dangling plotlines regarding these characters resolved once and for all. Feron was last seen under a waterfall, pining with Meggan (#71). Meggan eventually got out, but Feron was forgotten about by the rest of the team until he resurfaced in #124. Micromax went to America to pursue a job offer (#71). As of #125, he was still unemployed. Kylun went to look for his family (#71), and is still living with them (#125). Rachel was also part of the purge; she replaced Captain Britain in the timestream in #75. She popped back out of the timestream far in the future in The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix LS #1, and by #4 had died of natural causes. Of course, an earlier version of her also appeared in Cable, where her brother rescued her. She decided to go to college and try to be normal. Pete Wisdom broke up with Kitty in the early 100s of the title. He left Excalibur shortly before the team disbanded in Excalibur #125. He acted as a mission overseer and team trainer during X-Force #102-105. Pete died in X-Force #105, and his funeral was in issue #106. Of course, he was faking. He reappeared in X-Force #115. Brian Braddock and Meggan finally had their wedding in Excalibur #125. They last appeared in the Excalibur: Sword of Power mini-series. They also showed up for Betsy's funeral in X-Treme X-Men #3. Lockheed just disappeared. He wasn't seen again until X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, though he also showed up for the Mechanix limited series. Moira MacTaggert remained on Muir, working with daughter Rahne to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. She died a few months later, when Mystique set off a series of explosions on Muir Isle (X-Men #108). In death, Moira transferred information about the Legacy Virus to Xavier's mind (she may have suggested to Charles that Mystique's manipulation of the virus was the key). Beast created a cure with Moira's knowledge. Piotr, whose guilt over his sister's death from Legacy led him to join Magneto's Acolytes, joined Excalibur after Avalon was destroyed in X-Men #43. He beat up Pete Wisdom, but eventually became a full member of the team. He left Excalibur to rejoin the X-Men. After Moira's death and Beast's creation of the cure, Piotr took a vial full of the virus and injected himself with it. Legacy was cured, but Colossus died in the process (Uncanny #390). His feeling at the time was that it made up for his failure to save his sister. Kitty, who had joined Excalibur after recovering from her Mutant Massacre / Marauders injuries, made her way back to the United States with Kurt and Piotr, just in time to lose her powers along with the rest of the X-Men, regain her powers, and fight Apocalypse. Shadowcat then disappeared during the Neo storyline (and never revealed where she'd been). She left the team after hearing of Piotr's death. She was last seen enrolled in college (X-Men #111), and has also appeared in the X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001 backup story and X-Men Unlimited #36, where it's clear that she's enrolled in the University of Chicago. She was in the Mechanix limited series, appeared as a major part of the God Loves, Man Kills II storyline in X-Treme #24-30, and has since gone back to school. --- What happened to X-Factor? (+) The original X-Factor members rejoined various incarnations of X-Men, while the X-Factor kids generally became members of the New Mutants, X-Force, or Generation X. Alex Summers (Havok) was a member of X-Factor after the original X-Men left. Havok presided over that team and was going to reorganize it after their ties with the government were broken. Summers enlisted Shard, Polaris, Multiple Man, Fixx and Greystone into his new X-Factor, only to have the team go nowhere because Marvel used X-Factor #149 to ignite a new series, MUTANT X. In the fateful issue, Greystone (who, like Fixx and Shard, was a member of the XUE from Bishop's timeline) attempted to return to his own timeline. The plan backfired, and the plane carrying him and Havok exploded. Havok was sent to the Mutant X world, inhabiting the body of that alternate universe's Alex Summers when he "died." He appeared in the Mutant X title until it was cancelled. He was seen apparently floating in Limbo after he "died" in Mutant X #32, but he reappeared in a mental institution in UXM #411 and has since returned to the mansion. Lorna Dane (Polaris), who was also a leader of X-Factor, was on her own for a while after Havok "died." Polaris later joined up with Magneto as he ruled Genosha. During the Magneto: Dark Seduction mini-series, it was revealed that Magneto was borrowing a portion of Lorna's powers in exchange for lessons on how to use them. She turned against Magneto when he attacked innocents to restore his powers with an enhancement machine. She was seen helping the resistance in X-Men #112. After that, she came back to join Havok, and seems to be quite a bit crazy after the events of Uncanny X-Men (the 420s and 430s). Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) popped up on Muir Island with Wolfsbane, Beast and Strong Guy. He was seen helping Forge in Genosha, though he left as of X-Men #112. He reappeared as part of the X-Corps circa UXM #401-404, and reappeared as a member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128. Guido Carosella (Strong Guy) had a heart attack. He later joined Lila Cheney on yet another intergalactic tour. Marshall Evans (Random) was last seen in Genosha, working with Blob (X-Men #112). He was apparently killed in Weapon X #5. Kyle Gibney (Wild Child) left X-Factor and was seen wandering about as he mutated once more, ending up as a member of the new Weapon X title. Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) starred in his own title for a while. He helped Magneto rule Genosha for a short while. He left Magneto's side during the Magneto: Dark Seduction mini-series. He appeared to be a member of the Genoshan resistance movement until Avengers #38 showed that he had rejoined his former teammates. Shard, Bishop's sister, was kidnapped by Trevor Fitzroy, as revealed in Bishop: The Last X-Men #2-3. Fitzroy was turning Shard human again. She sacrificed herself in Bishop:TLXM #13 or 14 to give Bishop the energy he needed to stop Fitzroy once and for all. Forge showed up in X-Men Annual 2000, as well as in X-Men #102. He's since joined Mystique in her new title. Mystique became a terrorist and killed Moira MacTaggert on Muir Isle. She was seen in the hospital in UXM #389, and reappeared in UXM #405. In 2003, a Mystique title was launched, and she's been seen there and in the Draco storyline circa UXM #432. --- What happened to Generation X? (+) Blink was killed by the Phalanx prior to the Age of Apocalypse story, circa X-Men #37. An alternate, AoA version of her appeared in Exiles. Gaia left to go explore the world. Nobody's seen her since. Artie, Leech and Penance were sent to the St. Croix's home in Monaco to protect them from the rising anti-mutant sentiment after Emma reopened the Massachusetts Academy (Generation X #66-67). Leech was last seen in Weapon X #5, strapped to a satellite dish. Everett (Synch) was killed in an explosion at the Massachusetts Academy when some racist and anti-mutant students decided to set a bomb (Generation X #69-70). The team disbanded as of Generation X #75. Angelo (Skin) and Jubilee went to Los Angeles, Monet (M) returned home to Monaco, Paige (Husk) went to save the trees, and Banshee apparently went home. Of these, Banshee reappeared as leader of the X-Corps in UXM 401, and was joined by Jubilee, M, and Husk in UXM #403-404. Monet reappeared as a member of the X-Corporation in NXM #128, while Husk joined the Uncanny X-Men team circa UXM #416. Paige and Jubilee both have been seen in UXM in the 420s and 430s, while Angelo died in UXM #423 and was later buried. Jono (Chamber) was accepted into the Uncanny X-Men team, and left in UXM #415. Emma Frost went to Genosha to teach a telepathy class (just before Genosha was eradicated in New X-Men #115). She later joined the New X-Men team. --- What about everyone else? (+) Calvin Rankin (Mimic) was seen in X-Force and Excalibur. Most recently, he was part of the new Broterhood of Mutants in the High Evolutionary storyline (circa X-Men #99 and UXM #379). John Proudstar (Thunderbird I) was killed in the line of duty in UXM #95. Alison Blaire (Dazzler) left with Longshot. After staying with the X- Babies in Mojoworld, she returned to Earth and then returned to the Mojoverse (X-Men #113). Her life story was told in X-Men Unlimited #32. She showed up again in Deadpool #67. Longshot left the X-Men to find himself, reappeared, left to deal with Mojoworld, and was last seen with a group of former mental patients roaming the midwestern United States on their way to New York City. This took place in the Longshot one-shot. He showed up again in Exiles #18-19. Sarah (Marrow) left the X-Men powerless, and served as a camp counselor. The Spider-Man/Marrow one-shot revealed that she'd been captured by SHIELD and reprogrammed as a sleeper agent who would return to her mutant form to hunt a target. Unsurprisingly, this created a serious mental imbalance. She was thought dead, though the issue revealed that she actually survived. She later appeared as a member of the Weapon X team. Maggott left the X-Men in search of better training. He showed up in one issue of Generation X and left to pursue an artifacts hunter. He was apparently killed in Weapon X #5. Cecelia Reyes left the team to focus on her career as a doctor. In X-Men #80, Reyes was still associated with the X-Men despite having set up practice in Salem Center. She reappeared when a wounded Nightcrawler showed up in her inner-city clinic. During a fight with the Neo, Reyes became hooked on a power-boosting drug. The X-Men helped her get clean, and she has since left the team, probably to return to her practice. Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) died in X-Treme X-Men #2. Her death was confirmed in XXM #3. Sharon Friedlander died during the Fatal Attractions storyline. Tom Corsi was last seen as a Generation X gym teacher circa #69. Stevie Hunter last appeared in X-Men #30. Spiral was last seen in the X-Babies Reborn one-shot. Destiny died at Legion's hands during UXM #255, in the Muir Island saga. Destiny was last seen as a ghost in Limbo (with Legion and Margali Szardos) in Fantastic Four vol.2 #16. Stonewall died in UXM #255, during the Muir Island X-men stories. SuperSabre was decapitated New Mutants Annual #7, in one of the Kings of Pain Annual back up stories. Crimson Commando was badly injured in NM Ann #7, but he came back as a partially nuts semi-cyborg. He later showed up in X-Men Annual #2 and X-Factor #102. Post died in Cable #87 when Pyro prevented him from killing Senator Kelly. Pyro died in Cable #87 after stopping the Brotherhood of Mutants from killing Senator Kelly. Senator Robert Kelly was assassinated by a human who was mad that the Senator had changed his platform away from mutant-hating towards compassion (X-Men #108). Bastion was last seen in the M-Tech Warlock issues. Fitzroy was teleported into bits in Bishop:TLXM #15. Bantam apparently was left behind. The Neo were recruited by Magneto in X-Men #110, after he killed two of them. We haven't seen them since then. The Reavers and the Shadow King last appeared in X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001. Pierce and some Reavers reappeared in New Mutants II #5. Avalanche, Blob, and Radius all appeared as members of Banshee's X-Corps in UXM #401. Prior to that, Avalanche was last seen in Cable #87, Blob was last in X-Men #112, and Radius was last seen in Alpha Flight volume 2. Lady Mastermind (one of two feuding half-sisters) appeared in UXM #405. Lady Mastermind (the other one) appeared in X-Treme X-Men #9, working with Sebastian Shaw. Shaw popped up again in NXM #142. Empath last reappeared in X-Treme X-Men #31. Assorted Weapon X types, Alpha Flight members, and X-Men villians have shown up in the Weapon X series, including Marrow, Kane, Sauron, Mesmero, Maddison Jeffries (Box), Sabretooth, Wildchild, Agent 0, Wildside, Reaper and newby Washout. Those guys formed the Weapon X team, with Soldier X (Cable), Domino, Meltdown, Maverick and Blaquesmith appearing as the opposition militia. Among random faces have been Locus of the MLF, whose death by by Sabretooth was revealed in #2, and Omega Red, who showed up in #3. Diamond Lil and Reaper were both killed in #5. Other Alpha Flight members have shown up in issues of UXM, including UXM #422 and again in #432. Sabretooth, always busy, appeared in Deadpool #59, where he killed Copycat, and also appeared in NXM #142. (Mr.) Sinister showed up in an issue of Unlimited, where he offered to resurrect Colossus, and was featured in Weapon X #13. *** Continued in Part 6 *** Compilation Copyright 2000-2003 by Katharine E. Hahn SEND ADDITIONS / CHANGES / DEAD LINKS / MOVED LINKS / UPDATES TO: Kate the Short, ( -- Kate the Short *

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